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IPhone birth secret history

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Editor's note: This month is the day when the 10th anniversary of the birth of the iPhone is completely changed. Motherboard editor Brian Merchant conducted a survey of the history of the year,The One Device", For us to disclose the birth of the iPhone is not known for a period of history. This article is the first half of the excerpts, which allows us to see how mobile phones are changed.

If you were in the mid-2000s, you would have noticed a strange phenomenon: some people suddenly disappeared. Those people have one thing in common, all from Apple's best team star engineer. And there are similar software engineers Andre Boule the same experience:

Software Engineering Manager Henri Lamiraux and Software Director Richard Williamson went to Boule's office: Andre, you did not know us, but we heard a lot about you, we knew you were an excellent engineer, and we wanted you to We do a project, but this project is what we can not tell you. And we want you to come now. Nowadays. & Rdquo;

Whoever meets this kind of thing will be full of doubt. Boule's response is: "Can you give me a little time to think about it?" & Rdquo; get the reply is: & ldquo; can not. But at the end of the day, Boule signed the agreement. Such things as Williamson they repeated doing it many times. Of course, some people who are content with the status quo, hate the uncertainty of people choose to refuse, but they also missed one of Apple's greatest ever in the history of one of the projects: iPhone research and development work.

This secret team in a full two and a half years to do only one thing, and Jobs asked everyone to keep the bottle, according to help develop the iPhone's iPod father Tony Fadell memories:

He does not want anyone to reveal the secret, even if he leaves the company. He does not want anyone to talk about anything. He just do not want, is so paranoid.

Even the highest head of the iPhone software department Scott Forstall too. Jobs asked Forstall not to reveal anything outside the team, iPhone user interface development can not find someone outside. But Steve Jobs told him to mobilize anyone inside the company into the team. The difficulty of recruiting the group can be imagined, on the one hand they can hardly say anything about the details of the project, on the other hand to tell each other the next few years must be day and night, through the hardest days of life. But eventually there are many companies within the top talent with their contract. These people have also become one of the greatest and most obscure creative forces of the 21st century.

One of Apple's biggest advantages is that the interface looks very easy to use. But the surface of the simple need behind the complex bedding. IPhone senior engineer Andy Grignon divorced his wife because of his offense. A similar encounter with him also includes a number of key architects and engineers.

Grignon said: "Work is very tense, probably one of the worst of my life." Because you made a pressure cooker, can not meet the deadline, and impossible to achieve the mission so that even a group of extremely intelligent people have been suffering. Then you heard that the whole company's future is all looking at the project. So that day is very painful. & Rdquo;

The mystery of the origins of the iPhone

IPhone project is the official project time is the end of 2004 But its DNA dates back to a long time ago.

Like many of the lucrative technologies that are used on a large scale, the origins of the iPhone also have different story versions. With the phone or mobile phone-related projects up to 5 & mdash; & mdash; from the study of the minor, to a comprehensive business cooperation, Apple in the mid-2000s are tossing. But in fact, Brian Merchant in the survey found that these stories did not have a specific and specific start, but from a variety of previous ideas and concepts evolved, and in the profit motives continue to improve. Even if the company executives in a trial oath, they have no way to say where the specific starting point.

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of global marketing, said in 2012 that there were a lot of factors that led to the birth of the iPhone. First of all, although Apple did a very good Mac, but get the market share is very small. But later the iPod has achieved great success. IPod success is the hardware itself and iTunes software under the joint action made. This changed the views of Apple, including Apple's own. So everyone began to give Apple advice, imagine Apple can also try those things, such as cameras, cars, of course, including mobile phones.

IPod, iPhone springboard

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to the fruit company. He had a drastic reform of the business, so that Mac business back on track But Apple became the mainstream culture and economic power is released after the iPod to achieve. IPod became Apple's first successful consumer product, but also became the subsequent blueprint and springboard iPhone.

IPod father Tony Fadell said: "There is no iPhone without iPod." "At the same time he is also responsible for monitoring the iPhone hardware development. Some people are appreciative of his bold and fearless goal-oriented management style and are annoyed by his role in bringing the iPod and iPhone to the market, and a former Apple executive has advised that Tony Fadell's words do not Believe. & Rdquo;

Fadell commented on the evaluation of iPod and iPhone: "The Genesis of the iPhone was dominated by the iPod. When it accounted for 50% of Apple's income. "But since the introduction of the iPod in 2001, almost no one noticed this thing. Fadell said: "The iPod was accepted for two years. It's just for Mac. The market share in the United States less than 1 percentage point. Consumers need iTunes software to load and manage songs and playlists, and software can only run on Macs.

Fadell tries to offer Steve Jobs the iTunes that runs on Windows. Steve Jobs's answer is "unless I die." "But Fadell still secretly did it. But later Steve Jobs also wake up, iPod began to rise, the music store has also been successful. This success makes the iPod into hundreds of millions of hands, more than the amount of Mac. And iPod has become a symbol of popular culture, so that Apple has also cast a layer of cool aura. Fadell is also promoted to the ranks of executives, responsible for the supervision of this new product sector.

But by the beginning of 2004, the iPod began to feel the threat. Then the mobile phone can also play MP3. If you can only carry a device with you, you are choosing a mobile phone or an iPod? The answer is obvious. Motorola Rokr is so out of it.

Rokr, do the first attempt on the phone

In 2004 when the Motorola's blade phone is leading the show. Its new CEO, Ed Zander, is a friend with Steve Jobs, who liked the design of the blade, and the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation (in 2003, Apple had considered taking the acquisition of Motorola, but it was too expensive to give up). So it was born with "mobile phone & rdquo ;." That summer, Apple, Motorola and wireless operator Cingular launched the Rokr.

Jobs in public, in fact, have been against Apple's own mobile phone ideas. Because the operator as a pipe has the final decision on which phones can access their own network. But this is not the biggest concern of Jobs. A former Apple executive said the most worried about Steve Jobs is Apple will lose focus, but also for smart phones will be popular to the public is still eating a skeptical attitude that the target group is only "pocket protector crowd".

The cooperation with Motorola can easily offset the threat to the iPod. The former production terminal, which provides iTunes software. This way to make this phone is just an auxiliary means of the iPod, so as to avoid the same kind of food.

And after the two sides open cooperation, all kinds of gossip began to ferment. Everyone speculates that Apple will develop a revolutionary mobile device. But within Apple, the expectations of Rokr is too low to be low. Fadell said: "We all know how bad it is. Running slowly, can not change things, only to listen to songs only. Everything has decided that this will only bring a bad experience. & Rdquo;

But Steve Jobs and the other two mobile phones in fact there are other purposes. He collects information in this process, trying to keep Apple's control over his cell phone design. He had considered allowing Apple to buy its own bandwidth as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Apple later contacted Verizon, but the two sides failed to reach a deal, the telecommunications company still want to master most of the mobile phone design control. And Cingular out of a slightly better condition, giving Cingular exclusive distribution rights, Apple is free to design their own mobile phone.

Good at repairing what we hate

From Steve Jobs to Ive to Fadell and even Apple all the engineers, designers, managers, etc., on the iPhone myth stories at least one thing is consistent: iPhone before the phone is very bad.

Apple's head of the man-machine interface department at the time Greg Christie said Apple's best thing is to repair what we hate things. Before the iPod, we all do not know how to use the digital music player; before the Apple II, the computer for the layman is completely too complicated and clumsy things. With Apple's internal complaints about the status of the phone over time, and then take into account the Apple has been successfully repaired, the transformation of the final rule of a major product category, we all think that Apple may also do it again.

Start the iPhone project

So Fadell got Andy Grignon, who had been doing various projects in different parts of Apple, and asked the latter not to join the iPod department to do a cool thing. Fadell told him that although the project also needs to persuade Steve Jobs to approve, but he felt Grignon is very suitable for people to do this thing.

In fact, they have to do what they are not very clear, the beginning they just do a wireless speaker and the like. But then the project began to materialize. Fadell knew that Jobs had begun to think about it, and he wanted to be ready. They thought it would be great to add Wifi to the iPod. During 2004, Fadell's entire team made several prototypes that incorporated the iPod and the Internet connector.

IPod remove the shell, plus WiFi components, and then sealed up a large piece of plastic shell, and then modify the people. The first mobile phone prototype to do so out. Despite the clumsy, but you can use this thing surf the Internet, scroll the page, and jump to the link to the target page.

This is the first time Steve Jobs can see the Internet iPod. Although the Apple executive team wanted to persuade Steve Jobs to do the phone on the apple is very good, but his reaction is in front of something that is a bunch of shit. I do not want this. I know it can do it well, thanks, but it's a very rubbish experience. & Rdquo;

But Apple has a strong supporter of mobile phones, Motorola and Apple have been in for many years Mike Bell believe that computers, music players and mobile phones are moving towards convergence, which is the trend. He and vice president Steve Sakoman spent a few months time earnestly lobbying Steve Jobs to do the phone.

On the night of November 7, 2004, Bell wrote an e-mail to Steve Jobs. Steve, I know you do not want to be a cell phone, but I think we should do it on the grounds that Jony Ive has come up with some of the future iPods that have not been seen (there was already an MP3 phone that started copying the old iPod) Very cool design. We should use one of the Apple software into it, and then make their own phone rather than put our things on someone else's mobile phone above. & Rdquo;

Steve Jobs immediately call him. They have been discussing for hours. Bell elaborated on his computer, music player and cell phone aggregation theory, also mentioned the mobile phone market is the outbreak of the world. Jobs finally agreed:

Okay, I think we should do phone.

After 3, 4 days, Steve Jobs, Bell, Jony and Sakoman eat lunch, then the iPhone project started.

Apple plate revival

At the same time, Apple's long history of multi-touch tablet computer research project continues. Bas Ording, Imran Chaudhri et al. Are still exploring the basic outline of the touch-based user interface.

One day, Bas Ording received a phone call from Jobs. He said: "We have to do mobile phone." & Rdquo;

A few years ago several input engineers and key designers have actually made a multi-touch interactive demo prototype, which looks a bit like the iPad. But because of a series of obstacles and the price is too expensive, the project called Q79 Tablet PC finally dismounted. But after the screen and the system is reduced, Q79 might be used in the phone above.

Steve Jobs's idea is: "it has to have a small screen, there is a touch screen, there will be no buttons, everything had to run in the above." & Rdquo; he let UI group of people to do with a multi-touch look at the virtual address book demo. Ording is very excited about this, they have been based on the touch-based user interface for many years of testing, those years of the pioneers finally received a return.

At that time they have done some demonstrations, such as rolling pages. The famous effect, that is, when the top of the page or the bottom of the screen will rebound is Ording come out, because he wanted to determine when they point to the top of the page, rather than silly to continue to scroll the screen and see the reaction, That the program stopped running. A lot of similar to us today have been accustomed to the small details, such as inertia rolling what they are in the constant concept of verification, repair the formation of perfection. Some of these things are not complicated, but need to continue to try to get the right combination, so that things do feel natural, this is a difficult problem.

Jobs said: "A few weeks later, he called me, saying that inertia has been made to roll out. When I see the rubber band, the inertia of rolling and some other things, I thought, "God, we can do this through a cell phone." & Rsquo; & rdquo;

At the end of 2004, Scott Forstall went into Greg Christie's office to tell Steve Jobs about the news of his cell phone. The latter waited for 10 years, and finally heard the words they wanted.

Christie, who joined Apple in the 1990s, was involved in the development of Newton, the most promising mobile device in the market. At that time he tried to push Apple to do Newton phone. "I'm sure I've suggested 10 times a few times. At that time the Internet also appeared & mdash; & mdash; this business opportunities are infinite: mobile, Internet, mobile phone. & Rdquo;

Now his man-machine interface team began to gather to the second floor of Apple's headquarters, just the old user test laboratory above the low-key office inside. They have to accept one of the most radical challenges, to the original ENRI Tablet PC below the features, features and appearance should be expanded. Jobs likes this house because it is safe, there is no window, you can stay away from the wandering eyes everywhere. Even the clean people can not enter the house. Because there are whiteboard, whiteboard written with a variety of ideas, and good ideas will remain in the above, as part of the design exchange. And these are not known to outsiders.

The focus of design communication is how to combine touch-based UI with the characteristics of smartphones. Fortunately, they do not have to start from scratch. On the one hand they have ENRI's multi-touch demo, on the one hand Imran Chaudhri in the design of Dashboard also made a lot of small tools, such as weather, stocks, calculators, notes, calendars, and the early idea is to these gadgets Do on the phone.

Also worth mentioning is that many of the original design of the icon is actually in the development of Dashboard when done overnight, this is entirely because of Jobs deadly deadline & mdash; he wants to see all the included demo. So he and recently came in the Freddy Anzures spent a whole night came up with the iPhone icon design method to become a square icon.

Similar details have a lot, and finally they made a multi-touch demo very promising, the style also achieved a unified. But the team is the lack of cohesion - that is, the touch phone should look like a unified idea. Those things are debris-like ideas, like snacks. And pre-dinner snacks can not meet Steve Jobs's.

Christie said: "New Year when he began to break out, that we did not figure out. The fragments that are made may be impressive, but the lack of a narrative approach combines the different parts. No story.

This is like you have submitted a story to the editor, the story is probably a few words from the introduction paragraph, from the main part and then take a few words, and then in the middle of the conclusion and then pumping a little.

This is not enough. Jobs gave the team an ultimatum. He said: "You still have two weeks." "In February 2005, the team began to march.

So Christie brought the man-machine interface team together, emphasizing the importance of everyone should be back and forth.

He said: "Mobile phone has always been what I want. I think you also want to do this. But we have only two weeks to the last stroke. I really want to make this. & Rdquo;

He was not kidding. 10 years Christie has always believed that mobile computing is destined to integrate with the phone. This is not only his chance to prove that he is the right, but also to boost the need for morale.

The whole small team, including Bas, Imran, Christie and three other designers, and Marcel van Os and Freddy Anzures, plus project manager Patrick Coffman, who were basically in the mattress Sleep, everyone in the day and night will be fragmented into a complete story. Finally, the exhausted team finally made something that looks like a device.

Christie said: "I have no doubt that if I can reproduce that show to you, you know that it is the iPhone will have any problems. "There are Home keys, although it was software to achieve, as well as rolling and multi-touch media operation.

They showed Steve Jobs the outline of the whole story. Gave him the main screen, demonstrated the way the phone calls, how to access the address book, and Safari look and so on. This is not just some words, but in telling stories.

And Steve Jobs really like a good story.

The presentation was a success, and Jobs even wanted to see it again. Those who have seen it all say good. The project was immediately listed as the highest secret. After the demonstration in February, the man-machine interface group aisle and Apple headquarters are installed on the 2nd floor of the access control. Where it entered a state of alert.

At the same time it also means that they still have a lot of work to do. If the touch interface research conference is the opening, Tablet PC prototype is the beginning, then this is the second story of the iPhone story, there are many things to be written. But Jobs at this time want to show high profile within the company. He wants to be in the Apple's Top 100 conference up to a large presentation & rdquo ;. Top 100 meeting is Apple's regular executive meeting, aimed at determining the direction of the company. Jobs will invite the first 100 employees to consider a secret break, let everyone show and discuss future products and strategies. For the rise of the Apple people, this is a failure to defeat the workplace opportunities. For Jobs, the specifications of this presentation are the same as those for public release.

Demonstration of the preparation of the team has experienced a torment. In order to ensure on time delivery, Christie rushed the team to the inn, because he did not want these people to drive home, we all collapsed, but also very exciting. But the final result is gratifying, in the Top 100 on the demonstration has achieved great success.


IPod phone

When Fadell heard that a mobile phone project has been eyebrows, he grabbed himself in the secret production of the iPod phone prototype design went straight to the executive meeting.

The theme of the meeting was the formation of the mobile project team. At that time there was a team that was already doing the relevant hardware and circuit diagrams, as well as all the design. When they got Steve Jobs approval, Fadell immediately took out the phone prototype from his pocket, wait! "This is the prototype we have been considering. & Rdquo;

On paper, the logic seems to be impeccable: iPod is Apple's most successful product, the phone will erode iPod's lunch, so why not do an iPod phone? Fadell said: "Remove the essence of the iPod and then put it on the phone, so that you can carry out mobile communications, music players, we will not lose $ 500 million to build the brand awareness. "It's that simple.

Remember, even though the phone has to become very clear inside the Apple, but the phone should look like, or how to work, and so is not clear.

At the beginning of 2005, David Tupman, who was responsible for iPod hardware, volunteered to lead the phone. But Fadell did not agree that he could not do it. But after a round of interviews Fadell still can not find the right candidate. So Tupman ran over and said: "Hey, I'm still here!" "Fadell had said:" Okay, it was you. " & Rdquo;

At that time the iPod team on the man-machine interface group did not know what to do.

What should the iPhone look like?

Richard Williamson came to Jobs' office. He intends to talk about a thing that no one wants to discuss with Steve Jobs & mdash; leave the apple.

Over the years Williamson has been in charge of Safari's underlying framework for WebKit development. WebKit this thing is more interesting, first with most of the Apple self-study with the product is not the same, it is open source. Followed by Google's own Chrome browser is also supported by WebKit. But Williamson, who is thought to be a Silicon Valley rock star, is tired of supporting the upgrade of the same platform, and wants to go to Google for the environment.

For such a proposal, Steve Jobs of course unhappy.

Jobs from 1985 to follow their own engineers said: "Do not go. We have a new project, I think you will be interested. & Rdquo;

So Williamson asked to see what the project was. After all, Google is very interested in giving him some very interesting work, to give up such an attractive new career is not so easy & mdash; after all, the phone has not really shaped. But Steve Jobs persuaded him. Since NeXT just like Steve Jobs together with Williamson said that all because of Jobs, many times they have been affected by the impact of Steve Jobs. Williamson finally stayed and became an advocate of the development of devices that could browse the web.

Choose which one?

Williamson said: "Steve wants to do the phone, and as soon as possible to do it." "But which one?"

There were two options: (a) to get the favorite, high awareness of the iPod made of mobile phones (technically it would be easier to walk this road, and Steve Jobs did not think of the iPhone as a mobile computing device (B) let the Mac computer deformation for the mini touch-type, can call the Tablet PC (this idea is exciting, but full of futuristic abstraction).

After the demonstration engineers began to consider from the hardware and software to make their real products need to do what things. Said they are on the phone in the near future viability doubt is conservative. Ording said: "Their feeling is," Oh, God, this will have a lot of work to do. " We do not even know how much. & Rsquo; & rdquo;

There are too many things to do with a multi-touch Mac into a product, and you have to use so many new, unproven technologies that make it difficult to make a complete roadmap.

Rokr out

Rokr side of the research and development has not stopped. But Williamson said: "We all thought Rokr was just a joke. Steve Jobs until the beginning of September 2005, that is, to the world announced the eve of the phone to see the finished product Rokr. He scared to get the phone. Fadell said: "I was feeling that," we can do what, how can make up this hole? " He knows the phone is not up to expectations, but do not know what extent it will be bad. When the phone finally hand, he did not even want to show on the stage, because the feeling is very embarrassing. & Rdquo;

During the demonstration, Steve Jobs holding the phone as if holding a pair of not washed socks. Rokr was unable to switch from call to play music, his anxiety was written on his face. So, when Steve Jobs announced that it was "the world's first mobile phone with iTunes" at the same time, he has been determined to let Rokr not see the day. Then he would not hesitate to put praise on the new iPod Nano, so that the latter became the stage star, said the Motorola executives were angry.

Go out of the podium of Steve Jobs is very upset. Rokr is a complete disaster, so that "connection" with "you call this called the future of the phone? As the title, the return rate is 6 times the average level. Steve Jobs's anger at the same time also determined to do Apple's own mobile phone determination. After the presentation of Steve Jobs told Fadell said: "This is not enough. I have been tired of dealing with mobile phones. & Rdquo;

Ording said: "Steve Jobs called a large meeting. Phil Schiller, Jony Ive & hellip; everyone has come. "He said," listen. " We want to change the plan & wellip; .. we want to do the iPod based on that, it should be turned into a cell phone, because this is much more feasible. More predictable. & Rdquo; that is, selected the Fadell project. Do the effort to do the touch screen did not give up, but the engineer to do this at the same time, Jobs instructed Ording, Chaudhri UI team members such as the iPod phone design interface, providing dial-up, address book, with the equipment to test the ratchet to browse the web means The

There are now two projects competing with each other, some engineers call it "baking contest & rdquo ;. Two project codes are called P1 and P2, all belong to the highest secret. P1 is an iPod phone. P2 is still in the experiment of multi-touch technology and Mac software mix.

If there is a blunt point in the political conflict that swallowed the project, perhaps it is here, that is to divide Fadell's iPod team and Scott Forstall's Mac OS team into two (while the man-machine interface group supports both P1 and P2) Let them compete with each other's decisions.

Ultimately, the executives responsible for managing the most important elements of the iPhone (software, hardware, and industrial design) are almost no longer able to live together. And then one of the exit, and the other was fired, and write the code in this political battle, tirelessly in any way possible to P project into a workable equipment.

Purple leader

Any top secret project as long as it is worthy of the name, there will be a code. The iPhone project is code-named Purle.

With the highest secret commensurate with the heavily guarded. Scott Forstall, who manages Mac OS X software and then the entire iPhone software program, says that readers and cameras are everywhere, and if you want to go to some of these labs, you need to brush four cards. He called the places like the Purple Dorm, because it was like a dormitory, and everyone had been staying inside.

They hung up a sign, the above write "fight the club" ralph lauren pas cher, because like the movie "Fight Club" the first principle is not allowed to talk about fighting the club, Purple Project's first principle is not allowed to go out after the things The

Why is it called Purple? Almost no one can remember. There is a saying that it is named according to Scott Herz's color of a kangaroo toy. Herz is one of the earliest engineers to do iPhone, and that purple kangaroo toy is Apple's internal bug tracking software Radar mascot, many people will visit Radar. If you are a curious engineer, you will go there to spy on what is being done. And if you are doing a secret project, you have to think about how to deceive the eyes and ears.

1969 born Scott Forstall Despite the small code to write very well, but with the general geek image is not the same. He is a champion member of the debate and has performed in college musicals. In 1992, Forstall graduated from Stanford University after graduation in NeXT to find a job.

NeXT aimed at higher education market pricing is too high after the failure of hardware efforts, with a strong NeXTSTEP authorized to survive. In 1996, Apple acquired NeXT and let Steve Jobs regain power, then Apple replaced NeXTSTEP Mac has been outdated operating system. This has become the basis of Mac and iPhone, still running. Jobs in charge of Apple, Forstall began to continue to promote. He imitates his idol's management style and unique taste. "Business Week" said he was "the shaman's disciples & rdquo ;.

Forstall has led many of the top engineers who have worked with him since NeXT's days (Henri Lamiraux and Richard Williamson also included) into the P2 project. Williamson once jokingly called the gang "NeXT help & rdquo ;. Like this title, their behavior is sometimes like a rigorous, and efficient secret organization.

IPhone version 0.1

Tony Fadell is the main competitor for Forstall.

Grignon said: "From a political point of view, Tony wants to have the whole experience. Software, hardware, and once everyone starts to see the importance of this project to Apple, everyone wants to encroach. And Fadell and Forstall between the fighting is also the beginning of this time. & Rdquo;

Grignon, who had worked with Forstall at Dashboard, was in a unique position where he could meet both sides. Grignon said: "From our point of view, we have not been optimistic about Forstall them. Feeling like they want to squeeze in the same. We are confident in ourselves, because it's Tony's project, and Tony is responsible for the sale of hundreds of millions of iPods. & Rdquo;

Pod team in accordance with the iPod model began to do a new pod phone, built-in wireless to the inside, basically an iPod Mini plus speakers and a microphone, still keep clicking touch wheel. The idea is to make the iPod in two modes: the music player mode and the phone mode. When the device is in music playback mode, the blue light will display the iPod control around the touch wheel. The screen will still be covered with iPod-style text and list, if you replaced the phone mode, the surrounding will become orange light, showing 0 to 9 numbers, like the old turntable phone. After the success of the trial, they made a total of hundreds of samples.

The problem is that iPod is more difficult to use as a mobile phone. Fadell said that after the first iteration of the software, the situation has become very clear, so it is not feasible. The reason is the wheel interface. Nobody wants the old turntable to dial.

The design team is trying to put forward its own solution.

Bas Ording thought of predictive input. The letters that may be entered are listed at the bottom of the screen, and the user selects them by turning the wheel. But this is still too tedious. Then they tried all the way to try, but it is clear that the wheel was overused, and the text and telephone number input is simply a mess.

On the other hand, Steve Jobs is constantly urging the progress. Fadell said: "He is pushing the rocks up the mountain (Note: Greek mythology Sisyphus story). Well, I know he knows, look at his eyes and I know he knows. He just wanted it to be. Bent on making futile things. & Rdquo;

Jobs does not want to give up. He told Fadell that "there must be a way." "He was so constantly reminders, until the last did not force out.

Grignon said: "They even applied for a patent for this unfortunate device, in Cupertino internal, office and laboratory scattered dozens of live iPod phone. We actually called the phone. & Rdquo;

Apple's first phone call is not the kind of fantastic touch screen through the future to play out, but in a steam punk-style rotating dial dial out. Ording said: "We have been very close, in fact we have made the product & hellip; but I think Steve Jobs may someday wake up suddenly feel & lsquo; this thing is not touch version so exciting. & Rsquo; & rdquo;

David Tupman said: "In terms of our hardware group, the experience is great. We have to develop RF circuit boards, which forces us to choose suppliers, to push us to do everything in place. "In fact, the elements of the iPod phone later transplanted to the final inside the iPhone, which seems to be 0.1 version. For example, "iPod mobile phone wireless system is the final delivery of the iPhone configuration. & Rdquo;

I have decided

For the first time I saw the touch panel PC of the P2 group, Fadell's feeling was both impressed and overwhelmed. "When everything was screwed up, Steve pulled me into a room and said, 'You'll see this.' "" Jobs told him the ENRI team's multi-touch prototypes. " They have in the background has achieved a touch version of the Mac, but in fact did not touch the version of the Mac, in fact, there is only one table tennis table, a projector, this thing is actually a big touch screen.

Jobs said: "This is what I want to put on the phone. & Rdquo;

Fadell responded: "Of course. But it is still far from the product. This is just a prototype, and it is not a prototype, but a prototype table. This is a research project. The completion rate is only about 8%. & Rdquo;

David Tupman's attitude to be more optimistic: "I feel is, & lsquo; Oh, wow, we have to find a way to make it." "He believes that engineering challenges can be resolved." "Let's sit down and talk about how to solve it." & Rdquo;

IPod phones are losing support. Executives began to argue to continue to do what the project, but Apple marketing Phil Schiller has had an answer: both are not elected. He wants to have a physical keypad. Blackberry is undoubtedly the first popular smartphone. It has a mail client, and a miniature keyboard. Including Fadell, others are beginning to agree that multi-touch is the direction that Schiller becomes lonely.

But every time Schiller is stubborn, stressed that there must be a physical keyboard, even if we say that more touch is already feasible. This is also excusable, because he did not like other executives know technology. Sometimes someone else has to explain things to him as he speaks to elementary school students. When all other people agreed to R & D direction towards multi-touch and virtual keyboard transfer, he broke out:

We are making the wrong decision!

Fadell recalls: "Steve Jobs looked at him and said," I'm tired of this stuff. " Can this matter be broken? And then put him out of the meeting. "" Later, Steve Jobs said to him in the corridor, either as planned, or get out. At last he surrendered.

This step to remove the obstacles: the phone will be based on the touch screen. Jobs said at a meeting: "We all know that this is what we want to do," finger to the touch screen. So let's make it together. & Rdquo;

second round

A former Apple executive said that the iPod team and Mac OS gang between the "set off a comprehensive religious war" rdquo ;. When the iPod's wheel is out, when the touch wins, the new question is how to develop the phone's operating system. This is critical, which will determine whether the iPhone is set for the attachment or mobile computer.

Richard Williamson said: Tony and his team suggested that we should let the operating system in the direction of the iPod evolved, and iPod is only a very primary form. I and Henri, Scott Forstall all think that we should be based on Apple's important operating system, running on the desktop and notebook OS X based, and then simplified. & Rdquo;

Williamson said: "In order to decide what to do, there have been some epic, philosophical warfare" ralph lauren pas cher.

NeXT help to see the opportunity to make a real mobile computing device, hoping to put the Mac's operating system and applications into the phone inside. They are very familiar with the operating system, because it is based on the code they wrote more than 10 years ago. Williamson said: "We know that mobile phone running a modern operating system has enough horsepower. And they believe that you can use a compact version of the ARM processor (Sophie Wilson low-power chip structure) in the phone to make a simple version of the computer.

IPOd team that the idea of ​​ambition is too big, the phone should run a version of Linux, which by the developers and open source industry favorite open source first he can do low-power ARM chip running. Andy Grignon said: "We have already done the phone, but there is such a big disagreement on what operating system. Because the original we are based on the iPod to do, right? No one is concerned about what the iPod's operating system is. It is just an attachment. We have the same view of the phone. & Rdquo;

Remember, even after the iPhone was released, Steve Jobs described it closer to the iPod instead of the computer. But those who have tried to touch the interface for it to personal calculations and man-machine interface evolution of the possibilities are very excited. Henri Lamiraux said: "The discussion is undoubtedly present: it's just an iPod plus a cell phone. And our opinion is, no, it's OS X plus mobile phone. This creates a lot of conflicts with the iPod team because they think they know everything about small device software. And our attitude is, no, it's just a computer. & Rdquo;

Williamson said: "At this point we do not care about the phone at all. Mobile phones are basically insignificant. It is a modem. But the & lsquo; operating system will be what kind of interactive mode should be what kind of? These questions are important. "At this moment, you will realize the source of this philosophical conflict: the software engineer did not regard P2 as a chance to make a cell phone, but a mobile phone device as a Trojan horse, a much more complicated computer implant Go in.

Surprisingly simple operating system

When the two operating system camps posture, the mobile computing side of the progress is not smooth.

Andy Grignon said: "It's funny to load time. Grignon's Linux is fast and simple. "Like a fart to complete the start." The Mac team for the first time to compile the system, as if there are six lines of labels, bite, bite, bite, bite, bite, and then stopped, and then move again, and finally finally started. Your feeling is that you are not kidding? Is this just a boot device should look like? & Rdquo;

Williamson said that the moment to prove that the derivative version of OS X can do to see our. "The gang began to work and the competition was further intense. Nitin Ganatra said: "We want our vision of Apple's mobile phone to be released into reality. We do not want the iPod team to come up with an iPod version of the phone. & Rdquo;

Their top priority is to prove that Steve Jobs eye-catching rolling can be in the Lite version of the operating system to run. Williamson and Ording took a long time to discuss. "The result is made, the effect is surprisingly realistic. When you touch the screen, it can perfectly track your fingers, you slide down, it will follow the scroll. & Rdquo;

Williamson said this step completely ended the Linux pod's life. Once we have ported OS X in the past, and the basic rolling interaction, determined to have: we do not intend to take the iPod route, but ready to use OS X. & Rdquo;

The iPhone software will be developed by Scott Forstall's NeXT, which is responsible for the hardware by Fadell's team. IPhone will have a touch screen, and built-in mobile computer's ability. Of course, the premise is that they can make this thing.

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