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And then push new tools, Google News Lab want to do far from this

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Author: Sun small Lei

Google News Lab is a set of tools Google has launched last year for journalists. News Lab is designed to help journalists access resources such as projects and data to help them write better reports.

News Lab can be viewed as an entry for journalists to find information in tools such as Google Maps, Google Tips, and Public Data Finder. News Lab hopes to collect the technical tools for these auxiliary reports in one place for use by News Lab.

In addition to the tools, News Lab also has a teaching link to guide journalists how to maximize the use of Google's products for high-quality reports.

Data GIF Maker

A few days ago, News Lab launched a data GIF production tool & mdash; & mdash; Data GIF Maker. The tool can make some dynamic data more intuitive to compare, for example, you can use this tool at different time nodes, view the two teams to win the support rate, but it can only be used for two different Subject comparison data statistics.


Data GIF Maker is very simple to use, basically is to help users set the two things contrast. Users only need to enter the appropriate text information can be produced to convey the visual information GIF file.

1, enter the comparison between the two sides of the data


2, fill in the name of both sides


3, choose to represent the color of both sides


4, add descriptive text


5. Click "Startup" and "Download GIF"


Why is Data GIF Maker available?

Some time ago, News Lab worked with data journalist Alberto Cairo to launch a new project. The project works with artists to explore new ways of visualizing data. The choice of cooperation with the artist is because the artist's vision is often unique, they can humanize the data, make it easy to understand and interesting.

The project has two requirements for the participants: First, to promote the development of data news; Second, the work must adapt to mobile devices. Indeed, the growing mobile device has become the main way of news consumption, and the visualization of data requires a special way to show on mobile devices.

News program editor Simon Rogers said that for data designers, to adapt to mobile devices will be a challenge. "Visualization of data is no longer a simple map and chart, but as the audience moves to the mobile, we need to deal with the limitations of small screens."

In this request, GIF Although this has been around for decades, but in the daily social networking, instant messaging applications and other areas is still very popular image format has become a new way to show data visualization.

Data GIF Maker allows users to simply set up two things, so that some of the dynamic data more intuitive to compare. Data news is not to show how smart you are, but to make the data easier to understand. This is where Data GIF Maker is really powerful.

Google is hatching future media

Data GIF Maker's launch and some projects that have been launched before can reflect more of Google's plans for their own future. Over the past decade, technology and open networks have changed the way news is produced, distributed and consumed, and Google has begun to think of media and news as strategic priorities for investment. After all, high-quality news means more users, and more users also means more news revenue.

Google began to advocate the diversity of sources of news reports, this diversity refers to the coverage of the content may come from Facebook, may come from Twitter or from around the world in the hands of investigators collected data.

News Lab and the introduction of some of the moves, have confirmed this understanding of Google. At the same time, Google's series of actions also wisely show its ability to collect data for the reporter, more importantly, it makes Google's various functions can be easier and faster access to information, thus increasing the Google The availability of data into the coverage of the article's probability.

Google would like to do so far, in their view, their mission is to integrate the global information, and let everyone can access and benefit from it. A series of moves also shows that Google in the direction of this effort, Google is also in the process of news reform tasted the sweetness, then, Google will bring a series of innovative press moves to build a future media.

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