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Zuckerberg "American Highway Tour" for Facebook to find a new sense of mission

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Mark Zuckerberg opened his "trip to the nation" in January of this year, and went to the United States every state, in-depth understanding of those who are in the United States, "the New York Times" online edition today wrote that Facebook CEO Mark & ​​middot; Regular use of Facebook users bit by bit life, for the future direction of Facebook to find inspiration.


Zuckerberg opens tractor at Gantt family farm

The following is the main content of the article:

In March of this year, Mark & ​​middot; Zuckerberg visited the church of the Emmanuel Afro-American Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where a white supremacist had killed several people there. Last month, he went to Dayton, Ohio, to visit a local rehabilitation center opiate addicts.

One afternoon, Zuckerberg met Jed Gant in Blanchardville, Wisconsin. Over the past few decades, Gantt's family had been working on a farm field. These are Zuckerberg in this year's "National Highway Tour" in the stay of the site. His goal is to go to every state in the United States, in-depth understanding of the regular use of Facebook users bit by bit life.

Zuckerberg visits Emmanuel African American Methodist Church

In 2014, is the sophomore of Zuckerberg from Harvard University dropped out, full of Facebook. On Thursday, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Harvard University. Zuckerberg in the day of graduation speech to discuss their own lives and mutual understanding of people. Zuckerberg says he is increasingly aware that churches, civic centers and other organized meeting venues are an important part of building and maintaining a strong community awareness.

Deny that the election office is ready

Zuckerberg said: "Everywhere, I have been with the young children's detention center children and opioid addicts sit for a while, they told me that if they have something to do, such as to participate in extracurricular activities or Is what other places, their lives may be different. I also saw many factory workers, who knew that traditional jobs were about to disappear and were trying to find their new location. & Rdquo;

In the eyes of critics, Zuckerberg's road trip is just a marketing gimmick, with the imprint of political movement. Each station will be a detailed record and made into a photo, and then released to Zuckerberg Facebook's home page. Angelo Carusone, president of the Media Matters for America, a non-profit media regulator, said: "He has all the essential elements of a well-planned mass media event & mdash; photographer, assistant and The size of the activity, the scope, and so on. He did not dominate the Democratic Party leader, or would not bring any adverse effects to Trump. & Rdquo;

Zuckerberg publicly denies that he is using this activity as a platform for campaigning public office. He said that these are just a way for him to gain a broader view of the way to learn how to manage Facebook and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative & mdash; & mdash; this is a by Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla & middot; Chen (Priscilla Chan ) To create a limited liability company, he plans to own life accumulated in the vast majority of wealth through the company donated to the community.

Zuckerberg was awarded an honorary doctorate at Harvard University on Thursday

So far, Zuckerberg has traveled half of the United States, including several states he had been to. According to informed sources, this activity has made Zuckerberg into deep self-reflection, especially in Facebook's responsibility and their role in the user's life on the more confused when the reflection of this change Is more important, after all, countless people now rely on Facebook to get news and information.

Accept the reality of social education

These are part of Zuckerberg's practice of accepting real education. Zuckerberg grew up in the suburbs of New York, where their families belonged to the middle class and lived with food and clothing, and later admitted to Harvard University, and finally went to Silicon Valley to work hard at the age of 23 to become a billionaire This year is only 33 years old).

What happened recently forced Zuckerberg to come out of the bubble in Silicon Valley. Last year, after the US presidential election, Facebook was criticized for becoming a breeding ground for fake news, and fake news influenced US voters' polls. People also posted on the Facebook killing video, which Facebook distributed in the content of the responsibility put forward a lot of questions.

Before the start of the American road trip, Zuckerberg had visited many other countries in 2015 and 2016. In January of this year, he said on Facebook that he wanted to talk to more people about how they "live, work and think about the future & rdquo ;. Zuckerberg spent 10 years in Silicon Valley to create a market value of 438 billion US dollars of the company, friends say Zuckerberg is to make up for his business in the process of losing things.

In April this year, Zuckerberg came to Ashley & middot; Ashley Gant (Ashley Gant) in Wisconsin cattle farms, 27-year-old Gant said: "I think he is full of curiosity, want to go all before Have not been to the place. "She answered Zuckerberg's question about the daily life of the farm.

Looking for a new sense of mission

Zuckerberg's road trip began in January this year, the first stop is Texas, he attended both in the Dallas court a Facebook trial, but also participated in private activities, such as his first ride The Zuckerberg rented a private jet, accompanied by several employees of the Facebook and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

In February, Zuckerberg visited the Oculus Virtual Realization team in Washington. A week later, he drove with his wife on the road in the southern states. In Alabama, he visited the shrimp ship; in Mississippi, he went to a blues club. For security reasons, Facebook sometimes only a few hours in advance to inform the owner of each visit.

Zuckerberg with his wife Priscilla & middot; Chen in Monroeville tourist

In the church of the Emmanuel Afro-American Methodist Church, which had been attacked by white supremacists, Zuckerberg talked about the church's sense of community and the importance of joining the people after the tragedy. In March, at the South Carolina School of Arts and Humanities, Zuckerberg held talks with a dozen students to discuss multiculturalism and art and listen to the concerns of ethnic minority students who grew up in the white community.

In the trip to Dayton, Zuckerberg visited the opiate addicts of a local rehabilitation center. In a spacious room, they sat around the table and talked to Zuckerberg about how drug abuse destroyed their lives and lost their sense of direction.

Zuckerberg apparently learned something from these forums. "The mission is a feeling that makes us a part of something more powerful than our own," he said at Harvard's graduation ceremony. "This feeling is what we need and gives us the power to move forward." In order to make the community progress, our generation is facing a difficult challenge - not only to create new jobs, but also to create a new sense of mission. "Zuckerberg wearing a suit that day, with a light blue tie, rather than wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans.

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