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Microsoft Build vs Google I / O: Burning AI war

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Lively for nearly half a month, Microsoft Build 2017 and Google I / O Conference finally ended. Everyone should be more or less aware of the significance of the two meetings, respectively. View of the two congress, Microsoft Build 2017 seems to be for the AI ​​developers, and GoogleI / O Assembly also reluctant to emphasize "AI First" this strategy, both of the "AI war" has been burning.


Source: TechCrunch

As a long-term competitor in the field of technology, Google and Microsoft are now competing in artificial intelligence than ever before. At a certain level, Google CEO Pichai in the Google I / O 2017 to put more time on new products and statistics, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in Build 2017 is focused on the introduction of technological progress Bring the opportunity and the risk. So, in contrast, Google in this meeting too much emphasis on Google itself, and Microsoft will focus on the developer who, which makes the audience feel more real.

However, through the nature of the phenomenon, the two technology giants will focus on the cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and VR / AR related applications and products.

AI First


In the field of AI, Microsoft and Google's competition mainly around the machine learning. Pichai said in his keynote speech that Google's future development strategy has shifted from "Mobile First" to "AI First". In fact, Microsoft is also walking on this road, but Nadella emphasizes the same way, as usual, both Did not mention each other in the keynote speech.

However, the two technology giants used to show off the strength of the AI ​​product is amazing similar. For Microsoft, it moved out of the strength of the product for the Story Remix, is a video for the application of the story Story Remix, it can use the user's mobile phone photos and video files made into "family film & rdquo ;. Google uses Google Analytics to help users share photos more easily with depth learning. Google Photos not only allows you to tag your photos, automatically group them, adjust your photos, and integrate Google Lens' image recognition capabilities with a range of new features. But in contrast, Remix is ​​more interesting, when the venue has just been released when the Build Conference developers get a round of applause, and Google Photos new features although it sounds useful, but not surprising to the extent.

In addition, Google has also published in the field of Google Google Lens this big killer. As mentioned earlier, Google has seamlessly integrated Google Photos and Google Assistant to enable both to have image recognition capabilities. However, since Google did not have a clear presentation in the presentation, some developers questioned this: Google Lens in the end is a developer tool, or built in a feature of Google Assistant, or a separate APP.

In the consumer domain, Microsoft and Google provide core AI services for voice attendants Cortana and Google Assistant. Lei Feng network (public: Lei Feng network) had also been a detailed report on the latter. At this point, Google is ahead of Microsoft, after all, it has been used in a variety of hardware devices, such as Google Home, Pixel mobile phones, iPhone and smart home appliances. While Microsoft's Cortana is excellent, but because of the support of the equipment is mainly limited to desktop computers, users of the daily life of the use of very few.

But we also see that Google Assistant does not have practical new features available. In recent years, Google I / O conference increasingly show creative fatigue situation.

VR / AR, real world


Another topic at the conference is VR and AR. In this one, Microsoft and Google are fully introduced their experience in the VR and AR, but Microsoft is more mixed reality, and Google is more inclined to "real reality & rdquo ;.

For Microsoft, the $ 3,000 Hololens is enough to dominate the field of independent AR, and Google's approach is very different - with machine vision to mobile phones into AR experience carrier. So at this year's I / O conference, Google announced that Samsung S8 and LG next generation flagship will join Daydream support.

Although this year Google talked about a variety of VR helmet, but also exposed some of the partners, but the new specifications, price and release date is still not fuzzy. At the same time, Microsoft has a partnership with companies such as Acer to focus on connected helmets. They use Hololens technology and combine Windows 10 PC devices to track user actions. At the same time, Microsoft also launched a series of developers for the development kit, later this year can be sold.

For the time being, Google's Hololens was too powerful to manage VR ecosystems with the majority of Cardboard viewers, and Hololens technology has even surpassed Google's blueprint for the I / O conference The


Of course, as the annual meeting, "Build" in Microsoft, "I / O" on the meaning of Google is naturally extraordinary. So, both of the flagship product "will be highlighted in the General Assembly," Microsoft and Google have their own flagship operating system has been updated.

Prior to the conference, Google had pre-announced Andriod O system, and Microsoft also said that the annual Windows 10 system will be updated twice, the next will be completed in the fall.

For the two companies, the developer show is a high-risk thing. However, this time Google has shown a very relaxed state. Overall, this year's Google I / O conference did not announce too many new things, which generally allowed it to show its vision more clearly, but Google wasted valuable time talking about previously released YouTube features. A bit puzzling.

On the other hand, Microsoft spent most of the time on the developer's support. Such as the release of Azure App, Visual Studio for Mac and the cloud database service Cosmos DB. At the same time, Microsoft also made it clear that the event is almost entirely focused on the developer. So, before the opening speech, Microsoft's representative also reminded the presence of the media there will be code.

While Google also has a keynote address on the developer at its developer conference, the whole audience is often skeptical that the company does not seem to know which group the audience is the audience (the audience is the developer or the media ).

For example, Microsoft introduced Remix this APP, it will tell the developers, you can use Microsoft's development kit to create a similar experience. And when Google shows Google Photos, the more is to show consumers the functionality of this APP, and developers really interested in APP such as Instant Apps rarely mentioned and introduced.

So, as the majority of the audience feel that, this session of the Google / O Conference as a whole relatively flat. Neither the release of new hardware and the main development tools, nor the release of new consumer products, so almost no developers and consumers can immediately use the product. While it is more useful from the past, the annual developer conference is not as useful as it used to be, but it is still the most effective tool for a business to bring developers together. So, from the above three aspects of comparison, Microsoft obviously do better.


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