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Photo: Google I / O 2017 Developer Conference

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Beijing time at 1:00 on May 18, Google I / O 2017 is going to be in the United States California Mountain View City, the coastline of the round open curtain. In the three-day annual developer feast, Google will showcase the latest achievements and trends in the software industry, which is expected to be available on Android O, Fuchsia, Chrome OSGoogle Assistant, VR / AR, Google Home, and Android core To carry out the introduction.

Live address:Google I / O 2017

Pichai said that this is a busy morning & rdquo; (which looks like in the summary), and finally summed up the mobile strategy to give priority to the new Google strategy. The Keynote ended, thank you for staying up late, this site will bring more detailed reports later.



Google search bar direct support, will provide different skills needs of the work recommendations, support Linkedin, Monster, Facebook, GlassDoor and other enterprises. The feature will be available in the next few weeks to the US market, the future will also support more countries and regions


Machine learning can have an immediate impact on people's lives, Google for Jobs will learn to help people better find employers and work through the machine; Google hopes to help people find their work through their own products partners, including FedEx and Johnson & amp; Johnson, This can provide job suggestions for people.


Video Time: The protagonist is a 17-year-old Chicago developer who learns to improve early diagnosis of breast cancer




After an open source machine learning video, Pichia came to power. He reviewed Tensor Flow and introduced its latest developments, TensorFlow & ldquo; research cloud & rdquo; will open its resources to the university.

Google Education VR application "Google Expeditions" introduced video, which has joined a enhanced reality (AR) model, the classroom appeared in the virtual version of the volcano and tornado, the function will be officially launched later this year

AR, last year's hot "wizard treasure dream Go" is a great example of the ASUS Zenfone VR (Tango phone) will be launched this summer. Google introduced the Visual Positioning Service (Visual Positioning Service), such as after entering a store, you can get a variety of items placed in the tips, the phone can get shelves of spatial data, and then guide you to go faster it.

In addition to "Smartphone VR", Google's Daydream platform will usher in a new VR device - a separate headset. "Greatly improved the tracking experience of its full use of the device on the sensor (it sounds like Project Tango)

Clay Bavor, vice president of Google's Virtual Reality, came back to review the progress made in VR / AR last year, after reviewing its own DayDream VR platform, said LG's new flagship this year and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also support the Google Daydream platform, through a simple Software updates to get support

Google Translate can be translated directly in the input method, for the Android Go optimized APP will also appear in the Play Store. All of the less than 1GB of device can get the optimized version of Go Configuration.

(Android Go sounds a bit like Microsoft Windows RT)

For multi-language users, Google applications have become more intimate


Dedicated YouTube Go can use a dedicated network, consume less traffic, and YouTube Go also supports offline sharing without data traffic


For example, Chrome Data Saver saves users 750 TB of data per day


Launched the latest entry-level Andrews device project Android Go, which is designed for storage of 1GB or less of the entry device to create, 512MB ~ 1GB RAM can run smoothly


Sameer Samat, vice president of Andrews, introduced the progress of Andrews equipment in India and Brazil. He said that the number of Android users in India has surpassed that of the United States. He said the device needs to be more affordable, the software must also have better optimization of traffic, and support more languages


The Android O Beta version is now available and users can access itAndroid.com/betaTo learn more.



For Android's new programming language & mdash; & mdash; Kotlin, which is "mature and focus on productivity" programming language, developers can easily get started on the first day, integrated Jet Brains,


"Play console dashboard & rdquo; will tell you which applications are too power consuming or easy to crash. Developers can use the Play Console Dashboards to analyze the power consumption and crash of the application

Android O starts faster and gets 2x on Pixel. For background applications consume too much power problems, Android O will be its "smart limit" and "


Google scanned 50 billion apps on Android devices every day. The latest Google Play Protect security mechanism protects applications on devices from security threats.


Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson came to the stage to teach "vitals", mainly around the battery life, security, start-up time, and stability


TensorFlow Lite & rdquo; Google machine learning a miniaturized version, hardware acceleration and other features will come later this year


Another function of the Android O system is intelligent text selection, intelligent copy and paste quickly, select the text, the neural network will be behind the scenes to understand, such as double-click on the address bar, you can automatically select the address part. This is the equipment of the local machine learning, the data without leaving the machine


Another feature of the Android O system is the Notifications Dots feature: it has a launcher icon, long press the application icon, you can directly view the notification. Auto Filling is available in this feature and is compatible with most applications.

Android O first to introduce the Fluid Experiences experience: maps, Netflix and other applications will support the picture-in-picture function


Android Things Internet of Things will also be officially launched later this year. Chromebook sales in the K-12 education market accounted for 60%



But first started from the Android Wear 2.0, the world has 24 big smart watch manufacturers use the platform. Android Auto has been 10 times the user growth, Android TV will get a new starter interface, the amount of equipment activation, every two months there are millions of units


Dave Burke on the introduction of Android-related content, Android active devices reached 2 billion

The Super Chat feature will allow fans of the host to pay for chat, highlighting the new Super Chat API, which can trigger certain actions in reality, such as live price ($ 500 for water balloons bombing)



Since the launch of three months, the net red giraffe's live broadcast attracted countless people to watch, and earned tens of thousands of dollars


Barbara MacDonald came to the show and introduced "Super Chat" ralph lauren pas cher, her speech style is quite full of passion. She said that over the past year, YouTube streaming media has grown four times.



Sarah Ali introduces the YouTube version of the YouTube version of the TV, which will support viewing 360 ° video, allowing users to rotate the viewing angle through the TV remote control.



Susan Wojcicki said that 6 percent of YouTube viewers watched the video on their mobile devices, and the YouTube app had installed 500 million on non-mobile devices, but the time was also increasing in the living room, with an annual growth rate of nearly 90%


Ms. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, is the first time she has attended YouTube I / O Congress on behalf of YouTube, and she says: "1 billion people watch YouTube every month. You can be a video blogger or citizen journalist. The platform uphold the open features, attracting more and more people to join. And the comments and "streaming media live" will be the audience together together. & Rdquo;


The next presentation will be YouTube, the first release of the YouTube Red video highlights

Google Lens is also embedded in Google Photos, which will be available later this year.



Today landing on the US side of the page, Android and iOS side next week shelves, all I / O conference participants can get a free one. Now open to the US Web platform, Android and iOS version will have to wait a few weeks.

The following description of the new "Photo Books" and the entity book, you can make and buy. The charge is this: print the paperback version of $ 9.99, print hardcover version of $ 19.99. If more than 20 pages, the price is more expensive (easily more than 50 knives)



The scene appeared two children's cardboard, pretending to take pictures with them. On some shared photos, you may have noticed that you can add filters. Suggested sharing can make your sharing easier and more intelligent. It will be in a few weeks after the Android, Web, and iPhone platform push, machine learning also Google Photos in the better use



When people receive photos, they can be added to the album - "shared library & rdquo ;. Google Photos automatically gives photo suggestions that can be shared, but you can also specify to share all album images, or to specify a date of the photo, or contain specific things (such as children)


Google Photos has 500 million active users and 1.2 billion photos and videos per day. Google through a video interpretation "suggested sharing" This feature can be able to directly identify photos of friends, and suggest that you send them to shoot their photos. Demo time, Google Photos notification reminder, the application added a new & ldquo; share & rdquo; tab page, you can view photos, change recipients, and then send pictures. When the other party to share a few pictures of your words, you will immediately receive.

Anil Sabharwal, vice president of Google Photo, gave a lecture on the use of artificial intelligence in the design service, such as the ability to pick out the best photos from hundreds of photos to form an intelligent album


Google Home is now able to direct control of HBO Now and Spotify free version, you can ask "tubing on the more fire?" And then you can push through the Chromecast to your TV, demo video played several stems


Google Home accidentally revealed that Rishi's kids are still playing "Wizard", and you can also send these replies to your TV (via Chromecast) (or send your calendar to TV) to be able to project Rishi's schedule directly To the television

Google Home will be able to visit Spotify for free, in addition to the support of various music streaming services in addition to the introduction of the Bluetooth support. Google Home can connect Android and iOS devices, new HBO, Hulu and other video streaming media partners

The United States and Canada can be used free of charge in North America call completely free, the scene to the mother called + mdash; & mdash; "you finally call me" ha ha ha, but unfortunately Mother's Day has passed the whole process Without any settings, applications or mobile phones, everything can be done through Google Home


You can schedule a meeting or set a reminder with Google Home. A proactive assistant will be integrated into Google Home to alert reminders of flight status and traffic alerts


Google Home product vice president Rishi Chandra came to power, since the introduction of 6 months, Google Home to support 50 new skills. This summer, it will also land in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the Japanese market, you can use Google Home to arrange meetings or set reminders

Ms. Valerie Nygaard took the stage to do the presentation. The Google platform will add the Actions voice app, similar to Alexa's Skills voice application skills. Actions also supports transaction processing, integrating a complete payment, receipt, account creation system, allowing third parties to apply custom voice commands. Smart home platform developers are able to use Google Action, more than 70 partners



Google announced the Google Assistant SDK, the big screen appeared a lot of big partners partner Logo. Google Assistant now supports more languages, new French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian support

From the official video, Google Assistant can help you complete all your daily tasks and have landedIPhoneThe


He said that 70% of the Assistant directives are natural language, not boring "keywords" and "rdquo ;. Google Lens is also integrated into Google Assistant, and now you can now direct instructions to the Assistant through your phone. For example, the Japanese menu translated into English and then asked & mdash; & mdash; this dish is like? Lens can also automatically manage business cards and menus

Google Assistant Engineering Vice President He will introduce the latest developments in search and Google Assistant. He has been involved in Search and Assistant research and development for a long time. Today's topics will focus on three aspects: dialogue, usability and readiness.


Next to the Google AutoDra application, more information is availableHttps://www.autodraw.com/The This is one of the most important products for Google Assistant and Google Search. At present, Google Assistant has logged 100 million devices.


Google AI is still in the early stages, so the company simply called it "baby nerve network" and ralph lauren pas cher, the aim is to provide people with a tool to help them do better. Is currently exploring how machines learn how to help diagnose cancer


Google has a neural network to enhance the other artificial intelligence neural network, the scene also released a tribute to "Pirates of the dream space" slide, Pichai said "we must be more in-depth" (We must go deeper.


Pichai began to talk about Tensor Processing Units, which are superior to CPU and GPU performance in artificial intelligence processing. From last year to the present, TPU has undergone a better optimization, and its next generation is the Cloud TPU. All information about artificial intelligence will be aggregated

Google.ai for its three main areas & mdash; & mdash; search, tools, and application AI

Google Lens has OCR technology, such as the ability to identify a Wi-Fi router on the user name / password label Google Assistant will be able to tell you the details (the feeling is Google Glass civilians

Google first launched Google Lens, which will first be integrated in Google Assistant and Photos, with a range of computer visual recognition


Following the keyboard and mouse, the sound and the visual is the computational field of the new model & rdquo ;. First of all, say "voice", Google Home integrates two microphones, and the use of artificial intelligence technology to tell who is talking


Google's AI learning program once again evolved, Google is considering the machine learning and AI will be integrated in all the products. Google showed a bunch of products and services Logo, Gmail to 1 billion users launched the "smart reply" and "rdquo; function


Then he came out of Google's products over the past year: every day, the audience watched 1 billion + hour of YouTube video; Google Drive's active users also reached 800 million; 1.2 billion a day The number of active devices uploaded to Google Android has reached 2 billion


Sundar Pichai came to power in cheering, he said: "The conference has 7,000 participants, in addition to 400 points in the venue"


After the start of the countdown Google first released a promotional video, appeared a lovely black and white cartoon image, met a more than a larger egg image, this is a story about the creative, perhaps called it "egg fancy Adventure "

Time 1:00 the whole, the audience cheered up, but has not yet officially started

We can all through the mobile phone and desktop browser landing

G.co/bubblesParticipate in the game, the current win is the blue side. Blue bubble to win, foreign media reporter said the weather seems very pleasant, you can wear a sweater. And did not expect so hot, the keynote is still 5 minutes to start.

The scene is demonstrating the global interactive bubble game where people can choose to use different colors of bubbles. The Google I / O Conference keynote speech using outdoor scene, media and live attendance has been very high

Welcome to the 2017 Google I / O Conference Live, the keynote will begin in about 15 minutes.


The Keynote starts at 1 am Beijing time and is expected to last for 1.5 hours and will be hosted by Google CEO and Chairman Sandar & Middot; Sundar Pichai. In the conference before the official start, let us first inventory under the main conference of this post it.


Android system has become the world's most popular mobile operating system, but Google's performance in the PC market is relatively relatively small. Although the Chromebook has a firm foothold in the education market, it is relative to beingMicrosoftAnd Apple to control the mainstream market, Google is still a bit "weak & rdquo ;.

Android system in the mobile market to take a leading position in the decision, but there are also fragmented problems in the flat and large screen equipment on the poor performance, as well as many users criticized the Caton and experience. For this reason Google is developing Fuchsia system is not based on the Linux kernel, but a called Magenta kernel, is a lightweight kernel; UI layer using Flutter framework, which is a Google internal Dart language Mobile application framework, and support Android, iOS, you can write native app.

From the current information, Fuchsia will be the future mobile, PC, AR / VR, Internet of Things and other unified platform, common operating system, but specifically how to wait for Google official to give us the answer.

Android O system:

Google recently closed the Android 7.x Beta nougat test items, and allow some models to advance the fresh version of the user, which means that we from Android O (that is, Android 8.0) getting closer.

According to the previous release of Google to explain the video, Android O introduced the "channel" and "in picture mode" and other new features, it is officially pushed to the general user before the developers have to let their applications Do this in preparation for this, especially to find out the new system restrictions on the background application.

The new policy is designed to increase battery life by limiting the amount of background resources, including memory, processors, and batteries. When upgrading or specifically building applications for the Android O platform, developers must keep these limits in mind. For example, if the application is not displayed in the foreground for some time, the background service will be disabled.

Older apps that have not been optimized for Android O will be ruthlessly constrained in the face of new policies, such as the inability to get geographic data updates in the background (or if the update is very limited / for example, only one hour after a few times) The Other aspects of the Android O & ldquo; notification channel & rdquo; feature can be grouped for each application's notification to facilitate user control separately. "PIP mode" will also be open to all Android devices, including the mobile phone platform. Of course, it all depends on the software developers are updated to be diligent.

Chrome OS:

Chrome OS has run Android apps, but is limited to a small number of hardware devices, and can not adjust the application interface size, so the user is either designed for tablet PCs designed for large floating windows or small windows for smart phones The Android nougat multi-window function, may be designed to take into account the Chrome operating system. In fact, in Android nougat, adjusting the application window size is a formal experimental feature. In Chrome OS, it would be a necessity.

Android nougat is also multitasking, the application is running in the background, the Chrome OS desktop, the application is the same, but can run in the Chrome operating system, Android applications as well. Now the biggest question is when Google let Chrome operating system officially run Android nougats and Android applications, if the timely launch and popularity, Android nougat may revive the Chrome OS market again.

Google Assistant improvements and landing on iOS platforms:

According to the previous news, Google is planning to bring its own voice assistant Google Assistant to the iOS platform, the company will launch a separate iOS application to achieve this goal, and the news is expected in the current I / O Conference Announced.


According to foreign media Android Police reports, iOS version of Google Assistant will only visit the US market. In fact, even on the Android system, Google's voice assistant can only be used in a few areas, only a few languages, so, in the iOS platform by such restrictions is not surprising.

In addition, although Google will launch a separate iOS application for this voice assistant, Google Assistant on the iOS platform is also unlikely to have much integration, but in any case, Google's voice assistant on iOS, will let IOS users through it to control other devices become easier.

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