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Windows 10 S system is what is simple and easy to use?

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May 2 evening, Microsoft's conference in New York, for teachers and students to launch a series of educational products and services, one of the most attractive is for college students to design a new notebook Lens Surface Laptop. However, it should be noted that this hardware product is the world's first Windows 10 S system based on the notebook computer. So many people asked, this Windows 10 S in the end what is the ghost?

Before the official release of Windows 10 S, it is true that this version of the system should be called Windows Cloud, only a small range of testing only. According to Microsoft's official explanation, Windows 10 S is a new experience for Windows, which is a new experience for security and superior performance. The target audience is teachers and students. See here. Many people may think that Windows 10 S should be a streamlined version of Windows 10.

In fact, can not be said to be completely streamlined version, but between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro version of the product. More precisely, Windows 10 S is a specific configuration version of Windows 10 Professional. In the system experience is still consistent with the traditional Windows, but only to simplify the processing, in order to provide security and performance. At the same time, the system has some restrictions compared with the traditional, for example, can only be installed in the Windows application store applications, the browser default Microsoft Edge can not be modified.

Why is this so? Microsoft's official explanation on the words, Windows 10 is to protect the computer every day fast and safe operation of the design of Windows 10 Pro Lite.

What are the differences between Windows 10 S and HOME and Pro?

Windows 10 S and other versions of the difference is also a lot of people are concerned about the problem. From the above definition of Windows 10 S, you can confirm that the system still has Windows 10 Pro features, but the only difference is security and performance.

S version specific and HOME and Pro version of the difference where the following picture can basically answer this question (X on behalf of the default support):

Applications can only come from Windows stores, compatible hardware peripherals

Windows 10 S and Home and Pro and other versions of the system The biggest difference is that the former can only be installed and used from the Windows application store applications, you can not use the computer as usual download exe file for installation and use, such as QQ and WeChat These can only use the UWP version, not the traditional desktop version. Of course, as long as the Windows store any application Windows 10 S run is not a problem, whether it is x86, x64 or ARM architecture support installation run.

Then you may ask, when trying to install the Windows Store store outside of the application will be how the current experience of the early show that Windows 10 S system will pop up the prompt box "on the use of Windows 10 S applications must be from the Windows application store & rdquo ; Once again tell the user can only use the Windows store application. In some cases, the system will also automatically jump to show about some of the similar applications that have been provided in the Windows app store, or for a particular application.

Microsoft's explanation only two aspects, one is safe, the second is the performance experience. First, the security, from the Windows application store applications are unified through the official screening and security verification, download and install only in the local security "container" and run these applications. Because only the use of Windows applications store applications, the advantage is to ensure the security of the system, there is no mistake to install third-party malicious and rogue software problems, but also to avoid the adventure from other platforms to download applications.

As for the second difficulty: experience. All unified from the Windows store application experience, Microsoft said the experience is consistent. For example, if the Windows 10 S device is used in class, students and teachers are installed in the Windows store application, will be able to ensure fast login time and consistent performance, so that everyone can quickly start learning and keep Focus, not distracted.

In addition, before the other Windows 10 to buy from the Windows store application, in Windows 10 S can also be used, as long as the application store to ensure that the same Microsoft account login association can be.

Windows 10 S only use compatible applications in the Windows app store, which is absolutely ok, is the hardware peripherals compatible? After all, many drivers are in the form of external software installations, especially in educational establishments such as printers. Microsoft's official explanation is that the hardware peripherals for Windows 10 also apply to Windows 10 S, but there may be functional limitations, and because Windows 10 S has just released, so still solve the compatibility issues.

S version of the experience is smooth enough, the provincial resources to extend life

Some people are concerned about whether the S version and Pro version of the interface changes, this is not clear, because Microsoft is currently only mentioned Windows 10 S system can provide a familiar experience, but some have experienced the experience of internal testing , S version changes in the interface is not, but the first time set different, the conference was also confirmed that the first version of Microsoft S version will be faster.

Interface to maintain the same natural is a good thing, that the actual experience? As already explained, Microsoft believes that performance can provide a fast and smooth experience, the first is targeted to streamline some of what we can not see, and then run the application are from the official audit of the Windows store. From the relevant user comments can be measured, the same is Surface 3, running Windows 10 S faster than running a full version of Windows 10 is also a lot of smooth.

In addition, Windows 10 S system on resource consumption will be significantly reduced, so as to enhance the role of life. This is also based on the above reasons, Windows store applications in their own design will meet the Microsoft framework and standards, so do not worry about the old program as tight on the hardware performance, or frequent load led to excessive power consumption and so on. Microsoft confident that Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S can have 14.5 hours of battery life, this is the best proof.

What is Windows 10 S location? The equipment is so cheap

education! The theme of this conference is "education" and Windows 10 S target crowd is teachers and students! Microsoft has even boasted that Windows 10 S inspired by the interaction between teachers and students, is by far the most suitable for school use Windows. Of course, for the pursuit of consistent performance and advanced security, and only through the Windows application store will be able to meet the needs of Windows users, Windows 10 S is also a good choice.

Many people read the conference said, Windows 10 S equipment why so cheap, the lowest 189 dollars. We all know that education is a very important area of ​​Microsoft, Windows has been the world's leading educational platform, Windows 10 S mission has to re-start a comprehensive conquest of education, because in recent years Google Chromebook in the education market continued force, So that Microsoft had to once again consider reshaping the Windows experience.

Therefore, Microsoft can only try to shape the Windows 10 S system, so that it can fight Chrome OS, and then combined with specific hardware so that the final product to achieve the same level of cheap and Chromebook. Moreover, Windows 10 S is also consumer-oriented, ordinary consumers can buy their own. It should be noted that the cheap price that hardware configuration will not be too high, the same is true on the Chromebook, Windows 10 S product cost is the first consideration to meet the system to run the hardware only, especially the use of low-end games Young processor-based.

Finally, you will certainly remember the failure of Windows RT

Many people on the Window RT impressed, because it is designed for Intel ARM processor to build the first Windows system, the results did not take long to fail. The biggest reason is that the RT system only supports the installation of applications from the Windows store, the traditional application simply can not use, which makes consumers puzzled and cast aside, the end result can be imagined, Microsoft even lost more than 900 million dollars The

Now Windows 10 S system Windows RT has the greatest common ground, that is, the application must be used from the Windows application store. However, the difference is more. First, the Windows store application problem, to know the "version" and RT completely different, in fact, Windows store is also divided into x86 and x64 applications, Windows 10 S running without any problems, but RT is different.

More specifically, the Windows store also contains a lot of complete win32 applications, as long as the store shelves Windows 10 S will be able to install and run. If the Google Chrome browser on the Windows, or Adobe Premiere Pro also shelves, Windows 10 S device can download and install to run, Microsoft's configuration requirements only need to go through the store this step only.

In addition, the scope of application is different, before Windows RT can only meet the requirements of the ARM core device to run, but Windows 10 S for all PC products, the official also requires OEM manufacturers standard 4GB memory and 64GB hard drive. More importantly, Windows 10 S can also switch to Pro Pro, users through the Windows application store at any time at a reasonable price easily switch to Windows 10 Pro version, set the midpoint upgrade will jump to the store related pages.

From these two points of view, Microsoft learned the failure of the Window RT system experience and lessons. But then, on the Windows 10 S system alone, Windows stores will still be the biggest short board, although there is a complete Office 365 application experience, including Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint, as well as Microsoft produced "my world : Education Edition ", Microsoft Teams and Intune Education Edition, but the lack of application or a big problem.

To know that since the release of Windows 10 Build 10586 version, Microsoft has not published the number of Windows store applications. If the Windows store long-term existence of this problem, Windows 10 S system is equivalent to the existence of fatal flaws, even for the application of students and teachers, how to meet the application needs is still a very big problem, I believe more people will switch to Windows 10 Pro Version system.

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