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A quarter of China Unicom revenue began to grow well in the net profit growth quite high

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As of April 27 China Telecom released a quarterly report in 2017, the three major operators a quarterly has been released.

Overall, the three major operators to achieve full growth in net profit. China Mobile's revenue and profits are higher than China Unicom (7.470, 0.00, 0.00%) and China Telecom's total; China Unicom to achieve negative revenue growth, but net profit growth higher than China Mobile and China Telecom, China Telecom revenue growth , The financial data relative to the same period last year have increased slightly.

Beijing News reporter Luo Yidan

Mobile revenue super-Unicom Telecom and terminal sales decline

In terms of operating income, China Mobile ranked among the top three operators. In the first quarter of 2017, China Mobile realized operating income of 184 billion yuan, an increase of 3.7%; China Telecom achieved operating income of 91.428 billion yuan, up 5.8%; China Unicom to achieve revenue of 69.05 billion yuan, down 1.9%.

Net profit, the first quarter of 2017, China Mobile shareholders profit of 24.8 billion yuan, an increase of 3.7%; China Telecom shareholders profit of 5.348 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5%; China Unicom attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 274 million yuan , An increase of 88.3%.

In the first quarter, with 4G leading edge of China Mobile in both revenue and profit are more than the sum of China Telecom and China Unicom, continued to lead. It is noteworthy that China Unicom and China Telecom will end the terminal as the focus of future development goals, and China Mobile in the earnings report that the first quarter of the terminal sales have declined.

A quarterly report shows that China Mobile terminal sales revenue of 23.1 billion yuan, down 10.7% over the same period last year. In the first quarter, China Mobile's 184 billion yuan of revenue, there are 160.9 billion yuan from the communications service revenue, only 23.1 billion yuan from sales, including sales, including sales revenue.

Unicom net profit to catch up with mobile, telecom revenue drop

In the first quarter, although China Unicom's 274 million yuan net profit is still less than China Mobile 24.8 billion net profit fraction, but China Unicom net profit growth of up to 88.3%, far more than China Mobile 3.7% and 4.5% increase in China Telecom. From the growth rate, China Unicom is struggling to catch up with China Mobile.

Compared with the substantial increase in net profit, China Unicom in the first quarter of 2017 operating income fell 1.9%. In Fu Liang's view, this is due to China Unicom since the fourth quarter of 2016 from the implementation of the new strategy caused by the new.

According to China Unicom a quarterly, the first quarter of 2017, the Group of force marketing model transformation, and actively promote the 2I2C business model, with the Internet company precision marketing cooperation, expand user contacts, market segments, Of the product and development model, with low incremental costs to promote 4G business development and revenue growth.

Telecom analyst Fu Liang believes that China Unicom's new strategy is mainly through the Internet company to marketing, such as cooperation with Tencent King card. Cooperation with other companies will reduce the income of China Unicom, but on the other hand will reduce marketing costs, so the first quarter of 2017, although the decline in revenue, but the net profit but a substantial increase.

According to China Unicom a quarterly, the first quarter of 2017, China Unicom 4G users a net increase of 18.175 million, reaching 123 million; mobile services revenue reached 37.197 billion yuan, up 2.8% over last year, higher than the fourth quarter of last year 5.1 %. Fixed-line broadband users reached 76.589 million, a net increase of 1.353 million over the end of last year.


5G standard has not yet determined the operator to preempt the layout

April 26, the Ministry of Information and Information Development Division, said the news, in September last year, successfully completed the first phase of the 5G test, has now entered the second phase of the test, pay more attention to the integration of technical solutions and achievable. Currently in Beijing Huairou planned 5G test field, completed the 30 station site planning, can basically meet the field single station and network performance testing needs. Is expected by the end of this year to complete the second phase of the test.

5G is not only a communication technology upgrade, it is a new market shuffle. Unicom because 4G layout half a beat, resulting in the development of 4G era in a passive situation, Huawei is relying on the accumulation of 4G technology to achieve the corner overtaking. Therefore, the 5G standard is not fully established in the case, operators, mobile phone manufacturers have begun to preemptively layout.

In March, China Mobile's president, Li Yue, at the GTI Global Summit of MWC 2017, said it was setting up a NovoNet trial network for the target network, which is expected to start scale commercials in 2018, 2020 to achieve the main network element network virtualization.

Communication experts Kang Zhao said, China Mobile because the money is willing to vote, China Unicom and China Telecom was forced to 5G, or will be in a passive beaten situation. & Rdquo;

In February this year, China Telecom in Jiangbei District, Nanjing Industrial Technology Research Park has successfully built four 5G base stations, a total investment of more than 300 million yuan, and the future of this area 5G base station number will reach more than 600.

China Unicom Chairman Wang Xiaochu 5G era as China Unicom regain a key opportunity, he said that although the 5G technology has yet to be mature, operating frequency and technical standards to be clear, but China Unicom from now on to begin to prepare funds The (Ma Jing)


Unicom Telecom jointly push six-mode all Netcom to move

China Telecom and China Unicom in the layout of the terminal is very positive.

April 28, China Telecom Beijing company held a press conference in Beijing, the official release of "promotion of six-mode all Netcom action plan & rdquo ;. Six-mode all-Netcom phone can achieve a mobile phone, two card slot, triple play, 4G free to switch, the user no longer subject to the shackles of mobile phone system, according to the operator tariff concessions, the use of experience to choose operators.

Kang Zhao believes that China Unicom, the two telecommunications companies jointly promote the six-mode Netcom is to compete with China Mobile's mobile all-Netcom custom version of the mobile phone, when the phone into China Mobile's mobile phone card, another card slot in the Unicom Or telecommunications phone card can only use 2G network.

He further analysis pointed out that the more the number of operators more likely to expand the operator, "Unicom, telecommunications users smaller, to promote the whole network is to the user when the intention of the network, you can easily turn. & Rdquo;

China Telecom, the whole Netcom market share by the end of 2015 less than 20% of the rapid growth to the current 75%, 2017 Netcom market share will increase to more than 85%. China Telecom in a quarterly said, will seize the six-mode all-network terminal dividend, optimize the flow of business strategy, sustained and rapid 3G to 4G business transformation.

The first quarter of 2017, China Telecom's mobile 4G terminal users reached 138 million, a net increase of 15.77 million, total mobile Internet traffic rose 115% year on year, continue to maintain rapid growth.

In the April 27 news terminal spring trade fair, China Unicom said this year will be invested 68 billion yuan to the terminal, the amount of China Unicom in the first quarter of 69 billion yuan of total income.

"$ 68 billion will eventually be used in the channel business, the user and the terminal manufacturers subsidies, the terminal sales for the operators is not profitable. "Fu Liang told the Beijing News reporter," operators in the terminal continued high subsidies, the purpose is to expand the share of 4G business. & Rdquo;

"China Telecom and China Unicom launched with the whole Netcom, in response to China Mobile launched the China Mobile 4G + terminal, which is Unicom and Telecom in the 4G business with the mobile gap between the three major operators in the terminal subsidies on the more intense competition, China Telecom and China Unicom launched the whole Netcom, Gradually narrow the embodiment of China Unicom and Telecom hope to promote the terminal, get more share on the 4G. "Fu Liang told the Beijing News reporter.

At the same time, the Beijing News reporter found that by the mobile phone market sales expansion and other effects, China Mobile's terminal sales have declined. A quarterly report shows that China Mobile terminal sales revenue of 23.1 billion yuan, down 10.7% over the same period last year. (Ma Jing Luo Yidan)

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