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Amazon released Echo Look really friends say so "creepy"?

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This year in March, the Amazon Echo Look camera first exposure. At the end of April today, Amazon officially released this both can listen to "photo" and "personal with the division" & mdash; & mdash; Echo Look.

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

From the official website of the Amazon, Echo Look is a camera equipped with Alexa voice assistant, according to the user's instructions to complete the camera and other actions.Specifically, there are several bright spots:

1, configure a depth sensor camera, according to the distance to adjust the depth of field, camera or video effect is more prominent.

2, based on computer vision algorithms and other artificial intelligence technology, users can assess the appearance, with suggestions.

3, equipped with a special app, photos can be photographed or video will be real-time synchronization to the cloud, the user can view the app and photos, video sharing to other social platforms.

4, built a LED lights, a microphone, you can ask Alexa to read the user to receive information, play music, query traffic and so on.

From Echo Look these features, it is more like a bedroom for the Echo device. And Amazon is also considered a "bitch", although Echo Look is Echo Alexa voice assistant based on the product line, but it also does not forget to Amazon's "ace service" & mdash; & mdash; AWS cloud computing also Use, in addition, also pulled the computer vision algorithm to help out.Amazon also said that in the future will Echo Look add more Alexa function.

On a camera, Amazon is also its voice interaction, cloud computing, but also artificial intelligence to bless, just like a bath to call a massage service, or a full set of.

Some users may have to ask, and Amazon in the end when the time and artificial intelligence to pull the top of the In fact, people in this piece of layout for a long time, but we may be it too dazzling "electric business" coat covered his eyes.

User how to see?

However, these are all not important, let's go back to the Echo Look product itself. Today, after being launched, many users are on this "personal with the division" and expressed their views, and its listing price of 199.99 US dollars is not much attention. According to Lei Feng network finishing information, users concerned about the issue or published evaluation focused on these aspects:

1, there is personal privacy risk

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

Privacy may be violated is the most taboo, the most worried about a problem, especially for personal privacy is very sensitive to foreign users. After all, in foreign countries, hackers can be connected to the network through the invasion of personal life things happen.

And this Echo Look, the most likely to stay is the user's bedroom, it can take pictures and can also record video can upload cloud storage, as a netizen said: This is beyond the scope of personal privacy, after all, you never Know who those photos will be seen and spread.And even some users think that this is a bit ugly, and even exaggerate the function of Alexa will be associated with the CIA (of course, the users may need to take medicine).

In response, Amazon has officially responded that they have strict control measures to restrict access to these images. Through the Echo Look to capture the contents of the regular carding, and the way the server encryption, users can ensure that "see and hear what they want".

2, & ldquo; it's cool & rdquo;

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

Of course, the introduction of a new product is often accompanied by curiosity and applause.

For some people who like to try new things and pay attention to dress up, Echo Look may be a good toy & rdquo ;. Although some robots now have the weather query, story reading and other functions, but equipped with this has some accumulation, mature voice interactive technology Alexa, may gain a good user experience.

Especially for some of the young people living alone, sometimes into a difficult choice, behind you there is a blessing of the computer vision of the aesthetic "robot" rumquo; for you to assess which set look better, This may also be a good way.

亚马逊发布了亚马逊发布了 Echo Look 真有网友说的那么“毛骨悚然”?

Map / Amazon Website

3, & ldquo; you will be with a robot, really rest assured that & rdquo;

However, there are users who raised such a question. They believe that the current and do not speak voice assistant, computer vision applications in the camera on the known mature cases are still relatively small, they can not know the two after the camera will be how to "stunning" or "l" Disappointed & rdquo; results.

So in this case, even if there is a very good to listen to the "expert evaluation", "professional with the views of ralph lauren pas cher, will own a personal match to a virtual" robot "ralph lauren pas cher The After it will buy it home, will not be a year the number of times will not be more than 2 times & quot; impulse product & rdquo;

4, opened up a new home camera market

The industry believes that with the rise of artificial intelligence, the camera becomes more and more intelligent. Echo Look this combination of computer vision and voice assistant, be an innovative move, the future is likely to be used in the field of fashion. Previously, Amazon successfully opened the voice assistant by Echo the world, this by Echo Look, Amazon will be possible to open the home camera new market.

It may be a smart home control platform, there may be a trigger. After all, relying on Amazon in the cloud computing, voice interaction, artificial intelligence, smart home developer ecology and other mature experience and status, everything can be bold imagination.


How do experts see?

In view of the above concerns about the concentration of several users, Lei Feng network interviewed vice president of sound technology Li Zhiyong.

On the current smart home privacy risks, Li Zhiyong that: the inherent trend of science and technology will make everyone into a transparent person, the only way to fight against this trend is the law, people themselves are not resistant to it. For example, electronic is always more unsafe than paper, but everyone is pleased to accept the computer and the Internet.

At the same time, for Echo Look based on Alexa access to computer vision algorithm this action, Li Zhiyong that this trend in its expectations, the future carrying cloud computing, artificial intelligence smart home should be a normal. He believes that far-field voice interaction is like touch-screen, that is, to upgrade existing equipment (such as the machine to the intelligent machine), will spawn some new equipment (such as Pad, McDonald's ordering machine, etc.).

Li Zhiyong also pointed out that Echo Look this product can not be regarded as Alexa access to computer vision, more like a voice can control the TV so that the visual output of the device. "True voice and visual integration, but also the need for human-computer interaction on the way of redesign, it should not be right now." The key now is to let the voice interaction itself set up in a relatively vertical field, rather than let it be omnipotent. & Rdquo;


Overall, we do not want Amazon's Echo Look too bad, do not think too good. Any one of the new products, we for the time being to "one is willing to fight a willing to suffer" ralph lauren pas cher, to the face of its arrival. You choose it, it may mean that "happy" and "risk" and "coexist". And what you have to do is enjoy the process.

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