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Comments: WeChat search came, which is in the next plate of what chess?

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In addition to the application of small programs continue to open, the WeChat this year, another important move should be launched WeChat search. For those who are familiar with Google search and Baidu search users, WeChat launched by the WeChat search function once again this slightly old vocabulary and mdash; search again into the people's vision.

In fact, WeChat launched WeChat search function is only in the WeChat user groups and product system is bound to be carried out after a complete action Bale. With the user habits gradually transferred to the WeChat, especially with the WeChat content system gradually established, the user through the WeChat search to obtain the desired information and content of the frequency is growing. With the introduction of the WeChat index, users in the micro-mail access to information will be more and more ways, and WeChat search based on micro-search search optimization may be the next period of time many companies focus on important issues.

As with search engine optimization, micro-search search optimization may be more reflected in the brand exposure and brand exposure, with the WeChat search system is complete, the future WeChat search optimization will be transferred to the deeper areas, and derived more search Engine optimization. With search engine optimization is very different, WeChat search optimization will be more focused on the mobile side.

Although micro-search after the introduction of people usually will it and search engine search together to consider, but the detailed analysis down, we will find micro-search and search engine search is actually very different. Perhaps it is because of this difference, so let people on the future of WeChat search to give more ardent expectations.

WeChat search & ldquo; a stone three birds & rdquo;, & ldquo; intended Pei Gong & rdquo;

The basic logic of WeChat search has been a lot of discussion, then, why the WeChat search at this time? WeChat search after the introduction of what kind of impact?

First, the introduction of WeChat search to optimize the user experience.WeChat search launched one of the biggest role is to optimize the user experience. In the WeChat search did not officially launched the period, the user through the WeChat search for a keyword out of the results of the lack of a relatively clear logic, and even a lot of content is not really need the user. This is a great impact on the user experience, if not the WeChat search function optimization, in the micro-content gradually enrich the case, the user will receive more and more invalid information. If you let this momentum continue to develop, WeChat search function will be trampled to experience the heart of a major product pain point.

Second, the introduction of WeChat search to adapt to the huge demand for content and data needs.WeChat search function is built on the basis of massive content, it is with a lot of content to act as "test field", so micro-search only have the growth of the soil, so as to ensure that users search through the micro-search content Less, or less accurate content.

In addition to the WeChat set up a large content system, the WeChat of the huge user groups also provide a large amount of data, while the massive content for the WeChat to provide a lot of data.Massive user data and massive content data urgently need a reasonable channel for effective docking in order to maximize the use of data resources. The introduction of WeChat search will undoubtedly provide a relatively appropriate docking channel for massive user data and massive content data. Through the WeChat search this channel, a large number of users can accurately docked to the content, and massive content can also be delivered to the user. From this point of view, the introduction of WeChat search is also adapted to the WeChat a large demand for content and user needs.

Third, the introduction of WeChat search to WeChat to further improve the ecological.As more and more users enter the micro-circle, WeChat looks more and more like an ecosystem. Now, we eat and live with the line can be found in the WeChat related applications. In fact, the current era of WeChat looks more like the PC side of the vigorous development of Baidu and Google two strong times. The introduction of WeChat search is only to adapt to people's habits from the PC side to the mobile side of the development trend, in particular, people's lives more coerced to the trend of WeChat ecosystem, the addition of WeChat search will undoubtedly allow WeChat ecosystem operation more Smooth.

With micro search, users can not only find friends, articles, public numbers, novels, music, expressions and other related content, but also to search for keywords related to friends circle hot text. In such a system, the user "can not get a WeChat" can be obtained and WeChat-related information.

WeChat launched by the WeChat search can be said to be very "on the basis of", fundamentally speaking, WeChat launched this feature is to optimize the user experience at the same time, take the opportunity to do the other two things to do. In the construction of enterprise ecology to become the mainstream of the moment, WeChat of this approach is more in line with all current business development logic.

Because in the current period of time, more and more users are beginning to pay attention to the construction of ecosystems. Millet around the millet phone to establish a technology products for the connection of the ecological system, Ali around the new retail set up a new retail links for the various aspects of the ecological system, the pool raised a set of around the project as a connection point Ecosystems The existence of these ecosystems not only allows enterprises to develop more robustly, but also allows business participants to truly integrate them into one part of the system, increase interactivity, and be more likely to develop The

WeChat launched WeChat search function on the surface is a stone three birds & rdquo; for, but its deep-seated reason is to deal with their own another enemy & mdash; From the current market development situation, with the use of people more habits to the mobile side to Baidu, Google, 360 search, Sogou search as the representative of the search engine is also constantly adjust the strategy to shift the focus from the search side To other areas.

And as a domestic search engine "a brother" Baidu in the cancellation of the news source system, the search engine for the future direction is full of doubts. To a certain extent, WeChat in this stall launch WeChat search is not just to deal with Baidu, its greater goal is to search through WeChat to optimize the product experience, in their own ecosystem mature, with the largest foreign Ecosystem giants get the chances of rivalry.

So, we look at the issue of WeChat search can not just look up from the search engine itself, but should be WeChat search as an organic part of WeChat ecology, and then compare it with external competitors, by comparing us In order to really know the WeChat launched the real reason for the search.

Micro search for the future development of several key points

Baidu in the case of cancellation of the news source system, the introduction of WeChat search is undoubtedly the enterprise brand display and exposure, the promotion of enterprises with a new output port. With microblogging search and the mass of users it covers, microblog search optimization may be able to do more. However, WeChat search for future development must seize a few key points, only so that micro-search can really become the optimization of the user experience, rather than increase the user's pain point.

Massive quality content and data is always a WeChat search to settle down the life of the book. WeChat search has been able to launch and cause such a big impact, one of the very important reason is that WeChat has accumulated enough high-quality content and data. With these high-quality content and data, users can continue to benefit from the micro-information, and enterprises can continue to get a steady stream of users. In contrast, massive content and data is a WeChat search of the settlements, it is better to say that the mass of high-quality content is the WeChat search to settle down the life of the book.

Therefore, the future WeChat search to get sustained development must continue to increase the support for high-quality content and support efforts, firmly grasp the output of high-quality content, from the increasing content of access to very high quality data.

Although mobile search technology is being optimized and innovated as search engines move from the PC to the mobile, the essence of content as the most fundamental pillar that supports a large system does not change much. In this logic, WeChat must continue to ensure that users can provide a steady stream of quality and organic content to really allow users to stay, only the user is willing to use WeChat, WeChat search will exist meaningful.

Content and data is actually a mutual refraction of the existence of massive content can provide a steady stream of data, and a steady stream of data and can provide a reference for the output of the content. This is a lot of similarity with the current popular, in fact, because the public is able to be a lot of users are coerced into the project, so in order to get it to conditionally get enough data. At present, the Jingdong all the chips, multi-meter all-chip, Suning all the chips as the representative of the pool are trying to enrich the content of the site to get massive users in the user access to users, and then guide their future project development and users expand.

Technology will become the main driving force for future development of micro-search. Whether it is the end of the page or mobile era, search engines can win the user and the market is one of the most fundamental factor is more complete and leading technology. Therefore, WeChat search if you want to get long-term development must start from the technical, WeChat search for the search for new development momentum.

With the large data, cloud computing, intelligent technology and other search-related technology continues to develop, the future search will be more accurate and intelligent. This requires micro-search to continue to increase investment in these new technologies, by these new technologies continue to contact with the WeChat search to provide users with a traditional search with a completely different experience. In the user experience different experiences at the same time, with new technology, we can also mentioned above the massive content of the new expression, so that technology can really become a boost micro-search search forward the main force.

If the big data, cloud computing, intelligent technology is only external technology, then based on the search engine technology optimization is the future can continue to let micro search search continue to move forward the key factors. For the WeChat search is concerned, the current and future period of the key point is still in the technical optimization and combing, and only continue to optimize the search technology for WeChat search to find more clear and unique direction of development.

WeChat search has a strong adhesion, and its development will ultimately see WeChat. Different from the search engine at the end of the page, micro-search has a very obvious adhesion, that is, it is based on the product of the WeChat, and the web-side search is built on the Internet this product. Therefore, WeChat search for the future development of good or bad ultimately depends on the development of WeChat.

As an Internet product, WeChat design is more embodied in minimalism. However, with the continuous increase in user demand, especially with the emergence of new technology, WeChat in the future is bound to join more new technology, only this WeChat will continue to self-innovation, to meet the new needs of users, and access to new development of. Micro search is also true. As a dependency on the presence of micro-messenger, only the bottom of the micro-driver can trigger micro-search for more new applications. If the WeChat search wants to get more development, WeChat must take the lead in action.

The completeness of the micro search system directly affects the user's stickiness. Micro search system is still in a relatively early stage, its search system is still in a complete stage, only the establishment of a sound WeChat search system, in order to ensure that users can search through micro-letter to get more things. In this case, the user can continue to use the WeChat search, if the user through the WeChat search can not find favorite things, then the user will still choose other search engines to solve this problem. So, this is back to the above mentioned micro-content content system on the build. Only the amount of WeChat content in order to ensure that users in the search when they can find the information they want, so that the user's retention rate and retention rate will increase, the future development of WeChat search will have more possibilities.

The introduction of WeChat search is a part of the WeChat continuous improvement of the ecosystem, although the system of WeChat search is still in a relatively early stage, but we can still capture the WeChat search for future development of several key points to increase the purpose of WeChat search development Sex. With the continuous improvement of WeChat search, especially with the WeChat itself is constantly complete, the future WeChat search can also be more applications, access to greater development space.

Author: Meng Yonghui; micro-channel public number: Meng old lion

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