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Tencent set up search applications aimed at mobile-side traffic services and large data

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Text / Lu Qian

Editor's note: Tencent in the search field burdened with "loser" image for many years, the establishment of the search application of the news just one that is cited attention. Spectator is the mentality of Tencent search is to be back to life, Tencent's ambition is "dormant layout for so long, the mobile search overlord should also come to me."


Tencent's formations have never been subtle.

April 24, Sogou released on March 31 of the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 earnings, revenue reached 1.12 billion yuan, up 16% over the same period last year, the overall search traffic increased 26% over the previous year, mobile search traffic An increase of more than 50%, a cheer just opened his mouth, behind the shareholders Tencent father first broke the establishment of the search application of the news.

It is understood that the adjustment of the structure, the WeChat business group set up under the search application. Responsible for the search business of WeChat, reading recommended business, AI technology research and landing, micro-data platform construction and data capacity applications. Zhou Hao as WeChat business group search application department head, directly to Zhang Xiaolong report. In this regard, Tencent to Lei Feng network to confirm the authenticity of this information.

In fact, Tencent internal mail original, also on the most noteworthy "search application" set up to explain, including four product centers:

1. Search product center, in the full use of micro-data data on the basis of capacity to create a WeChat search service and accurate reading recommended services, by the basic product under the search product center as a whole translation.

2. Advertising User Technology Center, for the WeChat advertising business to build a comprehensive user experience evaluation system and comparative test system, responsible for small programs and search, search for ecological construction work, by the basic products under the advertising user technology center as a whole translation.

3. Pattern recognition center, responsible for voice recognition, image processing, dialogue robot and natural language processing and other direction of the technical research and landing work, by the technical framework of the overall pattern of translation center from the translation.

4. Data center, responsible for the construction of micro-data platform for the relevant business to provide user portraits and data analysis, data mining capabilities, supported by the technical structure of the subordinate data center as a whole.

In addition, the WeChat business group under the game center upgrade to value-added business department, responsible for the WeChat account under the commercialization and operation of the game, the construction of micro-platform platform game content ecology, build WeChat gaming open ability. The original sng social network business group instant messaging application deputy general manager Zhang Xiaochao as deputy general manager of value-added business, directly to Zhang Xiaolong report.

Tencent said that due to business development needs, WeChat business group internal structure made some adjustments, including the original organization based on the establishment of "search application" rdquo ;. In fact, WeChat has been a search business to support the development of the platform, hoping to adjust the internal structure of the internal team for better integration, to the user a better search experience.



In terms of induction is Tencent before the mobile search layout is almost, at least to the extent that this strategy can be open.

This is because Tencent mobile search in the field of action consistent low-key fine carried out.

After a period of time, WeChat in the search bar after entering the keyword, in addition to the WeChat can be found in the public article, micro-group chat, WeChat friends circle, novels, music, expression and other information content, gradually open the station information content services. Outside links include knowledge, Sohu news, text exchange network, as well as Zaker reading platform, FT Chinese network and so on. This function can be traced back to January 2015, WeChat low-key launch "outside search" function, the search bar search results will appear outside the link.

At the end of March 2017, WeChat launched a small letter based on micro-data mobile index "WeChat index" brush burst friends circle, in terms of form and experience are similar with the Baidu index, more than Baidu and WeChat, even today's headlines are quietly on the headlines Index, showing the advantage of the flow side of the platform to try to agree with the search index tool to seize the mobile search market, and its hidden behind the search rankings, keyword advertising, bidding, advertising, peripheral value-added services, including business value The

November 15, 2016, WeChat official officially announced, on-line friend circle search and article search function. It is understood that the new version (6.3.30) WeChat, the first page search box for "friends circle" and "l & quot; article & rdquo; search function is enhanced, both can be set by a fixed object subject to more accurate Of the search.

Second, the friend circle search, you can first search for specific friends, and then their friends circle the contents of the keyword search, but also the search results for time screening; article search Similarly, the first search for public numbers, then only for this public Historical articles for keyword search.

Mobile search industry card bit relatively stable state is in 2014, in addition to Baidu in the search monopoly position, Ali acquisition of UC after the introduction of God horse search, Tencent shares of the new Sogou launched independent APP, and micro-content-based function. Giant's card position to promote the market continues to fiery.

It can be said that the WeChat upgrade search business, the current mobile search market will inevitably have an impact. Bear the brunt of the mobile search is the biggest player Baidu. In fact, when the WeChat search began to cover the whole network, it has had an impact on Baidu.



Even so, Tencent in the field of search the earliest attempts, in fact, began in the search and search. Low-key or even forgotten, mainly because of failure.

Soso as Tencent search site, published in March 2006 and began operations, April 2, 2010 set up SOSO search business unit, in May 2013 Tencent organizational restructuring, Soso was split into mobile Internet business Group and technical engineering business group, until the same year in September, Tencent 448 million US dollars strategic stake in Sogou, and its search and QQ input method into Sogou business, SOSO brand disappeared.

2010, Tencent up and down the search business the most optimistic year, the original Google Chinese and Japanese search algorithm, the main designer Wu Jun joined Tencent, as the search business leader, Tencent vice president. Wu Jun was crying: & ldquo; If you let me do a Google, I have no interest! & Rdquo; & lsquo;

In 2012, Wu Jun left, he said, "Tencent did not search for gene", "search search needs realm" rdquo; & rdquo ;. Wu Jun in Tencent's two years is almost accompanied by the writing of the two books spent.

Tencent search department then a large number of personnel to go away, including the original Tencent search business line responsible person, the original Tencent search search lotner Li Haixiang.

For the failure of SOSO and Tencent do not search for different reasons, such as the lack of genes, the barrier between the departments, Google technical team and Tencent corporate culture is difficult to reconcile. Feng Dahui complained in the micro-Bo said that after a period of use, found that Tencent Soso's product iteration is very slow. Marco Polo procurement search, vice president of technology Guo Ang microblogging commented that the search quality does not come, their own traffic does not come, great overhead, liquidity is poor, the loss is the main reason. He was the former Sogou web search effect leader, the former Sogou search advertising algorithm responsible person.


In fact, do a Baidu, Tencent and no meaning. Tencent in the search field fell only SOSO, rather than Tencent mobile search ambitions.

Industry insiders said Tencent in the field of mobile search layout and adhere to as early as three or four years ago to take root, and fundamentally fancy search information to the search service iteration.

At present, the Tencent wallet page stays a third party services, including Mount Bibi, drip travel, travel with the United States, the US group takeaway, 58 home, beautiful said, Jingdong preferred and other services. In addition to the strategic partnership between each other, these third parties to provide a complete service, but also Tencent willing to use one of the reasons for the exchange of entrances.

In the PC search era, the user's primary requirement is to get information. In the mobile search era, due to the user scene has undergone great changes, the user's needs from the "information" to "services" and "mobile services behind the hidden user habits and large data, and the user's search entry from PC side to the mobile side.

Tencent reported that as of the end of December 2016, WeChat monthly active users has reached 889 million, an increase of 28%, CNNIC report shows that as of December 2016, China's search engine users reached 602 million, the utilization rate of 82.4%; Mobile phone search users up to 575 million, the usage rate of 82.7% & mdash; WeChat users even more than the number of search users, this coverage, and even directly to the WeChat mobile search portal.

Baidu in the mobile side of the advantages of traffic has been digested, and just released data in the dazzling search of the data search, its biggest advantage lies in the millions of WeChat public number to start the search, "micro search" once Sogou label. Once the WeChat search "appears, means that the advantages of Sogou also disappeared.

More importantly, WeChat search business upgrades, making Sogou as Tencent's only search engine's largest imagination space & mdash; & ldquo; access WeChat "rush", Sogou search is difficult to continue to grow in the existing share, or even But also face the threat of WeChat search.

PC side search giant card bit separatism situation again, but this time in the mobile port, ranking also experienced a reshuffle.

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