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Why did the old Joe design the space for the Apple Park?

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In 2005, the 50-year-old Steve Jobs stood in the endless wilderness of the city of Cupertino, California, let him read, is a "spacecraft" and " June 7, 2011, Steve Jobs stood in a meeting of the city hall of Kubitino, delivered a speech on Apple to build a new headquarters of the idea. The building is described as "landing" on a surface spacecraft & rdquo ;. It is personally involved in the design and promotion by Steve Jobs. You can see from the video at that time, when Steve Jobs has been skinny, hoarse voice. It was also his last public speech.


5 and a half years later, in this piece of barren land on the rise of modern architecture in the history of the most majestic masterpiece - Apple's new headquarters. Apple announced the latest "new product" and "new product" named Apple Park, will be officially put into use in April this year.

In today's era, we have seen too many towering skyscrapers, many companies can not wait for their headquarters building all over the sky. And Jobs is not unconventional, Apple Park will be designed as a four-storey huge ring, in the ring atrium design a square. Construction accounted for a total of 708,000 square meters. With a total construction area of ​​260,000 square meters, can accommodate 12,000 employees.

Although there is no towering, but Apple's new headquarters let a lot of people amazed. Then participate in the design of the new headquarters of Jobs, why choose to use the prototype design, the new headquarters with the same spacecraft design it?

In fact, Steve Jobs knew that the architectural design will have an impact on the shaping of the office culture, then Pixar's Steve Jobs has been in this area has formed a set of their own theory. Pitcher Animation Studios CEO Ed & middot; Ed Catmull (Ed Catmull) recently shared such a story, after reading this story you can understand, Steve Jobs in the design of new headquarters are thinking about what:

Previously, the Pixar office was a very narrow high-rise building in Richmond, California. But by the mid-1990s, Pixar had developed and was clearly not going to keep crowding in that building, and we needed a new office. Just we can build a more appropriate headquarters - mdash; a place dedicated to us, suitable for our needs. Steve threw himself into the design of the new headquarters, today we are here in this majestic building, that is, in the year of Steve Jobs design slowly build up. It's all hard to come by.

For how to strengthen the exchange between people, Steve Jobs has its own unique view. His first design for the headquarters is based on his own views. He wanted to design an independent ladies' lounge and an independent men's lounge, but some of them raised objections in a meeting in 1998 to discuss these plans. Steve did not argue, but he was obviously very upset, he just wanted to get the staff together, but the others did not understand his intentions. At first, Steve Jobs wanted to find the best way to bring this mutual experience.

And then he wanted to design a separate building for each film that was being produced, so that the filmmakers would have exclusive space to be disturbed by the outside world. For his idea, I am not sure, so I asked him to travel with me for a trip to the road.

I understand that the best way to work with Steve is to prove to him, not to chatter to persuade, so I am coveted to let him and I set foot on the trip to Burbank. There is a four-storey building on Thornton Avenue, and I want him to look at the building with glass walls and aluminum. Disney animation in 1997 settled in the building, their first 3D animated film "dinosaur" (Dinosaur) is completed in this building.




But in the 1940s there was a more well-known story in the building: the Skunk Works department of Lockheed, the world's leading military aircraft market, was designed here Jet fighter, reconnaissance aircraft, at least there is a stealth fighter. I personally like this history. The name Skunk Works is related to Al Capp's serial library "Lyle & middot; Abner" (Li & rsquo; I Abner). This cartoon depicts a mysterious factory full of stench. In this mysterious factory in a group of Kikapu "line people" will be smelly skins, old shoes and other materials mashed, and then add a mysterious material will burn, produce "skunk oil". In order to avoid taboo, Kikap's "country people" called this factory "Skonk Works & rdquo ;."

Steve knew that day I took him there, not to discuss this comic book or animation history, but to let him see the building. In its space of all inclusive, hundreds of animators in the same roof under the same time making a number of projects. Its corridor is completely open, I really like this feeling. I remember that Jobs was dissatisfied with the many aspects of the building layout, but after we had strolled around the building for about an hour, I was sure that he had received the information I wanted to pass: design an independent building for different film projects Make people feel isolated. He witnessed this open internal pattern more convenient Disney staff to share information, brainstorming.

Accidental association often bring unexpected surprises, Steve Jobs on this unexpected power convinced that he also knows that creativity is not from a person's own thinking. Our trip to Northside made him more sure of this idea. If a creative company is independent of its own staff, the person responsible for project A is in a place where the person responsible for project B is in another place and the result is often counterproductive.

After the end of the trip to Northside, Steve Jobs and then meet with the architect, put forward the design principles of the independent building. He completely regarded the construction of Pixar's new headquarters as his duty.

You should have heard such a sentence "your staff is your greatest wealth." "For most of the management staff, they say that this sentence is just want to let people feel comfortable with it - even if the managers really recognize this sentence, there is no such a few people because of this Sentence to change their behavior, or to make it as a standard to make decisions. But Steve Jobs did it, he was the principle of this sentence, our new headquarters is built around this sentence. Every inch of the building in this building is to allow employees to have more opportunities to meet, exchange opportunities, so that we can have more opportunities for cooperation, improve our ability to support our film production.

Later in our building of this new building, Steve Jobs is boundless to bite, from across the atrium of the arched steel bridge, to the screening room to use what kind of stool, no one missing. He did not want to have Perceived barriers, so he chose the open staircase, giving people a welcome feeling. He just want to open an entrance to the building, so that we enter and leave when the opportunity to make a face to face. Our meeting rooms, lounges, mail reception rooms, three theaters, games rooms and restaurants are all atrium. Until now every day our staff are still together to eat, play, or talk with the leaders of Pixar company and so on.


This design allows different people to meet together, employees have more opportunities every day, they can better communicate. You can feel this building has an energy in the flow. Steve thought and treated the matter with philosophers 'logical thinking and artisans' cautious attitude. He believes that the use of simple materials can also build a clean building. He wanted all the steel structure to their original appearance, not painted, he wanted each fan are flush with the front. Jobs put so much energy in the new headquarters, no wonder the opening of the fall of 2000, the Pixar people will this building called "Steve's movie." "The new headquarters from planning to construction to the official put into use lasted four years, and the Pixar people to make a film generally takes four years.

The United States has "building complex" and many companies will be building high-rise buildings at headquarters, but these buildings are but managers self-expansion. I admit that I have been worried that Pixar will be deeply affected by the building complex, but now it seems that my fear is unfounded. Pixar's headquarters is like a magical, fertile land, since 2000 Thanksgiving weekend moved into the new headquarters, where we harvest fruitful fruit. More importantly, in the eyes of our employees, it makes Steve this foreign aid guard an integral part of our company's internal culture. This architectural design gives us such a working environment, it is very worthy of imitation, and all thanks to Steve. Now we can enjoy this way of work, each of us should be grateful to his unique contribution, and his understanding of this way of working.

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