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F8 Preview: Let FB become a WeChat that super platform, chat robot how to do?

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For Facebook, in last year's F8 on the strong debut of the Messenger chat robot can be described as Facebook embrace an important step in artificial intelligence. A year in the past, chat robots have completed the mission of Facebook? Where will the future chat robots go? In this year's F8 General Assembly (4.18-4.19) before the foreign media VentureBeat and Messenger platform developers had some long talk, listened to their Messenger and chat robot for the future Imagination, Lei Feng network compiled as follows:

F8F8 开发者大会前瞻:要让 Facebook 成为微信那样的超级平台,聊天机器人应该怎么做?

Last year, Facebook F8 Developer Conference before the opening, all walks of life that the social giants to use Facebook Messenger to open a "chat robot revolution" and chat robots in many people's view, is to completely change the business and at both ends of the business Business and user communication between the big kill device.

In addition to chat robots, when the industry also generally speculated that the number of Facebook users broke through 900 million (now 1.2 billion) will begin along the WeChat of the road of transformation, took to kill all the new path of application. Now, a year later, look back you will find the chat robot did not come up with the big move, Facebook did not one day put Rome built.

Of course, the Messenger platform does have a lot of business, such as advertising programs and the recent addition of group payment function, but in order to use these simple features to support the chat robot economy building, can only be a drop in the bucket, Facebook want to succeed Tens of thousands of partners or developers.

Lei Feng net note that the efforts of a group of developers, users can already buy in the sale of Messenger, selling insurance, buying and selling tickets and complete the transfer business. In addition to commercial use, Messenger's chat robots can also be used to register for elections, seek asylum or even apply for a US visa.

Before this year's F8 conference, VentureBeat and Messenger platform developers had some long talk, listen to their Messenger and chat robot for the future of Imagination. During this period, we saw some chat robots than their own applications do a good job developers, but also to see a developer complained about the start of the CEO, but the most heard or people asked Facebook to give more users Easy access to chat robots.

The following officially entered our forward-looking link to see how developers are looking at Messenger chat on the future of the robot.

BotCompany: Facebook should do a good job and the relationship between developers

BotCompany is a start-up company whose teams are scattered in six cities in Italy, the main business is to chat with business users to do the robot. Emanuele Capparelli, founder and CEO of the company, said that while his company's chat robots were equipped with a natural language processing engine, he still felt that Facebook's upgrade to the Messenger platform was necessary. The 1.4 version of Messenger Messenger text input area to the hidden option to the developer, while enhancing the role of the button and a new menu, the user's guidance experience has been more to enhance.

Capparelli said that those who are not smart enough to chat with the robot "lazy", 1.4 version of the upgrade is conducive to enhance the popularity of chat robots. & Rdquo;

I think that if a chat robot error rate of up to 99% also hard to pretend that they can understand the information, it is better to let it silence, which is a popular chat robot is a good thing. "Said Capparelli.

The chat robot in the "chat" elements removed, the user will be able to normal web pages or application of thinking to communicate with them, we will not hold some unrealistic ideas. Of course, this is the current level of the decision to chat the robot.

Although the 1.4 version of the upgrade is necessary, but Capparelli that Facebook pre-upgrade to do the preparatory work, BotCompany chat robot encountered a lot of Bug, affecting the company's sales.

Facebook directly disassembled the chat robot's UI, but they did not make any reminders, which made our UI difficult to use and ugly, so lost some customers. "Said Capparelli. "I do not know how Facebook is dealing with developers, but I think they should do better, I do not know anything about it." & Rdquo;

How to find easy to use chat robots?

In addition to the relationship between Facebook and developers, Capparelli think how to let users find chat robots is also the focus of the future upgrade.

Users choose to download the application is nothing more than in the application store to see word of mouth, ranking and recommendation and other information, in the last year before the F8 conference, there are rumors that Facebook will launch Messenger exclusive chat robot store. At that time, Message.io CEO also excitedly called the 2008 App Store launched after the most important invention of the technology sector. However, after the F8 meeting is a chicken feathers, Zuckerberg did not bring the developer to the chat robot store.

In Messenger, the first year of chatting robots, Facebook designed links and two-dimensional code, and users can also search for chat, advertising and Facebook home page to find chat robots.

Messenger's former product manager has said that the platform is unlikely to set up a chat robot store, because the entire chat robot's ecological lack of a good user experience, and once the whole platform to complete the experience, users can chat in the chat robot can complete the screening , Then chatting the robot store there is no meaning.

However, Capparelli still believes that the future of Messenger must be for the user to find some less conspicuous chat robots to provide convenience, the establishment of a dedicated search area is the meaning of the question should be.

Chat robots are on the line for a year, in addition to some of the more famous, the other is obscure. If Facebook can give the chat machine like Stories function the same priority, the user's acceptance will be greatly improved. "Said Capparelli.

In addition to the chat robot developer Tucao Messenger practice, specifically recommended chat robot Shane Gau has also been battered. Right now, users want to find a chat chat robot in Messenger, you must pass the search bar.

A month ago, when looking for interesting chat robots, Shane Gau found some chat robots that were used to cheat users' clicks with pornographic content that was not in line with Facebook standards.

For this problem, Facebook said their appearance is the problem of the algorithm, for non-standard chat robots will be resolutely crackdown.

F8F8 开发者大会前瞻:要让 Facebook 成为微信那样的超级平台,聊天机器人应该怎么做?The yellow chat robot in the figure is the algorithm recommended by the user preferences

Jurisprudence chat robot event exposure, the recommended area of ​​the chat robot less, from more than twenty had dropped to one or two, and sometimes even one did not.

To Messenger hot point of view, with Jurisprudence content or cheat the chat robot is not surprising, but Facebook's aggressive attitude is intriguing.

"Many people singing bad chat robots, saying that they did not achieve the previously blown cattle. Now I do not know whether the emergence of Jurisprudence chat robot can improve the developer's interest. "Said Shane Gau.

Chat robots and applications and group chat more superior

Last year, we generally agreed that chat robots will replace the application, the application will be deadly conclusion is endless. In fact, the application is still alive, but chat robots in many ways better than the application is not bragging.

Chat robot Swelly (also application) is the best proof, it allows customers or groups to create and share some market research results. Swelly is distributed on 5 chat platforms, but 56% of their active users come from Messenger. In a telephone interview, Peter Buchroithner, founder and CEO of Dvel (Swelly's development company), said Swelly's number of active users has increased potential, and since the release of 2.7 million people have been used Swelly.

"For us, Messenger did provide the biggest growth opportunity, and last year the platform attracted 300 million users, where you can find a wide variety of users. "Said Buchroithner.

Recently, Swelly also iOS platform application launched group chat function, user-friendly friends to ask what pair of shoes or which skirt. Buchroithner thinks that the future will also enter Messenger.

In fact, the lack of group chat function has been a chat robot heart disease, and last year's experience of the Olympic Games and Microsoft Little Ice told us that group chat is indeed very important.

Buchroithner believes that chat robots are now more like web browsers, and they are far from the so-called advanced intelligence technology. At the same time, Buchroithner and Capparelli similar view, he believes that chat robots must first do a simple task to overcome complex problems, so as to turn the real chat master.

NearGroup: Share your chat robots

NearGroup is also a chat robot on Messenger, it is actually similar to the appointment application, but have their own small ideas. Just started chatting, the photos sent by the user will be faded, but after 15 minutes NearGroup will give the option to the user.

"15 minutes enough users to have a preliminary understanding of each other, and early screening of photos is to let everyone pay more attention to chat content rather than value. Prattant Pitti, founder and CEO of NearGroup, said in a telephone interview. "The other dating app is too straightforward, just like a butcher's shop, and people slide left and right to look at the picture, looking at the face, and we are trying to change that situation. & Rdquo;

Last month, NearGroup has received 200,000 users, Messenger platform chat robot Zigong Wei, its influence completely beyond the other platform NearGroup, and even including Andrews version of the application.

"Our product is the best example of a chat robot over the application." We also have their own applications, but it has not reached this height. "Said Pitti.

Of course, now NearGroup in Asia is more popular, but the couple in Europe and the United States is not easy to find. But many respondents believe that there can be a docked at any time to show the matching situation of the chat robot quite good. If such a situation appears in an application, I am afraid it has long been deleted by the user.

In addition, chat robots do not need to download the features also facilitate the many low penetration of smart phones, communication coverage and traffic in more expensive areas of the user.

Today, NearGroup has not yet considered the issue of advertising, because they want to go through the expansion of this chat robot user base. At the same time, Pitti believes that the current chat robots should not be too much publicity artificial intelligence and other concepts, because they are far away from the realization.

Facebook's M intelligent assistant to suffer a big loss, this AI started by the chat robot in February this year, the information is still 70% of the need for human intervention.

Facebook chat on the future of robots

Lei Feng net noted that before this year's F8, USA Today's technology columnist Jefferson Graham to Messenger on the performance of the chat robot this year was defined: disappointing. Messenger vice president David Marcus also admitted that the expectations of the chat robot was too high.

However, in recent weeks he has changed again. Marcus said: "Facebook in the field of chat robot investment has never been stingy, we have to fight is a protracted war." & Rdquo;

In fact, chatting robot platform to build, Facebook is not alone, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have a similar support plan, but did not seem to leave the user to find chat robots shortcut only Messenger.

Microsoft has its own Bot Directory, Kik is Bot Shop, Apple set up the iMessage App Store, good at doing voice assistant Google and Amazon in the smart speakers on the integration of a large number of games are played. Although they have a lot of Bug, but there is always better than nothing.

Of course, many people think that the application store model is not suitable for chat robots, last fall, General Catalyst partner Phil Libin said he believes Swelly and NearGroup so by word of mouth to enhance the influence is the best way.

Whether Facebook will not set up Messenger Bot Store, I still hope that Facebook in the next few years to find a platform to find excellent chat robots on the way. As Facebook's there are two huge volume of chat software, so the chat mobile robot every move in the future may affect the entire industry.

"Chat robots in the future of the Western world and Messenger are closely linked. Although Line and Viber and other chat applications also have some potential, but want to chat robot into the mainstream market, Messenger is the real super weapon. "Said Capparelli.

Want to learn more about F8 Developer Conference? Please follow up on follow-up reports.


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