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Ubuntu abandon Unity switch to GNOME Linux community how to look at this?

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Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, abandoned GNOME desktop environment many years ago to go to Unity. But its founder Mark Shuttleworth recently announced the return of GNOME & mdash; next year's Ubuntu 18.04 will be equipped with GNOME rather than Unity. The news came out, the Linux community was shocked. So the question came: Canonical Why give up Unity?

Well-known Linus industry observers, media people Christine Hall that the root of the problem is money, or that money is the root of the problem.

In the ITPro report, Christine Hall made the following statement:

From the news of last Wednesday's announcement, Canonical's motives behind a series of actions were to re-focus the company's resources from the desktop to the cloud. For the former, creating profits has become almost impossible. In the latter, Canonical has recently made a lot of achievements and has a steady revenue.

Shortly after Mark Shuttleworth announced the news, British technology media The Register reported that more than half of Canon Unity project employees had been fired. According to its understanding, Ubuntu other departments have also been a substantial layoffs.

The job is moving to the rest of the company.

This round of layoffs followed the founder Mark Shuttleworth's search for the company's new growth potential outside the investor's decision. And the company investors believe that Canonical overweight, some projects lack focus.

So, Ubuntu abandons Unity and the mobile system, focusing on the business of the business is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future it seems that Canonical will be more focused on profitability. In addition to layoffs, it also means cutting down projects that can not be realized. Therefore, the desktop version of Ubuntu is likely to eventually be Canonical to give up, especially the user has so much independent development of the desktop Linux option. & Ldquo;

Canonical official announcement

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth announced that the decision to read the text of the heavy tone, read quite reconciled. He wrote:

"We will end the investment with Unity 8, the phone and the convergence shell. From Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, we will make the default Ubuntu desktop return to GNOME.

My point is that if convergence is really the future, and we can provide services in the form of free software, it should be widely welcomed by open source software communities and technology circles. And for the manufacturer's existing closed program, I think there are many dissatisfaction and disappointment in the industry.

But at these two points, I was wrong.

In the open source community, our efforts are seen as a result of the fragmentation of the market, rather than innovation. The industry does not come together to explore the new possibilities, but to take & lsquo; deal with the familiar bad guys better than the unfamiliar with the "better the devil you know", the British proverb, or the investment platform. Canonical Unity 8 team so far provided by the product, can be said to be available, there is a sense of beauty, can withstand scrutiny. But I respect the choice of the market as well as the community. After all, they ultimately decide which products can be further developed and which are eliminated.

For me personally, this is a very difficult decision, both because of my belief in the future of convergence, but also because of the relevant people, products in-depth experience of dealing with & mdash; we even think it is a big family The But the final decision comes from the shackles of business. While the latter is extremely difficult to compromise. & Rdquo;

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Ubuntu mobile operating system

Linux user response

This is Reddit more than the old Linux driver's point of view, frankly have, those who worry too.


"I really do not worry about this thing. Gnome can do a lot of customization. If Canonical is not stupid, they will create a user-friendly user experience similar to Unity. This means that the user will retain some muscle memory, GNOME more support, Canonical has a smaller software library, and maintenance will be more convenient. If these are done, what needs to be worried about? & Ldquo;


"GNOME Shell can be customized to a certain extent, but this is not enough for some developers. So the differences began to emerge, especially in the Linux Mint developer community to build Cinnamon. & Rdquo;


"I think that before Gnome became available, Unity 7 filled the vacuum.

But as others have pointed out, I do not understand the transfer of Gnome. It uses GTK, KDE uses QT, and Canonical has been working with QT for three or four years in Unity 8's work. Why not use KDE? In this way, the work of the past, the accumulated experience of knowledge to a certain extent, transferred to the new environment. & Rdquo;


"They will be more dependent on Debian, GNOME is its default environment. & Ldquo;


"Not just community and upstream there is disharmony, Ubuntu brand is the case. Admit defeat, let Ubuntu Phone and Unity 8 dismount, is a huge blow to the company's public image. But the other benefit is that the community's efforts to develop a better GNOME desktop interface will double (only time will tell us in the end will not). In terms of UI, GNOME theme color is black and white blue, Ubuntu unified orange theme color in the desktop environment will be affected. This time the brand has a negative effect. & Ldquo;


"I am very worried about this morning, so I installed the ubuntu-gnome desktop. Fiddle with the two hours of gnome settings and control panel, and then install a few plug-ins, I think it can be used. At least for me. & Rdquo;


"Really want them to adopt KDE." I do not think GNOME developers will be open to improvements from Canonical (if they are contrary to their vision).

Now, this is a better desktop, even in history it is not always the best. Does Canonical not get familiar with Qt and QML in Unity's experiments? These skills can be well transferred to the new environment. & Rdquo;


"Should give up Unity at the beginning. It was a bit late when people started to love it. & Rdquo;


"Canonical of this action made me very surprised. I like Unity, Unity 8 is also very nice. I liked it on GNOME, but it wasted too much vertical space in the window and the menu imo. & Rdquo;


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