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What are the changes? Windows 10 Creators Update in detail

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Windows 10 Creators Update has been pushed on-line through the Windows Update channel, bringing a lot of new features for those who are keen to create. If you have not decided whether to upgrade, or have been upgraded but not familiar with the new system, then may wish to look at foreign media OnMSFT elaborate 14 minutes detailed changes introduced video.

Video introduction:Http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjcwMDc1MzI4OA==.html

So what updates did Windows 10 Creators Update bring? Reddit user jantari from the ChangeWindows.org site to extract a variety of Insider Preview version of the information, and providesUpdate log as follows:

Main New Features:

● The new OOBE (out of the box experience) to guide users to complete the initial Windows installation and settings

● Night Light

● Native USB Audio 2.0 support

● New keyboard shortcuts: Win + Shift + S (select an area on the screen and copy the image to the clipboard).

● You can create a folder in the Start menu area.

● New Paint 3D applications

● Dynamic Lock

● You can purchase e-books in the Windows Store (read in the Edge browser)

● Win32's Windows Defender has been removed and the Windows Defender Tray icon is replaced with the Windows Defender Security Center icon.

● in Cortana in the new & ldquo; from where I left to continue (Pickup where I left off) & rdquo; function

● Game mode

● Game Bar now supports 88 games full-screen operation.

● Virtual touchpad

● Upgrade Bluetooth API, support GATT, Bluetooth LE peripherals and unmatched Bluetooth LE device connection support

Microsoft Edge Improvements:

● Click on the "Project Media to Device" option to be able to open the Connect panel now

● Improve the ability to find the page & rdquo; function, which will find the results more centrally displayed on the page.

● e-book reader (contains a large number of readable books)

● Automatically shield Flash Player

Full color emoji

● Activate WebRTC 1.0 by default

● Activate H.264 / AVC by default for RTC

● Support to postpone the upgrade time

● Chakra JIT does not exceed threads by default

● SharedArrayBuffer and WebAssembly are supported under Experimental JavaScript functionality

● Web Notes has a new icon and works close to Ink Workspace.

● Put multiple tabs together (and share)

● Execute the .exe file download without saving

● New PDF toolbar and search

● Improve performance, readability and support Today and Tomorrows web standards and new technologies

● Import a favorite from a file or export it to a file.

In addition to the "and" d + "and" d6 ", you can now use Ctrl + O & rdquo; to move the focus to the address bar.

● When you use the "uBlock Origin" extension, Edge may sometimes prompt to download the site instead of opening them, but now it has been fixed.

Windows Update upgrade experience adjustment:

● Numeric key lock settings, UAC settings, startup shortcuts, custom (registry) scan code mappings, optional components, custom nails to the printer name and folder of the start menu, which can be retained after the update.

● Applications that have been removed from the system image are not automatically installed again unless the user chooses to install them manually.

● The app that was previously uninstalled in each upgrade will not be reinstalled again

● If you can not find the appropriate upgrade time, Windows Update will ask the user to reschedule additional updates.

● Unified Update Platform (UUP) means that feature updates can become smaller and update faster.

● Can delay / suspend cumulative security update for 7 days.

Shell adjustment:

● Support calendar view in the taskbar calendar item layout

● Now select the connection VPN in the network pop-up window.

● The new default patch layout

● New sharing icon

● New sharing experience / sharing user interface

Improve Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and Disk Management support for high DPI displays

● similar to the mapping of a network disk & rdquo; and from the zip file extraction "and other desktop wizard, in a monitor to another time to be able to normal zoom.

● New application enhanced zoom mode

● Improved system tray Logitech when bad data is present

● The Action Center's notification now supports inline progress bars

● The use of the Creators Update SDK can improve the scroll bar

● The right-click menu entry on the taskbar has been changed to & ldquo; Taskbar setting & rdquo;

● The "all apps & quot; icon of the Start menu will show the number of new apps

● Cortana improvements:

● When using Windows + C shortcuts to set Cortana no longer listen to information.

● When you search for applications in Cortana, you can display commands that are compatible with the app.

● The time-based reminder function can be set on a monthly and annual basis

● Cortana enables the ability to shut down, restart, and lock the device

● Cortana can adjust the volume of the device

● If the device is idle, say "Hey Cortana" will display the full-screen interface so that users can read away from the computer.

UWP and application adjustments

● new & ldquo; Quick Assist & rdquo; application allows you to start a remote help to friends.

● new & ldquo; Mixed Reality & rdquo; application

● The application can deploy a compact mode, which allows the application to be always in front of all windows in small windows.

● The application can create a notification group.

● The application can override the timestamp in the notification

• Deploying new rendering technologies for all UWP applications

• Improved reliability of UWP applications

● Alarm for third party alarms can stop Quiet Hours.

Set up application adjustments:

● new & ldquo; application & rdquo; set the page and category, integrated a lot of decentralized settings

● new & ldquo; game & rdquo; settings page and category

● In the Start menu you can hide the application list

● Customize the Accent Color selector

● Custom background color selector

● Many settings have been user-friendly

● If the site allows the situation, you can set up the application in the application.

● "Wi-Fi Sense" and "Paid Wi-Fi Services" have been merged into a new "WiFi Services", users can in the "WiFi" page to find.

● Add new options under "Storage" to allow Windows system to remove unused temporary files and folders 30 days ago from the Recycle Bin

● The PC does not need to be restarted after activating the developer mode

● Windows Hello new settings to provide visual guidance to track your face in real time.

● Improve the page design on the Printer & amp; Scanner Setup page

● Improve the design on the storage usage settings page

● Support for custom scaling

In the settings, add the theme & rdquo; option

● & ldquo; Enhanced & rdquo; telemetry and diagnostic options have been removed

● Accurate touchpad adds more custom gestures, including custom key macros

● You can let Windows block most of the non-Store applications or ask for confirmation before installation.

In the & ldquo; Restart Settings & rdquo; option can require more notifications before restarting

● Windows Update has a new icon, similar to the Windows LOGO outline and has two arrows on it.


● Windows Hello recognition has been improved

● Improve the quality of video playback on the target device when connected via Miracast between a high DPI PC and another high DPI device.

● Registry Editor to add an address bar (the new keyboard is Ctrl + L)

● Narrator keyboard shortcuts

● Narrator can explain what is being read

● OAuth can support Yahoo Mail account

Improved translation in many ways

● Added Rainbow flag expression

● support for stereo sounds (eg Dolby Sound)

● GameBar now supports Beam.pro live

● When you click on Windows + L in full-screen game, you can respond more quickly

● Alt + F4 close dialog box has been improved to better processor DPI adjustment using external monitor

● Audio control panel upgrade advanced options, allowing users to select 176400Hz 24 and 32 bit, and 352800Hz 16,24,32 bit as the device's default format.

● The Trusted Platform Module Management panel is upgraded to provide more information when the TPM & quot; is not ready to use & rdquo; or & quot; ready to use, while reducing functionality & quot;

● In the absence of a mouse, you can use the cutting tool in its entirety

● Installation of Bash on Ubuntu on Windows systems has been upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.

Many improvements in WSL bring better compatibility - for example, ifconfig is now working again.

You can start the Windows program from the WSL command prompt.

● right-click menu and open the command window & rdquo; has been changed to & ldquo; open PowerShell window & rdquo;

● By default, the Win + X menu has been changed from Command Prompt to PowerShell, and the right-click menu is also the same in Explorer.

● When you turn off WiFi, you can set the countdown to reconnect.

● You can set all audio to mono.

● When the device has more than 3.5GB of memory, the service host will be split into a single process.

● Once a process fails, it will not cause the entire service host to be paralyzed.

The Task Manager provides a better overview of what Windows is doing in the background.

● Added WiFi calling function

● Improved game scaling and native screen resolution for different aspect ratios

● Braille input support

● Ink Workspace: improves performance and reliability while improving usability.

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