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2017 PHP programmers in the future where

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PHP from birth to now have 20 years of history, from the Web to the mobile Internet era of the rise of the Internet tide, various programming languages and technologies of Node.js, GO, Python emerge in an endless stream, constantly challenge the status of PHP. The promoters of these technologies are very keen to sing bad PHP, PHP language in the future where? PHP programmers how to respond to future changes?

As a veteran of the Web back-end programming language, PHP's global market share is very high, second only to Java, from the recruitment website data, PHP development of the job very much, the salary level is also very good. In fact, the market position of SMEs, Internet startups PHP is higher than Java. Java in the super large enterprises, the traditional software industry, the financial sector more advantages. At present, Node.js, GO, Python, Ruby and other languages are difficult to match PHP and Java.

As a senior PHP developer, technically give you PHP program ten points in the future, we hope to help.

1 Composer

The first point is to mention Composer, since the emergence of Composer, PHP dependency management can become very simple. Procedures rely on a number of libraries and frameworks, the introduction of direct use of Composer can be usedComposer updateInstall dependent packages. Solve the problem of loading the external library in the past. Composer also has a domestic mirror, very fast. Now most of the PHP open source project provides Composer support, recommend the use of Composer in the project to solve the problems in the management of PHP code, do not use the original method, manual include download the source code.

2 PHP7

PHP7 version of the Zend engine to make a lot of changes, greatly enhance the performance of the PHP language, the use of PHP7 can make your program performance instantly doubled. Even WordPress heavyweight software running in PHP7 can have thousands of QPS, equivalent to a server can handle 80 million requests per day. The use of PHP7, do MySQL optimization, the use of Memcache and Redis acceleration, the technical framework can deal with a fairly large scale system. In addition to the platform of hundreds of millions of users, the general size of the system without pressure.


PSR isHttp://www.php-fig.org/Organize the development of the PHP language development norms, agreed to a number of aspects of the rules, such as namespaces, class names

Specification, coding style standard, Autoload, public interface, etc.. It has now become the standard of PHP technology community. Many well-known PHP framework and class libraries have complied with the PSR specification. PHP developers should learn to master the PSR specification, the development process should follow the PSR specification.

4 Swoole

5 Laravel

In recent years, the hottest PHP framework, the official website is known as the framework for the design of Web artists, we can see how elegant the framework. Laravel provides a wealth of functional modules, API simple design, strong expression. And its community is very active, a large number of contributors to the code, third party plug-ins are very large, very prosperous ecosystem. Laravel the bottom of the use of a lot of symfony2 components, through composer to achieve dependency management. If you are still struggling to use what PHP framework, it is better to choose Laravel. Laravel command line tool based on symfony.console to achieve a powerful, integrated a variety of project management, automatic generation of code features.

6 Phar

PHP5.3 supports a similar Java jar package, named phar. Used to pack multiple PHP files into one file. This feature allows PHP to be easily implemented and packaged as Java. An application can be labeled as a Phar package and placed directly into the

Run in PHP-FPM. With Swoole, you can execute the command linePHP server.pharKey start server. PHP code package can be packaged with Phar components into the Swoole server container to load the implementation.


As a new generation of Web front-end standards, HTML5 future prospects are very broad, the market demand is very large. From the PC website, B/S enterprise software, mobile client page, APP, these areas are embracing HTML5, mastered the HTML5 in order to survive in the next wave of Internet technology tide.

9 Vue.js

In addition to the PHP programmer to write the background program, there is a large part of the work in the presentation layer, and the front end of the browser to deal with. In 2017 you are still using jQuery to achieve DOM interface rendering operation? It's totally out. Now with Vue.js can be very convenient to achieve data and DOM element binding. After the request of the Ajax interface back to the data, update the front-end data automatically interface rendering. It's too late to learn Vue in 2017.

If you not only to write Web program, but also want to take into account Android, IOS, PC client platform, React Native is a good choice.

10 deep learning / artificial intelligence

The future of the Internet belongs to artificial intelligence, if you do not understand the concept of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, then you need to learn as soon as possible. Now the Internet giants are in the layout of artificial intelligence, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Baidu. Although it is still in the stage of scientific research, but the future of the Internet will be applied to various fields of artificial intelligence, including automatic driving, big data analysis, online games, image recognition, language processing, etc.. Of course, ordinary engineers may not be able to participate in artificial intelligence products, but at least should understand the basic concepts and principles of deep learning / artificial intelligence.

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