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Interview with AMD CEO Lisa Su: There is competition is a good thing very confident!

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专访专访 AMD CEO Lisa Su:有竞争是好事很自信!

Recently, AMD specially selected in China released a new generation of sharp dragon 5 series processors, and introduced the next generation Vega graphics card architecture of the main features, showing the importance of the Chinese market.

AMD President and CEO Dr.Lisa Su (Dr. Su Zuofeng), AMD vice president and president of Greater China Pan Xiaoming also received media interviews, talked about some of the hot issues of concern.

Rui how to improve the motherboard out of stock?

Lisa Su said that the March 2 starting Ritong products, the market demand is very strong, in some areas do have the problem of motherboard out of stock, especially high-end motherboard demand than the supply.

At present, all the motherboard manufacturers are increasing production efforts, some motherboard products are being sent by air to various regions.

I believe the next few weeks, will be able to meet the needs of the motherboard supply. Rui Long 5 series listed before the motherboard supply will basically meet the market.

How does AMD Rising processors attract users on marketing?

Lisa Su pointed out that in the entire PC ecosystem, we must have enough reason to upgrade to go to the product replacement. Over the past few years, CPU products have not been significantly improved, consumers do not have a strong desire to upgrade.

The launch of the AMD Rising processor gives consumers enough reason to purchase new hardware because it brings new capabilities, especially content creation, video clips, and improved productivity.

From the marketing point of view, AMD has a lot of partners in the country, such as the days of super cat brand activities, and Jingdong also have very close cooperation. In China and outside the market in China, AMD will have the corresponding marketing activities, to promote the user to accept AMD Rui Long processor.

Pan Xiaoming added that AMD Rui Long processor after the release of strong performance in Jingdong, sales quickly rushed to the top few. AMD and Lynx also launched a super brand day, and Lynx is the largest electricity market platform, we will strengthen cooperation with them, the AMD Rui Long processor product news to pass out. We follow up there will be a lot of market communication action, because there are many offline channels in China.

What do you think of the future of the desktop market? How does AMD activate the desktop market potential?

Lisa Su said that the entire PC market will only be healthy and healthy development. AMD first concerned about the desktop, because the desktop is AMD's first to explore the market, PC games, streaming media and so need a good processor products.

We also want to high-performance and low-power products applied to the notebook, such as thin and light notebook is very suitable for AMD Rui Long processor.

We have a more amazing price advantage, to promote more consumers in the desktop platform to select AMD Rui Long processor.

AMD Rui Long processor, such as motherboard manufacturers are expected to drive AMD processor share of more than 20% of the world, China reached 30%?

Pan Xiaoming pointed out that AMD is very important to the Chinese market, because there are very great potential DIY users, there are many enthusiasts, there are many fans love AMD. AMD Rui Long processor to the industry did bring a small surprise, but also to a lot of users to bring a return.

Motherboard manufacturers have also seen this phenomenon, so AMD is the only thing to do is down to earth, step by step to do the marketing work well, so that more consumers know AMD Rui Long processor products and their advantages, the entire market Competitive situation activation.

Many of the previous DIY enthusiasts now no longer play DIY, because they think the past few years the product does not have enough progress, AMD Rui Long processor to the arrival of these customers to activate. AMD only need to do their own work, the back of the natural thing is a matter of course

Lisa Su also said that AMD's confidence in the processor is still relatively high, AMD also has a clear vision, is to create high-performance PC products, global market share is expected to grow in the Chinese market may grow more.

How does AMD plan parallel computing and artificial intelligence?

Lisa Su pointed out that Zen core is very suitable for cloud computing, there are some common enterprise applications, as well as the upcoming release of the server chip Naples, with more enterprise-class features.

GPU field, Vega core is applicable to both consumer and parallel computing, in the future AMD will increase efforts to get through the connection between the CPU and GPU, such as machine learning work efficiency will be higher.

AMD's next strategic focus is B2B or B2C?

Lisa Su explained that AMD's current business or B2C-based, AMD is very much like the existing users of this group, it has been very focused on the consumer market, very valued.

In the future, AMD may have some focus on B2B, including enterprise-class server products, cloud computing data center products and commercial PC products, these markets will increase investment, there will be and network, industrial-related programs.

AMD 2016 stock price rose, what the future look forward to?

Lisa Su jokes that he is not good at predicting price prices, and for AMD, it is important to have a clear line, and the strategy has been focused on returning to high-performance computing.

After 2017 and beyond, AMD's focus is to increase revenue, profitability and market share. If you can do this, AMD's stock price should be no need to worry about.

Market rumors AMD, Intel in the patent licensing aspects of contact?

Lisa Su stressed that AMD has been "product" on the strategic position, of course, AMD also has a lot of IP portfolio, about 10,000 patents, as far as possible through patent licensing and technical licensing to further enhance the performance, IP assets to monetize, of course, to fully tap its potential and value, but AMD more attention and focus on the product.

When will AMD lose money?

Lisa Su promised that AMD's financial performance will improve, the annual analyst conference in May there will be more fully disclosed, the goal is to return to profit in 2017.

How to evaluate AMD and Google, Ali cloud cooperation?

Lisa Su said that AMD is very proud of working with Google, Ali cloud, mainly in cloud computing and data center, mainly related to GPU products. AMD will increase the future and domestic and foreign cloud computing service providers, especially the CPU.

AMD will not play price war with Intel?

Lisa Su believes that competition in the market is a good thing. In terms of high-end products AMD has eight nuclear, and is very close to the price, Rui 5 price and our competitors are very close, reflects our value advantage. Future competition, we will be more on the product to carry out.

How does AMD choose a foundry partner in the future?

Lisa Su said that in the 14-nanometer process, AMD and GlobalFoundries have a good match, the product R & D manufacturing process is basically very smooth, there is no problem, the yield is relatively high.

In the future, GlobalFoundries is AMD's very important foundry partners, of course, we also see TSMC as a very important partner.

At present, AMD's strategy is not to do 10 nanometers, do 7 nanometers, and will use a number of foundry strategy.

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