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Adobe vice president: Enterprise Creative Cloud has entered China, the personal version is not far away

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There is no doubt that the Chinese market for Adobe is very important. In addition to the huge size of the market, China's innovation capability is also evolving from "Made In China" to "Created In China & rdquo". In addition, China in the mobile Internet design and innovation has been a world leader.

In an exclusive interview with Ashan, Adobe vice president Ashley Still stressed the importance of the Chinese market for Adobe with the above remarks. As a global head of Adobe Creative Enterprise and Team Edition, Ashley Still specializes in Adobe's tour of the Chinese market.

But in fact, Adobe's position on the Chinese market, not just business customers so simple.

4 months into China, Adobe CC performance?

November 2016, Adobe held in Shanghai "Create Now" activities, announced its creative application services Adobe Creative Cloud (hereinafter referred to as Adobe CC) officialLanding in the Chinese mainland marketThe For this event, Adobe specifically designed to create a Chinese dragon image, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen also came to the site for the activities of the site.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen

Chinese version of Adobe CC in addition to providing, including PhotoShop, Premiere, Audition, including 15 kinds of creative applications, but also for them to add thousands of new features. These new features include intelligent content recognition, 3D graphics 3D models, human facial expressions simulation and tracking, etc., can make the whole service easier to use; more importantly, Adobe CC can also update through the cloud to join new technologies and new features The

As a result of the initial landing in the Chinese mainland market, Adobe CC does not specifically launched for individual users of the subscription service, but mainly for business and institutional users; and the latter's purchase channel is through Adobe in mainland China dealers.

Adobe CC in the Chinese mainland market performance has exceeded expectations; Adobe CC in the enterprise to cover the business to cover the Adobe CC China Edition in the past few months of the market performance, Adobe Greater China head Huang Yaohui responded that Adobe CC in the Chinese mainland market performance has exceeded expectations; Video, advertising, games and even manufacturing. And Adobe CC is using a regular subscription (rather than a one-time package sales) model, this model is also highly accepted.

Huang Yaohui

Ashley Still tells love Fan children:

In order to make Adobe CC China version of the experience better, Adobe specifically for the Chinese region for network optimization; so, although Adobe in mainland China, no data center, but the software download speed faster than other regions.

In addition to the network optimization, Adobe also with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and other institutions of higher learning to reach a cooperation agreement in China launched a new generation of Adobe application software courses in order to provide support for the Chinese market and training. In addition, Ashley Still also said that Adobe is actively through microblogging, WeChat and other social media and local Chinese designers and creative community to establish and maintain contact.

Enterprise version came, cheap little personal version is not far away

Adobe CC is undoubtedly a good product, especially for many engaged in the design, film, games, animation and other industries users, is almost the necessary productivity tools. Although Adobe CC has entered China, but its object is not an ordinary consumer.

To this end, love Fan children asked Adobe CC did not introduce personal subscription in the Chinese market reasons. Ashley Still responded that the different versions of Adobe CC were launched in the global context, so that the enterprise and team versions were introduced first, followed by the personal version.

Adobe's current sales program in China

Mr Wong added that, in fact, under normal conditions, ordinary consumers can also use Adobe's dealers in China to buy Adobe CC's subscription service, because the so-called enterprise and team version is not the minimum number of restrictions, and individual users You can also choose to subscribe to only one of the creative applications.

According to Ai Fan (micro-ID: ifanr), if the individual user buys from the dealer, the suggested subscription price for the Adobe CC package is $ 59.99 a month and $ 27.99 for a single application. Obviously, the subscription service is more cost-effective, but still does not apply to the general consumer.

In fact, Adobe has been in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions launched a subscription service for individual users, and the price is cheaper. In the US market, the Adobe CC package is priced at $ 49.99 a month for $ 19.99 and 20 GB of cloud storage. There is also a $ 9.99 package for photographers.

Adobe CC in the US official website launched the personal version of the subscription service

Therefore, love Fan further asked whether Adobe CC will launch a cheaper personal version in China; Huang Yaohui said that at present, Adobe has indeed plans to open in China's official website for personal version of Adobe CC paid subscription entry, the plan has been carried out in.

Adobe has also attached great importance to China's individual users, in this round of China tour activities, has invited a lot of creative individuals involved; In addition, Adobe is with the station cool, visual China and other sites to understand the user community Product and price expectations. In this regard, Huang Yaohui said:

We hope that Adobe products in the Chinese market, to allow Chinese individual users can afford, and very much like.

Adobe's mobile strategy and artificial intelligence strategy

From 1982 to the present, Adobe has gone through 35 years, and now into the so-called mobile Internet era. However, for Adobe, a professional productivity tool as the main product of the company, focusing on consumption, entertainment, mobile tide does not seem to be a favorable development conditions.

However, Ashley Still did not think so; in her view, Adobe wasThe trend of movementFound two footholds.

The first is the mobile design (Design For Mobility); for example, in the web design application Dreamwaver focus on the support of the page support, making the page in the computer, tablet PCs and smart phones are showing good performance. Another example, in the specific design process of advertising, taking into account the mobile phone web pages, WeChat, mail and other digital platform features, and make various adjustments. In short, it is through a variety of ways to promote mobile design.

The second foothold is to make full use of mobile to promote creative work. To this end, Adobe has launched a series of Android and iOS-based mobile applications, these programs allow users to mobile or tablet on the creative work. In short, these app can greatly enhance the user's mobile device in the hands of creativity.

Adobe launches mobile applications

At present, these app has not officially landed in the Chinese market (but the Android version has been in some domestic application storedownloadUse), only in Europe and the United States on the line; but Ashley Still said that these mobile applications will also officially landed in the Chinese market in the future.

When Love Fan (micro letter ID) asked these mobile app and desktop version of the relationship between the application and interaction, Ashley Still said:

The biggest feature is that they can implement cloud-based synchronization. For example, on the road I took a photo, go back to the computer to open the PS will be able to see this picture. This cross-device conformance operation includes not only pictures, but also graphic editing, typography and publishing. In addition, smart phones and other mobile devices can also help creative people at any time to collect inspiration (because the inspiration itself is unexpected), and then back to the desktop for more in-depth operation.

In addition to mobile, Adobe also attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence; in the 2016 Adobe Max Conference, Adobe also released its own artificial intelligence platformAdobe SenseiThe In fact, in the latest version of Adobe CC, there are a number of new features are based on artificial intelligence technology and developed.

Adobe Sensei

At the end of the interview, we asked Adobe in the field of artificial intelligence development strategy. Ashley Still says:

In fact, Adobe in the machine learning and artificial intelligence has been done for a long time. At present we mainly do or expand the scale, first of all through the machine to learn to collect more data and content, and then through artificial intelligence technology for our users to create more value. In the future, we will focus more on artificial intelligence, and may even launch a platform for open-ended artificial intelligence for third parties so that they can use Adobe's tools to innovate.

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