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Switch quality so slag game so weak so that the whole world is High?

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Handheld New 3DSLL host, just to sell the home PS4 moved out of the TV next to the space I am waiting for the Japanese version of the Nintendo version of the Switch from the date of arrival. Too hard to buy.

From March 3rd to now officially released worldwide, Switch sales throughout the world, even not in the sale list, the game does not Chinese language Chinese on the market price is floating upward the smuggled goods ranging from 30%-50%. The first batch of domestic machine sale has ended, Beijing shop and spot price is fierce, so I had to obediently waiting for the arrival of the second batch of goods, lost for the first time the chance of early adopters.

This triggered panic buying boom booming game products in history: not many random with offering masterpiece "the legend of Zelda: Wilderness income" won the world professional game media acclaim, Metacritic score 98 points, less than a week has become one of the most critically acclaimed game in the history of the industry, the first things many people get is actually a lick of bitter taste.


Although I haven't had time to feel this game, but it has to do some psychological construction: the resolution is only 720p, with PS4 Pro highest support 4K quality was in a different era, starting the game for only "the legend of Zelda: Wild interest", not to want to experience this advanced VR the way the game.

Nintendo is more like Disney than SONY

This argument can only be said to be 1/3. Nintendo has now become Nintendo, there are two other reasons:

One is Nintendo owned IP. Nintendo has laid the foundation of many modern game game level design and incentive mechanism, it also put a lot of IP resources into their core assets. The United States has Disney and the world, there are super heroes and space ships, in the east there are Nintendo, there are Mario, the spirit of the magic of the dream of the people of Lin Kehe.

From this point of view, Nintendo in the major IP toys, animation and film and television works in the income is considerable, and it is the difference between Disney and its main business is only video games.

Even, Nintendo's spiritual core is more or less affected by Disney. In 1950s, when Nintendo was a card maker, it signed a key contract with Disney in 1959: Nintendo used its cartoon characters on its cards. The partnership allows Nintendo to sell at least 600 thousand sets of cards in a year, but also open the door to the children's market and the international market. Now it seems that this is the first time Nintendo IP realized this thing tasted the sweetness.

So from this point of view, Nintendo and Disney have a common spiritual core.

Let the easy return easy, let the heavy return heavy

Compared to SONY's PS and Microsoft's XBOX platform and their masterpiece, the game function Nintendo really bad game, too young. Although the Nintendo platform, but also for the adult rating of the M works, GTA and biochemical crisis series also landed on DS and 3DS platform, but most of the audience is Nintendo's children and adolescents, although it never advertised himself, anxious also said that this is a rival publicity means.

Now you see the PS4 and XBOX's masterpiece, not only the production of sophisticated, excellent performance and can realize more complex visual effects, more realistic 3D animation, even the mobile phone game in the quality and performance of the machine can easily surpass Nintendo machines. It's hard to say that the "" and "FIFA" is an adult oriented game, "Monster Hunter" only in the middle of the two young boys to play, but SONY, Microsoft and apple in attracting more adult players to pay, No.

For example, I have no conditions also didn't have the guts to try the VR version of the "Resident Evil 7", it is said to be a terrorist will make people personally on the scene, scalp. This is precisely the current two trends in the game, sold to adults, as well as the use of advanced technology to change the way people play games.


"Ren Wang" game screen

In these games, the boundaries of the game, the entertainment and the real senses are blurred.


Moreover, Nintendo, or Switch in a very long period of time can not move closer to this game mode. Not only because of the hands of the IP are not suitable for fans of the acceptance of the unknown, but because the company has its own history, and the top developers have One principle runs through it all. values. These have decided that Nintendo may be in the light of the game on the way to the black.

Switch released the boom is to dispel the anxiety of Nintendo, at least in this generation of host wars, Nintendo does not need to worry about the threat of new trends in the game. "Connection" is right, Switch's audience or Nintendo diehard fans, even if Nintendo changed in the past only pay attention to the first and two party games (oh, and Karp empty) style, combined with a number of third party developers for Switch game development. The light is Nintendo fans, enough to eat a few years Switch.

So easy to return to Nintendo, so that it belongs to the heavy host platform and game developers, nothing bad.

Perhaps, Nintendo did not need to grow up

From the timetable, 2002 is the legendary Nintendo head hill Pu abdicated, Iwata So's successor. Prior to this, the N64 Game Boy defeat, and subsequent models sold, but has not been able to finalize the successor, and external PS2 strong competition, Nintendo's share price and reputation has reached a trough.


Nintendo's latest share price (yen)

So does Nintendo really need to grow up?

Whether Disney can start the Mickey Mouse and snow white, and later acquired a super hero, the audience on the nature of their children and the children, you don't expect it to have a breakthrough in what style, that Disney is no longer Disney. In other words, when SONY and Microsoft began to seriously develop the first and second party games, players will feel very strange.

Therefore, my expectation is that Nintendo does not need to grow up, become others hope but not suited to the way. Have their own historical precipitation and style, coupled with Switch and some new attempts, and nothing bad.

I hope this day will slow down.

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