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Artificial intelligence is not a panacea? Facebook cuts AI investment

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人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook 削减 AI 投资

Because of the 70% chance of Messenger chat robots, Facebook has decided to cut investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. To this end, Facebook will give up building large-scale chat robot ecosystem lofty goals, instead training Messenger robot to deal with some specific tasks.

Facebook last year to strengthen its Messenger bot (chat robot) platform, allowing enterprises to interact with the huge user base of Messenger applications. This may be an inspiration for those who are looking for practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in real life.

Some analysts also said: "The recent breakthrough in artificial intelligence will allow companies to reorganize their support and sales operations, or even change their business model." & Rdquo;

By connecting a chat robot interface to Messenger, the AI ​​program will be able to take over the work done by the human labor force before. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark & ​​middot; Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) in April last year in the release of the Messenger bot platform, its expectations are far more than that.

All the signs seem to show that "the fourth industrial revolution" (white-collar automation) is coming soon.

But it has been reported that Facebook has cut investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, including the Messenger bot, because its error rate of up to 70%, that 70% of the user's request can not be completed.

British entrepreneur West & middot; Lawrence (Syd Lawrence) that, Facebook no longer "stressed that artificial intelligence" is a wise move. He said: "industry on the artificial intelligence speculation some outrageous. People think it is very powerful in every field, have a helpful role. But in fact, even with such a technology, it is not artificial intelligence. Away from artificial intelligence, is the real help. & Rdquo;

Lawrence also said: "For artificial intelligence-based dialogue, even the & lsquo; chat robot & rsquo; itself, is a terrible mistake. I really hope that people can put artificial intelligence robot aside, no one wants to talk with a chat robot. & Rdquo;

The same is true for third-party chat robots based on the Facebook Messenger bot framework, as technology that really understands human user requests is not mature enough.

To this end, Facebook will give up to build a large chat robot ecosystem lofty goals, turn training Messenger robot, let it deal with some specific tasks. In this way, the user will not be disappointed by the limited capacity of automation.

So what does this strategic shift mean for Facebook's efforts in the field of artificial intelligence? Will future chat robots become a meaningful tool for Facebook?

人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook 削减 AI 投资

Learn about Facebook's artificial intelligence strategy

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in helping Facebook track users and improve precision advertising. By using Artificial Intelligence to scan user status updates, pictures, videos, sign-ons, hints, linked apps, and other data, Facebook will be able to generate digital files for users to provide accurate ad serving. In 2013, Facebook set up the "Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory" (FAIR), dedicated to continuously improve the ability of artificial intelligence.

Later, FAIR launched the Messenger application. In 2014, Facebook forced users to download the standalone version of the Messenger application. The move for Messenger to become a "platform" laid the foundation, then, Messenger began to support a taxi, mobile payment, games and other services.

This makes Messenger become "system in the system" (OS within an OS), to fight against the Apple App Store and Google Google Play App Store. Facebook's next action should be to use Messenger chat robot to replace the application, if successful, will completely subvert the current mobile application store model.

The chat robot is a premature child

人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook人工智能不是万能灵药?Facebook 削减 AI 投资

Theoretically, a business chat robot can answer questions, make purchase suggestions, process orders, and send logistics updates to users. For the user, with these robots dialogue, than in the mobile application within the "scroll" and "click" and "more natural." At the same time, the number of human services required by the enterprise will also be reduced, thereby reducing costs.

Since Facebook has opened the Messenger bot, banks and airlines have been actively developing virtual software assistants to interact with users. As of last September, developers have developed 30,000 chat robots.

But with Google in the past few years suffered "low quality application" problem, Facebook's ecosystem also quickly encountered the same problem, filled with low-quality chat robots. "Robust" robots can annoy the user, damage the company's image. To this end, Facebook believes that, compared with continuing to expand the entire ecosystem, reducing the size of Messenger robot is more feasible.

Facebook should see today

Artificial intelligence-based chat robots are limited, as early as Facebook last year launched the chat robot API (application programming interface) when it is already clear. For example, Microsoft posted a chat robot on Twitter last March. On the same day, Tay began to comment on racial and sexual discrimination, forcing Microsoft to let Tay off the assembly line and publicly apologize.

Before the introduction of chat robots, Facebook's artificial intelligence technology did not give people a deep impression. Its News Feed service does not recognize false news, and its Messenger-based virtual assistant "does not attract much attention like Google Now or Siri."

Edison Investment analyst Richard & middot; Wenser (Richard Windsor) said: "When Facebook tried & lsquo; automation & rsquo; its system, everything began to move closer to the error. "Wenser also said: Facebook has recruited a lot of artificial intelligence talent, but has been a long time no commitment to artificial intelligence research, it is difficult to challenge Google and other leaders. & Rdquo;

The next step will go from here?

Although the teacher unfavorable, but short-term Facebook may not stop investing in chat robots. In the next month's F8 Developer Conference, Facebook is expected to announce a new artificial intelligence program. Which may include improving the quality of its Messenger robots, not the number.

In addition, Facebook may also introduce chat robots into other more features of Messenger, such as payment and games, to enhance the attractiveness of Messenger as an independent platform.

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