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For nineteen years, they have gone out of the Microsoft Asia Research Institute

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Therefore, this article from the academic achievement and the commercial value of the two level MSAR system to tease out the talent pool, which covers the research institute since the establishment of thousands of residents have a certain reference value for the industry. At the same time, they flow but also a reflection of the current IT industry attitudes: the four session of the president, nine hills hair will affect the market value of billions of the lifeblood of the company, the twenty IEEE Fellow has become the industry a hotly contested spot, four big factions born ten rookie change unpredictably, adumbrative more likely.

First, meet 98


The story also from 19 years ago from the China calling about.

At the beginning of ninety, Chinese computer industry signs lit, talent growth even beyond the United States; the other side of the ocean and the software giant is facing the pressure of competition and innovation, Microsoft's former chief technology officer Melf De's admonition to Bill Gates, will open to Chinese research institute.

1998, Microsoft China Research institute. This is the most powerful force in the Internet a year, Google, Sohu, Jingdong, Tencent, Sina have been born. Li Kaifu was ordered to speech recognition experts at the age of 37, became the first dean. Three years later, the original Microsoft China Research Institute was renamed Microsoft Asia Research institute.

One can't make bricks without straw, Li Kaifu set up the team at the beginning of frequently blocked, persuade the overseas elite returned is not easy, especially on the phone and the network has not yet universal time. But there are also a number of young blood, Zhang Yaqin became an opportunity to join the deadlock. The 31 year old, in 1997 to obtain IEEE Fellow genius who was once a story.

By the end of 1998 to 1999, the first batch of research management team gradually formed by domestic doctoral students and returnees. Yellow photo records of the great moments of Zhongguancun Danleng street, in the next decade, the thermal radiation of this group to more than half a Chinese technology circle.

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By the end of 1998 to 1999, the first batch of research management team gradually formed by domestic doctoral students and returnees. Yellow photo records of the great moments of Zhongguancun Danleng street, in the next decade, the thermal radiation of this group to more than half a Chinese technology circle.

The first row from left to right in order: Zhang Hongjiang, Li Kaifu, Shen Xiangyang, Zhang Yaqin, their name has become a pivotal force.

The third row, the top left corner of the tip of the tip of the lady from the left to the right are: Chen Lei, Secretary of the time, the person in charge of public relations and the relationship between the head of the University of Zhang Jing,, three. The right rear two are Wang Jian (father of Ali cloud) and (now vice president of MSRA).

The memory is fixed in the sentimental and passionate face. Behind things make people happy, Institute gradually emerged in the global top academic conferences and journals, key research institute in 2002, for the first time in the field of computer science's most prestigious siggraph published 4 papers on SIGGRAPH.

Over the next three years, MSRA ushered in his most glorious years. 2005 SIGGRAPH included 9 papers from the Microsoft China Research Institute, which is equivalent to the amount of papers included in the year of 1/10. Microsoft Research Asia to deliver the goods to become the world's hot laboratory, and there is no one.

Gather like a fire, scattered as the stars. Now, when the elite troops with re distribution, Shen Xiangyang as executive vice president of Microsoft's worldwide, Zhang Yizhao served as vice president of Microsoft Asia academy. But the stories about the other people in the road.

Two, four little swan


1) the first president Li Kaifu (1998-2005 Microsoft)


In July 1998, Li Kaifu joined Microsoft from SGI and Chinese founded and led Microsoft Chinese Research Institute, vice president of Microsoft after natural interactive software and service department, responsible for research and development of advanced technologies and services to make interface.

In the era of the Internet has just been raised, Li Kaifu absolutely called Silicon Valley Chinese rare talent. Coincides with the commercialization of SGI market blocked, his passion and ability to find the release of the Microsoft China Research institute. Founded in the early days of the Academy, Li Kaifu was able to attract a number of scholars, including Zhang Yaqin, and set up a complete set of training mechanisms and innovative culture.


In January of the same year, Zhang Yaqin was promoted to vice president of global Microsoft Corp, Bill Gates became the core members of a think-tank. 2005 Li Kaifu Google, set up Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group. Another argument is that the adjusted return, once again stepped in, Dean took over the banner.

2006 September -2014 Zhang Yaqin was promoted to senior vice president of Microsoft global, and Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group chairman, in charge of Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region research and product development. In September 2014, Zhang Yaqin joined Baidu power almost overhead, as president.

3) Shen Xiangyang (2004 -2007)


Prior to entering MSAR, Shen Xiangyang joined the Microsoft Research Institute at (Redmond, Washington) as a researcher. In 1999, returned to Beijing to participate in the creation of the Microsoft China Research institute.

Since the graduation to this year, Shen Xiangyang has been working in Microsoft for 21 years, is one of the few Chinese mainland Microsoft core management. After leaving this year, Lu Qi, Shen Xiangyang has become the highest position in the Chinese Microsoft.

4) Hong Xiaowen (2007)


Similar to the Shen Xiangyang trajectory, in 2000 before the tone MSAR product group, has been a senior researcher at Microsoft headquarters.

In 2007 third president Shen Xiangyang raised the headquarters in Seattle, as vice president Hong Xiaowen successor, became the fourth president in history.

Although not the former Zhang Yaqin and Shen Xiangyang's exposure and prestige in the industry, but Hong Xiaowen's academic status is not low. The Carnegie Mellon University has received the master's and doctoral degree in computer science, as of IEEE speech and audio processing of academic journal.

Three, the nine hills

In the MSAR years of concentrated practice has become the master, to face the challenges and opportunities at a hand's turn the tide of the times. They take the courtyard big scuffle, a group of technology companies China to a new height. In their respective fields and the new environment rooted in the stable industry at the same time, they also do not forget to help each other.

1) the father of Ali: Wang Jian


Wang Jian previously served as executive vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, chief architect in 2008 to join the Alibaba in 2009, Ali was appointed chief technology officer, one of the partners in the Alibaba.

During Microsoft, Wang Jian is responsible for the development of SQM data processing system is applied to Office 2007 and other Microsoft product development. The invention of the digital ink technology is applied in TabletPC, Windows and other products.

2) millet partner: Lin Bin


Have a great relationship with Li Kaifu Lin Bin originated with MSAR.

2000, Microsoft Asia Research Institute was founded more than 1 years, Li Kaifu personally find Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, served as a software development engineer, Lin Bin, he brought back to the country to do research and development manager. During the service, has helped Zhang Hongjiang, founder of Microsoft, Asia Engineering, engineering director. But still the most deep friendship with Li Kaifu, 2005 Li Kaifu to Google, Lin Bin will also follow to.

However, when Li Kaifu left office in 2009 from Google to do business incubation space, but this time Lin Bin chose not to follow the big brother, but was pulled with the founder of millet Lei Jun. The domestic Internet thinking of selling hardware innovation company, once the valuation of $45 billion, the people's cultural products to attract a large number of China young fans.

In addition, under the influence of Zhang Hongjiang and Lin Bin, there are many MSAR employees also joined the team millet. This together with ALI cloud faction will be detailed in the post.

3) Jinshan CEO: Zhang Hongjiang


In MSRA a stay is twelve years, after all, is the Chinese people, during which there is no reason to complain about the weather. In 2000, Zhang Hongjiang was promoted to Vice President MSAR, founded Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, the work is more operational level, but not a passion he.

4) Zhang Yaqin: President of Baidu


Google back to China, coincides with Baidu's business is still up, at that time it seems to be a good choice. September 2014, Zhang Yaqin joined Baidu, as president, responsible for new business. Follow up to participate in the investment Uber, Brazil group website Peixe Urbano.

This year Baidu negative news constantly, and Lu Qi airborne power, the 12 year old was admitted to the Chinese USTC youth class scientist, the career of the road is not smooth sailing early.

5) Zhao Feng: Haier group CTO


Compared to the Internet Co mentioned above, the former vice president of Microsoft Research Institute, Zhao Feng, vice president of choice to cause ripples caused by Haier much smaller. 2015 in September, Zhao Feng left the Microsoft Asia Research Institute, served as Haier group CTO, vice president.

Zhao Feng received the artificial intelligence in Dr. MIT served as chief scientist at the Xerox Palo Artaud research center in Silicon Valley. As a leader in the field of networking, Zhao Feng has led the development of Microsoft sensor dust, micro network services, etc.. In the field of wireless sensor networks and cloud computing systems, Zhao Feng has more than 30 U.S. patents, more than 100 technical papers and Internet of things.

Accustomed to the Institute of open and free environment, and then join the traditional manufacturing enterprises is difficult to say yes. However, the direction of the hardware may be more robust.

6) Li Shipeng: hard egg CTO


7) Rui Yong: Lenovo Group CTO


Yong Rui after graduation to join Microsoft, had been working at Microsoft for 18 years. The Microsoft headquarters in the United States after 7 years of work, Rui Yong in early 2006 to China, served as the first director of Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group strategy, Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group China innovation incubator manager.

In November 2016, Yang Yuanqing was invited to serve as CTO Yong rui. Yong Rui Lenovo became the second jobs, which shows the change over the careful, this in Lenovo's future development strategy is an important factor when identity.

Rui Yong is also the International Association of electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE Fellow), the International Association for pattern recognition (IAPR, Fellow), the international society for Optical Engineering (SPIE Fellow) and fellow of International Association of computer scientists (ACM Distinguished Scientist). Rui Yong and declaration of the United States and the international technology more than forty patents.

8) Tang Xiaoou: Shang Tang Department promoter


Professor Tang Xiaoou, in 1996 received a doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chinese University Hong Kong, vice president of engineering. 2005-2008 in MSRA as the head of the visual computing group, access to computer vision top conference CVPR09 best paper (Asia's first article).

Li Kaifu (9) Innovation workshop

2005 removed from Google, Microsoft, Google, vice president of global vice president of Greater China in 2009, founder of innovative workshops. Li Kaifu's gentle and elegant appearance also hides a wild and intractable soul.

Throughout the rise and evolution of the eight hills, the cattle in the search for the target, is gradually from the traditional sense of the Internet companies to Hard Suits Inc, artificial intelligence technology companies / positions closer.

Four, twenty Academic Dean

In academic attainments, IEEE Fellow become an important vane. IEEE full name Institute of and Electronics Engineers (American Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers), belongs to the International Association of electronic technology and information science engineers. IEEE Fellow is a member of IEEE, the highest ranking member of the association. After the IEEE board of directors, each year there are 300 Zuo Youxin academicians, the rate is generally 35~40%.

MSRA was founded 19 years, in many academic cafe, nearly 5000 inmates but also produced nearly 20 IEEE Fellow, showing its gold content. Of course, the twenty academics were certainly Daniel without exception is becoming giants to get people.

1) served as president of the four

Former dean MSRA Zhang Yaqin (the current president of Baidu), Li Kaifu (the innovation works CEO), Shen Xiangyang (director of Microsoft global executive vice president), Hong Xiaowen (incumbent Dean MSRA) has won the title of Fellow IEEE. As the academic leaders, high popularity, but many say it here. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yaqin, at the age of 31 to become the association's centennial history of the honor of the youngest scientists.

2) the two listed company CTO

Rui Yong (incumbent Lenovo CTO), 2016, Yang Yuanqing scaled CTO background of course not weak. Rui Yong except as Fellow IEEE, is also the International Association for pattern recognition (IAPR, Fellow), the international society for Optical Engineering (SPIE Fellow) and fellow of International Association of computer scientists (ACM Distinguished Scientist). Obtain and declaration of the United States and the international technology more than forty patents.

Zhao Feng (currently Haier group CTO), Dr. Zhao Feng because of its contribution to the field of embedded computing and sensor networks in the field of research, made in 2009 IEEE Fellow. Today's Microsoft data center is known as the world's most intensive instrumentation and monitoring cloud computing infrastructure thanks to Dr. Zhao Feng's research.

He is also the "ACM transactions" the publication of sensor network editor, and authored or co authored over 100 technical papers and books, including wireless sensor networks Morgan Kauffman published: "information processing method" (co authored with Leo Guibas).

3) a start-up company CTO

Li Shipeng (currently hard egg CTO), Dr. Li Shipeng joined the Microsoft Asia Research Institute in May 1999, served as vice president, chief researcher and director of multimedia computing group. In 2011 was elected IEEE Fellow, during the 16 and a half years in the Microsoft Research Institute, a total of more than 170 patents.

4) return to College

The two scholars selected in 2013 IEEE Fellow has joined the university to hold important positions, including Ma Yi (Dean of the College of information science and technology Shanghai University of science and Technology (2012), Wu Feng, executive dean of the University of Science & Technology China School of information science and technology).

In addition, Zhang Qian (Professor of Hong Kong University Science & Technology Department of computer science and Engineering), a young female scientist who was born in 70s was a researcher at Microsoft Asia Research Institute director of history and the youngest, won the 2003 annual IEEE Fellow.

Zhu Wenwu (deputy director of the Department of computer science, Tsinghua University), served as director of the Asia Research Institute, Microsoft, Intel, chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the United States, such as laboratory researcher Baer. IEEE Fellow, SPIE Fellow, ACM Distinguished Scientist and other honors.

Tang Xiaoou (vice president of Engineering College of Chinese University Hong Kong), now vice president, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology integrated multimedia center director, vice president, professor at Chinese University Hong Kong School of engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dr. IEEE Fellow. The invention of the face recognition technology (Gaussian Face/Deep ID) has become the world's first human eye recognition ability of the computer algorithm. As of July 10, 2015, he cited more than 15896 times the number of papers, H-Index is 59.

Song Geping (Professor of engineering, Chinese University Hong Kong), previously served as senior researcher and research group, Microsoft Asia Research Group speech. In the speech research work for nearly thirty years, with a wide range of research interests include speech, speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech analysis, encoding and synthesis, man-machine communication interface, echo cancellation, noise elimination and so on.

5) stick to MSRA

(Guo Baining is the executive vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute), won the 2009 annual IEEE Fellow, mainly engaged in network graphics technology, network application technology based on virtual environment, geometric model, based on the research work in the field of image model and rendering, texture synthesis, realistic graphics and image technology etc.. In his famous international magazines and academic conference published more than and 70 academic papers and holds more than and 40 patents.

Zhang Yongguang (chief researcher at Microsoft Asia Research Institute), received 2014 IEEE Fellow, Ph.D., Zhongshan University.

6) join Ali cloud

Hua Xiansheng (now in charge of Ali cloud computing vision team), previously the Microsoft Asia Research Institute director of research project, obtained a doctorate in Applied Mathematics at the Peking University, was elected academician of International Association of electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE Fellow), ACM ACM2015 outstanding scientists, MIT TR35 Award (35 place in the world under the age of 35 outstanding youth innovation character) and other honors. 2016 joined Ali cloud artificial intelligence research institutions iDST team of scientists.

7 (2017) new academician

Liu Tieyan, the 2017 annual new IEEE Fellow. Previously he was the head of the machine learning group, chief researcher. Ma Weiying, executive vice president of the recent resignation, has joined the senior management team. The outstanding contribution for machine learning method and its application in web search and online advertising to make at the same time, the academician of the International Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Fellow) and ACM (ACM Distinguished Member) outstanding members.

In addition, 2017 IEEE Fellow also includes the MSRA of the three friends:

Zhang Hong (Hong Tan), was due to the field of wearable technology with touch.

Li Hang, because of the information retrieval and machine learning Natural Language Processing made a contribution to the study of the.

See here, probably weigh out of gold in 2017 the latest batch of IEEE Fellow, is houshengkewei!

Five, the four factions

In addition to the eight hills mentioned earlier, in the MSRA throughout the world in addition to the school friends to help out alone, the relationship between factions and inheritance were one or two.

1) Ali

The reason why Ali in the first, it is entrenched Ali cloud MARA too much talent.

In addition, Ali cloud iDST team of scientists Zhou Jingren, Hua Feng, director of technology are sensitive from Microsoft. Min Min, who joined Alibaba in 2009, has been working at Microsoft Asia Research Institute for nearly 10 years, creating and leading the speech synthesis research group. Ali is currently responsible for speech recognition, human-computer interaction services and other intelligent technology research and development. Alibaba group iDST (Institute of Data and Technologies) technical director of the first sensitive Science.

Company ant gold suit senior researcher Yang Zhenkun also has worked Lenovo Research Institute, Microsoft Asia Research Institute Office, before joining Taobao, Yang Zhenkun is a senior scientist at Baidu, the main research direction for cloud computing system. Taobao is currently working as a researcher, presided over the research and development of Taobao massive database system.

This is no other information that has not been verified. This also can be seen Ali who dug the strength and depth of very powerful.

2) Tang Shuai Department

As previously mentioned, to promote science and technology Shang Tang and Linkface two successful start-up star handsome little soup. According to reports, the project core team of science and technology, mainly from MSRA, including its co-founder Yang Fan, service innovation engineering group Microsoft Asia Research Institute in 2006-2014, responsible for the visual product conversion algorithm.

3) Lei

Is to pull together and do Lei MSAR before Lin Bin and Zhang Hongjiang are the most famous. In addition, there is a piece that he secretly hired a lot of people. It is said that Zhang Hongjiang was invited to attend the 2014 year Lei Jun millet will. Standing on the stage, he asked, "how many of us are from the Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering? At that time, there were 43 people raised their hands.

4) Overseas Department

In addition to Chinese companies dig people, MSRA also assume the role of international talent transfer station. Founded in 2013, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Facebook AI Research, referred to as FAIR) is one of the beneficiaries.

After Jia Yangqing left MSRA, has also worked at NEC, Google Brain, engaged in research work in the laboratory of AI FAIR Facebook at present, he is a famous architect of Caffee deep learning framework.

5) left behind

Six, the ten rookie


In the predecessors have left an indelible mark in the history of science and technology China, fresh blood's strength can not be underestimated, they are eager to try and accept the challenge, enjoy more than a break from zero. At the same time, due to the MSRA work experience and academic background, more vulnerable to capital favor.

The following statistics ten screening more the bright younger generation of new Internet technology companies, has not achieved round level. Similar to the creation of the national science and technology in Beijing Qi Shuang (listed) and so on are not within the scope of discussion.


Sun sword joined in 2016, had been working in MSRA for 13 years, previously served as chief researcher of visual computing group. In CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, SIGGRAPH and other top conference published nearly a hundred papers. Was Dr. Tang Xiaoou, Dr. Shen Xiangyang's favourite pupil student. Shen Xiangyang finally transferred her to the American Institute of labor headquarters.

2), science and technology: Yang Fan


Yang Fan, the general manager of Beijing science and technology company, co-founder of Shang tang. In 2006-2014, Microsoft Asia Research Institute innovation engineering group, responsible for the transformation of visual algorithm products, project management and team management. Has been involved with Xbox, Kinect, Windows Hello, Bing image search, video editing software Movie Maker and dozens of new visual technology product module development.

In addition, Tang technology former employees Cao Xudong has worked at MSRA, but now has to live on their own. The young man's heart is really unwilling to ordinary.

3) according to science and technology: Lin Chenxi


Accurately speaking, according to the science and technology co-founder Lin Chenxi on a job in the cloud, as the calculation of senior experts and technical director. Prior to the Microsoft Asia Research Institute engaged in machine learning, computer vision, information retrieval and distributed systems research direction. In 2008 following the entry of Wang Jian ali.

4) Ling Ling deep pupil: Cai Yang


The founder of grid deep pupil from Google, several other co-founder is not within the scope of Microsoft. Is the core product of human eye camera R & D is responsible for the person in charge of cai.

Four for having heard it many times before the two rookie, because at the end of the billions of dollars of financing and the promotion of brutality column. In contrast, the maps and klaeng dark pupil is more low-key style.

Yu Kai (5) horizon robot


As the founder of the former Baidu IDL, now horizon robot CEO, very few people know that there are still a part of the research experience in the Microsoft Asia Research Institute, was mainly engaged in image retrieval research.

6) Ling Haibin: Science and technology


2012, Ling beach with friends Liao Chunyuan, Tang Rongxing, who founded the creation of the wind technology, and served as its chief scientist.

Ling Haibin received his bachelor's degree and master's degree from the Peking University in 2001, he served as assistant researcher at Microsoft Research Asia, 2008 worked at Temple University (Temple University), now associate professor of Department of computer. His research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction and machine learning.

7) Sun Tianqi: Vincross


According to Sun Tianqi introduction, he entered the undergraduate internship in MSAR during the undergraduate course, after entering the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics to study neurology and related courses.

Founded in 2014, Vincross launched HEXA six legged robot can adapt to a variety of terrain and walk independently, has received two rounds of investment fund business.

8) Cao Xudong: Momenta


Cao Xudong graduated from the Tsinghua University, who has worked at Microsoft Asia Research Institute and Tang technology, Momenta founded in early 2016, the company is defined as unmanned technology developers, the use of deep learning technology research and development of real time environment perception, high precision map, and automatic driving decision algorithm to build automatic driving of the brain. Li Kaifu Innovation workshop investment.

9) Xia Yan: Linkface


This is a controversial company, founded at the beginning of the Corporation belongs to the relation of independent financing technology, black. But the company is still in normal operation, the female co-founder Yan served as MSRA intern.

LinkfaceCTO Huang Xianjun, who worked at MSRA for eight years, as the project leader has led to complete image intelligent search ranking, high-resolution screen recording, English Machine Translation, Bing Bing search dictionary expansion, wireless screen interactive projection system (Titanium), distributed video compression core project.

Seven, conclusion

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2017-02-09 下午 6.06.46

The industry and respect for this great institution admiration, it is not only for the creation of value and return a Microsoft company, with 42 pounds of the way to promote the Chinese technology industry and the Internet technology development and popularization.

But on the other hand, since 2005 the first president Li Kaifu resigned to join Google, the cradle of talent has been in exchange transfusion and output oscillation in the current science and technology achievements and martial spirit, will stay in the history of the thick and heavy in colours of a pen.

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