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3D TV is dead through the cinema fake 3D can fire how long?

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In 2010 is regarded as the high-end TV standard 3D function, now is to be "frozen" embarrassing. After 13 years, 16 years VIZIO abandon 3D TV Samsung to stop more 3D TV, CES2017, LG, SONY, SHARP, and even all of the domestic TV manufacturers, the new products have banned 3D function, the common default demise of the 3D tv.

The thought that the 3D function will slowly become a subsidiary of high-end TV, I did not expect it was abandoned so decisive. 3D film is another picture, even the "battle of the God of cookery" such feature films and "bear" this animation also made 3D. It is why 3D is so different?

The content of cost determines the survival of 3D TV

3D film for the first time in commercial operation, in September 27, 1922 3D film Ambassador Hotel in Losangeles released a black and white movie "love power". But what makes the 3D film widely known is Cameron's "Afanda" in 2009. Followed by TV manufacturers to seize the new selling point, 3D TV ushered in a blowout outbreak.

Naked eye 3D technology in 2011 3D TV reached a climax, a large number of manufacturers to launch full HD 3D concept in the year CES, Samsung LCD TV 80% have 3D function, SONY, Matsushita, SHARP will launch a series of 3D tv. The passage of time, 3D TV industry sales last year accounted for only 8%, including 3D Blu ray player also dropped to 11%.

Why is 3D TV increasingly depressed? Summary there are two main aspects, one is the technology is not stopped, the two is extremely scarce content. Although the 2010 appeared on 3D TV, but the resolution and color development of TV for 6 years on the substantive progress related to the quality of the elements, and whether it is active shutter 3D, polarized 3D or the naked eye 3D, limited by cost, can not bring a revolutionary innovation in the user experience.Manufacturers continue to hype the purpose of 3D TV is also very clear: intense competition, lower and lower profit margins of the color TV market, the need to continue to introduce new concepts, technology, in order to continue to win attention to maintain survival. Just as VR, AR, split, fit, and artificial intelligence.

Stop in 3D TV technology compared to limit the cost caused by the lackluster content is arch-criminal its demise. At first, 3D TV is very eye-catching, because demo stores for you made personally on the scene feeling, but when you get home to buy that 3D sources are much less, also can find some stereotypes of discipline, cartoons and limited 3D movie, not to mention the 3D TV live.

But also the industry's most promising sports events 3D broadcast, the Olympic Games and the world cup and other major events, there has been no particularly good solution. Today, the focus will be converted to 4K, 8K broadcast, as well as VR broadcast.

The content of the lack of a very important reason is that the manufacturing cost is high 3D content, the operator can not find a good industrial pattern, high cost and can not find the undertaker.So the content providers try to opportunistic, use low cost pure computer 2D to 3D, which in turn this opportunistic way deeper damage to the consumer experience, leading consumers more reluctant to use the 3D function.

Some people may ask, why not copy the 3D movie to 3D TV? The box office at most a month can be liquidated, the income can not be mentioned in the same breath on tv. VR games, video on the production of the same dilemma encountered. The concept is the forefront, there are Oculus Rift and HTC Vive such excellent equipment, but the overall hardware cost is too high, the higher the cost of content production. Manufacturers and content operators are bound to compromise in effect, but consumers on such a fake VR and how long can love it?

In addition to such as "more expensive than ordinary TV," 3D "wear glasses uncomfortable" and "the marketplace" factors to drag 3D tv. The rise and fall of 3D TV confirms that all black technology is strong in the early stages of development, the cost of the plight of the development of the medium-term, as well as the latter was unsatisfactory but lower cost products to replace the outcome.

Such examples in the field of optical display: LCD plasma was replaced, be too numerous to enumerate RGB OLED by White OLED to seize the initiative. Technology alone cannot win the market under the market economy, the cost advantage is often about the survival of a product.

What you see in the cinema may be fake 3D

In contrast, the film industry, the former only science fiction can be equipped with 3D, and now even the animation must be made 3D. The recent release of the film, "journey to the west", "Kung Fu Fu demon", "happy Yoga sound", "battle", "XXX" can both feature films, action films, science fiction films, cartoons or all 3D show.

Why are they all on 3D? In addition to "quanqian" can do. Remember last year had been "China special edition" 3D "the Bourne 5"? Shit viewing experience would make people see the spit, especially the last paragraph chase scenes, the picture that Pangu and shaking in the. This is a 2D film dripping style, into a dark and shaking.

2D version of the whole world is on, but Chinese market transformation 3D special edition, Universal Pictures is love China audience? The same Chinese special 3D movie "Iron Man 3", "looper", "transcendental hackers"...... The earlier is the conscience, then 2D transformation 3D is more and more bad. "The Bourne 5" may be the most "blind" fake 3D climax. Domestic forced restructuring of the film, not to mention, not named here.

Why so many 2D turn 3D movies? 3 main reasons. First, the government subsidies for domestic 3D film, the box office more than 500 million awards, and the 3D version of the 2D version can be more than about 30% of the box office, by the end of the year,, third, the cost of the original 3D shooting is too expensive. Of course, there are other more official reasons, such as: imported films do not send 2D keys, can only play 3D version, 3D player can be anti theft version, etc.. Film side or cinema worth mentioning, so in the final analysis, are trying to get a few more money.

Most of the movie is not suitable for a 3D transformation some blunt films have lost the original feeling, especially the transformation of low cost completely make the viewing become uncomfortable". Even Cameron also said that the transformation of the "Titanic" only 2.8D, to know that this is a 300 computer artists spend 750 thousand hours to deal with the frame of 295 thousand frames, only to get the big picture. Those casually dig dig 3D transformation, how can we not fake 3D?

We should be very curious about how the 2D film is transformed into 3D. Why people can see three-dimensional images, because people have two eyes, each eye sees a picture view is different, do not believe you put a finger in front of the screen mobile phone block, respectively using the left and right eye to see the fingers off screen content is not as like as two peas.The movie is really shooting 3D with dual lens analog human eyes to see the picture, but the process is much more complex, need to use double camera, double focusing system, and data processing, every time you need to debug before shooting. Therefore, the cost and difficulty of 3D film shooting is very high.

2D conversion 3D, it is popular with each frame 2D film the foreground, Middleground and background manual pull down, then the two different perspectives of the screen to pull out of the eye to see layer recombination, finally simulate human displacement focusing on the two picture. If you want to do a good job, the entire transformation process is quite time-consuming, each frame of each object must be manually pulled out, and repair. So the 3D version of the Titanic light system costs $18 million.

However, those who spend 5 million yuan on the transformation of fake 3D is how to make it? The main save place in matting this link, can use manual matting, you can also use the computer program matting. The cheating is not directly to the matting, a frame around two copies staggered, can also see the effect of 3D, this is the legendary "subtitle 3D effects".

How to distinguish between true and false 3D cinema is actually very simple. If the left picture was blocked by foreground background, can be seen in the right eye, and that this is really 3D; if you do not see, but the position is different, that is to pull the graph 2D conversion 3D; if two eyes see the same picture, that is "subtitle 3D". The 2D transformation of the 3D is usually in the performance of the hair edge and transparent objects will have some awkward, attentive audience should be able to perceive.

Each kind of movie technology has its artistic expression characteristic. The film is also the same as the painting aesthetics, whether it is a sketch / black and white film, watercolor /2D film, oil painting /3D film, are only creative tools. In order to create a classic work requires a profound understanding of these tools creators, and then determine what they want to express the content of what tools. The "modern times", with a color line will have its classic taste? However, more creators and film companies to bring the market effect of the 3D film to see more important, and did not concentrate on doing the real effect of the 3D film and content. 3D is a good stuff, but soon making quick get the notorious repute.

In the movie, really bad money drives out good money?

A recent film industry report shows that in 2016 the average occupancy rate of only 14% films, the last 5 years the lowest one. The report summarizes the two reasons, the first people to film quality psychological expectations is reduced, the second key schedule of the film quality in the fall.

The decline in the quality of the film is also obvious. 2016 is a year of IP flooding, the annual release of nearly 100 IP movies, but only about about 8000000000 of the box office, compared to the IP film for only 16 years of 1/3, but has created nearly 10 billion of the box office. The entertainment market was the explosive growth, the result is not more investors All flowers bloom together., lack of experience, lack of understanding of the content production, the pursuit of star effect and the IP effect of the blind, but want to make quick money, but stretched into.

Compared to the development of new Chinese film blind IP, Hollywood movie is repeated speculation old IP. Hollywood movies have been infected with a "sequel", in 2016 the annual total of 36 blockbuster sequel, an average of 10 days a. Upcoming biochemical crisis: the final chapter, Wolverine 3 will open a new chapter in the 2017 sequel. The next few years, the original content of the Hollywood movie will increase? I am sorry to tell you that not even a sequel, hard to earn, also than the development of a big production to a more original film. Diffuse and DC so many super IP sucked from far away, who will worry what the original. "Transformers 5" again rotten, will not earn pots full bowl full ah?

From the 3D TV content mentioned 3D movies, box office market, more mainly criticism, and do not want to say 3D technology brings the content of innovation Nothing is right. in the market, but the early stage, the profit of chaos is inevitable. After many times the market washing, bad things will eventually be abandoned. Although we are so easy to be "fooled", was "inciting", but we have always been full of the pursuit of good and warm.

3D电视已死透3D电视已死透 电影院的假3D还能火多久呢?

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