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FB blocked Chinese App advertising domestic play to the country does not work?

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FBFB 封杀中国 App 广告国内的玩法到国外行不通了?

Beijing time on February 8 12:00, Facebook & ldquo; pause all the Chinese version of the application of advertising ads, and in an advertising agency to send e-mail notification form, Facebook said that due to recent time, China Tools apply advertisers more violations, so Facebook decided to suspend all of China's tool application advertising advertisers, which clean up the class and the battery class is the focus of the object.

In the message, Facebook explicitly asked the agency to proactively suspend all cleanup and battery categories of App (including internal and external) and rdquo ;. For the reasons for the violation of the explanation, Facebook said that the main advertising fraud users, including "including the user to tell the phone full of memory, etc." business is the purpose of marketing is to guide the download.

Coincidentally, not long ago, Google released a report shows that the company in 2016 removed a total of 1.7 billion "bad ads", the number is more than twice the previous year.

Just before the announcement of the suspension of China's application software, Facebook announced the fourth quarter of 2016 financial results show that the total revenue of $ 8,809,000,000, advertising revenue of 8.629 billion US dollars, accounting for up to 97.95%.

In Facebook's quarterly results in the fourth quarter of 2016, advertising revenue from the Asia-Pacific region was $ 1,337 million, accounting for Facebook's quarterly advertising revenue ratio of 15.49%. Therefore, the suspension of application tools in China, the application of advertising decisions, to a certain extent, affect Facebook's future revenue.

The suspension of advertising decisions may be related to Facebook's desire to improve the user experience, although in the past quarter, the social platform has 1.86 billion active users, of which the mobile side of 1.74 billion, accounting for 93.54% Mark & ​​middot; Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), including Facebook executives, had no worries that too much advertising content may cause the loss of users.

Facebook and the warrior broken wrist, and the focus is Facebook to China App shot, no doubt affected the pace of China's App go to sea. There are overseas agents that, such as cheetah, UC and other products after the success of overseas strategy, many domestic followers often appear regardless of user experience, throwing money to buy or even malicious promotion to obtain the user's behavior, Facebook remediation action will improve this A situation.

Google Play, App Store, Facebook and other application stores and social networks, overseas Internet is one of the most important high-quality traffic sources. The recommendation of these official stores is more inclined to apply the product quality and innovation. Especially Facebook and Google almost represent the United States online advertising industry, most of the country, and their trends undoubtedly expressed a clear attitude: the supervision of Internet advertising content will tend to be strict in the future.

In the Facebook ban "before, there are Chinese star App can not be through the App Store or Google Play review, or was off the news is not uncommon, one of the most criticized is to quickly get the user to use the user to install or even intimidate the user "Google and others prohibit malicious promotion.

In overseas operations to promote products, and the nature of the domestic difference is small, in the final analysis, in addition to good products to win the word of mouth, the most direct way is still distributed through the channel flow. Entrepreneurs in the early to quickly get the user, want to take the shortcut to understand the mood, but can not do anything, overseas illegal costs higher than the domestic, more severe punishment.

In China can be pre-installed, the application market to put a lot of "burn" means to achieve, but the internationalization of the Google Play and App Store market does not accept the two charges advertising, leaving the promotion model only to induce users to install, Money and so on, and these methods are likely to be found and punished by the official market, and then pay a heavy price.

Some powerful developers, will choose a professional partner for App promotion, such as channel operators, distributors, promotion service providers, public relations companies and so on. These partners in order to reach a contract, it is possible to take risks to take the market and the market is not allowed to the way, and then bring the shelves, was removed from the list of such risks, more harm than good.

There are those who do not want to disclose the name of the practitioners pointed out that there may even be competitors "for you" and then punish the application distribution channels where the violation of the provisions.

Therefore, in addition to refining products and technology, in the foreign cooperation level, mobile App must be adapted to overseas distribution channels of the rules - even if some unreasonable have to comply with, rather than injury and then rights. These rules do not just do not accept paid advertising, never allow the way to induce and deceive the user to promote, they are complex and constantly changing.

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