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Facebook off 200 VR experience store, after the bubble burst VR return to reason

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FacebookFacebook 关了 200 家 VR 体验店,泡沫破灭后 VR 回归理性

To experience the charm of virtual reality, the best way is to go to the VR experience store. However, when the entire VR industry began to cool, the experience of the store is not good.

As one of the three big show, Oculus Rift store experience cold, the specific reasons are in many aspects. One is the consumer experience for Oculus Rift is not interested in others reaction is a software problem, there is news that is the best buy in the sales promotion efforts is not big enough, failed to attract consumers to experience the first significant. For example, CNET editor Sean Hollister said, every time I go to buy the Rift store experience, do not know how to use the heavy head, nor the staff guidance.

On the other hand, this is related to the cooling of the entire VR industry. For the first VR head, the best experience is still in the VR experience store, a satisfactory experience is also the key to attract consumers to buy. However, the VR experience store for consumers has been less attractive than before. At the beginning of May Oculus Rift in best buy opened 48 store experience, then in the second half of 2016 expanded to 500, but scanty experience.

Consumers VR the first significant enthusiasm seems to have receded from this point in the sales volume changes can be seen through.

FacebookFacebook 关了 200 家 VR 体验店,泡沫破灭后 VR 回归理性

(Super Data data)

In 2016, the first significant VR market sales relatively bleak, several big sales are significantly lower than expected, the market research firm Super Data VR even said the first significant basically is the biggest loser in 2016 five black shopping season. By the end of 2016, Super Data published a research report, 2016 global VR the first significant expected sales of 6 million 300 thousand units, in several major head display, the Samsung Gear VR sales estimated at 4 million 510 thousand units, SONY PlayStation VR estimated 750 thousand (and before the Super Data has been expected from 2 million down to 1 million), HTC Vive 420 thousand Google, Daydream 260 thousand, Oculus Rift bottom, is expected to 240 thousand.

In fact, the purpose of VR manufacturers to open the store experience, in order to attract consumers to buy VR head show, the experience itself is free, do not count on this profit. But this strategy, consumers do not seem willing to buy it. Best buy staff said that a store would only sell a few important holidays in Taiwan, and then No one shows any interest in the.

According to the "China VR experience store operating status of white paper" data show that in 2016 to achieve profitability VR store experience less than 30%, simply do the experience store less profitable, so the operator will use to balance the development of catering or other entertainment services. The 52% VR experience store only one to 20% repeat customers.

The reasons are manifold. First of all, the majority of players for VR technology is not very understanding, so the experience is exploratory. Most of the domestic VR experience stores are lack of cooperation with the big platform, so not enough publicity, many consumers are more attracted by the free experience, but there are few real interest.

In addition, VR is still a lack of innovation in the content, mostly disposable experience, not much user stickiness. The game is now available only demo, interactivity is not enough, only experienced one or two times for VR users is difficult to form sticky. The VR adult video in the country is bound to be limited. In addition, the price is expensive, not high cost is also the reason why consumers stop.

In the consumer enthusiasm gradually subsided, the homogenization of the market is serious, and further reduce the attractiveness of consumers. Many shopkeepers have been affected by the phenomenon of VR experience store craze, not doing a good job in market research, a head in. With the shop also appeared at the same time tide shop. According to industry estimates, in early 2017, the country will probably be born 12000 VR experience store, which means that the country's VR experience store will be more than 5. Closed shop and shop in the proportion of about 2:8, that is, each of the two stores closed, it will open 8 new stores.

For the Facebook Oculus Rift such a VR experience store, the experience of the store can not drive the sale of hardware equipment, the cost continues to improve, the shop is closed normal. As for the experience of VR profitable experience store, the development of the industry as a whole is not good, venues, equipment investment is too high, but the operating situation is bleak, loss is inevitable.

At present, VR embarrassing lies, a lot of capital investment in the product has not been completely transformed into consumption, lacking in the VR content also makes users gradually lose interest, continue to increase investment there is a lot of risk. In the industry as a whole to change the rational, VR experience stores are facing a difficult situation is expected.

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