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Millet out of the question, and OPPO, vivo how to rise

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The third quarter of 2015, millet for the first time a decline in shipments, China's first smart phone is also easy to host the throne of Huawei; 2016 first quarter, millet sales even OPPO, vivo overtake, fell out of the top five.

Such a drastic change, no less than the millet Cuikulaxiu, step by step on the peak of China's smart phone. "Millet marketing problem", "millet line is the short board", "Internet mode to die" a lot of different opinions, but these analyzes, mostly based on the data without the support of the intuition. ".. Judgment.

Recently, today's headlines released a 2016 report on China's mobile phone market to today's headline 600 million active users (as of October 2016) for the study sample, very intuitive to reflect the different geographical and different age users mobile phone habits, And their very different preferences for mobile phones.

From this report, we can see where the millet out of the question, OPPO, vivo how to attract so many new users, but also to see China's smart phone market in a year of drastic changes.

First of all, millet is still the most attention in addition to iPhone outside the mobile phone brand.

Today's headline analysis of the mobile phone channel, the number of articles on the mobile phone brand information, reading, user collections, reviews and share the number of social platforms, reached a brand ranking.


You can see, in addition to the iPhone, the media or the most like to report millet, we also read the most information on millet, gives the most comment.

However, in the market share, millet failed to match its attention.

New equipment in 2016, the overall share of millet fell 1.93% in the three or five lines of the city, is a substantial decline in 3.33%.

Although the millet still occupies the overall share of the third position in the share of the TOP 10 models exclusive 5 models, but none of these 5 models is a new machine in 2016, it can only eat 2015, or even Is the 2014's.


Replacement behavior also reflects the helplessness of millet.

For mobile phones can best reflect the brand loyalty and the appeal of new users. Apple is undoubtedly one of the leaders, iPhone users for mobile phones, more than 50% of people will still choose the iPhone; the same time, from other brand mobile phone to iPhone users ratio is always higher than the ratio from the iPhone to the brand. This is a bit around, in simple terms, Apple is like a black hole, some people fled, but more people are attracted to.

Millet is the opposite of apples. From millet outflow to the proportion of other brands of users, never more than from the brand into the high proportion of millet. Millet has become the other mobile phone brand "supply station".

The loss even includes the original millet users, millet inflow models accounted for 42% of millet, but millet users for mobile phones, only 29% of people will continue to choose millet phone. This ratio, lower than Huawei, also lower than in vivo.


In the measure of competition for other brands in the market competitiveness of the brand list, millet was discharged to the penultimate, only higher than the Samsung.

When the old user is no longer adhere to, new users and quickly leave, a brand is more dangerous. Millet is precisely facing such a situation.

Millet in three or five lines of the city's young users, being vivo, OPPO eating.

The report also analyzed the flow of several star models of the source, OPPO's flagship phone OPPO R9, the biggest source of inflow is actually millet.OPPO R9 to buy the user, 18% of the original millet users.


Vivo X7 is also similar to the source of the first two replacement machines, respectively, iPhone and millet.

Therefore, the report concluded that the 2016 replacement market, the loss of millet users to vivo, OPPO, has become a typical phenomenon.

46% of the OPPO users are young people aged 18-23, and 59% are from the 345-line cities. In other words, millet in three or five lines of the city's young users, is vivo, OPPO step nibble.

Why do not these users choose the millet phone?

The report also includes a market survey, for 20 million users push, recovery of more than 20,000 copies of valid questionnaires.

Survey shows that in the purchase of mobile phones, the user is still considered the most mobile phone prices, followed by the mobile phone brands and features; in the use of mobile phones, the user most value is whether the camera is clear.

In the camera, whether it is the actual experience or marketing influence, OPPO, vivo are better than millet. Millet for vivo, OPPO user interest tags also verify the survey results, the user most interested in the label, is the "camera".


Specific to the city of three or five lines of users, the report statistics of their reading interest in the discovery of mobile phone parameters in the relevant information, a second-tier cities to read more than three or five lines of urban users, but in the introduction of mobile experience Of the relevant information, which is much higher than the former.

One conclusion is that the three or four lines of users, to meet the "functional needs" of the cost-effective mode is gradually failure, to be photographed, beautiful appearance, etc. "emotional consumption" to replace.

If you want to download the full report, you can click or copy this link:Http://mlab.toutiao.com/report/download/a4bc4b5022390ebe0ffa7ac3613f430d.pdf

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