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Windows 10 Build 15002 released: a number of improvements to upgrade experience

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After a short break of Christmas and New Year holidays, Microsoft once again began to offer the Windows Insider project gluttonous feast. Today Fast channel consumers have received Windows 10 Build 15002 version update, not only fix a lot of BUG, ​​a lot of background performance and stability of the adjustment, but also brought a lot of new features.

Windows 10 Build 15002 version of the most noteworthy improvements, is part of the Edge browser has been blocked by default Flash content, in addition to the first element of payment for the page to add support. In the new version of the main contents are:

Start and shell improvements

In the Start menu, there is the Tape folder: We're constantly gathering experiences from various devices and working to resolve your comments and feedback. In today's edition, I'm happy to tell you that you can now associate the relevant items in the Start menu / Of the magnetic stickers in a folder. Tape folder is your organization and personalized start menu / screen is an important way, we are pleased to bring this feature to Windows 10 system. Users only need to move one of the magnetic stickers to another magnet, you can automatically create a folder.

Windows Share Experience Optimization: We've redesigned the Windows sharing experience to make it more application-oriented and where you want to share. The new Windows Share experience will pop up a new shared layout in your app and list the apps you want to share. This list will change depending on your usage.

Note: The WIN + H hotkey used in the old Windows Share experience has been removed.

Intercept an area on the screen: OneNote 2016 in the popular screenshot function is now landing Windows 10 system. Now you can use WIN + SHIFT + S shortcut to capture a region on the screen, and can be copied to the clipboard, in the Windows 10 OneNote application or other applications for paste use. It is worth noting that this feature will replace the screenshot feature in OneNote 2016.

Optimizing High DPI Support for Desktop Applications: Continuing the work in Windows 10 Build 14986, Windows 10 Build 15002 brings more improvements for high DPI support. First, we optimized the MMC (the Microsoft Management Console), and the updated Performance Detector (Perfmon) provides sharper picture quality for high DPI PCs. Second, we default to some of the Windows desktop application activation of these improvements, and now you can also activate the other GDI-based applications.


If you want to manually activate, you need to find the application. Exe executable file, right-click and select Properties. On the Compatibility tab, open the System (Enhanced) DPI Zoom option, and then click the OK button. This is currently limited to applications that use GDI.

Smoother Windows window adjustment: Windows Insider feedback that the desktop window size adjustment animation is not smooth. Based on our feedback, Insider members will see improved performance when scaling GDI-based desktop applications (such as Explorer, Task Manager, and Notepad) and UWP applications (such as Groove Music and Outlook Mail) Performance and smoothness. In addition to these tweaks, we also upgraded the code so that UWP applications can be tweaked more quickly, and the Windows border background becomes transparent during application tweaking.

Desktop Icon Prevention and Scaling Improvements: We have heard feedback that sometimes desktop icons do not scale and align as expected, especially after plugging or unplugging devices, connecting multiple DPIs with different DPI displays, or projecting your monitor. We want the user to think that the desktop icon is stable, scalable, and can be expected to change based on changes in the display configuration, according to feedback we have a lot of changes to the system logic.

Now when you change multiple monitor configurations, plug and play devices, projection screens, add / remove screens or other changes may affect the icon scaling, you can feel how the system adjusts your desktop icons layout according to different welcome.

Simplifying and faster VPN access: This is the most needed feature for VPN users. After selecting a VPN, we have upgraded the network pop-up window. Now you do not need to open the VPN settings and click Connect VPN from the pop-up window. However, if you encounter any problems, you can still set up through the VPN settings.

Improve the application of the landing dialog: For those who have multiple accounts of users, we have improved the application landing experience. The new login dialog box can display Microsoft, work, school accounts and allows users to add new accounts for Windows.

Taskbar support Lunar view: in those who use the simplified Chinese / traditional Chinese Lunar calendar users, now open the calendar view on the taskbar to see the lunar date. Special solar terms will be highlighted using the highlighted color. The user can select the lunar view you want to add in the "Time and language" date and time.


Improve the notification experience for application developers and owners: Application developers are constantly faced with situations that require their applications to be more flexible in organizing notifications for consumers. Microsoft has been tweaking flexibility since Windows 10 Build 14993. For Windows users to provide more relevant and refined experience, we also created for the developer in the Action Center in the custom sub-portfolio, allowing application developers to override the notification timestamp.

Windows Ink Improvements:

We have upgraded the fineness control of Windows Ink pencils, ink pens, and highlighters, and have visual indicators that can be used when colors are selected. You can try in the Windows Ink Workspace, other applications can also be in the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK to try this update.


More Cortana improvements:

Cortana application-specific commands: Many application developers have added commands to Cortana to help you find what you need faster, such as launching a radio station directly, playing a movie or searching for a recipe, and more. For applications that support these commands, when you trigger an application in Cortana, click on a special recommendation.


Provide more repeat options for Reminders: Based on consumer feedback, Build 15002 has added new options for "Monthly" or "Every Year" to set up duplicate Cortana Reminders such as credit card repayment and / Anniversary reminder and so on.

Calling Cortana's keyboard shortcuts Change: The keyboard shortcut to call Cortana into listening mode has been changed to WIN + C. This shortcut is on by default. If you want to use it now, you need to go to the Cortana settings and find the new options to activate. WIN + SHIFT + C combination will be used to open the App Charms menu, in the past we have seen in the Windows 8 application of the dynamic magnetic bar.

Note: We are making an ISO installation image of Windows 10 Build 15002 for Windows Insider project members and are expected to be released next week.

Narrator support for Windows PE and Windows RE: This version now supports installing Windows from WinPE using Win- dows, and using WinRE for troubleshooting options. Once the Build 15002 image is online, you can create a bootable USB device or other bootable media and try using ISO images. After starting WinPE, wait 15-20 seconds, then use keyboard shortcuts CTRL + WIN + Enter to trigger Narrator. You will need to restart Narrator at any time during the installation.

Windows Defender improvements:

The main improvements in this update include:

  1. New options for running faster, more advanced, or full scans
  2. Device performance and health scans allow you to get reports on PC health
  3. The home option has visual improvements and helps you connect to premium content / applications on the web to set up your home or view device information
  4. The settings page allows you to change the configuration in the application and learn more
  5. Conventional BUG repair and improvement

In addition, Microsoft in Windows Defender introduced the ability to reset Windows on demand. If your PC runs slowly, crashes, or can not update Windows, this option may be helpful. This option can help you to reinstall and update Windows system, keep private files and some Windows settings to remove most applications. If you want more details, you can visit this forum post.

Improve the precision touchpad experience

When you assign a three-finger / four-finger slide to control the volume, the Volume Control UI will appear and change your volume settings. You can also fine-tune the gestures, so a slight sliding can be adjusted substantially.

Quickly create virtual hosts in Hyper-V

There is a new page in Hyper-V Manager that makes it easier to create virtual hosts. Just open the Hyper-V Manager, click on "Quick Create", and then through a few simple wizard steps can create. Once you have created the virtual machine, the confirmation page will allow you to connect or enter the advanced setup options.

Improve the upgrade experience

Based on user feedback we conducted a large number of updates, the main contents include:

Added option to allow users to pause the update for up to 35 days. If you want to pause the update, you need to set up the Windows Update settings page advanced options. This feature will appear in Windows 10 Professional Edition, Education Edition, Enterprise Edition.

Added options to allow users to decide whether to upgrade the system driver. This feature will appear in Windows 10 Professional Edition, Education Edition, Enterprise Edition.

Windows Update settings page added a new icon, allows you to more easily see the update status. You can also see the update status and experience in the new Windows Defender console.


We have made some improvements to our logic to better detect whether the PC's screen is currently in use, such as a projection, etc., to avoid forced re-start during use.

Windows Insider for Windows 10 Home Edition users increased the Active Hours limit to 18 hours.

Improvements to input methods:

Improve the Microsoft Pinyin input method settings Since the Build 14986 version, consumers can more easily access the input method indicator. This week we are very pleased to announce that not only for the language bar to be re-set, and the application settings can be updated directly open the input method settings.

Microsoft Pinyin input method of the new settings page: We provide a new input method for the customization options, we have improved the Microsoft Pinyin settings page, now set all the five categories, What you want.

Microsoft Pinyin input method hotkey: In the use of input method when we added some features to improve the keyboard input experience. Including default window switching key configuration, Chinese / English punctuation mark switching, default punctuation mode, full / half width switching, default full / half width mode, simplified / traditional Chinese output switching and second / third candidate submission. These hot keys can be set through the Microsoft Pinyin "Keys" set, in addition to the user can also use CTRL + Shift + B to open the Emoji panel, so you can not display the candidate window and then open.

Windows Insider Project Website Update:

The Windows Insider project site has been updated since the landing page and we are happy to hear your feedback and your suggestions for the future.Http://aka.ms/De57bqLeave a message on the site.

In addition to various features, Microsoft has also set up a series of applications to improve, including:

Helping you find the settings you need in the Settings app: One of our goals is to make setup apps easier to navigate and navigate faster. In previous updates we have made improvements to the set search and added associated icons for each setting option. According to user feedback, in the Build 15002 version we have brought more design adjustments.

The settings page displays additional information (depending on the window size) on the right or bottom, providing links to support, feedback, and other related settings, if one exists.

As the list of system setup options grows and lengthens, we remove the application settings from the system settings and create a new category called Apps.

You will see the header at the top of each page of the settings entry

Optimize Device Settings: New Device Setup Experience Combining Bluetooth and connected device pages, users can manage devices and peripherals on a single page. Bluetooth accessories, wireless base, Xbox wireless controller, multimedia devices can be unified discovery and management, but also in the smart phone and PC-side use the same user interface.

New Display Settings Options: On the Reset screen, multiple changes make the entire setup page cleaner and easier to use, allowing you to change the screen resolution directly from the main display setup page.

Lower Blu-ray: Windows can automatically reduce the amount of blue light emitted by a computer at night. Users can turn this feature on and off in the "Settings" - "System" - & gt; & quot; Display & quot; and customize the schedule according to local sunrise and sunset.

Windows personalized settings now supports recent colors: In Windows 10 Build 15002 version, "Settings" & "Personalization" & "Color" has added a new "recent color" and " Section, so that you can easily choose between the colors you decided in the past.

Windows Theme Management in Settings: In the Settings & gt; Personalization options, users can filter the most recently used themes, or create and save personalized new topics.

Improved cross-platform experience settings: In Build 15002, in the Settings & gt; system, we've added a new entry for & ldquo; Cross-Device Experience & rdquo; that allows you to use the new drop-down menu on my device or & ldquo; & Rdquo; to switch between.

Network Traffic Support: Settings & gt; Network & Internet & gt; Ethernet, the & ldquo; Settings for Metering Connection & rdquo; option is added.

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