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The same is by advertising "Nuggets", WeChat and Facebook where the poor compared to where?

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同是靠广告“掘金”,微信和同是靠广告“掘金”,微信和 Facebook 相比差在哪?

WeChat 10 seconds short video function on-line, so that again since the media climax after another, have exclaimed "mobile video advertising is about to usher in the outbreak point", as if 10 seconds "large video" is not born for the user, and Is for advertisers and from the media and students.

In fact, the mainstream media platform at home and abroad, WeChat for the introduction of short video can be said to be the most restrained (with the WeChat product manager's words: Imagine the circle of friends by a variety of sister self-occupied), but Facebook, Instagram And other great success in video advertising, and ultimately let Tencent overcome the fear of the user experience the timid concerns.

WeChat "Denver" ability and Facebook far

As many people have noticed, advertising in Tencent revenue is increasingly heavy weight, from the first quarter of 2015 rose to 12.16% in the third quarter of 2016 18.44%. The reason why Tencent advertising revenue by leaps and bounds, mainly due to the commercialization of WeChat "network".

This can be seen in the blooming of performance ads (Friend Circle Ads, Public Account Ads): In the first quarter of 2015, performance ads were still blank, and after a year they had surpassed brand advertising revenues by third in 2016 Quarterly, the effect of advertising has accounted for nearly 60% of advertising revenue. However, although the advertising effectiveness of Tencent 83% surge over the same period last year, the chain has declined (from 46% Q 2 Q3 down to 20%).

However, with the third quarter of 97% of the revenue from the ads compared to Facebook, WeChat ads "Denver Nuggets" ability there is no small room for improvement. The same is the third quarter of 2016, Facebook has four consecutive quarterly revenue growth of more than 50%, advertising revenue as high as 6.816 billion yuan.

Even more enviable industry indicators, Facebook ARPU in North America more than 14 US dollars. In contrast, foreign media estimates of the WeChat ARPU is only $ 7, which includes not only the contribution of advertising, but in the "one app rules all", pay, life services, social games more flowering case.

From the number of advertisers, Facebook in the world already has more than 400 million active advertisers, the vast majority are put in the amount of nearly a few hundred dollars long tail, local advertisers, this shows that Facebook has created a condensed into a tower Advertising ecology.

The WeChat in September just on-line friends circle local advertising, according to WeChat said the data, more than two months, more than a thousand food and beverage brand has put the local promotion ads. In addition, the circle of friends is still the main brand advertising. In the advertiser's tail, fine level, WeChat and Facebook there is still a considerable gap.

Information flow is not optimized, the advertising circle of friends is difficult to great success

Facebook's advertising business has two major growth engines - Newsfeed in the native ads and mobile video ads (in March this year, Facebook abandoned the DSP bid products, more focused on native and video ads). As the inventor of Feed Ads, Facebook has been in the information flow advertising has been to explore, through continuous improvement of Edgerank (outside the Facebook Newsfeed novelty sorting algorithm called) enhance user stickiness, step by step to improve the flow of information ads " Original "(to reduce the sense of violation), this Facebook as early as 2012, regardless of the user's joint opposition" outrageous "disrupted the user's timeline.

In contrast, despite the circle of friends "signal to noise ratio" is declining, overloading users overwhelmed, WeChat in the optimization of information flow is still no action, even if it is based on friends intimacy, interaction rate dynamic Priority display are not yet proceed, let alone according to the user point praise, comments, sharing and other acts to push the user concerned about the content.

Test the water this year, lunettes ray ban, friends circle louis vuitton handbags lvquo; hidden too deep, it is too cautious. Over time, the circle of friends, "sticky" will inevitably lower, the effect of information flow advertising will be difficult to guarantee.

Facebook and WeChat circle of friends in the information flow "control" on the strength of the difference, with both an open personal home page, a private message box on. Facebook can be justifiably (priority to show personal dynamic) to reduce the frequency of the Instant article of exposure, WeChat in addition to combat induced share of the public number, for many people annoying "scraper" and no right to interfere, because it From the user's personal sharing.

Compared to the WeChat, to Facebook in line with the micro-Bo has long been on the information flow & ldquo; operation & rdquo ;, while increasing the user's stickiness and use of time, but also for the information flow advertising open.

"Dystocia" of the selected ads, indicating that it is difficult to control the micro-media from the media "cash" position..

In March, Facebook unexpectedly halted the six-month DSP auction ad campaign, which claims 75 percent of invalid traffic because of staggering amounts of false advertising and robot traffic. WeChat in the end of September to rectify the public number of "Brush" action, quietly test the water in October after the election of advertising, so that advertisers and media from the broad-based, frankly, accurate selection of opportunities .

Prior to this, I hope that accurate, high-quality brand and have put the right to speak, are willing to take the initiative to select advertisers from the media large, can only choose microblogging easy, the new list and other third-party platform for mutual election. One, accounting for ho, ten reading and other large WeChat which was "amnesty" into the WeChat of the advertising system.

Some people laugh at WeChat mutual election ads are those who do not know how to write the gods turn the advertising savior, and inadvertently revealed a message & mdash; & mdash; to banner form in the article number under the public election ads are not native ads (Wikipedia defines native ads as:Advertisers by providing valuable content to seize the user's eye, it is a "paid advertising, but as far as possible to do it looks like the normal content" of the form of Internet advertising). Although the previous model of the DSP-wide are in the claim that they are native ads, but until the upgraded version of the selected ads, still a far cry from the native ads.

The public article number is not relevant to the ad below, and the ad is not a valid message to the user, and the CTR and conversion rate can not be guaranteed. (In fact, advertisers can only media articles from the exposure requirements, and in accordance with the commitment to achieve the exposure of the settlement).

This form of CPM advertising should be counted as a brand advertising rather than the effect of advertising, because only commitment to exposure, no commitment to effect. In contrast, advertisers want to make a small Gu chat painting, six gods Lei Lei as they "tailored" original content (such as God turning point).

In fact, the first batch of WeChat selected closed beta of Zhuo Hao, FitTime Jianjian times, one and so on only released in the day Mercedes-Benz's mutual election ads, since then there is not a mutual election ads appear.

And mutual election ads have not been formally launched, perhaps WeChat is still not clear how to take into account the public number of user experience and advertising effectiveness, to achieve true native advertising.

Accused of imitation of WeChat of the Facebook Instant Articles advertising strategy for reference - mdash; settled in the media can be embedded in custom advertising, get 100% of advertising revenue, you can also embed the platform through Facebook ads, pay commission. Business Insider, The VOX and other well-known media have chosen the important advertisers in their own hands, for their priority arrangements, and then the rest of the advertising to the Facebook agent.

Compared to "parasitic" WeChat "LAN" public number system, Instant Article Facebook is just for the external news site to create a "shell". However, Facebook's control over IA over WeChat control of the public number.

In June, Facebook announced that it will push more family and friends to publish content, reduce the priority of News Feed, Facebook diversion flow to the news media, a double-digit decline, the "New York Times" dropped by 25% , Business Insider fell 28%. This is Facebook in a conscious "to the media", return to social origin.

Because the first half of 2015 in daily living user is rising at the same time, Facebook users released personal dynamic number decreased by 21%. According to micro-Bo CEO Wang Gaofei estimates: Facebook timeline, two years ago accounted for 5% -10% of media content, and now has up to 30%.

Microblogging is also faced with the issue of circle of friends that have been flooded with media articles that compete with information-flow advertising at the same time. Because these articles are the user's initiative to share, so WeChat has no right to reduce their weight.WeChat also has no right to interfere with those friends let their interference of human flesh transponders & ldquo;, friends circle gradually into a silent spiral & mdash; active active, silence more silent.

For the commercialization of micro-credit, this part of the flow of cash in the hands of the operator in the hands of the public, they are more inclined to electricity providers, knowledge paid community, native advertising and other income (after all, unlike the New York Times Subject to news ethics constraints). Therefore, the WeChat number is a circle of friends, "flow of black holes", squeeze the flow of personal status and information flow advertising, WeChat in addition to combat induced sharing, exposure reading fraud, it is difficult to this part of traffic management Up, all incorporated into Tencent's social advertising system.

Short video to the outbreak, WeChat will be more open

Last month, Zuckerberg reaffirmed to investors the "video first" strategy, and to Snapchat video ammunition library "borrowed" new weapons, including masks and video filters. And WeChat action on the slow a lot, just to provide users with photo editing features. Facebook officially opened in April this year, ordinary users of the Facebook Live feature, marking the video broadcast called Facebook video strategy at the core.

Earlier this year, the fourth quarter earnings conference, Zuckerberg said: users on Facebook every day to watch the video total length of time more than 100 million hours a day landing Facebook 1 billion users will see the video half. This is due to active video publishers, such as media, stars and brands.

In contrast, WeChat only allowed to upload the background 10 seconds before the video, and in the crowd among the ready-to-live features delayed on-line. WeChat for the positioning of small video is short video + live (drop-down shooting, record life moments, close to live), positioning fuzzy, length and editing restrictions make friends circle is not small video occupation.

More importantly, the media, stars, institutions such as video production and the main force in a closed circle of friends to achieve a wide range of communication. The lack of professional video producers, the lack of video transmission chain, a small video is not detonated in the circle of friends is not surprising. The microblogging with open communication mechanism, fans, interest aggregation effect, coupled with the video in the information flow optimization in the rising priority, as the video, the biggest beneficiaries of the bonus, so a strong return this year.

Although the beginning of the WeChat video to a strategic height, and is about to introduce the video forwarding mechanism. However, micro-video short-term boom is still the main force from the media, and their short video to be packed in the public number, it is difficult to achieve Facebook as the information stream directly. H5 with the wave before the fact is that we strive to break the public number of the "shell", but still can not achieve direct playback, still need to jump.

With 10 seconds of small video on the line, the circle of friends will quickly "video", and will soon be on the line of small programs will help the media, institutions, businesses break public limit, to achieve a direct presence in the circle of friends and more Effective communication.

However, once a small circle of friends can forward the video, it will break the micro-product boundaries, private circle of friends will become more open square. WeChat in taking this step will certainly be cautious. However, in order not to fall behind in the video, live time, in order to allow advertising revenue to a higher level, leaving WeChat balance hesitation time is running out.

This article first Titanium media, reporter / Zhang Yuan

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