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Luo Yonghao: three to five years to do a smart phone in China before the first five next year to earn a million

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Luo Yonghao microblogging

December 27, Luo Yonghao today in his personal micro-Bo released a long quiz, answer the users of the hammer technology and his many questions, Luo Yonghao said the goal is to make money next year, hammer technology, "for example, first make it a billion & rdquo; .

For hammer technology can occupy the number of market share, Luo Yonghao slightly ridicule to hope that the next three to five years to do the top five in China, then three to five years to do the top three within the world, when the phone is almost the next Generation computing platform eliminated.

For the whole of China's smart phone market, Luo Yonghao that is currently undergoing a reshuffle, after reshuffle will be only a few giants, but may be more than three mobile phone market, China annual sales of about 500 million, the first five or six are still have a chance. As for which specific will survive? Not easy to say.

Luo Yonghao also admitted that the hammer's VR has been cut out from the hammer technology independent development, led by the design director Luo Zixiong, and now has completed an independent financing.

"We will focus on mobile phones in the future, but once the phone is profitable, will immediately increase investment in virtual reality, because we firmly believe that the next 8 to 10 years VR will become the next generation computing platform." Luo Yonghao said that the next computing revolution in the platform, hammer technology to become a leader, or at least the first followers, also hope that the company can make international companies.

The following is a part of Luo Yonghao answer questions recorded (Q on behalf of users, A on behalf of Luo Yonghao's answer):

Q: Why did the hammer decide to make Big Bang and One Step open source?

A: Some people say, "software plagiarism is no technical threshold, and in China, in general, to be copied to play a lawsuit is also not win, the old Luo this kid is very smart, know that others will copy anyway, simply do Became open source, which makes us copy is not, do not copy is not, and finally we took to use, but also read your good. & Rdquo;

In fact, not so complicated, the real reason for this is that we hope that through open source, so that more other manufacturers have to do these two functions, and ultimately lead to the majority of Andrews system, third-party application developers support these features. Otherwise we as a small manufacturer, it is difficult to promote this matter. We follow a lot of similar functional design, most of the open source to rely on this way to promote universal.

Q: Hao brother you how to call so many talents together?

A: All human entrepreneurial stories are the same: Initially, I have worked hard to have a few ideals, have a common value, technology, but not experienced "Luo powder" engineers, they are thousands of Xin I have to coax a senior human resources director, we have to coax a group of calves, the Mavericks and we together to coax a number of mid-calves, the calf one of them Booing to a few big cattle ... ... each key positions have at least one big cow, and running for some time, a start-up companies and large companies the gap is not so poor.

The whole process, the three most important thing: to do things to persevere, ten thousand fold unrealized; to each round can melt into the money; have good luck. Generally speaking, as long as the real sense can do the first, the latter two are usually followed, although the scale of financing and luck is not good to say.

In addition, Wenqing venture must pay attention to: for entrepreneurship, values ​​and idealism is always a serious plus sub-item, but not a necessary condition, otherwise the failure to explain those successful rogue company. But it is comforting another statistical fact is, on the whole, there are values, idealism, not profit-oriented enterprises more likely to enlarge.

Q: Luo teacher, what is your biggest expectation of hammer, what is the goal of the last year?

A: The future goal is to become the industry leader in the next generation of human-computer interaction revolution. Next year's goal is very small, to make money, for example, make it a billion.

Q: How to develop innovative mobile phone industry to avoid all mobile phone thousands of times it?

A: It's hard. First of all, have bones "not the same" outside the industry to enter the industry (which is based), and then he had to find a group of "different" and like him like people, and then he had Look for a group of "the same" but would like to accompany them "not the same" people, then they should "not the same" mobile phone sold to "not the same" consumers, and then and then, When the phone through the "not the same" consumers affected "the same" consumers, they should be careful to balance the "different" consumer needs and "the same" between the consumer needs Contradictions at the same time, do more "not the same" things and better things to seek sustainable development ... ... In short, those who can do these ten years out of a two, caught in the middle Of the period, is the industry "stereotyped" period.

Q: The old Luo, do you think the level of China's mobile phone industry within a decade can go beyond foreign countries?

A: There is absolutely no problem.

Q: China's entrepreneurs have you very much like and appreciate?

A: Of course, a lot of ah, such as the car to do Lee, do the news platform Zhang Yiming, do furniture for the Shu, do the elephant Association of Huang Zhang Jin & hellip;

Q: After the venture you happy?

Very happy, but it is too busy, so I am very sorry family and friends ... alone to the cause, it can not be more happy. Peace, do not fight country, not mixed with black society, can not think of what is more enjoyable than the business.

Q: When did you start to pay attention to industrial design?

A: very early, probably ten years old, the family has just started to buy some of the furniture and household items of the time. But know that there is such a discipline, and began to see the relevant books, magazines, etc., is the early twenties.

Q: I would like to venture on the road you think the happiest thing is what?

After a busy day in front of five days, I talked to a few key product managers on Saturday for a full day of product details (provided they were well prepared and I slept well the day before); Well overtime for a whole day of preparation, the results progress exceptionally well, an hour or two is over, seven or eight hours ahead of home to his family surprise.

Q: How about the progress of the hammer VR? Will be the main after it?

A: We really have been doing VR. But there is a focus on our core team. So now we VR team was originally led by our design director Luo Zixiong, and now has completed the independent financing, cutting out independent development. We will focus on mobile phones in the future, but once the phone is profitable, will immediately increase investment in the virtual reality, because we firmly believe that VR will be the next 8 to 10 years to become the next generation computing platform, the next computing platform revolution, We want to be a leader, or at least a first-time follower, and hope to make the company an international company.

Q: In addition to mobile phones, hammer will do some related peripheral?

A: We are about 95% of the energy or will focus on the phone, will do some digital peripherals to release our surplus design capabilities. Because in the field of accessories designers easier to play, the phone in terms of designers, is a person with four shackles in the dance, so we hope that the design team to excess design strength in the digital peripheral products on the release. For the future of science and technology life, we also have some tentative things doing pre-research. But before the company realized a complete profit, 95% of the energy or focus on the phone itself.

Q: If the star endorsement, which star is most suitable for hammer mobile endorsement? (Except you)

A: I have no endorsements, I am talking about products out of the product manager, there is no endorsement. Other celebrity endorsements? Nuts are possible, because for the young population, the Smartisan series should not.

Q: Now OPPO, vivo rely on line break a day, after the hammer will do the store?

A: There is no physical store, sorry.

Q: Luo teacher, to ask the market for the future hammer is expected to share the number of mobile phones, what time to achieve this expect?

Hope that the next three to five years to achieve China's top five or less, and then three to five years to do the world's top three within the time to almost the same time, mobile phones should be the next generation computing platform eliminated.

Q: how to look at the current cell phone fight configuration situation?

A: In addition to the fight between the vendor configuration, there are some use, such as the background can run app more at the same time, can to some extent improve the user experience.

Q: Now so many mobile phone manufacturers, frequent release flagship machine, this situation can continue to when. Mobile phone market will be saturated?

A: I do not know when it will last. saturation? Already saturated ah, the total sales of mobile phones has not increased, at least the country is the case.

Q: Five years later, the mobile phone industry will be the same as BAT three pillars? If so, will leave those three?

A: This round of reshuffle, it should be only a few giants, but may be more than three mobile phone market is very large (China's annual sales of about 500 million), the first five or six have a chance. Which several? Hard to say.

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