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Alipay's AR game behind, both the breakthrough there are worries

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支付宝的支付宝的 AR 游戏背后,既有突破也有隐忧

In cover a few months later, the original thought Alipay to release the wind on the line earlier AR games, but going around it is still not open the old micro-channel letter, catch an early set, but made a surprise in everyone Also unexpected new features & mdash; AR to find red packets.

It is expected that this seems to be the best model of Alipay + AR, and the unexpected is to break through the micro-group of pure & ldquo; grab & rdquo; Alipay intends to & ldquo; find & rdquo; and & ldquo; Line-to-line linkage, in order to achieve from the creation of "social needs" to achieve "social purpose" (line marketing for the coat) of the grand determination.

In essence, "the fundamental reason to grab / find red envelope" is the brain in the face of new stimuli produce dopamine, so that we achieve some kind of "pleasure", this "pleasure" and the game, writing, reading, sex Brought pleasure is no different.

(Microblogging), or Alipay's red envelope operations are doing two aspects of the incremental process and rdquo; Maximize, through the accumulation of pleasure kinetic energy users to product awareness and loyalty.

No doubt tired of "grab" WeChat group 1 gross, 2 gross red envelopes, grab the thrill of diminishing returns on the results of the psychological attack with the low amount of users is also led to frustration, disappointment spread, grab red gradually Become a "old road".

The Alipay + AR, but to create a new way, "find" and "hidden" process accompanied by continuous stimulation, red envelopes open the results but not so important, because the "process" has been completed.. The satisfaction of the user pleasure.

Therefore, Alipay AR in the development of AR and explore new social needs is a breakthrough, but in the practical level, from the design of psychological point of view, this feature of the "constraints" too much, but there may be Causing Alipay AR played a big early but catch a late set.

Alipay AR two breakthroughs

I have been involved in similar projects AR, but we do not "red envelope", but "Golden Egg", after the user login will be presented with a "Golden Egg" (AR technology placed in the space ), By smashing the gestures, users can participate in the golden eggs to get some interesting rewards, but reflected in the specific DAU and MAU, the effect is not satisfactory.

why? Because our AR effect is not cool? This is not the case.

In fact, any incentive nature of the operating activities need to rely on two stocks, one user stock, and second, trust the stock. No users, operating activities into the sky, there is no trust, operating activities is castles in the air. Alipay is also a breakthrough in the past than this.

In addition, the use of the AR in the correct posture, a small functional logic on the line in advance, Baidu earlier than a Tencent, AR's popularity and practicality is also a breakthrough.

User stock and trust stock balance

Alipay social desire is well known, but the previous function or as boots, or as a salary, the first to imitate micro letter to build their own living circle (similar to the WeChat circle of friends), is the boots, hope through a & ldquo; familiar "The way to psychologically guide users to social behavior.

This part of the development and investment, Alipay consumption is their own user stock. But to the level of trust, after all, people regard it as a payment tool, the column in the social trust, in addition to transfer, we are quietly to the PayPal hit negative points.

To this year's "circle event", Alipay finally found the user's desire to endorse the trust, through another color (may be yellow bar) to their own trust in the stock up to the height of the explosion paragraph, but the user.. The stock did not keep up with (really want to social rather than about X users), leading to the imbalance between the two, has become a salary, fire endless, the fire does not die a model.

Finally, go around in circles, Alipay finally found three weapons AR, red envelopes, find / hide, to achieve the balance of the stock. From a psychological point of view, users use the product to solve the demand point of dependence there are two - what is and how to do, that is, cognitive and procedural cognitive, Of the balance.

User stock, the WeChat years of cultivation, red envelope operation is already a subconscious behavior, referring to red envelopes, the user's first reaction is to grab and find. After all, with the same civilization, the product also depends on some of the progress we do not need to think can carry out the important behavior, and Alipay just to undertake this part of the evolution of the user after the dividend (declarative cognition), coupled with natural payment advantages, AR to find red packets of user motivation is unobstructed.

The trust stock, the red envelope is the surface of the intention of financial transactions, and the Alipay social motivation is buried very deep, which allows users to mobilize their own understanding of procedural knowledge - & mdash; A social and operational activities, this is an interesting to find red envelopes and profitable behavior.

Thus, Alipay finally achieved their balance of users and trust, but also functional design to achieve a new breakthrough.

AR Correct posture

Domestic AR products are divided into commercial (2B) and civilian (2C) two categories, commercial and more for the technical service providers, products and more technical framework in the form of land, and civil in addition to AR AR browser and some social networking products , And no big wind.

As the AR practitioners, I believe that Alipay AR to find red envelopes of the AR universal significance, but also Ali in the use of AR, than Tencent and Baidu, the first brain openings, the new breakthroughs in the form of red envelopes, The place.

In fact, Alipay AR to find the red envelope of the product logic is very simple, popular terms:

Find red packets: LBS positioning & mdash; & mdash; recommended red envelope location & mdash; & mdash; find red envelopes & mdash; & mdash; call & mdash; & mdash; identify preset AR material

Zangbao: LBS positioning & mdash; red envelopes put & mdash; & mdash; image upload cloud & mdash; & mdash; red packet information sent to friends

Although I Alipay AR image recognition is not really image recognition doubt, but the wonderful seconds on the Alipay AR red envelope has a hidden function, plus you can send clues to friends, which mobilize the social needs and extend a lot of Play. For example: a circle of friends was red envelopes in the armored car, some people will hide in the ladies red envelopes (these are the source of pleasure).

In addition, and online business linkage, the future with Alipay marketing is also achieved 1 +1> 2 effect.

So, so "simple" function, Tencent and Baidu how not to do it? AR play in the correct posture, from the WeChat out of the red envelope, instead of Alipay's unique, old bottles of new wine, can also be seen as a new breakthrough.

For other AR products, this is also more reference, in the face of VC, talked about how to realize their own, finally have successful benchmarking as a verbal case.

Alipay AR on a little worry

As mentioned above, Alipay AR in the real operating level experience is not particularly good experience can easily lead to lack of trust inventory impairment, which mainly concentrated in the "find" process.

Alipay in this feature, to find red packets need to be based on clues, but the actual use of friends, the clues are still relatively clear, the stranger's clue is almost doomed to the red envelope can not be found, click on the clues provided by strangers, the clue is not So clearly visible (in order to enhance the fun), but the user, within 500 meters, where to find "a computer on the desk", "round table corner" is obviously not so reliable of.

After all, from the design of the psychological point of view, a good product design to meet the seven principles, and one of the more important is the "constraints", its design and solution directly determines the product visibility and ease of use .

To this end, the dismantling of product constraints of the four elements (physical constraints, cultural constraints, semantic constraints and logical constraints) point of view, Alipay has the user experience on the hidden worries.

AR to find a red envelope is a strong constraint on the physical function, on this level, the Alipay do the most inadequate.

In addition to the author's own experience of those "red envelope can not be found", in the light is not good, the angle of choice does not apply to the situation, the user can not find red envelopes. For example: I am looking for a hidden in the supermarket signs in the red envelopes, supermarkets on the lights off at 10 o'clock, in the dark, with the AR sweep sweep in addition to what the shadow does not sweep out.

This makes the follow-up to open the red envelope and red packets to share the fault, is extremely bad experience.

The level of cultural constraints, there is still no problem in the country, but in some countries in Europe and America, holding a mobile phone lens in a closed public chaos is a legal regulation of the law, before the wizard can dream GO dream examples have a lot of tragic lesson.

However, I believe, assuming that you grab the red envelope in the micro letter every day will not control you, but you swept the red envelope every day against him, certainly not a good day too.

In addition, the level of semantic and logical constraints, the Internet practitioners, AR to find red envelopes is easy to use, but after all, Alipay is facing hundreds of millions of ordinary users, how to measure the semantic cues and reasonable reminders in the operation process, It's important to look for a red envelope feature upgrade (unless it's the ticket).

On the logical point of view, AR sweep sweep and ordinary two-dimensional code sweep sweep in the user's psychological cognition is not the same, in the results of the red packet value, the average user is also unsafe and do not know this feature Do what the plight.

You know, second and third tier cities, people think VR is AR, AR is VR, AR in the end what is completely unclear, which led to the use of this function is the weakest psychological motivation.

Therefore, although Alipay AR surface is good, but in fact there are still many deep-seated problems. However, there are many remarkable places, temporarily cover these problems.

Finally, the highest level of a product design is emulation, that is, a derived thing, retaining the original must-have traces as a decorative design, even if that derivative does not require that decorative design. In the user interface, this means that the application is designed to have something that looks or is used much like the real world relative.

Alipay AR red envelope to find the way to go, how to make AR recognition more real, it looks like we read e-books, flip (typical simulation effect) as simple and natural, is to solve these worries and break again key.

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