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Apple Watch has been quietly is equal to the smart watch industry?

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悄无声息悄无声息 Apple Watch 已经等于智能手表业?

Quietly dominate

Now, as long as we mention smart watches, it seems only to think of Apple Watch. Even ten years ago in the world is still extremely hot iPhone, it also failed to completely forget the existence of other flagship smartphone. Perhaps one day, smart watches market will become a Apple Watch market. The wonder is that the future seems to us not really far away.

It is interesting that Apple Watch is in the outside world of a piece of singing in the gradual completion of hegemony, and even today many people are still not optimistic about it. Actually investigate its reason, people look bad or the entire smart watch market. Offering two years, Apple Watch has been lackluster performance, it seems not high-profile. In this case it can quietly won most of the market, it will give people a very delicate feeling.

The second quarter and the third quarter of this year, shipments of smart watches worldwide were 3 million 500 thousand and 2 million 700 thousand, down by $32% and $51.6%, respectively. From the data point of view, this was originally expected market has now plunged into a crisis. In this piece of Apple's Apple Watch utterly routed, although also dropped significantly, but also so that its position is more solid. As long as it stands, there is no problem.

Three giants

According to data released by IDC, 2016 smartphone in mobile devices is still the most popular choice for consumers, sales of more than 140 million. Each smart watches sold, there will be 10 tablet PCs and shipments of 78 smartphones.

In this bleak situation, three companies can be said to be smart watch market in the big three, namely apple, Samsung and Garmin. In the past two years, they represent 78% of all shipments of smart phones. Even more frightening is that none of the smart watch manufacturers can close to their achievements. According to the website Above Avalon statistics, from 2015 quarterly shipments of more than 200 thousand smart watches manufacturers only seven. In this seven companies, Pebble sold to Fitbit, Motorola has cut all the new plan, HUAWEI and LG for smart watches in the future and not interested, then only apple, Samsung and Garmin stay.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to apple, Garmin performance is also very noteworthy. By virtue of the unique ConnectIQ technology, smart watch it get hot. According to statistics, Garmin three quarter shipments up to 600 thousand, an increase of 324%. Garmin's success shows that health, fitness has become the most important selling point of smart watches. At this point, it should be said that Apple Watch is on the right path. Garmin is still the main group for the athletes of this partial small, there is not a lot of collision between it and apple Apple Watch. As for Samsung side, it has to be slowly out of Note 7 brings the shadow of the entire brand. Because of this, now in the entire consumer level smart watch market, the vast majority of users can only think of Apple Watch.

The secret of hegemony

Smart watches industry to face the problem is that consumers are not interested in such products. Apple's Apple Watch has been in the market thriving, shipments reached more than 20 million, are the key factors in its own.

In contrast, small niche market can only go Garmin not to say, Samsung smart watch and Galaxy series together but could not create the same energy of chemical reaction. The reason, perhaps because Apple users of the device design, fashion, integrated experience will be more sensitive to these concepts. After all, this is Apple's main idea.

From the beginning of the second quarter of 2015, Apple Watch quarter shipments accounted for half of the country the smart watch market. The shipments accounted for a scary 67% in the third quarter of 2015, a quarter of the subsequent although the proportion declined (64%) but the sales volume increased. Even the lowest point, Apple Watch also still occupy 46% quarter share. Affected by the holiday season this season, Cook said Apple Watch sales exciting, analysts estimate that it accounted for fourth quarter sales accounted for up to $65%. There is no doubt that with the withdrawal of the competition more and more, its position in the market will be more stable.

Apple mind

Smart watches appear some outdated. People have seen opportunities in such products, it is necessary to make up for the gradual decline in the smart phone market. Smart watches were originally designed to replace the intelligent mobile phone is part of the function, even all the features, but the vast majority of consumers now still think intelligent mobile phone is irreplaceable. Can only wait until the technology continues to progress, smart watches really have such ability, this embarrassment will dissipate.

Apple Watch has its own unique advantages. It relies on countless Apple equipment users around the world, based on the extremely powerful iOS platform, with its own watchOS has some independent nature. More importantly, Apple's views on the user's products are always some unique. Because of this, not a strong ecological two and no faith plus a wave of smart watches manufacturers had to exit, while Apple is stable too much. If Apple and Watch really want to equate the smart watch market, this is not very surprising.

Of course, Apple Watch is able to determine the future hot, not really a lot of factors. But will Apple care about that? Not necessarily. Apple Watch as an emphasis on health, fitness, wearable experience Apple ecosystem branch, as long as it can have enough sense of existence, it is already a victory. Apple Watch apple is very important, but not reflected in the numbers.

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