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Amazon Assistant:AI and Google Alexa assistant Na Jiaqiang

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After this point, smart Silicon Valley companies decided to take the lead to change their own to embrace the future, take the initiative to invest resources to create a user can handle all the daily transactions of the AI assistant. Google and Amazon were released in the name of Alexa and Assistant Google voice assistant. Both want to use the built-in features to attract third party developers, through the application of the increase to give their own AI assistant more powerful features.

This time the developers committed: Google and Amazon, which is a more suitable choice?

Actively attract third party developers, Amason first edge. Amazon has launched a SDK allows developers to build applications for their platforms. Amazon even and Techstars cooperation, in order to accelerate the development and application of resources for developers interested in Alexa platform. In the face of Google's natural advantages for developers, Amazon naturally has no reason to slack.

First of all, the characteristics of Google search engine started it has been very good at dealing with random requests. Just imagine their daily search on Google's dependence, it is very easy to realize that Google in building the world's top AI assistant has a natural advantage. The AI intensity and the strength behind the database closely, while Google is sitting on the world's largest collection of data. This is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

This difference has been revealed in the present. In the foreign media on the voice assistant (Google Home, Cortana, Siri and Alexa) and contrast in the Google products always in the overall availability of superior. Google plans to open Assistant SDK Google this month, is expected to further expand its leading edge.

Google still sustained advantage diligently forward, to pay attention to the development of TensorFlow machine learning, to enhance the ability of Natural Language Processing's acquisition of API.ai. These development tools in the moment has been popular for many AI developers, once the future of Google will be integrated into the Assistant Google, to attract more developers to their camp is not difficult.

In order to encourage users to use Alexa for voice shopping orders, even Amazon provides special commodity for Alexa channels to buy. In addition, Amazon is also focused on smart home services. Compared with other AI assistants, Alexa in the interaction with the family always get high marks. When Google Assistant is still in Internet of things for planning, Alexa has been very much at home in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing.

Thanks to the user data collected from billions of shopping transactions in the Amazon, Alexa in helping people to a single aspect of the performance of a single. If you allow Alexa to buy several bags of gluten free dog food, it can remember your dog smell so close to hate salmon, suggest you choose elk flavor.

Amazon is trying to its products for users in the family housekeeper, stepped into the house after you at your command and command. In view of this, many Internet of things team can consider joining the Alexa platform. But once Google officially launched for the third party developer of SDK, Assistant Google's Internet of things can quickly catch up with Alexa.

Assuming that in the case of the above, I continue to ask the way to the cinema, then Google will highlight the field of map. Alexa can tell me to the cinema to the approximate distance and road guidance. By contrast, Google can use its Google Maps service to show me a similar line, and even the road traffic information is also available.

On the whole, Google has the ability to cost to create the world's most excellent AI assistant. This also means that it will provide the most convenient development environment for third party developers. Google after the acquisition of API.ai will be free and open, did not engage in the meaning of monopoly. In addition, Google's long-term accumulation of a large number of original user data is a huge fortune, these data will give third party developers to create a personalized user experience to provide a great help.

So far, the mystery has been revealed: Assistant at AI field, although Amazon appeared earlier, but the final winner may or non Google perfectly.

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