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Chinese elite return to the tide behind: the fear of haze, bid farewell to "no longer cute" American impulse

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Article / Zhang Xinyu

Editing / Vicky Xiao

Ants gold chief data scientist paint far from Netflix recently served as executives in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the old classmates dug a good data engineer, the old classmate wrote an e-mail to him, said, "We There is a good guy to you there, and I fully understand why. & Rdquo;

While still in the United States, Paint is the top expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ten years ago, he was a master's degree in Chinese Academy of Sciences to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a doctorate and postdoctoral research, and later became a Purdue University Department of computer science and statistics professor of life, opened Purdue University, the first door machine Learning "course. His research results directly in the Microsoft game box Xbox mass use, was awarded the "Microsoft Research Award", he has several times to join the industry, including joining the early Google and Facebook, but he eventually chose to stay in academia.

"At that time, these technology companies have not been able to provide the work I want to do." "Paint far said.

But in 2014, paint far from the time that mature. To his family accident, paint far and did not join any one big company in the United States, but decided to return to China, to join Alibaba. Now, he is China 's "thousands of experts, experts," ants gold chief data scientist.

Paint far back to China to join Alibaba, the joint establishment of Ali's Big Data Science and Technology Institute, the second year with just launched on the machine learning platform took Ali's internal technology award. He took a dozen people to do the project, the company created more than 10 million in revenue, paint themselves far from a sense of accomplishment, because in the academic circle of machine learning, so both technical influence and huge business Revenue of the project, very rare. Paint far from their own words: "Before I was a professor, and now, I was led troops to fight." & Rdquo;

Qi Yuan is Ali "DT" (data technology) one of the important achievements of the introduction of talent, the global field of artificial intelligence, almost half of the elite are in his Facebook friends list. He was "flicker" back to China, and now he went to the United States "Fudge" those younger Chinese background experts come back because, in fact, is the same - they want to China's rapid development of the Internet field, Do something big.

Not only Alibaba, including Baidu and Tencent, including heavyweight Chinese Internet companies have to recruit overseas talent into the construction of an important position. Because of fierce and even brutal competition, so that China's many Internet products experience walking in the forefront of the world, more than Silicon Valley companies. Whether it is Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, or today's headlines, drops and millet are also more and more urgent to go abroad, overseas talent resources is very important.

In such a dynamic drive, Ali implementation of DT (data technology, Data Technology) strategy, from the United States to recruit a number of artificial intelligence and large data field of top scientists; Baidu have set up Baidu Silicon Valley Laboratory and "Baidu brain" team , Are based on the Silicon Valley's senior technical personnel; Tencent in the global recruitment of products post trainee. Traditional headhunters and friends and family to push the "point-like recruitment" has been unable to meet the needs of Chinese Internet companies, even the workplace social networking platform LinkedIn LinkedIn, but also smell this opportunity for the Chinese Internet companies launched overseas recruitment services.

A circulated in the elite circle of overseas scripts, so to speak: before 2005, came back from the United States (working for Chinese companies), is the co-founder; around 2008 back, but also mixed with a VP (vice president); Year, want to do the department director had to see the specific resume background.

Back is made of atomic bombs

Ant gold service basic data department of Chen Mengmeng, the current work is in the ants gold suit own database OceanBase team responsible for SQL related development. Born in 1981 he still single, daily life is very simple. Alipay in 2014 to join the time, Chen Meng Meng did not charge much effort to Hangzhou, and get the support of parents in Tianjin, "more than in foreign countries more recently, there is nothing easy to go back".

According to the spread of the scripts in Silicon Valley, Chen Mengmeng is the kind of popular, worth millions of single-code farmers, the Bay Area ideal for Chinese girls. As a database engineer, he worked in the Silicon Valley Oracle (Oracle) headquarters and the Huawei Institute of the United States engaged in database development and research, treatment is excellent, life is calm. However, after adding Alipay, Chen Meng Meng from the original Silicon Valley "nine to five" standard schedule, jump directly to the vigorous Alibaba "IOE movement" in the.

"To IOE campaign" Alibaba is the launch of the technology change event, which means that in the Alibaba's IT architecture, remove the IBM minicomputer, Oracle's database and EMC storage devices, instead of their own in the open source software on the basis of development system. Oracle's Chen Meng Meng is very aware of how challenging this process, Alibaba in the development of such a fast business requirements, the replacement of the underlying structure of the difficulty of the technology is tantamount to the truck on the highway wheel. But once the replacement is successful, the new technology is mature, look at the status of Oracle today to know.

"April next year, ants gold suit on the full line of business will be moved from Oracle to OceanBase," Chen Mengmeng said that this will be a new milestone in the field of databases. He felt no excitement and excitement before.

Also in 2014, the international field of artificial intelligence and machine learning prestigious Wu Enda (Andrew Ng) joined Baidu as chief scientist, has overall responsibility for Baidu Research Institute. So far, he is still considered to be China's Internet companies to introduce the most heavyweight.

LinkedIn LinkedIn solution service director, overseas recruitment business leader Wang Huan said: 2015, LinkedIn British domestic customers have begun to overseas recruitment as an independent plan to do, with the traditional domestic recruitment is equally important. And even some companies have also set up a special overseas school recruit team, or set up specifically responsible for overseas school post positions. "This change in the past two years, this year is blossom everywhere." & Rdquo;

It was nearly two years of overseas senior technical personnel back, and after 1949, the first wave to Qian Xuesen represented returnees compared to the returnees. The difference is, 60 years ago, "to serve the country" was the returnees returnees was a very important determinant, but today, different returnees technical experts, to return to China's purpose and mission, with a different answer .

In 1985 to go abroad Bow Min, September 2016 back to China as a drop of information security strategy, vice president, he was known as the "Silicon Valley security godfather", is a continuous entrepreneur and Silicon Valley angel investors, but also Chinese information Security circles of the "old predecessors." He said: "In the international information security situation, I would like to do what China does. After all, I was born in China, the feelings of the motherland in the inside.

And more senior returnees choose to avoid discussing this topic. The one they worry about, patriotic feelings that have or not, are about to please, or be thought that stupid, or was criticized not patriotic.

But one thing can be confirmed is that they can use their own advantages, directly to the domestic technology to promote the development of leaps and bounds, and even change the lives of millions of people. Paint far had ants on the gold Peng Lei, chairman of the board, said he chose to return to the reasons can be summarized into three: interesting, challenging, meaningful. Interestingly, the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning in close connection with the Internet financial business can create many new and interesting problems; the challenge is that it is technically difficult enough to attract more skilled people like him; and his work The results can be used directly to hundreds of millions of users, which is meaningful.

Coincidentally, Peng Lei is also a meeting of the paint far, said: "Please come to the company, is to build the atomic bomb." & Rdquo;

Return to the three mountains: air, education and overtime

Although Chinese companies are desperate for overseas talent, from the environment to personal benefits are many aspects of good, but blocked in front of both difficulties and obstacles still a lot.

Guo Dongbai is a Chinese-American, worked in Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon worked in 2014, received an offer to return to Alibaba, he was most worried about is the air quality.

Guo Dongbai on the technical level of survival of the living philosophy of deep thought, for work, the higher the technical difficulty, the greater the challenge, the more he likes. He served as technical director of the "quick sell", is the overseas version of Taobao, do is "global buy global sales" work, the annual trading volume growth is very fast, the trading scene is very much. This year, "double eleven," a total of 230 countries and regions from the world's users to use SpeedStore online shopping. Therefore, speed to sell through the technical requirements of business support is very high.

This is the reason to attract him to join Alibaba. In the recruitment, he also tend to move willing to accept the challenge in the technology, the pursuit of people, but China's air quality has been haunting him. On the one hand, Guo Dongbai himself came back from the United States to accept the challenge, but he is now in Alibaba colleagues, many people but because of air problems, one after another to run abroad. On the other hand, when he went abroad to recruit people, "haze" has become one of the biggest obstacles.

"In addition to haze, the rest are added sub-items." "Guo Dongbai said," I hope you can call the media about, otherwise it will affect a country's talent strategy. " & Rdquo;

Ants gold chief data scientist paint far also reluctantly, he went to Beijing on business, out of the outdoor will wear anti-haze masks. Compared with the United States, Hangzhou, air is not good. But in Hangzhou, I was at the most depressed; in Beijing, which can only make people angry. & Rdquo;

This is definitely not a problem for overseas talent who are waiting to see if they can return to China. Guo Dong Bai and paint far away because of the choice to return to work and family migration, for them, a family living together is more important. But also a considerable part of the proportion of returnees choose to stay in the United States, for air, medical care, education and other reasons, working life on both sides of the run, or their first work in China for a period of time to see the situation, make a decision to see if The whole family to take over.

Droplet travel information security strategy, vice president bow Feng Min joined in September this year, when the drops are not the whole family back, and occasionally family from the United States to Beijing to see, but will not stay long. Droplet travel is the world's top five unicorn valuation company, in the rapid development of four years, after several fierce competition in the war subsidies, and now, the founder of drop-way trip, said: to fast at the same time "Make up classes", this "make up" to recruit a large number of senior technical personnel, including from home and abroad.

If the bad air can also be tolerated temporarily, the education of children of returnees is a prerequisite for the education must be resolved.

Another reluctant to be named work for another Internet giant in China, a senior engineer, after Microsoft and Facebook have more than 10 years of work experience, after returning home in 2014, led the team size of about 70 people. He started as a person to work in China, the second year before his wife with two children back. The youngest two years old this year, 3 years old, still relatively small, relatively good; boss 10 years old, come back directly to the third grade, although at home will speak Chinese, but do not know Chinese characters, equivalent to 1500 less than their peers Chinese characters, these have their own make up, school work than the United States.

So, after get off work he often have to work with children to work together late into the night, this is his time in the United States had no experience. "Chinese children learn very difficult, I will be very distressed. "He said," Although I came back to work, at this stage is the most important to take care of my family, the child's education if missed, and later can not make up. " & Rdquo;

Although only two years back, his hair has been from the work card photos of the black one, and now about a quarter of the white. Although there are genetic factors exist, but compared to his previous years in Microsoft and Facebook4 years of career, job intensity is indeed a lot of big.

This is also an overseas talent in considering the return of an important factor in the Chinese Internet company in many people's impression is "996", the company is very competitive inside and outside, everyone is very hard. Undeniably, this is indeed a Chinese company compared to the characteristics of a US counterparts, but those who want to constantly challenge themselves technically, more willing to accept this busy state and choose to return home.

In addition to air, education and overtime challenges, the return of the "early and late" is also a problem. Cross-border recruitment platform GCP CEO Wu Jie had been in Silicon Valley, until the founder of the GCP for Chinese companies to provide Silicon Valley talent recruitment services before moving back to Beijing. He said that 2015 to 2016, it is the peak of Silicon Valley talent back.

"This time is basically the development of the domestic tide of the most in full swing time, each company easily hundreds of millions of valuation, the media is full of entrepreneurial myth. On the one hand, these companies have a high amount of financing, the employer is more bold, not hesitate to spend heavily to spend the talents of Silicon Valley, so that they join them to these companies. "Wu Jie said. "Silicon Valley investment project to invest in people to the whole of Silicon Valley want to start the Chinese playing enough blood, a project to get back, easy financing of millions, but also to a large number of Silicon Valley talent back very important factor. & Rdquo;

However, the reality is cruel. With the arrival of the capital winter, despite the large companies such as BAT in high-end recruitment is still very active. But many start-up companies began to reserve the winter, tightening in the recruitment.

"Silicon Valley back to the technical personnel or with Silicon Valley halo, we would have hoped that through these people can understand the US companies in the technology and model there is no direct reference to the place. But as more and more transparent information, more and more technical exchanges, Silicon Valley halo is slowly fading. And a small company may also introduce 1-2 Silicon Valley talent, so now, the timing becomes very important. "Wu Jie said.

Leave, because the United States is no longer cute

Another unexpected thing, but also quietly affecting the Chinese engineers in Silicon Valley "left" or "home" choice.

Donald Trump, the new US president, will take office in January 2017, but he has not been welcomed by tech companies in Silicon Valley and the West Coast, where he believes his policies will hurt science and technology. The Alibaba Executive Vice President Cai Chongxin in the "double eleven" that day to the British "Financial Times" "outspoken reminder" Trump carefully consider the issue of globalization. Baidu CEO Robin Li in the post it forwarded a "hundred elite elite open letter: Trump is the disaster of innovation", suggesting that Trump election may make the World Innovation Center from Silicon Valley to China.

But Silicon Valley's Chinese engineers are mostly supported by Trump's position.

The previously mentioned Microsoft and Facebook in the United States spent 12 years of senior engineers is a typical support Trump Chinese. He returned in 2014, a very important reason is that he believes that the United States has been "engaged in egalitarianism, engage in welfare lazy people" of the country. In the past immigration policy, the United States also let the Chinese engineers community dissatisfied, honestly take the skilled immigrant engineers need to wait for many years to discharge to the green card, and illegal immigration is often ushered in amnesty and the first to obtain American citizenship, treatment.

He even said that to some extent, China across the Pacific has been more fair than the United States, "although some people say that the Chinese people into the eyes of money, but everyone is working hard, the United States is not the case. & Rdquo;

1997 to the United States, the science physics engineer "like not, can be happy"; but by 2014, when he intends to return to the country, on the one hand to consider the attraction from China, on the other hand Is the United States and its representatives of the values ​​of goodwill and recognition are declining.

Alibaba quick return to join the fast-selling Guo Dongbai also said that in 1995, when the United States, "there is no ambiguity" in all aspects of conditions are better than China. But now at least it can be argued that the United States on China can "love each other." Especially in his areas of expertise, Chinese companies can provide him with the full play of the stage.

Speaking of US general elections, Guo Dong Bai is not busy statement. May be due to well-trained professional and professional requirements, he is a very rational, emphasizing the facts and data of people, related to important choices, will consider repeated, the election so, for the job.

The 2012 election, Guo Dongbai himself draws a very detailed decision tree, the two candidates for the presidential policy of different categories listed, and then according to their own relevance and support of each policy or scoring, the final statistics after the results Decide who to vote for, and not vote based on the influence of the media or other people. Eventually, he voted for the Democratic candidate, the outgoing incumbent President Barack Obama.

Back in China in 2014, he also made a similar decision tree to return home to accept the offer of Ali and stay in the United States continue to stay in the Amazon score to compare. He also remembers the results were found on both sides of 24 points, and later adjusted the weight of some of the items, and finally made a decision to work Ali.

In the Silicon Valley, more and more well-known executives and research scholars choose to return to start a business or join a Chinese company, in fact, there are many factors. As the Lane Silicon Valley Chinese engineers community "Lane" CEO, Wu Rui-chi analysis of the objective behind the wave of returning home.

On the one hand, the United States the glass ceiling of the workplace, will allow the Chinese to do to a certain extent, it is difficult to have greater influence, and China a huge opportunity to have room for development, and more "money power". On the other hand, the decline of the US middle class in the past few years is an indisputable fact, in the foreseeable future, the quality of life in the United States in the middle class may be lagging behind China; and some areas of the United States senior talent back to China is equivalent to "ldquo ; Reduced dimension attacks ", will be more attention.

"Especially in the years after Trump came to power, I expect there will be more large-scale talent back, especially senior technical and management personnel." Wu Ruizhi said.

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