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Google Search before employees: APP Growth is how to use the growth of hackers?

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GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Growth in Silicon Valley, the concept of a long time, "the growth of hackers," a book that the concept is very popular in the country. Many people feel that the concept of growth is very mysterious hackers, viral marketing, exponential growth of these concepts in the mouth; in Silicon Valley Growth is very ground,

First, Mobile Growth challenges and opportunities

(1) Challenges of Mobile Growth

The same is Growth, PC and Mobile on the difference is very large, the technical point of view Mobile Difficult to do more. why?

The first point: Mobile above it is difficult to do cross-link, the content is more closed;

Second: Mobile needs in the application store audit release, it is difficult to quickly iterative and A / B test;

The third point: Mobile need to download, users can not be updated to the latest version.

(B) Mobile Growth opportunities

Although there are technical barriers, but the unique attributes of APP for the products and operations to bring some of the benefits, so that we can more quickly reach the user.

The first point: Mobile is positioning.

Mobile is a strong personal property of the device, open an APP, basically you can clear your personal basic information and geographic trajectory.

The second point: Mobile is the entrance.

With Mobile can directly access your products and services, without having to be subject to the Web search engine, the difficulty lies in cultivating user habits.

The third point: Mobile is the channel.

Enterprises and users can interact directly through the mobile exchange, such as pop windows, station letters, etc., this does not exist on the Web.

Second, Mobile Growth of the top ideas

User Onboarding (user boot or user to get started) is very important, User Onboarding from the user to start downloading your APP. After downloading, we need to guide users step by step to use your APP; activation, retention, until the realization of payment.

(1) User Onboarding process

We take a game APP as an example, a careful analysis of this User Onboarding process. If you have a basis for funnel analysis, it is well understood the meaning of the following diagram.

GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Figure 1: Funnel Model Monitoring User Onboarding Efficiency

Suppose we start with 100% of our new users downloading our APP, then 82% of people register or use third-party shortcuts to register games. And then log on account, select the game character, there are a small number of users loss. Then we have to encourage users to participate in the game, the first, second, are three times ... ... to become loyal users: the process will continue to drain the user, until the payment.

In this process, the user is constantly lost; Mobile Growth at this time a basic idea is to look at the funnel every aspect of the wastage rate, there are options to optimize part of the link.

(B) user behavior data analysis and Mobile optimization

User Onboarding has two major optimization direction: First, reduce operational barriers to enhance the user experience; Second, the transmission value, allowing users to identify with our products. Do these two things, User Onboarding will have a good growth.

GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Figure 2: Mobile optimization of the two ideas

I have also been responsible for Mobile Growth, in this regard summed up a number of practical skills. User Onboarding optimization must be from the user's point of view, the user behavior data as the basis, so as to be targeted.

Skill 1: ASO (App Store Optimization)

Search optimization for app stores. Mobile Growth may need to test what kind of map, what kind of title, what kind of comments, and even APP size will also affect the user's download intention.

Tip 2: Optimize the registration process

If you use your APP for the first time on the need to register, so the wastage rate is certainly high, because the user did not see the value of APP. You can use deferred registration, third-party account (WeChat, microblogging, QQ, etc.) quick registration, APP use mail registration or fill out a lot of information.

Tip 3: Optimize access to the startup page

In the login page to make clear the value of the product, the information of the recommender to put the social trust of the recommender into APP new attraction.

Tip 4: Motivate users to reach Aha Moment

Users in the process of getting started is constantly lost, Aha Moment can increase the user's interest, enhance the user's viscosity and retention.

GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Figure 3: Retention Curves

I'll tell you about the Aha! Moment with a relic. A billing class APP, made a push every night to remind users to remember today update revenue and expenditure situation; they made a A / B test to receive the push of the user, their monthly retention rate is not the push users 3 times. This reminds us, must take the core value of the product presented to the user, so that users feel that their products are cool, very human, very valuable.

Tip 5: accurate recommendation

In the right time to the right content, recommended to the appropriate user; the only way the user experience can not be destroyed, but also interested in continuing to use.

Third, to achieve Mobile Growth of the three key technologies

Although Mobile has a lot of natural growth obstacles, but with the continuous development of technology, we still explore a lot of Mobile Growth "black technology", such as Mobile A / B Testing components, Deep-Link, dynamic content Wait.

(A) A / B Test

APP system to A / B test, it is necessary to build a grouping mechanism; the packet will tell Mobile, which users A test, which users B test. And then test the results of data analysis to determine which product is better, this is the most basic A / B Test.

GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Figure 4: The final effect of the two registration schemes

To mobile-side registration, for example, we prepared two different scenarios, and then test the effectiveness of the two programs. We use data analysis tools to monitor the conversion rate of two different registration processes, not difficult to find the overall effect of program B is better, and the focus on the registration process the first step.

(2) Deep-link

We sometimes see news in the Mobile point of view, open the contents of a content information APP, and jump directly to the specific page: In fact, this is what I mentioned Deep-link. That is, you can jump directly from APP to APP to a content page.

This is a good solution to cross-link problem, to a certain extent, part of the closure of APP content. Deep is also a good user growth engine, the user to share your APP content page to the circle of friends, this is actually a viral spread. The following formula can be a good measure of every aspect of the spread of the virus:

Virus Coefficient K = User Recommends APP content to N new users * Click-through rate on referral content * Enter page User download conversion rate

(C) dynamic content

Dynamic content of the implementation of many ways, such as the function switch, fill in static content dynamic template, dynamically adjust the components built pages and so on. However, it should be noted that excessive dynamics may be sacrificing the performance of Mobile, and the early development process is also high cost.

Growth pay attention to improve efficiency, dynamic also talk about efficiency. Mobile content dynamic need to weigh the cost and benefits, as far as possible with the least cost to make the most effective thing.

GoogleGoogle Search 前员工: APP Growth 是如何利用增长黑客的?

Figure 5: Heat map shows the effect of mobile end content click

Especially the content type, media type APP, content update speed, this time to do dynamic dynamic mechanism is essential. Use tools such as the heat map tool above to find the most interesting sections or content in your product.

From the user's perspective, the most important point of growth is retention; the value your product can provide and the user experience that you want to determine the user's viscosity and retention.

From a company perspective, Growth requires a top-down strategy; the company needs a data-driven and technology-driven culture, and an appropriate growth organization.

From the perspective of Mobile products, rapid iteration is essential; in the final data came out before anyone dare not nonsense, we need a small experiment to promote APP Growth.

Author: Shao Zhen, Square full-stack engineer, Google Search former employees, data analysis products GrowingIO's special adviser. This article collated from a speech in the domestic activities of Shao Zhen, the original published in the GrowingIO blog and public number, authorized release.

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