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King does not meet the ring network, Tencent will eat Steam cake?

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不满足称王网游圈,腾讯会吃掉不满足称王网游圈,腾讯会吃掉 Steam 的蛋糕吗?

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The world is only a Steam, Blizzard did not do, EA did not do, Ubisoft (Ubisoft) did not do it, but the Valve has done.

Recently, Tencent game platform (hereinafter referred to as "TGP", "Tencent Games Platform") announced that the agent will be "This is my war" ( "This War of Mine"), which is following the TGP front agent "famine: Online" But also a PC-quality games, and "famine: online version" in just two weeks time sales breakthrough 50W, comparable to the game in the Steam platform in the first half of the cumulative sales.

Tencent to enter the PC game distribution, the first single also come up with a good report card, has been questioned again been dug up: TGP can become the Chinese version of Steam?

Why do you like to take TGP on the standard Steam?

October 20 this year, TGP announced the joint overseas distribution company Supernova official release "famine: online version", including limited time discounts, online national dress, integrated platform services, including TGP user exclusive services. (Do not share servers with Steam users)

This action also confirmed Tencent's declaration a few months ago, August this year, Tencent interactive entertainment gaming platform and community products TGP product director Wang Weiguang, director of operations Zhongchang Bo said that the transformation of the TGP platform will cover stand-alone, online games , Page tour, hand tour and VR / AR game integrated distribution platform, to remove the original online travel and hand tour services, but also the introduction of third-party genuine stand-alone, the future business focus is PC games, including stand-alone and online games release And operations.

In the past, TGP rely on LOL (hero alliance), CF (through FireWire) and other popular online games among the top gaming companies in recent years, the acquisition of Blizzard 6% stake in the acquisition of Riot Games (LOL developers), TGP gives the label More with some of the online games industry.

But this year: In May, Tencent also joint Intel, Haier in CES ASIA 2016 launch TGP game console, with the TGP game resources, trying to enter the game console market. $ 8.6 billion acquisition of Supercell ( "tribal conflict" and "pirates" and other well-known hand tour developers); agent Klei Entertainment development "famine: online version", two weeks sales of 500,000.

Tencent seems to declare to the world that they not only satisfied with a dominance in the domestic online circle, Tencent TGP want to fight into a full range of gaming platform.

In fact, TGP's "all-round platform" transformation of the road is in conflict with the Steam, even if the TGP in the stand-alone game agent distribution is still in its infancy.

However, Tencent has financial support, research and development capabilities and user base, in the past Tencent also proved its ability to overseas acquisitions, no one dared to underestimate Tencent action, eating melon people naturally take it with the world's largest PC gaming platform - mdash; Steam for all aspects of contrast, if Tencent want to make a difference in the PC gaming market, Steam Tencent around the bound to be a big mountain.

Tencent in the end there is no such ability?

In the final analysis, Tencent in the end there is no ability? Compared to the exotic of the Steam, backed by BAT a very natural TGP has his advantage:

User base, TGP pre-operation of a large player base, together with Tencent QQ, WeChat two social tools to promote channels, TGP promotion can be said to be able to cover the majority of Internet users to another. , Compared to the traditional Steam login method, an account login is also more convenient.

Market, China has a large number of stand-alone game users, and the past few years, the domestic genuine game market is increasingly perfect.

Payment methods, Steam card phenomenon is not a serious single, this Tencent and other domestic enterprises still have certain advantages, but if the competition with Steam, Tencent why open WeChat payment interface to Steam it?

Language advantage, due to the Chinese coding reasons and development costs, Steam game manufacturers are willing to out of the Chinese version is still a minority, for some players, the language barrier or constitute a barrier (some domestic Steam players because some games are not Han , Such as FM2017), the Tencent agent "famine: online version" version of the Chinese version is a very good example. (Although the rumors before the theft of other Chinese finished the Chinese group of this behavior remains open to question.


According to steamspy.com, Steam users in China share of up to 5.61%, second only to the United States (16.53%) and Russia (8.66%, also known as low-cost areas), ranked third in the world, showing that domestic genuine market is gradually growing . At the Steam Developers Conference in October, Valve (Steam parent company) released data, 2014 years, Steam Asia region revenue growth of nearly 500%, naturally with the potential of China has a greater relevance, there are many areas of China to become Steam low-cost area the elements of.


First of all, talk about data, the following is a well-known Steam statistics platform Steamspy "Do not Starve Together" (original "famine online version") of the statistics:


(Data from Steamspy)

Can be seen, "famine: online version" in April 2016 landing Steam, after nearly seven months, the cumulative global number of about 500 million copies, accounting for about 8.4% in China, which means that sales in China is about "Do not Starve Together" version of a short period before the on-line period, the purchase of "Do not Starve" will receive a copy of the online version (the author is also beneficiaries, but also to buy a half- 233).

So, the TGP just two weeks to complete the 500,000 sales, has more than "Do not Starve Together" on Steam in the past six months of cumulative sales, regardless of TGP user conversion capacity or the domestic consumption of genuine gamers potential , 50w sales are able to explain the problem to some extent.

In addition, the Netease agent "Watching Pioneer" players super-15 million, if the "famine: Online" 21 yuan price is not much expenditure, "Watch Pioneer" 198 and 328 pricing is a 3A Steam masterpiece level, these The case seems to make the "stand-alone game low return on capital" This is no longer valid.

If the original online game users can really achieve the transformation of the stand-alone game users or integration, then, Tencent, there is no doubt that this is a huge toll point.

However, these advantages mean that Tencent will be able to continue to release this single game it?

Tencent can not do it?

In fact, the domestic situation is still bad, from the formal game market there is a big gap.

1, business model

China is too perfect pirated game market, crack + Chinese + patch readily available, the Chinese players did not develop into a genuine game pay consumption habits,

App Store, for example, topped the list to 1 yuan application or more low-cost applications, compared to genuine IP pay, Chinese users are more willing to wait for the freezing point price or limited, "Monument Valley" and other fine works When the topping free top of the list is a good example.

The face of the domestic game market is not yet perfect situation, but also has a question on the business model of TGP: low return on capital.

If the reference Steam model, unlike TGP past the operation of the online games, mostly belong to the typical one-time payment game (of course there are some games have in-house purchase options, such as V's own CSGO), and TGP's most popular online games , LOL, CF), hand tour (Clash of Clans) and many more are free + value-added charging model, can achieve a high percentage of user conversion or integration is a problem.

2, the fan effect

Early Steam rely on "CS", "Garry's Mod", "Half Life", "Portal" and other excellent series of their own games, accumulated a large number of bone-level players, Steam has become other manufacturers work outstanding users.


Tencent's, such as the QQ series of games are more free + krypton gold online games, it is difficult to derive similar to the Steam-end bone powder level users, and Tencent early in the industry the impression accumulated to tell the truth also gives the player preconceived notions, TGP charges Whether to provide long-lasting stability of quality services, including servers, DLC, MOD and other maintenance updates also need TGP continue to strengthen.

3, the market environment

Company attributes: to know, Steam parent company Valve is a private company, and Tencent is a listed company, Tencent if you want to go further in the stand-alone game market, will need long-term accumulation of time and user reputation, the investor can give Tencent Enough time, Tencent is willing to give up more traffic, more profitable online games, page travel, but to run a greater risk of stand-alone game market?

Game review: TGP issued the game is also facing the audit of the problem (Steam belongs to overseas enterprises, not return to domestic jurisdiction), remember in June this year, SARFT launched the "mobile game publishing service management notice"? If you want to introduce Steam platform-level massive game resources, the policy environment remains unchanged, the audit of this relationship is bound to be more difficult to break through the mark.

4, a strong competitor & mdash; & mdash; Steam

China has become the new low-priced area of ​​Steam, 500% growth rate, the presence of Steam is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to the development of TGP road, but do not want to see Steam one day out of China news.

Although Tencent is the only domestic and Steam head-on game companies (although Netease game is quite strong), after all, by virtue of LOL, CF, DNF these games, these have brought massive TGP player base. However, for the time being, due to the above factors and the domestic market environment, the next Steam? At least for now, TGP is still difficult to face is not small.

However, it is certain that, TGP test the water game is a single game on the domestic market is also a tonic, began to do well, the back can also be optimized, but has been no one to do so, I am afraid the future will be G fat The world.

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