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How to evaluate Earth VR Google?

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Earth VR Google

To follow the practice, and all applications from the hands of the popular platform manufacturers, from the beginning of the first hour shelves, from the global science and technology enthusiasts began around the VR software carried out praise, discussion and debate endlessly:

Some people think this is purely exaggerated, and the actual content to contact the trailer to see the things which is completely different, is typical of the false advertising business fraud, should be thoroughly criticized.

For a time, from the traditional old big integrated media to fully accountable VR from the media, the Internet technology circles on the Google Earth VR's voice and speech is rampant, very lively.

For some reason not detailed, choose in China the first time seriously started to experience this application users and not we imagine so much, since the pressure on the root user base, objective and correct public opinion trends and where about?

Earth VR Q:Google in the end is what? When did it appear? Why from the unknown to the whole network is only less than a day?

A: just as its name implies, this virtual reality software is Earth Google (this should not be explained, ah?) Combined with the results of the VR experience function, the actual effect from the official one minute 04 seconds of the promotional film which can be seen very clearly.

Although the VR application does not have any actionpacked ingredients, but for all the Carlos era in Iraq from the desire to get rid of gravity for the sky humans, Google Earth VR apparently let us toward the dream in goal has taken a recognizable step.


If I'm not mistaken, this time should be officially launched in Beijing on November 17, 2016 at about 12 in the morning, at least I saw last time is almost at this time.

Q: Well, despite those crooked nuts, I at home I can experience this thing?

However, despite the domestic network environment in which to download and run without any problems, but if you want to really experience the Earth VR Google, do not have to use special means to circumvent some of the obstacles is still not good.

Q: I watch the trailer, it seems to be in the shape of the miniature landscape in the city of VR free to browse, is it?

A: true, but the trailer shows not all the truth; this screenshot below is Google Earth VR in Beijing, you feel:


The fact is that, in addition to the current version of the application of preset city and natural landscape (basically is that we can see in the trailer, the vast majority of the content) locations all over the world scenery and above as examples of Beijing, really appear in front of us only planar mapping.


Q: Well, what about the landscape experience that comes with 3D modeling?




Niagara Falls


The world's first MC, oh no big stone Ayers rock.

The gap at a glance, isn't it?

The reason is that the gap, in addition to the impact of texture on the visual effects and the reasons for the static image, the number of polygons and the complexity of the model is undoubtedly one of the important reasons. The current version of the 3D modeling City, Tokyo, for example, when we first visited the site, presented in front of the basic is so like a scene:


And then after a long period of time to download and read, the accuracy of the image is basically a picture of this appearance:


And the notice of the effect must have a gap, but it is not an accident.


Let's zoom in:


Re amplification:


That sounds like a piece of color pattern shape of a police car, right?


Q: can we take Earth VR VR as a pioneer in Google navigation? Can I find my home on the map?

As for the second question, the first version of the current stage of the Google Earth VR does not retrieve the input box, in other words except those that can be directly selected from the list of 3D mentioned above in the big city, living in other parts of the friends want to find their home here, only before the virtual earth continuously rotating zoom identify the approximate location, progressively enlarged slowly a way of searching.

In addition, due to the Google map of the domestic landmark tagging existence drift phenomenon, you want to use the existing notes to accurately find their target location is not easy.


Above picture, for example, we can find Zhongguancun Venture Street it?

Q: finally, as a conclusion, we should evaluate how Earth VR Google? What can be expected and what?


According to SteamSpy and SteamDB statistics, less than 48 hours, the VR application has attracted more than 10000 of the user, and download and install the actual user experience after the proportion of at least 80% or more:


So, even if the free VR application standards, the first performance of Google Earth VR is still remarkable.

But in my personal opinion, this application of real charm, I am afraid not only reflected in the blue VR sky:


Look, the sky of Ayers rock.

So bright stars, enough to make a city still yearn for the sky haze experience be moved, isn't it?

Because of this, I believe that most of my friends will understand me to join Google Earth VR with Uyuni salt marsh as 3D natural scene look.

Although the show is still only a prototype, but if the Google in the days after the selection of iterative (recall that Tilt Brush updated version of it) to improve the application, perhaps some day in the future, we can use this virtual reality software to design their own VR version of "planet earth".

At least, we have taken the first step now, aren't we?

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