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Apple move GPU engineers is to give up Intel? gab!

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About a decade ago, Apple decided to use the chip giant Intel from the design and manufacture of processors, and slowly cover their own desktop iMac and notebook MacBook product line. However, with the growing strength of Apple chip design, mainly for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch chip design is getting better and better, began to have a variety of analysis that Apple will eventually build their own high-performance processing Device, thus replacing the Intel chip in the Mac position.

Such a thing has never been confirmed, nor really happened, but Intel's personal computer processor business has been a negative impact. Of course, even if the rumors come true, in fact, for Intel's chip business in terms of not very great impact, because the view of the 2015 Intel's financial performance report is not difficult to find, from Apple's return on the proportion of total revenue 10%.

However, the relevant A-chip chip to replace Intel's rumors to today has not stopped. For example, a new report from Exane BNP Paribas shows that Apple is hiring more and more different types of chip engineers, and the ultimate goal is to expel Intel chips from the Mac product line, according to a new report from Exane BNP Paribas. In the end this is how the case? Let's take a closer look.

Apple is recruiting Mac custom graphics processing chip engineers?

According to the contents of the report to understand that Apple is planning to fill their own gaps in graphics technology, for which at least opened up to 87 engineers positions. Based on this, analysts involved in the report that "so many vacancies in graphics technology engineer positions, no doubt that Apple is creating a new, large, excellent chip design team to personal experience in the past, this Must contain chip hardware and software-driven two aspects. & Rdquo;

The analyst did not stop speculation, further explanation, concluded that, "Apple requires these candidates, the calculation of performance, and CPU and GPU design skills must be mastered." Therefore, this is very likely that Apple wants to build independent chips for the MacBook measures. This speculation is entirely reasonable, I think Apple may even have begun to prepare the 7 nanometer application processor, the fastest 2018 years will be able to carry to the MacBook. & Rdquo;

Analysts on the big wave of speculation and conclusions seem to believe, you believe it?

Apple CPU GPU technology but also to do?

We all know that Apple today most valued chip design natural or for the iPhone and iPad design of the A series of processors, and it is undeniable that the achievements of its A series of chips to the entire industry competitors are very fear. Because participation in the custom chip competition vendors are very clear, a chip customization is not so simple to consider the CPU core, GPU graphics processing unit and a lot of memory controller and other things.

So how to use GPU technology to Apple? Not long ago, we in the "Apple ambitions in fact A series of chips has been customized autonomous GPU" reported in the report, who in the chip field known as cattle Breaking analyst David & middot; Kanter (David Kanter), through In fact, from the iPhone 6 series smart phone design A8 chip, Apple has specially customized the first GPU core, and Apple in the subsequent design of the A9 and A10 Fusion chips introduced this year, but also on the autonomy Customized GPU has been updated.

Considering that Apple has not had its own GPU graphics processing unit, relying on the licensing solution provided by Imagination Technologies, Apple will not be able to fully customize the GPU, David Kant explains. Imagination Technologies is still responsible for most of the technical work, but Apple has adjusted the shader core, replaced by higher performance, more efficient programmable shader core, and Apple has also developed its own code to generate the compiler , Independently design the most compatible system driver software.

So, on the surface of the Apple A series chip GPU using Imagination Technologies PowerVR hardware, but the internal integration of many exclusive patented technology.

Obviously, not long ago, Apple opened a number of GPU graphics technology in particular, the recruitment position, looks more like a further refinement of the A series of chips customized team, this should be the most reasonable guess, but also for the iPhone and iPad Of the A series of chips, not Mac product line. More importantly, these jobs have nearly 20 jobs are in London, is not in order to work with the British in the Imagination Technologies better with the project?

That the future of Intel may be rejected?

The answer is clearly only Apple knows, if Apple's long-term plan is to use the A series chip to replace Intel chips for the goal, that the future will certainly go in this direction, the final will be replaced by a matter of course. Furthermore, Apple is also a major shareholder of Imagination Technologies, holding nearly 9% of the shares, but also publicly confirmed that the consideration of the full acquisition of the company, there is no surprise this action.

However, the most need to be clear is that Apple's Mac product line to abandon the Intel processor is unlikely in the short term, even behind closed doors to create the history of the strongest A-chip, it is difficult as rumors. Because Mac systems and software, whether the first party or a third party, is now completely around Intel's chip design and development, if you want to ARM architecture processor to run, you must also spend a lot of time and effort to completely re- design.

Many people will say that Apple's Mac product line is not before there is no change in the chip architecture strategy, the last is the transition from Power PC to Intel processors. However, Apple was in advance to the developer made a clear notice, but also give them plenty of time to prepare the software. At that time, Apple announced notice of the time than the 2005 WWDC announced the processor architecture migration time even earlier, and the first first Intel processor Mac until 2006 WWDC was shipped.

However, to see a variety of reports and so-called rumors, so far there is no Apple has informed developers or developers of related news, the Mac product line from Intel architecture to ARM chip statement can not speak. In the final analysis, the question is not whether the key to Apple to build chips for the Mac, but rather a large-scale use of Apple graphics processing technology engineer this matter, in fact, whether or not to give up Intel processors Mac Mac some relationship.

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