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A 5G coding caused a sensation in the industry, China won the 5G era from the dominance of how far?

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一个一个 5G 编码引起业界轰动,中国离拿下 5G 时代霸主地位还有多远?

Text / Guo Xiaofeng

Recently, the main push of PolarCode (polarization code) scheme by the International Wireless Standardization Agency 3GPP, identified as 5G eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) scene control channel coding scheme in the industry hot.

This is the first time that a Chinese company has entered the framework of basic communication framework. Compared with the past 2G, 3G and 4G, its biggest significance is to increase the voice of Chinese enterprises in the global communications field. However, similar to the "Chinese standard over the United States standard, China won the 5G times the hegemony of the position", apparently some exaggeration.

Why a coding industry caused a sensation?

Coding and modulation is the core of wireless communication technology most profound part, known as the top of the communications technology. Channel coding and decoding in the basic communication framework in the physical layer location, the performance improvement will directly enhance the network coverage and user transmission rate.

In the 3GPP RAN1 (wireless physical layer) 87 meeting, identified China's Huawei-led Polar code as the control channel coding scheme, the United States Qualcomm-led LDPC code as the data channel coding scheme.

As early as last month's meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, LDPC program was identified as 5G long code in the program. Since then, 5G standard and a key part of a breakthrough. Once the monopoly of 3G and 4G encoding Turbo 2.0 code because of fewer supporters, the future is likely to exit. As for the difference between the three, not repeat them here, straightforward, Polar code in the rate, delay, throughput, stability and other communication technology indicators and the best performance on the scene.

The test results show that by using the Polar code and the dynamic selection of the decoding algorithm, both the short packet (large-connected network scenario) and the long packet (high-speed mobile scenarios such as low-delay requirements such as automatic driving) Of the performance gain, so that the existing cellular network spectral efficiency by 10%, with millimeter wave combined to 27Gbps rate.

The experimental results show that Polar codes can meet the requirements of high speed, low latency, large connected mobile Internet and Internet of Things.

For a time, the "Chinese standard over the US standards, China won the 5G era of supremacy of the position" overwhelming, but apparently some exaggeration.

Industry senior technical personage to Tencent science and technology, 3GPP will Polar code identified as 5G eMBB scene control channel coding scheme, only 5G standard part, although the weight is not small, but can not be called China to develop 5G technical standards, then also There are many links. Such as frame structure, waveform and multiple access, can only say that Huawei-led Polar code 5G standard important role.

Technology is the primary productive force, communication technology is relatively complex, but who mastered the standard technology that has the right to speak and commanding height, naturally benefit. 30 years ago, Qualcomm CDMA technology for military communications for civilian use, the introduction of the IS-95 standard, with the European GSM competition to become the second generation mobile communication system, that is, we often say 2G era.

In the 3G era, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA all adopted CDMA technology. However, the Viterbi decoding algorithm dominated by Qualcomm has convinced the industry that CDMA represents the development direction of wireless communication technology. Today, the vast majority of Qualcomm's profits come from patents based on the technical standards of the license.

In the 3G era, although China has independently developed TD-SCDMA, but technically still can not be compared. Even to the 4G era, China has a certain breakthrough TD-LTE, but its core long code Turbo code and short code bit-tail convolutional code, are not Chinese original technology. Which led to the United States at every turn Qualcomm sued the Chinese company infringement, to obtain additional royalties.

The Huawei-led Polar Code was adopted by the 3GPP 5GeMBB control channel standard program, is the 5G mobile communication technology research and standardization of important progress. This point of view, will understand why a Polar code in the industry caused a sensation.

Qualcomm remains the strongest competitor

From the national strategic point of view, the Ministry of Industry in February this year has revealed that China and the international synchronous start 5G R & D work, one is to establish a collaborative working mechanism. Currently, a number of Chinese enterprises, universities and research institutes jointly set up IMT-2020 (5G) to promote the group, to carry out 5G needs, technology, spectrum, standards and other research work.

But the comparison will find that the US carriers have already started 5G of the test, or even into the 5G test commercial countdown. Verizon said in the beginning of this year, before the end of 5G into the "pre-commercialization factor test" stage, and strive to achieve commercialization in 2017. While the encoding is used in high-pass LDPC-led program.

"Qualcomm has always been disdain 3GPP, so the participation of 3GPP is negative, Qualcomm set up 3GPP2 organization is a good example. So advance the deployment of 5G and to promote the relevant code to expand the scale of the global effect, when the 3GPP can not interfere in its voice in the 5G can be imagined. "The source said.

Therefore, China is actively carrying out 5G R & D, there are a lot of enterprises, universities have invested a lot of resources to carry out all aspects of 5G R & D, to some extent do not rule out the strategic checks and balances.

According to the overall deployment, China's 5G basic research and development test in 2016 -2018, divided into 5G key technology test, 5G technical program verification and 5G system verification in three stages. China is expected to start in 2020 5G commercial. Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and other companies have been developed for some key technology 5G concept prototype.

From the industry point of view, 2016 will be the first year of the 5G standard, and 3G, 4G era coexist multiple standards, 5G is expected to achieve a unified global standard, but the standard of the right to speak, it depends on The extent of participation in various sectors, and more technology is 5G standard use and confirmation will inevitably allow companies to have more patent reserves in the future, as Qualcomm's patent license, the future can also be licensed to Qualcomm patent fees.

Especially in mobile phones, the party will get the initiative to enhance the local mobile phone brand R & D efficiency, after all, the standard will be more convenient collaboration, and even the formation of patent standards, thereby enhancing the terminal innovation.

At present, the mobile phone industry's patent competition is worsening and the frequency increases, from the beginning of Apple to Huawei to pay royalties, Huawei sued Samsung patent infringement, Qualcomm v. Meizu patent infringement and the recent OPPO, vivo infringement Dolby audio technology accused . Therefore, the emphasis on the role of patents, but also to emphasize the patent into the standard, if the patent into the standard, it becomes standard essential patent, once the standard is implemented, the patent infringement, can claim the right to charge.

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