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Adobe Creative Cloud to return to China, but piracy is still his "heart pain"

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AdobeAdobe Creative Cloud 重返中国,但盗版依然是他的“心头之痛”

The day before the arrival of the double eleven, Adobe Creative Cloud to bring back the Chinese people's vision. For many people, Adobe is both a magical and unfamiliar company. The magic is that they have a lot of dazzling tools: Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom and other heavy creative software. Strangely, this company in the Chinese market, almost all industry word of mouth (rarely found on its advertising), very few people pay for it to buy.

In September 2014, Adobe announced the closure of the R & D center in China, its integration into India, leaving only a few major cities in China sales department. After the news, microblogging caused a burst of not small onlookers, "Adobe propped up your career, but you do not pay a penny for it" as Adobe closed China's R & D center best adjective.

Of course, all this direct chain reaction is, Adobe CC has not been launched in the Chinese market. In the official website has been to stay in Adobe CS6 series. The Adobe launched in 2012, the software has gradually become the Chinese design market standard. And Adobe to leave China, does not mean that piracy stops. Adobe CC is still scheduled to appear in the consumer computer, especially the popular Lightroom, is to become the user to choose pirated.

Until this year, the Chinese market has undergone some minor changes. A large area network disk was closed, once the breeding ground for pirated software, but now have to retreat. This year the rise of copyright awareness on the Internet, for the return of the implantation of the foreshadowing of Adobe. The concept of individual user cloud services gradually clear, but also to Creative Cloud's value will be redefined.

But it is interesting, Adobe seems to have found, even if the current return to the Chinese market. Individual users may not pay for it, a huge chain of pirated software from the Chinese market is difficult to instantly disappear. Therefore, it launched the Adobe Creative Cloud is currently only for business users.

AdobeAdobe Creative Cloud 重返中国,但盗版依然是他的“心头之痛”

Subscription instructions for Adobe's official website

In other words, Adobe's return, not to the individual user market battle. Compared to the difficult to eradicate the piracy of individual user market, it is better to start from the creative company, cash is more direct and convenient. So the question came, so many creative companies, it will really pay for it?

In contrast to Adobe's time, in fact, another company piracy suffered more should be our concern. That is Microsoft, Microsoft piracy in China and the history of blood and tears, more than any company to come true. In the XP era, almost every computer is a set of "depth", "Computer House", "Tomato House" Ghost system. However, with Microsoft and major computer manufacturers of "ambiguous" (negotiation), manufacturers of new computers are preinstalled with a genuine Windows system.

In this year, more and more manufacturers began with the factory computer comes with Office Home Edition, Microsoft's genuine license and manufacturers tightly bound together. And Microsoft's subscription service for individuals - mdash; Office365, is in this year's double-eleven gains. With dual 11 big promotion, Office365 Personal Edition 99 yuan / year, was crazy consumers bought the goods. In other words, in the current Chinese market, more and more users began to think about how to have a genuine software subscription license, rather than continue to search for pirated software gray area.

AdobeAdobe Creative Cloud 重返中国,但盗版依然是他的“心头之痛”

Double eleven, Microsoft China 99 yuan Office365 sold off the goods

And Microsoft in recent years is the action frequently, once became the Mac OS & amp; iOS platform, the best developers. The biggest value of its Office 365 is also able to achieve Microsoft's cloud services, multi-platform synchronization. More thought-provoking is that domestic mobile phone manufacturers have begun cooperation with Microsoft, such as millet, in the current MIUI development version (millet phone system preview version), has built a full set of Microsoft Office software. But Jinshan WPS also pre-installed into the millet system. Microsoft and another well-known ROM & mdash; CyanogenMod also carried out in-depth cooperation. It can be said that Microsoft's personal subscription user outbreak, can not do without it in a multi-platform for the development of Office applications, and continue to maintain its ambiguous cooperation with manufacturers consistent strategy.

In fact, manufacturers of genuine plan to drive from the start and then explore the front line, for many people in the education industry, these professional software vendors have given a lot of concessions and help. For example, Microsoft Office 365 Education Authorization grants teachers & amp; students free access. Office 365 in the education authorization program, in fact, it also and some software agents for educational cooperation. For example, Purcell campus pioneer, it is not only the Office of the educational benefits, there are Adobe CS6 series of preferential prices.

All this can be seen as two companies in the Chinese market piracy of its victims, in order to win over the next generation of consumer marketing activities. After all, choose a dime than the user does not spend piracy, even in the freezing point of the price of their own products, still be able to make their own financial reports more attractive.

Apple's APP Store in the third quarter of this year's report shows that China's iOS App Store in Apple's total revenue for the first time surpassed the United States to become the world's first. This is indeed a so that all developers have confidence in the Chinese market, the good news, after all, the developer of the old injury, as another developer's treasure.

Of course, this entry into China's Adobe Creative Cloud is essentially a cloud service that will be able to upload your creations to the cloud for synchronization. In the user to replace the computer, which led to the PSD font missing this slot. Adobe Creative Cloud also offers a solution that can store the user's font information in Adobe's cloud so that users only need to log in to the Creative Cloud to be able to synchronize their fonts in the cloud. And this feature is already in the Adobe CC 2014 already, but the delay in the Chinese market can not be put in the CC, so no users can enjoy the Adobe to bring the cloud services to facilitate.

In the context of the disintegration of domestic cloud services, Adobe Creative Cloud return, whether the awareness of copyright gradually awakened the Chinese market share of their own piece of soup? For now, Adobe is not very concerned about getting enough retail (individual users), but the continuation of Microsoft's approach to seize the creative company (Microsoft to seize the manufacturers), and the Government (Adobe in the return conference, Thanks to the support of the Shanghai government), continued to launch a similar Typekit cloud services such as the user sticky blessing. Adobe's industry position and a more mature way of promotion, will be in the territory of Adobe piracy spread out a gap.

But this does not mean that, Adobe's pirated territory will disappear in the Chinese market. Because the App Store and Microsoft China's success, derived from the marketing activities they do (App Store 1 yuan APP and Microsoft China Office 365 price cuts). Currently in Adobe China official website, and have found Adobe's pricing information, need to consult the way to know the specific subscription price. However, the pricing of Adobe in the past, I am afraid that only special creative companies can make money.

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