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Google push independent Android Auto, chicken ribs in the end, or have an ulterior motive?

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谷歌推独立谷歌推独立 Android Auto,鸡肋到底,还是别有用心?

Automobile gradually networking to become the industry trend, but in the realization of the path, car companies and Internet companies have different thinking, the core of the difference lies in the interests of the game.

In these days, the car leading enterprises TOYOTA and the Internet giant Google has no small action, it is worth attention and thinking.

In November 8th, Google announced a new version of Android Auto officially launched, the interface more simple and easy to operate, is the core of the change, can run independently in the Android mobile phone, no need to combine with the new car or third party hardware.

Auto companies are no longer rely on Internet companies for networking, Internet companies have begun to launch the car does not rely on cars, but can be used for driving the application, giving people the feeling that the two go farther and farther.

In the car on the Internet in this matter, Google is not easy to go. In 2014 January CES, Google announced the creation of a Android system leading auto industry evolution of the overall situation, the establishment of an open car alliance with Audi, GM, Honda, modern cooperation (the Open Automotive Alliance, referred to as OAA), plus the chip maker NVIDIA (NVDIA) support for the establishment of a new order, has led the car industry.

However, things are not going well. At the June I/O Google conference, Auto Android officially unveiled. Let the industry surprise is that it is not an underlying operating system, technical scheme is a kind of mobile phone will be projected onto the screen in the control screen. In this case, the smart phone is connected to the main body of the Internet, the car has become an external device.

Here we can see that the interests of the game results, in fact, there are many hundred years of history of the automobile brand, is the Internet's vision, but does not want to become a hardware device, the control software and services to only twenty or thirty years of development of the Internet business, especially for customer safety and long-term future development considerations, do not want the car data and user data to all Internet companies.

Android auto is not difficult, similar products are apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife, LETV ecolink, global car League MirrorLink, in this market, Android Auto takes about 200 models, or a considerable number of. But relative to the system directly into the car, the screen cast does not bring enough value to Google, is chicken ribs, so in the update function is not very active.

2015 Google did not do a lot of updates on the Auto Android. May 2016 has a certain upgrade, including the introduction of Waze map, to the automotive business development and application of the rights of the proposed Auto Android independent version, which is released in November 9th. From the more than two years can be seen in Google car networking of the practical route, using a diagram to represent:

Do, or is Google's ambitions advance secretly by an unknown path.

I always think, for Google such an ambitious enterprise, in the field of manufacturing the commanding heights of the car, will not easily compromise. In fact, for the system into the car this thing, Google has been doing, but progress is relatively slow.

In May of this year's I/O conference, Google shows a car equipped with the latest Auto Android system, Martha Lahti, the latest Auto Andriod combines some of the characteristics of N Andriod. Google and Qualcomm for the car is equipped with a rectangular touch screen. Very important change is that the user through the touch screen can directly control the temperature of the air conditioning, fan switches, etc., can even open the windows and lock the car, the car can directly control the part of the hardware.

It can be seen, based on the latest N Android Auto Andriod will become the underlying operating system, to achieve the dream of the beginning of 2014, but the system of what time the launch, is still unknown.

When there is a certain amount of users accustomed to the Google Android Auto experience, and successfully equipped with new system in a part of the model, then went to the game with the auto companies, will have more weight and odds.

System into the car, it should be an important foundation for unmanned

A system into this thing, domestic Alibaba and SAIC ahead, equipped with internet car Roewe RX5 YunOS system has been listed, behind this is mainly in the development of domestic technology reached a consensus on. Turning to the Internet car, the chairman of the technical committee of the Alibaba, Dr. Wang Jian, said there is still a long way to go, but the Internet car is the basis for the development of unmanned.

In fact, Google as early as 7 years ago began to do unmanned. The current solution is using GPS, sensor, radar, laser and camera device to detect the surrounding environment, determine their position by using map and sensor data, and through artificial intelligence to decide how to act.

In the perception of the surrounding environment of the technical line, Google chose a laser sensor, laser sensor to determine the distance is very accurate, but the price is expensive, poor practical weather. At present, the cost of a high cost of Google unmanned car scary, is not suitable for mass production. General driving auxiliary function is the use of radar, is relatively cheap, but the ability to detect is limited, the value of unmanned.

If the Internet operating system is included in the framework of unmanned thinking, some of the problems will be easier to solve. When the Internet has gradually become the infrastructure, traffic signs and cars on the road are part of the Internet, in the direction of travel for vehicle positioning and judgment, will be more accurate, the cost will come down.

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