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WeChat small program of imagination and imagination

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WeChat small program finally started beta, this article also can finally be released.

This article can be said to be the last one of the WeChat series trilogy. In August, before the launch of the small program, I wrote the "Don't develop app."Details of why entrepreneurship should give up the development of native app, last month,"Why do you think it is not enough to develop the micro signal"From a business point of view of why should look at the WeChat platform. Today, this article may be the most looking forward to and the most disappointed.

Look for this article I will share what I see opportunity in the small program of ecological disappointment, I can't taught you how to make money in this new platform, like I can't tell you how to make money fast first one million.

More, I want to give you some thinking, product level and thinking level.


To understand what the small program ecology will have the opportunity, we need to understand some of the underlying information.

Why is WeChat a small program?

WeChat public platform has 3 kinds of public numbers: subscription number, service number, enterprise number, the number of enterprises is relatively small, we do not discuss. Over the past few years, the development of the subscription number can be said beyond the imagination of all people, no one will think before the investment is not a product of the subscription number is valuable.

Subscription number and service number status

Let us first look at the number of subscription and service, respectively, how to do.

We can see that "a large subscription number, also see as" "microphone Mongolia that many media people jealous of the subscription number:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.20.59

Ultimately, such as "Uncle" fellow sign, of course, there are very strong personal color "blog", such as "hearsay":

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.21.16

Service level, China Merchants Bank credit card is often mentioned, "day calendar" is a level of experience doing very good schedule management service number:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.20.28

In the "assistant", you can order a variety of services around, you can also pass the "my impression notes" to read the articles of the public to the impression notes (Chinese version):

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.21.51

Subscription number and the emergence of the number of services, so that WeChat gradually become an ecological, users do not need to leave WeChat, you can complete the reading, social networking, access to life services, etc..

Service number cannot solve the problem of high frequency usage.

According to WeChat's expectations, the subscription number should provide content for the user, but is playing a variety of marketing and business services, the flowers; to provide various services for users, but it's service number is less and less, you may have heard a lot of VC investment subscription number, but there is little investment in VC service number.

Service number is not well developed. Most of the service number is just the push service and the low frequency service which replaces the short message service.

For example, is regarded as a classic case of China Merchants Bank credit card number, the user's use of the scene to receive notification based, it is only an alternative to the credit card SMS notification, other features are rarely used.

Think about why we can download a product's app without having the same functionality as it does in the service:

  1. Experience poor, HTML experience than the original, poor fluency
  2. Level, App is an open service directory, the number of services need to enter at least one layer
  3. Is too dependent on the network, there is no network, the service number can not be used

For low frequency usage scenarios, even if the experience is poor, many levels, each need networking, users can endure, such as the amount of credit card inquiries, this behavior may only be one or two times a month,Even though the web experience is poor, we can stand it..

But for high frequency usage scenarios, such as document editing, we may need to use a lot of times, then we experience, speed and stability obviously have higher requirements, service number and HTML and can not perfectly meet these requirements.

Contradictions, WeChat hopes to use the service number third to provide services to users, but from the functional level, the service number has only solved the needs of low frequency services, high frequency service users still need to download app.

At this time, WeChat needs to provide an alternative to meet the needs of high frequency services.

WeChat wants to be the only entrance

Why WeChat to meet the needs of high frequency services?

Because business is greedy, the ultimate goal of business is to.

800 million active users of WeChat is not enough, one day only take 4 hours of users of WeChat is not enough, the light of the credit card consumer notification for WeChat is still not enough.

WeChat wants more, Tencent wants more. When WeChat is already super portal, it wants to become the only super entrance, it will take you more time and use the scene. It may never be a OS, but it wants to be a "de facto" OS.

Small program is a necessary complement to the fact that WeChat OS. Because it was born in order to meet the service number does not meet the high frequency application scenarios.

So, three, WeChat hopes to occupy:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.26.26

  1. More user time
  2. More application scenarios
  3. More service entrance

The subscription number to solve the reading needs, service number to meet the low frequency service needs, small program positioning in the high-frequency use of the scene.

Sounds very scary, but I'm afraid no one can stop WeChat in the short term to become a fact OS.

Small program is an independent ecology

It's important to understand the process as an independent ecology, which makes it easier for us to see the opportunities that exist in the small program.

What is ecology?

My understanding of the ecology of the software is like this:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.27.13

  1. A big platform to build this ecology
  2. For all developers to provide a unified portal
  3. Unified development language
  4. Have strict rules on UI, operation and so on.
  5. Platform and developers sharing, win-win

Contrast with apple and WeChat

According to the definition above, we can easily come to the ecological structure of apple Store App:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.27.22

  1. Apple is a big platform
  2. Uniform entry is Store App
  3. Unified with Swift or Obj-C language development
  4. Apple's UI, operations and other aspects of the strict norms
  5. Apple and developers into revenue

Let's take a look at the ecology of WeChat's small programs:

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.27.32

  1. WeChat is a big platform
  2. Unified portal is WeChat app
  3. Unified small programming language development
  4. WeChat small program provides a detailed UI, operations and other specifications
  5. Has not yet been divided into revenue and developers, but there is the possibility of

Compared to the number of service, WeChat in the ecological construction of small programs to spend more effort, such as before and there is no UI specification, there is no independent language, these are so small program slowly become an independent ecology.

How to discover new opportunities with ecological thinking?

Any emergence of a new ecology will bring the following opportunities:

  1. New application scenarios, even new users
  2. Originally in other ecological existence of the application, will appear in a new form
  3. WeChat development, will be an independent position, like iOS development

For the third point, I am sure, it is possible to institute on the launch of the "WeChat public number and small program development course in July this year, a period of 2 months, and we have the same culture seriously looking people.

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.28.53

You can recall the 08 year Store App just launched, earned the first wave of dividends, is not to seize these opportunities.

Of course, the word "bonus" has been more than 08 years..

Correct understanding of WeChat small program

Since Zhang Xiaolong put forward to do the "application number", the outside world on the application of the number of speculation and expectations has never stopped. Most people and media believe that the small program will bring new opportunities for marketing.

I feel very little chance of multimedia program with the direction of bias, in fact, small program marketing ability is very poor, they may not look small program development documents, not even involved in the small program development and developers or in-depth exchanges, well, a little scrawl.

The following 10 points to the understanding of small programs from my small program documentation and the actual development of the interpretation, I also have some communication with WeChat's staff.

Small program is the next focus of WeChat products

Even one of the highest priority products, because it is WeChat to become the path of the real OS. Has been discussed in front of this point.

This means that developers can be completely assured that the energy and resources on the small program.

No attention, no psychological pressure

And service number, subscription number is not the same, the small program is not concerned about the function of. This means that, for the user, the psychological cost is smaller, the user through the search into the small program, you can immediately use, unlike the service number also need to pay attention to.

But for developers, this is obviously not a good thing. This means:

  1. You can't send a message because you don't pay attention to it.
  2. You may need to build your own user system, but the conversion rate is a problem.

Therefore, the small program to a certain extent, improve the ability of the product operation requirements.

Not HTML5, not Hybrid

We often see in the circle of friends is also very cool with the background music of the H5 page, will not appear in the small program..

WeChat small program developed using the Javascript, CSS, XML, language, while providing a variety of its own components and API, which makes small programs become independent:

  1. It is not compatible with HTML, web page code can not be used in a small program
  2. Prior to development, the developer needs to be familiar with the small program development language, according to WeChat's naming method, maybe it will be called WeLang.

Not compatible with HTML, not only means that you can not use the HTML tag on the page, but also means that you can not be embedded in HTML pages: either not embedded, or use WeLang to rewrite.

No outer chain

This greatly restricted the marketing service, we can at least insert a link in the article, and the current version of the program is not inserted into the chain, even if it is placed directly on the page in the two-dimensional code, long press, no identification of the two-dimensional code "option (current version).

Limit is very hard, is not it? There's a lot more.

Can not share the circle of friends

Yes, that that small program can bring great opportunities for marketing media to be the face, at least by the current version of the small program face.

The current version of the program is to share a circle of friends do not support, you can share any page applet for individual or group of contacts, but cannot share the circle of friends, which means you will not see a small program in the circle of friends scraper, scraper, or the original things.

From the experience point of view, WeChat will make every effort to maintain the circle of friends order. After the small program can not share the circle of friends I do not know, but at least not to open the mouth of the WeChat is a good thing, once opened, it is difficult to collect back.

Native program developed by WeChat language

As already mentioned, WeChat is not small program developed by HTML, is not compatible with the HTML marker, it is a set of their own language (now called WeLang), using WeLang developed the page, its experience is close to the original app, because in addition to the data,Define the page style, data structure, logic, and other files have been downloaded in advance, unlike web pages that need to be loaded in real time, and, because the page can be called a small program to provide components, these components have been built in WeChat client, their experience is actually a "native".

A WeChat page contains 4 files:

  1. WXML: page structure
  2. JS: page logic
  3. WXSS: page style
  4. JSON: page configuration

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.33.37

Note: these 4 files are not hierarchical structure.

Such an experience is very smooth, very original.

Front end development cost is extremely low

The front-end development one of the biggest cost is the compatibility of adaptation, whether do web front-end need to fit a variety of browser or Android client development, the need for repeated debugging in equipment of various sizes and different performance in.

For start-up companies, the cost of these costs are not cost-effective, because the company needs to quickly launch the product market, compatibility issues tend to bring obstacles to the rapid iteration.

WeChat development of small procedures, for the front-end engineers, the cost is relatively low, because WeChat has solved the compatibility problem, front-end engineers only need to learn WeLang, then in accordance with the norms to development, compatibility issues, to WeChat.

One development, multi platform.

Offline use and Websocket's imagination

WeChat's support for the use of small programs, but also to support the background to run, which is a small tool to bring imagination.

For example, like Todolist, calendar, alarm clock tomato such tools, may appear in large numbers.I am even more looking forward to is that WeChat in the future to provide a direct communication between the ability of the conversation and the small program.

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.34.40

Small programs a lot of API and the service number is similar, but the API Websocket is added. Many get beta friends told me that the new API can bring great imagination, for example, you can create a "I guess you draw" games in small program.

But I am looking forward to the possibility that this real time communication API will bring new possibilities for vertical social networking. This point, will be discussed in detail later.

No games, no live

Yes, "you draw me guess" is in fact can not appear in the small program platform.

The current version of the small program documents clearly stated, the game class, live class, small program navigation, small program links to push each other, the small program list and so can not be submitted.

Audit mechanism


For users, this is a good thing, it means that the majority of the quality of the audit services through the clearance, the bad news is that only the eyes on the marketing level of people, here is another limit.

What are the opportunities?

Direct serviceScene.

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.50.29

I believe many people have seen Zhang Xiaolong on WeChat small program definition: that is, go at your fingertips. From his words, we developed a small program, my understanding of this sentence is that WeChat is expecting more rapid small program provides direct service for users, such as user search box "Beijing ticket to Shanghai in search of small procedures, should immediately go to the ticket list page, rather than a small program introduction or tedious the registration process.

In fact, users can not only search the name and description of a small program, but also to search for its maximum of 5 functional pages, which means that WeChat special emphasis on the use of direct search scene.

Combined with the function of small programs and new application scenarios, we come to talk about what opportunities in small programs.

Copied from other ecosystems

Replication is easier than innovation, and the new ecosystem has a strong demand for the diversity of applications, so you will soon see that there will be a large number of people from the Store App "copy" to a small program.

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2016-10-30 下午 4.52.54

The first wave was copied over, it is possible that a variety of relatively low threshold of the development of query products, check the phone home, check the courier, check the constellation, check the quality of air, etc..

Copy of the time, need to pay attention to is that WeChat is not the same as the definition of the user's scene is not the same,Copy may not be the best idea, need to do the appropriate to the whole.

Don't put the channel

Mentioned in front of the query products, is my mind to think of. Similarly, in this industry a little experienced people, but also to take the brain to think of.

This means that, like you, thinking from the Store App handling applications to a small number of people very much. If you are just an independent developer or a small start-up companies, may wish to hold this idea, because the final test of this type of product channel capacity, not the product design capabilities.

Online retailers

Products that can make up the gap in the Tencent are likely to be encouraged, and electricity suppliers are one of the most imaginative areas.

Ali, the largest electricity suppliers in the hands of Ali, although Jingdong have Tencent, micro shop and other electronic business platform, but the sum of the sum of the volume of Taobao, Alibaba or there is a big gap.

WeChat hopes to occupy all the users of the application scenarios and service entrance, the electricity is no exception, and just, the electricity business is also an urgent need for the Tencent, why do shopping also open Taobao?

From this point of view, the electricity suppliers in the direction of a large number of procedures will appear, the Tencent will be encouraged from the policy. So, Taobao and WeChat mutual shielding, may be a small program in the electricity supplier ecological foundation.

Vertical social

Our WeChat address book is messy, there are family, colleagues, students, and even had a one-time relationship between people.

Subscription number, has been trying to establish a community of users, but whether it is independent of app, or by WeChat group, the conversion rate of odd poor.

These two needs, as well as API Websocket, so that the vertical social networking becomes possible.


For example, a concern about the number of pregnant women, it can use a small program to build a community of pregnant women, pregnant women do not need to leave WeChat, you can communicate with her in the community and shopping.

For example, you can also in a small program to copy a Tinder, so that users in the inside of a unified management of their one-time relationship, from the technical interface and needs, it has a reason for the emergence of.

Many people look forward to WeChat open chain, I think it will never open up to the outside of the chain of products, butI think, WeChat allows, but also need to be based on WeChat's vertical social platform.

2B products and tools

There is no doubt that 2B products and tools will be a hot area of small programs, especially the high frequency of the use of tool products.

Imagine such a scenario, your company's internal communication with the nail, but in any case, you communicate with external customers, you have to use WeChat. But there is no data synchronization between WeChat and nail nails, which is not convenient for internal and external communication, you need to manually copy the contents of WeChat's communication paste into the nail.

Also imagine such a scenario, you need to write a document shared with the team, the document may be updated several times a day, before the approach is to modify the computer to the company. Just imagine, why can't you be in a team called "SkyDrive" small program (fabrication) updates, team members only need to open a small program, you can get the latest version?

Since WeChat has become our most commonly used communication tool, why can not the work scene also moved in? Previously can not, because there is no communication in the past WeChat barriers, all communication are mixed together, is not suitable for office, so they launched the enterprise WeChat.

Marketing needs new ideas

Because WeChat small program on marketing restrictions:

  1. No attention function
  2. Can not send messages
  3. Can not be embedded in the web page and the chain
  4. Can not share the circle of friends

Small program operators need new ideas, the best marketing is certainly to provide users with the most needed services, so that users of word of mouth. In addition, there will certainly produce new marketing ideas, I do not know what new ideas, but I believe Chinese "" especially playing ability and cleverness, flow master who think about a new way, but I also believe that WeChat will as in the past to limit excessive marketing.

The content of product is not suitable for small program

Pure display products, is not suitable for small program. I'm referring to the pure media.

What does the media need? Public attention.

Small programs do not pay attention, can not be mass, can not share the circle of friends, which means that users want to find the media, only through the search or two-dimensional code. Obviously this is not the media play, media play is to engage in a big news, so that all people in the circle of friends to forward, and then continue to engage in big news.

So, subscription number is still the most suitable media public number, but if the media company has the ability to develop, can be done at the same time subscription number and small program based on the community, to subscribers into the community.

Other opportunities also need to transform the scene thinking

The opportunity is certainly not limited to what I said, but whether in small program what type of products and services, changes in the scene of thinking is very important, which requires us in the design of products, priority should be given to the user how to quickly get the service, rather than how we first obtain the user.

It sounds simple, but it is often difficult to make a choice when making a product.

Or the old saying, do micro signal

WeChat is the biggest Internet Chinese entrance, launched a small program that will let it occupy more user scenarios and user time, from a business perspective, where the user, users spend more time in where, where is the entrance should construct.

Compared to the development of native App, the development of the WeChat public number advantage I have been in the "Don't develop app."In detail, in fact, I have more and more entrepreneurs around the choice not to develop app.

A lot of people are worried about two issues:

  1. Whether Apple allows the existence of a small program
  2. Was blocked by WeChat how to do

The first problem is clearly not to worry about, between the two large companies, there is nothing that can not be negotiated. The maximization of interests is the common pursuit.

For the second point, my understanding is that WeChat rules more and more clearly, what to do and what not to do, the rules are written, but if we do have a serious conflict with the interests of the Tencent's products, may still be blocked, after all, Tencent is a business company, not a public organization.

On the other hand, sometimes it is not possible to block our Tencent. This point, not much to say.

Of course, every room is still needed, if we develop the WeChat is a small program, in fact, the back-end API for iOS and Android and API are similar, at any time, data also have a hold in their hands is very important, those promises never closed lifetime free SkyDrive closed down? It is also more convenient when you have a huge amount of users, from WeChat ported to other platforms.

In short, the bonus is there, but everyone has realized that, in addition to fast, do not forget to switch to the "direct service" of the scene.

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