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Interview with Yu Chengdong: Huawei how to deal with the rise of OPPO, vivo?

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专访余承东:华为如何应对异军崛起的专访余承东:华为如何应对异军崛起的 OPPO、vivo?

Text / Guo Xiaofeng

Mate 9 release on the eve of Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, Sakata, just returned from abroad, the head of Huawei Huawei Yu Chengdong slightly tired face, but when accepted Tencent talked about the development of mobile phone business, he immediately full of energy, eloquent talk.

Yu Chengdong is a very frank person, answer questions always outspoken. Interview from the recently released nova start, for the Huawei terminal family of new members, the outside world that is directed at vivo, OPPO come. So, how will Huawei respond to the sudden rise of vivo, OPPO, and how to build their own ability to complete the ecological layout?

Internal requirements to learn "OV"

2016, can be said to be vivo and OPPO blue and green fortunate two brothers, the two counterattack of the way the media reports of numerous articles, positioning young users, stick to years of offline channels, continuous brand marketing, is the rising upstart Open secret.

IDC latest data show that in the third quarter, OPPO, vivo shipments doubled, OPPO more to 2010 million to replace Huawei 18 million in China in the third quarter of the new mobile phone market champion. Thus, China's smart phone market competition year after year, due to slowdown in the smart phone market, while more and more brands, competition has become very cruel.

A half months ago, has been released overseas Huawei nova landing in the Chinese market. Nova positioning young flagship series, replacing the original G series, and business flagship Mate series, fashion flagship P series form a multi-field user groups complete product system.

"The Chinese market is very competitive, many brands will die in the future." Nova this series has long been planning, Huawei needs to enrich the different levels of product response to competition. "Yu Chengdong said on Tencent technology.

It is understood, nova's channel is based on line. According to Huawei's plan, nova not only in the big city coverage, but also three or four lines below the city's more in-depth coverage. It is reported that from the end of last year, thousands of county plans for the implementation of Huawei, has now covered the vast majority of important cities and counties, the cumulative number of sales outlets more than 400.

"Next year we will continue to increase the input line of channels, which is the weakness of our retail links. "Yu Chengdong said. Although Huawei has not publicly acknowledged that Nova is used to deal with "OV", but it is easy to see both in terms of product, price and channel are very similar.

Comparison of products from the point of view, a few days later than the nova released OPPO R9s, for example, both high-pass 625 chips, memory is 4G +64 G, OPPO R9s camera pixels slightly higher than nova, but 2399 yuan nova seems to More than 2799 yuan OPPO R9s more cost-effective.

Data show that in 2015, smart phones accounted for 2000-3000 yuan total sales volume of 36.9%, to this year the proportion has reached 45.7%. Among them, the proportion of domestic brands more than 70%.

Obviously, Huawei in the high-end business machines, is trying to build similar to OPPO, vivo, prices and configuration are located in the end of the fashion brand. The use of light flagship nova, Huawei and vivo, OPPO carve up the market from 2000 to 3000 yuan.

In response to market competition at the same time, Huawei pay more attention to reflection. According to internal staff, Ren Zhengfei has asked the terminal cadres to learn "OV & rdquo; model, and learn from each other's strengths to optimize their own deficiencies.

In the recent Huawei internal and overseas swearing at the General Assembly, with 15-20 years of experience in research and development of 2000 senior experts, cadres were sent overseas. With the mobile phone industry into the performance surplus, product homogeneity of the times, Huawei believes that R & D staff behind closed doors thinking about the so-called technological innovation is difficult to bring too much change, product homogeneity, based on market application innovation is the core.

For the "OV" good at the offline channel, Yu Chengdong that, for some time will be the focus of development, Huawei will increase investment in the following three-tier cities, but the key is to channel profit. "Our channel than Apple's retail channel profits higher than many other domestic brands are also much higher." "However, Yu Chengdong did not disclose specific data.

专访余承东:华为如何应对异军崛起的专访余承东:华为如何应对异军崛起的 OPPO、vivo?

Huawei Mate 9

Do runners

From the functional phone to the smart phone, the Chinese market over the past few years the industry has been speeding up the pace of reshuffle.

Yu Chengdong said that the Chinese market a few years later there will be a reshuffle, many brands are still losing money, and now the market leading manufacturers, the future will encounter their own bottlenecks, and Huawei to do long-distance runner.

From the IDC data, vivo, OPPO is doubled explosive growth, compared to the steady growth of Huawei, some analysis, vivo, OPPO shipments of the original base is relatively low, so growth will be obvious, but the future More likely to rebound.

Online channel dividend tends to be exhausted, vivo, OPPO to seize the user and the market replacement opportunity. But in the long run, with more brands to increase input line, although the model can not be fully replicated in vivo, OPPO, but such as Huawei long-distance runner, is bound to impact to vivo, OPPO position.

2014 to 2015, it is the Chinese mobile phone market "cold" two years. At that time, the Chinese market about more than 540 mobile phone brands, to the end of 2015 has been reduced to less than 300. And long-term R & D investment and innovation, so that Huawei in this "long-distance running" process of the sudden emergence of the "corner overtaking", among the world.

Statistics show that last year, Huawei's sales revenue of about 60.1 billion US dollars, of which terminal business grew 44% to 20 billion US dollars, representing more than 70% growth in 2014. The annual mobile phone shipments of about 104 million, for the first time exceeded 100 million mark, Huawei became the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturers, followed by Apple, Samsung.

As a long-distance runner, R & D in the sustained high input so that Huawei has enough chips. Yu Chengdong that Huawei's R & D investment in mobile phones is much higher than the Chinese counterparts. "Our R & D investment in a terminal than all the research and development in China combined. "It is understood that Huawei terminal R & D investment in the proportion of annual income of about 11% to 20 billion US dollars in revenue last year, the end of the calculation, up to 2.2 billion US dollars, equivalent to nearly 15 billion yuan.

In addition, Huawei for many years to focus on the accumulation of its own global R & D capabilities. Currently, Huawei has set up 16 research institutes in China, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and other places, from the conceptualization of products to the hardware architecture, from the EMUI to various laboratory support, so that Huawei's new products Technology and continuously improve.

"From 2014 to 2015, we are fighting for survival, and we survived the results; 2016 to 2017, the Huawei terminal is on a rising stage, the past two years well, we can move to the global leader Of the lay the foundation. "Huawei's current development and future plans for the phone, Yu Chengdong told Tencent technology."

However, the continuous scale of production, stable supply chain, improve the open channel and deepen the brand tone and a series of questions, will be Huawei terminal become long-distance runner in the endurance of the severe test.

This from the "140 million shipments this year, the goal is completed," the answer, we also see some of the anxiety Yu Chengdong. "Almost can be done, but because of the stock has a great impact on us, which shows that our supply chain level, there is a gap between the basic ability to do so, or can do better." & Rdquo;

Ecological portrait

From the hardware, feelings to ecology, which is China's smart phone market, the current competitive track. Millet, music and other Internet mobile phone brands to join let ecological competition more diversified, but truly ecological and profitability may only apple one.

In September, Huawei video quietly on the line, this focus on boutique strategy Huawei video and no other products to hype, but no one understands the purpose behind.

It is understood that Huawei video relying on Huawei WiseVideo video technology, and other video sites, the biggest difference is that the whole film without advertising.

According to Yu Chengdong said before Huawei and Youku, love Fantastic Art co-video content. "Too much advertising, so we engage in a completely did not advertise their own, are buying copyright, vulgar content to kill, we are used to high-end people." "Currently, Huawei video in more than 1,000 Hollywood films.

It is reported that Huawei's video content is through the cooperation of the copyright side to introduce film source, and involved in production. This strategy, like Huawei pay, Huawei will not apply for a license to pay, in order to provide more secure bank WeChat mobile payment solutions.

In the eyes of the outside world, Huawei's ecological portrait of the terminal has been relatively vague. With the Huawei pay, Huawei video open, but also to the ecological terminal Huawei gradually clear.

Huawei has long been through the cloud services to create their own ecological environment. Huawei cloud services, including basic cloud services, distribution of cloud services, cloud content services and open platform for the core business of the cloud service system. Involved in the game center, video, reading, music, Sky Tong, Huawei Pay and other key products. Currently, Huawei cloud services have achieved the globalization of the cloud platform layout to China, Asia Pacific + Latin America, Europe and the United States three major regional center in the global deployment of the data center 13.

"We have built Huawei's cloud services in China," he said. "We have Huawei's pay, Huawei's cloud services and music videos. The biggest problem now is that Huawei's service capabilities overseas are still in place." Lack. & Rdquo;

Yu Chengdong Huawei terminal to develop the goal is to achieve within the next two years, the global market share of the second, to achieve this goal is the most critical part of the overseas market.

In the European market, the basic consumer does not exist for the first time to buy smart phone needs, but only equipment upgrades, trade-in demand, Huawei in this environment to achieve growth, indicating that the original use of other brand mobile phone consumers to Huawei. Data show that Huawei's terminal in the European market share of 11%, while in the last year this figure is only 7%, Western European countries and countries in Northeast Europe is now the fastest-growing market.

Huawei consumer business phone product line, said the president of He Gang before the two markets sales increase between 50% to 100%. "Our market share in Finland has recently surpassed that of Samsung in the first place. "Yu Chengdong said. But how to stabilize these users, enhance the viscosity, the test is the Huawei terminal ecological service capabilities.

There are institutions to give data, Apple's iPhone users sticky as high as 59.9% ranked first, that is 59.9% of users said they would still choose iPhone replacement, in the higher price range but has a larger user Viscous, visible iPhone market appeal of the strong, but behind the leading role is Apple's IOS ecosystem.

In another big smartphone market in the United States, although the glory has been through the electronic platform to enter the United States, but in the operator channel-led market, the glory is unlikely to have great growth, with Yu Chengdong words, the US market must get four Large operators, and this time at least three years.

As a result, in addition to mobile products, Huawei also introduced wearable devices, routers and new matebook notebook business this year, and even with Huawei's communications over the years accumulated advantages, so that TV, washing machines and other household equipment intelligent, networked Of the product, this is the final portrait of Huawei ecology.

From 2010 to 2015, Huawei mobile phone shipments were 300 million, 20 million, 32 million, 52 million, 75 million, 108 million. For the goal of 140 million this year, Yu Chengdong that can be completed, but there are pressure, the pressure from the shortage and the supply chain management to be improved.

"A lot of pressure a few years ago, the past few years has been reduced. 2016, 2017, Huawei will continue to lay the foundation of the past two years, 2018, I think I may be easier. "For the future, Yu Chengdong not lightly relaxed.

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