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Amazing discovery: Traditional Chinese medicine meridian points exist in another space?

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Note: This article is the main point of view and the mainstream of scientific deviation, only for reference study, does not represent the identity of the theory.

In earlier years, acupuncture, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine treatment method is not recognized by the world, even if the clinical treatment has proved that traditional Chinese medicine therapy does wonders, but because of Western medicine through anatomy method cannot be confirmed in TCM "Meridian" and "point" and "fine, gas, God" material existence, so be denied the heritage of Chinese culture 5000.

With the development of science and technology, medical equipment has become more sophisticated, the detection of human body is also gradually thorough visual, TCM theory of "Meridian" and "point", "eight" and other things are gradually in the precision of the instrument is the prototype of the science and technology.

In this paper, we will discuss the objective existence of meridians and collaterals by two methods: Cregan photography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Kirlian photography technology (Kirlian Photography)


This is from the former Soviet Union, S.D. and V. Kirlian (Cregan) a special camera co inventor, using high voltage volts excited moment, people or objects from the image exposure to film, it can be seen that the person or thing "aura", "energy field".

Now that Kirlian camera to capture the aura, just, the most basic field, called the etheric body (Etheric); and there are different levels of the human body energy (Layers), high (Energy Bodies).


Baidu encyclopedia:

Cregan (Cregan photography Photography) is a kind of paper made contact with the object, and use the high voltage of the object movie like photography light directly on paper. In 1939, the former Soviet Union technician Cregan (Semyon Davidovich Cregan) and his wife Van Len Tina (Valentina) found in this technology produced photos can show the state of energy radiation object and the electromagnetic field of a human body. One of the most amazing example is: cut a small part of the leaves, even present a complete appearance in the Kirlian photo. Thirty years later, the couple has been studying Kirlian photography and to develop electronic equipment.

Cregan thought the picture presented by halo is bio energy field caused by this technology, can capture life energy state object. But it is generally believed that its taken only in the field of the basic people and objects, namely the etheric body, body and energy (Ethernet) human peripheral still higher level (IEA). However, the advantage of early Kirlian photo identification body dysfunctional parts, make it in the early step to get into a disease before treatment.

In 1970, Ostrander (Shelia et al. In "Oster Lund) explore the inner universe: the record of the Communist world scientists extrasensory abilities" (the soul was found in the book the iron curtain) was introduced to the western world Kirlian photography, and became famous Kirlian photography high voltage electronic field, and later became a byword this technique.

At the end of twentieth Century, the use of this principle research and development into the "gas analyzer" came out, it can more accurately capture the human aura, and experienced personnel can also according to the aura in the photo color and structure, the judge was feeling model and physical energy level. Later, the German Peter Mann? Dr. DELL (Peter Mandel) to the invention of the color light with various color light acupuncture therapy.

[photo case]


One of the most interesting phenomena in electronic photography is the effect of "ghost leaves". A lot of research experts, including Aaron Detrick and, are found in the energy field around the body.

When they will cut a leaf from a half, very surprised, because they found cut off half a leaf area, will radiate the whole leaves and had the same field, it is taken to is "complete the whole leaves". Even if a part of the leaf is not in, a subtle energy field still remains in the original location, just as the original leaves are still in general.

Some theories say that the so-called "phantom limb" pain is likely to be a similar phenomenon. After the amputation, many people still feel pain in that area. Even if the physical body no longer exists, but Cregan photography is determined, the field would seem likely to continue to cause pain, although Cregan has studied photography and the actual use of more than fifty years, but there are still many secrets can't explain.

From the theory of acupuncture, we know that a lot of energy is the path of the whole body. We can imagine these meridians, like a nervous system than the more subtle system, some points in the skin of the important points and meridian, has been identified as "acupuncture points". These points are different and organ resonance. Through acupuncture needle stimulation of these points, or through acupressure, related organs will be injected into the energy of life, also known as the "gas".

For example, using the acupuncture needle to stimulate the liver meridian or related acupoint massage, can activate liver function, as well as the meridian of the other parts of the body.

Finger image shoot through Kirlian photography:


Cregan photography can confirm this knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine, it shows the hand on some particular resonance points, or even the fingertips, are connected with the specific meridians together. When we found the unusual area in a photo of Kirlian, can from the resonance point fingers or hands, deduce energy blocking in which parts of the body.

In our case, like the area corresponding to the liver, if a weak or strong radiation energy is shown, it can be inferred that the liver channel or the body part of the energy that is connected to the liver has been blocked.

This discovery attracted the attention of scientists from many countries around the world. After 80s, Germany, Japan, the United States, respectively, on the human body glow phenomenon has been explored and studied. The experiment shows that the color and shape of the human body glow will be changed according to the health condition, physiological and psychological activities. When people put in a high frequency and high voltage environment, hand Yangming large intestine through parts, there will be a series of bright spot.

More people feel wonderful, just to test the dead, found that only certain parts of the body more than the surrounding area a, and indicate the bright flash point and the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture 741 points on the same map. Russian and American scientists through long-term research, that the human body has a fiber optic system, acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is part of the human meridian system in the light of the most sensitive. All these prove that the meridian points are the objective existence of an entity.

The photography reveals each finger Kirlian field changes with various body organs of the state are closely related:

Through photography, we can almost certainly its body there are many invisible and the objective existence of the material, which is like gamma rays, ultraviolet radiation, air and other substances, there can be only the instrument can be used to detect and scientific thought, everything in the universe has its own frequency, that everything in different vibration frequency, we can only accept human organs in a very small range of frequencies, once something really big frequency over the range, can not be perceived by humans, like dolphins between the ultrasonic transfer information to communicate, we can not hear, can only be detected by science and technology the instrument, this is because the ultrasonic frequency caused in the human sensory organs can accept the.

This may explain why humans can't see ghosts, the soul of things, and the crowd and some people are naturally see some other space scene, this is because of their special sense organs can accept more than 7.23 of the amplitude of the things.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) functional imaging technology

This is a relatively new research method for the verification of the meridian points of the functional magnetic resonance imaging technology. We know that the magnetic resonance imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, referred to as MRI) technology, the image can get a picture of the human brain, and from different levels to interception, the equivalent of the brain anatomy from one level to see, to see some of the specific structure. And then, the structure of the MRI imaging can be used to get the "function" image.

As we known on the left side of the brain with the right hand, left hand tube on the right side of the brain, when people left in the movement, the local people on the right side of the brain are signal enhancement, on the contrary, if the right hand is in motion, see the other side of the brain in signal enhancement, a study of this the US is called "functional imaging". In addition to this kind of movement function, but also can use this method to study the function of vision, computation, memory and so on.

Accordingly, a group of South Korean scientists, Professor Cho Zang-Hee and so on, it is thought that the use of FMRI method to explore the ancient channels of the Oriental theory. When using light to stimulate the human eye, the optic nerve area in the brain will see the signal enhancement, which is now known as the scientific. In addition, acupuncture and moxibustion, through a number of related acupuncture points, can be treated some diseases of the eye.

The medical books have related records, which is the relationship between the meridians and acupuncture points of the eyes, then this is not linked with the brain? Bladder meridian in this foot four points, the four point known for the treatment of eye disease have a role, experiments show that when using the acupuncture point for subjects were stimulated, also seen in the optic nerve area signal enhancement.

However, if the acupuncture points next to the known points, the 1 cm outside the place, the thorn in the optic nerve area, it is not found in the phenomenon of signal enhancement. That is to say, must thorn in the acupuncture point, can have this effect.

PS: today there are many medical attention to magnetic resonance imaging reveals the human meridian, published a lot of research reports and papers, interested to go online to download. Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging and meridian.

Read the "after" the emperor in May for a word there are doubts and impression, you know, in the "Huang Di classic", "heart, liver and spleen, lung and kidney" is called "five Tibet" is not the Western medical anatomy in internal organs, and now a lot of Chinese medicine research that is the problem Chinese characters this problem is ignored, in fact, "Huang Di Nei Jing" and the visible refers to the "five Chinese Tibet" is not western anatomy, tangible human organs, but also hidden in the space of human eyes can not see an elephant, which is "Huang Di in the six. The Su Wen viscera theory" in "viscera".

On the contrary, the combination of various phenomena detected by traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science and technology, it seems that we can draw a conclusion: we actually have two sets of human physiological systems, namely western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine system anatomy and physiology of the viscera physiological system, two sets of physiological system frequency is different, there are different space, and interaction and human disease initially by the viscera function problems and gradually affect the anatomical and physiological system, which is why a lot of people body appeared abnormal condition, such as insomnia, constipation, fatigue, alopecia, but go to the hospital with testing medicine doctor will tell you all the normal index, there is no disease, in fact at this time if the pulse can be found by a body has been a serious problem, but as time goes on to appear to the anatomical and physiological system disease On the first test to find it is too late.

So what is the principle of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and so on? Although bloggers can not jump to conclusions, but we can also make an assumption: the so-called point may be the anatomical and physiological systems and viscera physiological system between the two communication points, one can through the acupuncture points, between the restart and Unicom two physiological system and make the body return to normal state. The so-called "pain is not blocked, general does not hurt." If this is true, then the "traditional Chinese medicine" may be called "medical agency" would be more appropriate, as a "broker" will be two sets of physiological system harmonious adjustment.

Compared with western medicine treatment of advanced civilization do not know how many times, many people also found that western medicine is what disease, what pain, palliative." There is a disease with antibiotics to kill, which is not the viscera removed, cut gallstone gallbladder, fatty liver on liver resection, the treatment process is a result of a violent crackdown, the result is nothing more than survival and destruction, conquest and subjugation, war and peace.

Well, to a very worthy of attention on the issue of the existence of meridians and acupoints is not what can be questioned, but none of these ancient advanced instrument, ah, but meridian was born in ancient times Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns ah, actually this is not difficult to explain, but the readers have a more open mind. Some of the conclusions and cognitive science, the frequency of the problem mentioned above, some people seem to perceive the space out of the ordinary to see another scene, the folk called "Yin and Yang, the Yin and Yang eye eye" what is what? Is science or can use science to explain it? In fact, practitioners called it "temmoku", called "clay Taoist Palace", the scientists called "the pineal gland" (scientific research found that the pineal gland has the structure of the human eye)

This is located in the center of the eyebrows at the organ of our brain, we can see another space on which all, the pineal gland of most people are born to be active, so there are people who say that the baby can see something invisible things that is not what but as long as groundless statement, blocking some ideas and karma lead to loss of energy, also slowly closed, but some people have been open, can perspective can also see other creatures, we usually called specific function, remote viewing perspective and Tianmu early in the last century has been recognized as the scientific community one of several specific functions, it is said that the United States and Russia each year on trying to hit heavily used in the field of military defense, so in addition to those lucky psychics, what can start the pineal gland?

Or take drugs (mostly poison, LSD) but on the body damage, or practice (meditation), why he can start practicing it, you know Chinese practitioners one sentence the words "for having heard it many times the mining world of aura, absorbing the essence of the sun, the gas and the essence of what is? Remember its photography above pictures, is in the photo luminescent spot, is the so-called energy body, also called the etheric body, through meditation practitioners to collect energy in the universe to start the pineal gland, improve its frequency, which can correspond with the addition of spatial frequency, so you can see.

I believe that many people have read the story of the ancient Chinese doctor, is not difficult to find, either of them is the practice of people, either by a "immortal" touch given super powers.

For example, Bian Que: "historical records biography". Bian Que wrote, "shekels long Mr. sang, Bian Que Du Qi of the often met with. Long sang Jun also know Bian Que very person also." Long sang Jun "is to take medicine to Bian Que: 'drink is above the water of the pond, thirty days when know things.'" Is noted for its ban on the book to do with Bian Que." Long sang Jun from the arms out of the medicine to give Bian Que, tell Bian Que, with the water and ground water taking this medicine, thirty days later, can see the hidden things. And all the recipe books to Bian Que.

Bian Que in his words after thirty days, "seen one yuan. This is regarded as disease, see five Tibet crux to diagnose the name of ear." At this time, Bian Que can see the wall over there, has a perspective of the specific features of the object. When the doctor used this function, can penetrate people and know that in the viscera, disorder of viscera. Since then, Bian Que began in the state of Zhao or Guohang medicine, with "pulse" in the name of. Therefore, we can fully deserve to say that Bian Que is the "ancestral Chinese medicine pulse".

And like Hua Tuo, when Cao Cao asked Hua Tuo to head disease diagnosis and treatment is, Hua Tuo only look at Cao Cao, Cao Cao said a wart mind, need to be removed for craniotomy, also lost his life. Think about what if Hua Tuo doesn't have a similar perspective on how to look at the interior of the body?

Quite a few examples, ancient doctors of medical records is quite interesting, there are many unexpected treatment.

The Chinese has been "medicine homologous", ancient ascetics mostly is a good medicine, good medicine is mostly monastic scholar, in fact, cultivation of culture and philosophy throughout the Chinese civilization, modern atheism gradually until the invasion of extinction, "opportune, comply with the nature, not unnatural things, I don't want to manufacturing! Are you not afraid of retribution?" These words seemed Chinese people mouth every day, actually contains a deep philosophical connotation, for foreigners don't understand, this is the intangible cultural heritage has 5000 years of subtle, and academic theory and many of the ancients in China now have been confirmed by science.

For example, the I Ching hexagram 64 and DNA64 codon striking correspondence, corresponding images and diseases, gossip with binary computer...... Many people find that simply can not believe that as the acme of perfection, the wisdom of the ancients, the most sad is the most Chinese blind worship of science and atheism, so the current can not explain all known as "superstition", I would like to ask you that this is not a real "idealism", neither of Ancient Chinese Literature Search traditional culture and religion. And the absolutely ignorant of cutting-edge science, really pathetic, we own the treasure of Chinese people are not recognized by the foreign experts, are devoted to the study of the final to the positive, the I Ching, Chinese medicine, Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search are forgotten, but there are so many foreign scholars devoted his life to this. If the ancient China behind is because we now Chinese resulting in seclusion, backward because of our self enclosed lead, because we think And overbearing!


Since the advanced theory of TCM science and technology has been confirmed that then we want to get a healthy body or longevity, we can not ignore the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine about health theory, we cannot rely on those indexes to judge whether the body of Western medicine detection in a healthy state, but to learn more about Chinese culture.

For example: one day is twelve hours, each hour of work by different meridians and organs in the sleep do not stay up late, do not stay in bed on the spleen and stomach should eat on the season, the clothes do not pursue the trend to grace do, this is all the rest of life, but the essence is fundamental and traditional Chinese medicine in practice, the "Yellow Emperor" the emperor asked Qi Bo, why the reality can live 120 years old to death, and his bones still strong, now why not vitop to premature? Qi Bo replied, "in reality and in the Yin and Yang, operation method, and know their number" the assimilation, life completely conforms to the operation of the law of the universe of yin and yang.

Also said: the spirit within, clearly nothing, has an illness? The result is nothing more than to the source of disease karma, karma is nothing more than a person can not restrain desire made, all the people are the source of pain and persistent desire, if the name of love and easy detachment disease will come from?

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