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Depth micro-Bo market value of how to overtake Twitter

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Yesterday, many people have been bad-mouthing microblogging to create a new history: the US stock market in a trading day before the micro-Bo shares rose to 53.12 intraday, the market value of $ 11.3 billion, once beyond the social media ancestor Twitter. In my opinion this is a symbol of China's Internet industry events: Chinese Internet companies rely on China's large market advantage, with the localization of innovation beyond the overseas giants, microblogging is the latest one, but not the last one.


the student surpasses the master

In 2006, Evan Williams, the founder of several companies, founded Twitter, hoping that Twitter will make it easier for people to share information. Before that, Evan also invented the concept of "blog" . Twitter appeared in the world after the emergence of a number of followers in 2009, which shares the wind to China, Sina microblogging as Sina internal incubator project with rice no, grumble crooked, whispering and other venture projects come together, after Sohu, Tencent And Netease and other giants have followed, competing to follow Twitter.

After a round of melee, Sina microblogging by virtue of the star V and many other strategic choices, come to the fore.

In 2009, many science and technology journalists to terminate the holiday: Cao Guowei announced in his personal microblogging, Alibaba strategic investment Sina microblogging, accounting for 18% shares, after Alibaba stake has risen to 30%, the beginning of cooperation both sides It will be in the "account exchange, data exchange, online payment, network marketing and other areas of the depth of cooperation", it seems this is done, the cooperation has been from the initial electricity supplier to the tourism, payment, sports and other fields Comprehensive development. To accept shares of Alibaba, microblogging is a key choice.

Microblogging team and the news team was combined into one, office buildings, "Tencent microblogging" logo is "the first time", "Tencent microblogging" and " Tencent video "Instead, this is the outside world as a sign of Tencent to give up microblogging business events. Overnight, China no longer has similar products and microblogging competition, "Sina microblogging" shortened to "microblogging" microblogging achieved initial success.

However, despite the successful listing of microblogging in China, many commentators are not optimistic about it, a core reason is that the micro-letter available in 2011 when the micro-Bo market has been flourishing, the circle of friends and microblogging looks slightly functional design , In the eyes of many people directly impact microblogging, "microblogging decline in activity" this time that appears dense, "I have not on the micro-Bo a long time."

Microblogging listed at the beginning of the market value of only 3.451 billion US dollars, more than half of it listed Twitter market value of up to 24.195 billion US dollars, microblogging initial market value of about one-eighth of the two sides is not a magnitude.

In fact, until the beginning of this year, microblogging market value is less than 3 billion US dollars.

2016, microblogging ride on the stock price of the helicopter. April 29 this year, microblogging market capitalization exceeded $ 5 billion. August 15 this year, microblogging market value for the first time exceeded 10 billion US dollars mark into the billions of dollars the club. Today, microblogging market value of more than 11 billion US dollars, was more than Twitter. Twitter, from the beginning of the listing of 242 billion US dollars fell to today's more than 11 billion US dollars, has experienced a cut. Twitter today reduced to had to sublet the office space in San Francisco headquarters in exchange for income, and such details in the Nokia, Motorola, Yahoo and other decline of the company who have occurred. This year, Twitter will be acquired rumors of rampant, rumors object, including Google, Disney, Salesforce and other companies. Prior to listing, Twitter, like all ambitious companies, had rejected Google's invitation to buy, but today was a latecomer from China beyond, it is regrettable.

Microblogging to do what?

Performance is the direct cause

US stocks, market value determined by the performance.

After the listing of microblogging, Alibaba blessing under the realization of a huge success, but Twitter has been slow. Reported results, microblogging Q2 total revenue of 927 million yuan, an increase of 36%; net profit of 35.5 million US dollars, up 225% over the same period last year. Twitter reported that its Q2 revenue of $ 602 million, an increase of 20%; a net loss of $ 107 million, loss is Twitter after the listing of the norm.



Microblogging in the realization of the appeal is how to make more money, and not so dependent on Alibaba. Alibaba investment microblogging in 2013 when the signing of the agreement, three years after the commitment to micro-Bo will invest 380 million US dollars in marketing expenses. Alibaba has almost fulfilled its commitment, 2013 ~ 2015 microblogging marketing inputs were 49.14 million US dollars, 108 million US dollars and 144 million US dollars, accounting for microblogging then all the revenue of 26%, 32.3% and 30%, however The first two quarters of this year, Ali revenue ratio has dropped to 9.3% and 8.7%. Do not rely on income in Alibaba, microblogging done. Twttier's anxiety is how to reduce losses, it has been working, but could not do it.

In another key measure of the value of Internet companies that active users, based on the Chinese market and the globalization of Twitter microblogging gap is shrinking dramatically. Q2 earnings, microblogging monthly active users reached 282 million, an increase of 33%, nine consecutive quarters to maintain more than 30% growth. In contrast, Twitter, the number of active users in the second quarter of 3.13 billion, an increase of only 3%, the decline in growth, and new users from less developed regions in the United States to enter a negative growth.

2. 82 million and 3.13 million, the distance has been very small. At present microblogging user growth is still far from the ceiling, Morgan Stanley microblogging research report in August pointed out that in 2018 MAU microblogging MAU will reach 400 million, that is, in the next two years or so, micro Bo will also get about 120 million MAU, these new users will penetrate into the sinking market (3456 cities) and the development of new projects. Morgan Stanford clear, "We do not believe that in the short term microblogging will encounter the bottleneck of the growth in the number of users. Based on this growth trend, microblogging MAU will soon be more than Twitter. Although microblogging single-quarter revenue of less than a quarter of Twitter, but its MAU and Twitter is very close, more importantly, microblogging has been a scale of profitability, performance level, Twitter has been formed on Twitter Super trend.

Twitter tweets to the right

Today is Wang Baoqiang divorce court hearing, microblogging ushered in a traffic peak.

After the outbreak of the event Bao Baoqing microblogging into the 10 billion US dollars in the club, so some people say that this is Wang Baoqiang credit, obviously this is ridicule. This shows that in the public hot events, microblogging is still the most important Internet discussion platform and instant messaging platform, such as Rio during the Olympic Games, micro-Bo is naturally gathered in the Fu Yuanhui and other Olympic stars, such as microblogging Benefit of the public events are numerous.

Microblogging between the social and media, more emphasis on "media" property. In contrast Twitter is more emphasis on social properties, in the creation of Twitter users can only send text messages to friends phone, rather than public release. Social or media, microblogging have been swaying in the micro-mess, the microblogging have tried to Alipay as strong push social, it has even launched in 2011, WeChat IM tools, but now micro-blog has been No longer obsessed with social, it has long been nothing with the WeChat direct competition between the two sides do not make water.

& Ldquo; Social & rdquo; or & ldquo; Media & rdquo; Twitter and Twitter have made a different choice, which also determines the fate of the two different. Select social means Twitter in the United States is facing a tough competitor: Facebook, the company was founded in 2004, now the market value is 30 times more than Twitter, and Twitter competition. Facebook's followers in China, Renren has no sense of existence, to fulfill the social network is Tencent, Tencent to give up microblogging, microblogging specializing in the media, the two sides had become increasingly weak competition.

Enjoy content bonus business

Since 2015, microblogging strong push "content" strategy, the reason to make this choice, because microblogging has been in the media and social choice between the "media", the nature of the content platform, the media is still , Play is the attention economy. It is this key choice, so that microblogging ride the stock price of the helicopter.

Microblogging at the beginning of the abolition of the 140 words limit, and has long been supporting pictures, videos, articles and other rich content form. The third quarter of last year, microblogging picture content has accounted for 65% of the overall content, it becomes China's Instragram, and the second shot and small coffee show is to micro-Bo in the short video field advantage. The second quarter of this year, a live broadcast, live broadcasts more than 10 million, 116 times more than the first quarter, microblogging will soon become the largest integrated platform.

In support of quality content, microblogging launched in 2014, "vertical strategy", from the past to support the big V turn to support "V". In the industry microblogging is selected film, finance, tourism and other industries, products and operators in deep plowing. Verticalization Self-media support strategies increase the quantity and quality of content, which in turn enhances user activity.

Twttier's choice is the opposite: once Twitter did not even support the release of pictures, has recently begun to encourage users to upload pictures rather than sharing the Instagram link, also launched its own video player and live platform, and finally decided in September to cancel 140 words Of the word limit. However, it was too late. Twitter past does not Instragram, SnapChat, Pinterest these platforms when their rivals, but they actually divide up the Twitter traffic and users. In contrast microblogging, these applications do all the things to do, so you can not see the Chinese version of the Instragram, SnapChat, Pinterest.

Once Twitter microblogging is to allow users to "tell people what I'm doing" "tell others where I" "bid farewell to others my thoughts" & hellip; & hellip; Twitter is still the case, but microblogging does not focus on UGC But also allows different users to consume different types of content, length can be, serious and professional, information and literature, gossip and financial management, all content can be carried. Twitter is still insisting on helping users to better share information, rather than consumption and create content.

Microblogging content transformation, let it have a greater user activity and greater user growth. Morgan Stanley reason that microblogging in the next two years will win 100 million active users, it is because the micro-Bo "short video and live" business. In addition, microblogging is to three or four lines or even five or six line city sink, and to the young user sinking, due to microblogging now a second-tier cities and mature users on the high side, so there is sinking space. Twitter must go to less developed areas overseas to seek new growth, the opponent is Facebook, the difficulty can be imagined.

China's Internet is ushering in a wave of "content entrepreneurship", since the media, network red, live, mobile information platform, Q & A More and more content platform carved up the user's attention, the traditional search, Social and tools are also content, and strive to provide a variety of content embodies the user's attention. Content industry is a new growth point of the Internet in China, some areas such as live or even more advanced, as the largest mobile Internet market, China has the most attention, while the traditional cultural content industry is behind the Internet an innate opportunity to enjoy microblogging To the Chinese market dividends: the user is the Red Sea, but attention has yet to be excavated, the value of the content is increasingly prominent.

Microblogging is not the case. Personalized content platform today's headline valuation of more than ten billion US dollars, strangers social platform street with the concept of live streaming market value doubled, the market value of 5 billion US dollars into the club. Therefore, microblogging ahead of Twitter, that is, microblogging victory, but also China's content industry, the value of the dominant, I believe this area will be staged more "overtake" event. There are also reasons to believe that many of the Internet outside the content areas, Chinese companies are expected to counterattack, to prove that "out of blue and better than the blue" phrase the Chinese old saying.

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