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The BAT camp became AT, why Baidu is left behind?

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Baidu how to fall out of the first camp?

First, traffic is harvested by other APP.

Baidu proud of the profit model is made by vertical search to do competitive ranking and traffic brought about the realization of advertising, the core of the business is to master the flow of the entrance. The absolute control of Baidu success once in its entrance for the Internet search engine, but now with the rise of every APP, users have access to the Internet in other ways, traffic to Baidu melon brought a fatal effect.

Second, the lack of leadership of the product.

In addition to the search engine, Baidu does not have any one of the industry leader in the product. In contrast, the Tencent has social, games, Ali has electricity suppliers, pay, Internet banking. No leader of the product means that there is no outbreak of revenue growth, naturally lost the competitiveness of.

Third, low user stickiness.

Fourth, negative news constantly.

This year, several crises Baidu has also caused a great blow to the company's image. At the beginning of the Baidu Post Bar event and shortly after the death of Wei Zexi, Baidu and Robin Li to the Wei Zexi event let alone in the teeth of the storm, Baidu first quarter reduction of 2 billion yuan. This is one of the Baidu to build a great company, Robin Li, is undoubtedly a blow.

Ali strategic key words: electricity suppliers,Finance, cloud computing, logistics

Ali for the first time in the second quarter earnings report for the first time by the four major business performance: the core business, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovative projects and other business.

Relatively speaking, Ali ecology is more mature, and has combed out the four lines of business, have been formed, and the data has achieved good revenue growth. Alipay (Finance), rookie (logistics), Ali cloud (big data) as the infrastructure construction, and the core business, local life (O2O), culture and entertainment business complement each other.

Ali platform gene strong, ecological awareness of Ma Yun, as early as 10 years ago to instill in the whole company. Around the core business forum layout has been completed, and the financial, logistics, cloud computing and other core plate, ant gold clothing, rookie logistics have become their field unicorns, Ali in ecology, and can seamlessly integrate together, forming a virtuous circle.

Of course, Ali also worries, the cornerstone of business electricity supplier of the active user growth rate is slowing down, the urgent need to enhance the re purchase rate and customer unit. Cloud computing as a representative of the emerging business, is still in the area and the industry is highly competitive. O2O, fresh electricity suppliers and other segments, has not occupied the core position. Ali has been the social pain, negative evaluation of Alipay after the revision of the visible clues.

Tencent established two strategic business, the connector and the content industry, the current situation is in steady, forward, in social and content areas, showing the strong stronger trend is more obvious.

In the two quarter of this year, QQ monthly active accounts reached 899 million, an increase of 7% over last year. WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active accounts reached 806 million, an increase of 34% over the same period last year. QQ and WeChat's active users number and the growth rate is still very healthy, especially can continue to rise in such a large amount of cases, in a very long period of time, China social territory will be the two screen products.

In terms of content, the Tencent has become the undisputed leader of the pan entertainment industry. Tencent, Tencent, Tencent, mutual entertainment music video, literature, news and other Tencent Tencent, has become the industry's top products, formed a super content matrix.

However, it is worth Tencent vigilance, WeChat's account growth rate has been falling. WeChat's users are approaching the ceiling, the subsequent growth will be more dependent on the overall number of Chinese Internet users to upgrade. This also means that WeChat needs more changes to cope with the growth of the ceiling. With the rise of the tide of the pan entertainment industry, the contents of the industry, there are new entry into the game, increasing competition in the industry.

Baidu second quarter earnings report from Baidu's investment direction can be seen,Baidu in artificial intelligence, Baidu finance, cloud computing and other new business areas in the future has been completed layout, which gives Baidu a new growth space and the development of imagination.

Currently from the application level, with an artificial intelligence based platform for the core, the accuracy of Baidu search results continue to improve, the user to voice, image way to express the needs of the search request to maintain a high growth. Take away, education, finance, translation, maps, advertising and other fields, artificial intelligence is also conducive to enhance the user experience, improve business efficiency, mining data value. According to Baidu Robin Li's recent speech, artificial intelligence may also be applied to the health industry and entertainment products.

The biggest feature of the Internet business is the speed of its update iteration. As long as the trend to catch up with the development of an industry and the rise of a business is often in a few years, perhaps the future success in the field of artificial intelligence, will allow Baidu to return to BAT.

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