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Google's acquisition of Youtube 10th anniversary: ​​the video industry was so changed

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谷歌收购谷歌收购 Youtube 十周年:视频行业就这样被改变了

Ten years ago, Google announced that it would spend $ 1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, which makes Google overnight suddenly become a star in the field of online video, and this is the technology industry over the years the most important acquisition. After the acquisition of YouTube will maintain its brand and all 67 employees, including the founder of Chad - Hurley (ChadHurley) and Chen Shijun (Steve Chen).

Coincidentally, this acquisition after the start of the field of science and technology soon ushered in great changes, including broadband speed, the popularity of smart phones and video is becoming a huge business, which is Facebook in the video business On invested heavily, and hope to pull Youtube reason for the horse.

It should be said that today's YouTube is already very large scale, the platform of the number of monthly active users has more than 1 billion. And these users each year on YouTube to watch the equivalent of 4.6 million years. However, according to an unofficial report, although YouTube last year's revenue reached 90 billion US dollars, but so far still did not bring any profit for the parent company. But in any case, Youtube for Google or Alphabet is still a very valuable product, and it is still the current network's largest online video terminal.

The following may wish to briefly review the history of fat made Youtube:

YouTube was co-founded by former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Chen Shih-chun and Jawed Karim on Valentine's Day in 2005. At first, YouTube just wanted to imitate Facebook, and hope to eventually become a video version of HotOrNot.

"It's impressive," Karemy said in an interview with Time magazine in 2006. This is a new concept, because it appears before all can upload content for the site is the owner of the site. & Rdquo;

On April 23, 2005, Karemy personally uploaded to YouTube the first video, the video is the name of "Meat the Zoo" (I am in the zoo). Although the content of this video is bland, and only 19 seconds long, but because of this video has a historical significance, its cumulative page views has more than 30 million times.

YouTube began public beta testing in May 2005, and it quickly became popular. In September 2005, well-known sports brand Nike Ronaldinho video upload became the first paragraph of the platform view more than 1 million video.

Due to the continued popularity of YouTube, in December 2005 when YouTube officially launched monthly users reached 8 million times, and that time YouTube has Sequoia Capital successfully raised $ 3.5 million. In March 2006, YouTube again got $ 8 million in financing. The same summer, YouTube's monthly video viewing has more than 100 million times a month, the number of active users reached 20 million.

Youtube continued to promote their own hot CBS also signed a cooperation agreement, and in the near future by Google fancy and recruited under the command.

"Youtube team to create an exciting, powerful media platform, this platform coincides with Google's vision." Our two companies share similar values, place users first and work to innovate and improve the user experience. So we are a natural partner and are able to provide attractive media entertainment to users, content owners and advertisers through this partnership. " "Said Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive at the time.

It should be said that Google acquired Youtube after the successful years, Youtube itself has experienced a number of milestone events, as follows:

1. YouTube Partners

YouTube launched the Youtube Partners project in 2007, which is simply to help Youtube Reds make money. This is a very important project for the entire history of Youtube, as it shows that Youtube has put the user-generated content in the same position as the professional partner, and they both have a revenue share And home page recommended opportunities.

2. Presidential debate

In 2007, YouTube for the first time in cooperation with CNN to play a presidential debate series of video, users can even submit questions on YouTube to answer the presidential candidate. External analysis that this is a landmark cooperation, which means that YouTube has become the mainstream media, and truly become a voter and politicians played a role as a bridge of communication.

3. Advertising

In a variety of forms of advertising tested for a long time, Google finally in late 2007 Youtube ads show the specific style, that is, in the video display below the translucent advertising content. Moreover, this form of advertising has also experienced several times in the next few years revision.

4. Movie rental

Although YouTube has long provided free of charge to the user some old movies, but Google and Youtube really enter the movie rental market is in January 2010. Just started Youtube has only 5 independent filmmakers from the works, and then gradually expand their own library content. However, this business has never been able to reach such a high Netflix.

5. Enter the live field

In 2010, Google free global broadcast of the Indian Super League, the company said it was the first time to the global mainstream sports events. Later in the same year, YouTube broadcast live on the ArcadeFire concert in Madison Square Garden. In April 2011, YouTube officially launched its own live platform.

6. Target market

In the past 18 months, YouTube has been actively into the online video market segments. For example, the platform launched the YouTube Kids channel in February 2015 to provide home entertainment, and six months later, YouTube launched Gaming to make it easy for users to watch video games. In late 2015 YouTube launched the Music channel, You can find their favorite music content.

October 2015, YouTube Red officially launched, the subscription fee of $ 9.99 per month (iOS version of $ 12.99), the user will no longer be ad-disturbing, and can save video offline. And YouTubeRed replaced the previous Music Music Key, so users can run in the background of the mobile device to run other programs continue to play video.

Founding members of the team whereabouts

It is reported that Chad - Hurley Youtube acquisition from the case made 400 million US dollars, Google was acquired by him to continue as YouTube's CEO to 2010. After leaving YouTube, Hurley and Chen Shijun co-founded the Internet incubator AvosSystems. As an incubator company, Avos Systems can help entrepreneurs start their business quickly.

In 2013, Avos Systems introduced the video editor APPMixbit, which became the company's flagship product. Then, Hurley has remained in the company AvisSystems, Chen Shijun joined the Google Venture (Google Ventures), as the company's branch of the person in charge.

It is said that Chen Shijun accumulated through Youtube more than 300 million US dollars. In the year after the acquisition, he continued to serve as YouTube CTO until 2008.

Qiao De - Ka Ruimi compared to the other two Youtube co-founder of the fame is slightly lower, but he did for the YouTube concept and the project started to contribute their own strength. Since the early days of Youtube Kalimi also Stanford reading, so he never became a formal staff of YouTube, but only as an informal YouTube consultant, holding shares compared to the previous two less.

Media reports said that when Google acquired YouTube when Karemy cash 60 million US dollars. Later, Karemy founded Youniversity Ventures, which invested in a number of valuable start-ups, including our familiar Eventbrite and Airbnb.

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