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Apple and IBM these two once the enemy of the enemy, how on the "together"?

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You don't need to be steeped in this industry for many years, as seen with Steve

IBM was once the Jobs most do not want apple to become the way it is, and therefore, when the July 2014 Apple announcement and IBMWhen reaching a strategic partnershipA lot of people have said, very surprised. In fact, after the cooperation of the two companies announced two years, the honeymoon is spent, have full off, ready to attack the enterprise application / more mobile devices market.

< fast="" company="">thoroughThe two former enemies, interviewed the person in charge of this cooperation, we have sorted out some of the points, and added a reference to the times and industry background.


In 1981, IBM into the PC market, Jobs only made the famous ad

Cook in an interview with the American television CNBC has revealed that in 2012 one day and IBM CEO rometty chat, found that the two companies are facing some common opportunities and challenges.

When the apple in the consumer market invincible, hope to open up new markets, and the IBM in the mobile terminal has been lagging behind. Cook's common opportunities and challenges, in fact, is the enterprise App/ mobile device market. Later, the two companies each selected senior staff to meet and discuss cooperation matters, and later named


Cook and Luo Ruilan

<> fast company reports, in cooperation soon after the announcement, IBM people with a help pilot calculation of fuel is applied to the Cupertino Apple headquarters conference room for Apple's people, hope to fully demonstrate the willingness to cooperate with the application for the beginning of cooperation. Unfortunately is not to give us face,

The meeting did not become the official beginning of cooperation, but for the IBM and Apple's subsequent cooperation to determine the basis of the process.

Technological process

July 2014 cooperation announced that the plan is for tourism, health, retail, energy, transportation and other vertical industries a total of 100 applications for customers to build.

IBM took over most of the dirty work project.

First of all, according to the IBM needs to understand the consulting business process from enterprise customers. Next, IBM will invite customers to Apple's Cupertino headquarters to open a three day meeting, the three party together to touch out a framework program. The conference attendees, including key personnel from the customer, IBM and apple cooperation projects total MobileFirst for manager and vice president of iOS, a designer from IBM and apple. You can understand that customer = Party A, IBM and apple = b

Apple will require Party A to take their clients to attend the meeting, for example, doctors, pilots and salesman. Apple that only the end user presence, to determine the application we designed is really good. It is occasionally relatively inefficient, because end users have a lot of strange habits, such as they say

The first day of the three day meeting, participants will spend most of the time and end users to communicate. And then, apple and IBM designers will be designed in accordance with the results of communication to design a few more critical interface application.

Three days later, most of the practical design and production work will be based in India by IBM.

This process, so that Apple's work in the work of the show is a bit easy

The MobileFirst for iOS enterprise application project design, make full use of the existing iOS logic function and the design, such as the notification system, the red digital angle, toggle bar and so on, let users feel very familiar. It can be said that Apple according to design their own pre installed application specifications, to the requirements of IBM engineers and designers.

IBM in training, will hold Apple's Interface Guideline Human Guide (Guide) to tell their own designers and engineers:

IBMIBM 和苹果一同设计制作的 Passenger+ 应用

IBM and apple with the design and production of Passenger applications

Enterprise applications often want to do the function perfect, easy to fall into the misunderstanding of the entire screen is filled with, many end users also expect an application, what it can do. However, Apple will not allow this in the MobileFirst for iOS project, they prefer to do two or three small and light applications, also do not a

IBM not only bear the design and production work, even the customer supporting the use of iPhone and iPad sales package! IBM to provide a variety of equipment sales model, including direct purchase, lease and so on, even as Apple's iPhone Upgrade Plan, allowing customers to periodic payment of royalties, but also every two years for the new equipment by IBM. Of course, these sales is a reason, because the mobile phone and tablet which requires the installation of enterprise systems, such as IBM VPN, cloud storage, enterprise accounts and unified configuration and so on.


Before Apple and IBM cooperation, enterprises may not have used such enterprise clean interface for mobile applications. People's life for mobile devices has become fragmented, it is needless to say, this may be a minute in the company's software, under a minute in private application. If far between two application experience, terminal it is easy for users to have tired eventually abandoned the use. Now the experience is unified, which has significance for the enterprise managers and end users.

No permanent enemies / friends, only permanent interests. The two companies have struggled to come together, there must be a common market analyst Wandera/Redshift Research. survey data That, in the enterprise mobile application market, the enterprise average for each employee cost equipment and software services in the total cost of about $1840. This data is multiplied by each company thousands of employees, multiplied by tens of thousands of companies, revenue space is simply too great.

While the front also mentioned that apple is familiar with the consumers are not familiar with the business, and familiar with the IBM enterprises are incapable of action in the mobile terminal, the two companies are created by nature for each other.

This process also produced some interesting side effects. In August last year, IBM chief information officer Geoff

You see, IBM to find apple just over a year, first to the life of the leather.

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