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IPhone 7 Plus dual camera.

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Mobile phone equipped with dual camera shooting program apple is not the first home, turn left out the next Android system already put two cameras to mobile phone rotten street level. In fact, as early as 2011, LG launched a rear dual camera phone - Optimus 3D LG, behind the 5 million two pixel camera. As the name suggests, when LG launched a dual camera, its effect is not in order to achieve the popular simulation of large aperture shallow depth of field effect, but to the naked eye 3D photo shoot. When LG Optimus 3D is the world's first naked eye 3D mobile phone, two cameras shooting alone around the eyes, you can see the treatment before and after the layer separation picture in the naked eye conditions by the specially designed screen, so as to achieve the naked eye 3D effect.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

Although the naked eye 3D effect is not too strong, but at the time it is indeed very fresh technology. In the same year, HTC also launched a feature similar to the naked eye 3D mobile phone, EVO 3D HTC, when the same is also an attractive mobile phone.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

With the naked eye 3D craze faded, the domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers will gradually return to the normal design of a single main camera. But for the love of HTC dual camera does not seem completely down, in 2014, HTC launched a dual camera design classic models -- HTC M8, the mobile phone side behind the camera without the main shooting function, only the depth information for the record, later used as virtual object background, simulation of large aperture shallow depth effect. Although the performance of the M8 HTC and subsequent models in the market is not good, but this design can be said to be opened after the double camera era". After this most of the Android mobile phone as long as the use of dual camera design, the basic is to the simulation of big aperture of the shallow depth of field "as the main point of purchase, especially in 2016, Android intelligent mobile phone dual camera made more and more.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

While foreign mobile phone brands do double photo products are not many, now more famous is the LG G5, but the G5 equipped with dual camera design is not in order to simulate the "big aperture" effect. Two camera is used alone, which is a standard from the perspective of the 16 million pixel camera, and the other is a 8 million pixel super wide-angle camera, shooting landscapes and a large photo is very useful.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

G5 LG this dual camera design on the iPhone 7 Plus on the same design program, the same is the use of two different cameras to achieve more shooting function. The difference is, LG G5 is switched through the camera to achieve stronger wide-angle effect, and the other a camera iPhone 7 Plus is increased by shooting focal length, narrow visual angle range, but also can support the simulation of big aperture of the shallow depth of field "effect in the days after the update.

The iPhone 7 Plus above the dual camera is the use of the same 12 million pixel camera, which is a large aperture optical anti shake F/1.8 camera, the equivalent focal length of 28mm. Another is the F/2.8 aperture camera, equivalent focal length is just the main camera 56mm. And for this reason, 2 optical zoom iPhone 7 Plus official propaganda, is directly to the main camera switch for telephoto camera to operate, in order to achieve the so-called "zoom" effect.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

According to the dismantling before iFixit that iPhone 7 Plus only F/1.8 main camera with optical image stabilization, the other a telephoto lens is no optical anti shake function, and the photosensitive element specifications are relatively small. Although earlier probably already guess this result, but now have to disassemble in order to determine the guess.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

In addition there are already some users found a problem, iPhone 7 Plus above the telephoto camera in some cases is not effect. If you are now in the hands of iPhone 7 Plus, you can try the following operation. The first finger telephoto camera cover (back on the right side of the camera), at a little dark environment to open the camera, and then click the camera shutter above 2X zoom button, then you'll find that the camera can still be two times zoom. According to the truth, click 2X will awaken the telephoto camera to achieve the "optical zoom, and because the camera viewfinder screen and finger occlusion will be affected. But is covered in the telephoto camera case why can achieve the same 2X zoom? That's because the focus here is to enable the F/1.8 main camera digital zoom, and did not start another F/2.8 camera. At this time, continue to use the camera telephoto camera finger cover, remove the light is very sufficient, you will see the iPhone 7 Plus finally launched a telephoto camera, and the camera because of a finger occlusion relationship will have an influence on the viewfinder.

This little experiment can be very intuitive to see the iPhone 7 Plus two camera works, simple to understand, when the light is very sufficient you can use another camera to achieve the optical zoom function, and when the light is insufficient, the main camera iPhone 7 Plus will give priority to the use of F/1.8 digital zoom instead of optical zoom. The reason is very simple, was in use telephoto shooting, especially in the dark environment of large aperture and optical image stabilization will be particularly important, but F/2.8 is not a telephoto lens optical image stabilization, but this time Apple will choose to use the main lens with optical image stabilization using digital zoom to shoot in order to increase piece rate and maintain the purity of the picture, this effect may be better than shooting with a telephoto lens.

Because of this a telephoto lens with a photosensitive element lower specification, image quality and noise are not the main camera with good effect. Foreign media (Engadget) on the use of these two cameras, in view of the same size kept almost under shot three contrast, are the main camera, the main camera 2 times digital zoom and switching camera optical zoom telephoto shooting proofs. We can see the light in the indoor environment is not very slightly enough, "the effect of optical zoom telephoto camera imaging" even worse than the main camera 2 times digital zoom, especially in the noise reduction effect on the lose obviously.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

Of course, if you simply on the digital zoom effect, is the ultimate digital zoom telephoto camera in detail capture ability to be slightly better than the limit of the main camera zoom effect is better, but the noise is still too weak. Why so much noise is not a telephoto lens optical image stabilization, the aperture is little in dark environment or digital zoom in order to ensure the safety of the shutter will be increased by ISO, thus the photosensitive element will shrink the telephoto camera is like a double blow.

iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus 双摄像头探秘

In addition to say more, to recognize you now shooting scene 2 times zoom is the optical zoom or digital zoom in addition to mobile phone screen color and anti shake effect, there is a super simple way, is in after covering a little zoom telephoto camera to look at the screen view there is no change You'll see..

Dual camera design of iPhone 7 Plus while compared with double perturbation scheme a public domestic with a lot of innovation, but the feedback from the media and users experience the real machine is not high, a telephoto lens is available, in the light is very sufficient conditions to achieve "zoom" the best performance should be shooting a scene, perhaps it can be said that Something is better than nothing. Or we can look forward to the next generation of iPhone 7S Plus will enhance the quality of the secondary camera, equipped with optical image stabilization and large aperture telephoto lens?

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