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Apple's new News Apple, is simply to teach the news client how to be a man

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IOS 10 has begun to push, announced in June this year on the WWDC Apple News new apple news design has been mounting.

I personally have been News users, the past months has been using iOS 10 public test system, will advance to experience a new design for a period of time. News have to say, News is currently on the market experience the best news client.

Vision: simple, clean, good to hear or see

News and other news client market, the biggest difference is that the reader, the other App is essentially a RSS subscription tool, pure text grab content but also forgotten the original web layout, and News did not do so.

The first open News, date, week and temperature display with bold eye-catching words in the title position at the top of the screen plate / mobile phone. It implies that the user next appears on the screen of the news was released today /, and the newspaper up date and weather information. The first screen of different approaches but equally satisfactory results

IOS 9 when the title is displayed below the Logo news agency, is small and no color. Now Logo has also been mentioned in front of the color of the title, this may reflect News pay more attention to the news media status, after all they are the source of content.

左:新左:新 Apple News;右:iOS 9 Apple News

Left: new News Apple; right: iOS 9 News Apple

In the News news reading experience and in the source of the website is almost the same as News, Publisher tools publishers can through the apple provides, the original site of all content and visual elements, including news headlines, text, picture / video, pictures, hyperlinks, and font, typography, CCTV and other interactive effects. The original copy to the News.


We compare the experience of reference to other news client:


(first I guarantee this is three different reading App news headlines today, a little information and express every day, but you can look at the interface points out who is who?) the three App directly to the title text and pictures to crawl over, not what the difference with the RSS reader, but also not to mention the interface not some carefully designed reader pay well.

Of course this is probably because, in addition to some of the new media sites, most of the domestic content providers also don't think much of their own. The page design is the same as in the WeChat public number, with HTML blind visual elements do also called design?

The use of experience: instant loading, the details of the supremacy

News provides almost exactly the same page as the original site, but also greatly reduced the load time of these news site pages.

In fact, now will "contains many elements, such as advertising tracking plug-in, complex visual effects, and load them need to consume unnecessary time and flow. A classic example: a few days ago, the New York Times released a version of science and technologyThere is only one text, and this article in the browser but need to 6MB data and more than 150 requests to load out

In the News situation is much better. Click on the title of an article / picture to the text of the article shows that the process is almost instantaneous.


In fact, many App are doing similar things, such as the Facebook also allows publishers to make Instant Article, in the opening moments of web page has been loaded. Here you can with WeChat public number and a public domestic news client make a comparison: the loading speed, News no less than WeChat public and news client slow; beautiful degree, Apple News better.

In addition to this mechanism, in front of the News beautiful generous visual interface, but also improve the use of experience.

Embedded video can be played directly on the current page, will not be like other iOS browser to call up a player interface:


Bonus: no pit dad algorithm recommended

And some domestic claims

For example, I only pay attention to the , News would never recommend content from BuzzFeed, even the most famous one of the world's entertainment star died, I won't push in receiving this message.News was presented to the user News content, from the user has been strictly limited to the media attention, nor like Twitter, micro-blog and other social attributes with news that showed me a friend's concern.


News let me feel, finally in the mobile era to see what the news has its own control.

News will recommend new attention to media properties that have been focused on the user, but will not force users to focus on the content that is not interesting.

As well, the media are concerned about whether the press to push the right, you can also adjust the:


There is no convincing contrast. Let us look at the algorithm after training (several days), the domestic news client to recommend something to me:


Speak really this recommended level, it is better to learn a hammer to make manual recommendation.

Advertising: the occasional unexpected

News there is no advertising.

When the absorbed content publishers, Apple News has to provide them with advertising tools. The new mechanism is divided into content publishers if they integrate advertising in the content, income of 100% to the publisher; if the use of Apple's advertising platform, apple pumped into 30%.

May be related to the content of concern, I read the news in the occasional advertising (the ratio of about 1/10), but they are just recommend users to download the corresponding media's own iOS App ads is not obtrusive.

Generally speaking, News with the iOS 10 update, there is a level of news client that some appearance: the design is beautiful, clear, focused, no ads, not blind recommendation.

Unfortunately, from iOS 9 to iOS 10, News still in the mainland. China line seems everyone still have to continue with the user interface with no aesthetic, content and style also broken the client.

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