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7/Plus iPhone evaluation: buy do not buy to see this is enough

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In the use of the iPhone 7 a week later, I decided to get rid of the conference to get started with some of the statements.

I try to summarize my bias at different time points in the judgment: a short test sense of surprise and visual impact of emotional factors inevitably appear in the pipeline and active in various scenes and a tool of frequent and passive in life, its standard of judging whether it should be placed in a more meet or exceed your expectations.

Love fan children believe that the latter is the original intention of evaluation. So we're going to talk more about what you can't see.



Jet Black (bright black version) is that a similar and personal independence of conduct. Apple first used an adjective to describe the color of the iPhone, rather than the dark gray, rose gold that corresponds to a real image.


IPhone bright black version of the biggest feature is the back of the craft, which has a piano in general the deep luster, but also the crystal clear glass, and even difficult to distinguish between the boundaries of the body and the screen. If you don't tell you this is an aluminum alloy, I'm afraid most people will mistake it for glass.



Grinding abrasive is very interesting, love van son (micro signal: iFanr) after Diao learned that the video in a round of the object is likely to be a wool wool, it may also have some of the very small abrasive.

In the bright black version of the iPhone 7, it is difficult for you to see the plastic antenna, in addition to the plastic itself with the color of metal anode (color) after similar reasons, but also because the two materials have almost the same luster, this is a manifestation of the level of plastic grinding.


Comparison of 7/7 Plus iPhone and 6/6 Plus iPhone antenna strip



Improved official protective cover, press key

Wide color gamut of the screen, the perception is not so obvious

IPhone 7 series still maintained the screen resolution of the previous two generations of products, increase the wide color gamut technology support, simple to say, it allows you to see the details of the more abundant level of image.


On the iPhone 7 Plus, under the 6S Plus iPhone

If you don't put two phones together to compare the same bright photos, you may not be able to feel the upgrade of the screen.

In addition the two iPhone 7 screen color temperature is more obvious than my iPhone 6S Plus.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera be roughly the same, but Plus is a vision weapon


If you criticized the 6/6s iPhone raised on the camera, then iPhone 7 this is a bigger camera estimates will not make you more satisfied.

The camera is the highlight of the iPhone 7 series. In the interpretation of the ten major innovations in iPhone 7, apple almost spent half the time on the camera.

From the parameters, the two mobile phone upgrade is very obvious: the lens aperture is increased from f/2.2 to f/1.8, 4.7 inches of iPhone 7 is also equipped with optical anti shake. IPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a dual camera, providing two times the quality of the optical zoom.

The first group of samples in iPhone 6S Plus, the most can only see the leaves outline, while iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can retain more details. Reference to the Canon 6D out of the film, 7/7 Plus iPhone white balance is also more accurate than 6S Plus iPhone, more close to the naked eye effect. However, 6S Plus iPhone more colorful, more pleasing eye.


Second groups of samples. From the texture of green leaves can be seen, iPhone 7 Plus resolution, imaging contrast will be higher than the 6S Plus iPhone more than half of the file above. The larger aperture, the iPhone 7 Plus can effectively compress the exposure time, reducing the influence of handshaken imaging. This film still used for mobile phone users, it is a good news.


Thanks to a large aperture and optical image stabilization, iPhone 7 in dark condition imaging showed considerable advantage. In this group of samples in comparison, iPhone 6S Plus bar has been close to the black background, iPhone 7 and Plus 7 is still able to see the background of the curve, it is worth mentioning that the expression of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


In contrast to night light in the complex, iPhone 7 Plus reserved shadow detail will be more than the iPhone 6S Plus, which can be seen from the picture in the building. In addition, the 6S Plus iPhone to shoot the green belt has been seriously smear, and 7/7 Plus iPhone can also retain the outline of the leaves.


Due to the front of the FaceTime camera pixel upgrade from 5 million to 7 million, since the picture quality is better. In the FaceTime video chat, you can also feel the clear picture of carefree.

Compared to these enhancements, my favorite is the iPhone 7 Plus zoom function. Due to the size of the restrictions, most of the smart phone is equipped with a wide angle camera, which means that you can easily use iPhone to shoot a vast territory, but can not pull the scenery in front of the.

Before the phone to achieve such a goal there are two basic ways: one is to increase the optical zoom lens on the phone camera components, such as NOKIA N93i or ASUS Zoom Zenfone. Another approach is to do the mobile phone pixel sensor is very high, a long effect by cutting the picture simulation, such as 41 million pixel camera monster NOKIA 808 Pureview and Lumia 1020.

lumialumia 1020 6

But more than two designs will make the phone becomes very thick. IPhone 7 Plus approach is equipped with two different focal length of the camera.


In addition to the heart of the same as the iPhone 7 28mm 12 million pixels wide angle lens, its right side also acquired a 56 mm telephoto lens.


In the default camera case, iPhone wide-angle lenses, when you click the camera interface 1X, the camera will switch to a telephoto lens, optical zoom 2 times. As the focal length of 56mm is more close to the reality of the human eye, it would be a rather useful function in daily photography.

2828 vs 56

To toggle the zoom ring, the screen can be enlarged to 10 times, the video can be magnified 6 times. In contrast, the iPhone 6S Plus picture frame can only magnified 5 times. IPhone 7 Plus resolution is higher than the 6S Plus iPhone a big cut, iPhone 7, although not as iPhone 7 Plus, but still less than 6S Plus iPhone.


Telephoto support is an important step to achieve mobile phone really bokeh, because in addition to the aperture the greater the more shallow depth of field, the longer the focal length can be more shallow depth of field.

Unfortunately, iPhone 7 Plus coke outside the virtual function temporarily unable to experience on the iPhone 7 Plus, the end of this year, when the official on-line love van son (micro signal: iFanr) will bring a separate evaluation.

In short, the imaging quality of iPhone 7/7 Plus is still good, but compared to the previous generation to enhance the focus on the white balance and low light imaging, and optical image stabilization and blessings, let iPhone 7 and iPhone reached 7 Plus flat image level qi. As for the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera, in addition to a good zoom function, we are more looking forward to a breakthrough in the virtual function of the focus.

This Home key, can not deceive me

In iPhone 7, apple uses solid state button design instead of the 9 years of physical pressing Home key. Simply put, that is, the Home button does not go down.


Apple hopes that by Engine Taptic's tactile feedback to make you feel. The more you press, Taptic Engine felt more strongly.

Even so, this Home button on the handle with the previous Home iPhone key still has a considerable difference, it will not let you have the illusion that the illusion.


The reason is not the technology itself, but your contact equipment gesture: the MacBook on the table, you only a finger touch panel, so only a few fingers feel the vibration feedback, while the iPhone is on your vibration feedback role in the palm of the hand, so the thumb felt relatively not so strong.

But even so, the Home key press is still better than all the Android devices virtual buttons, in my opinion, the role of virtual buttons, the vibration feedback is just a hint of you, you press the.


The first boot system will provide a set of Home key feedback

In the iPhone 7 boot, you can set three different compression strength for felt. Can be used to the crisp physical buttons, iPhone 7 Home key press feel you may need some time to adapt.

In the use of a week, we found that the Engine Taptic vibration feedback is applied to more scenes. For example, involving the roller list menu, when you slide the screen, Engine Taptic will be accompanied by the sound of gear, issued a continuous vibration, like the feeling of running gear.

As for the fingerprint recognition, it is almost identical with the recognition speed of 6S iPhone.

Cutting off the headphone jack doesn't make the phone thin, but it's worth it.


EarPods comes with a Lightning plug


Remove the audio interface, in a lot of people seems to be just a little less than 3.5 mm of the small hole, but in fact the internal audio interface to occupy the space is not small. In addition to the cylinder itself, there are also a series of components and lines: the contact of the elastic metal plate, fixed plug seat with the circuit board, external audio chip and audio circuit.

After using Lightning, these can be removed, only need to add the plus audio in the main chip module, and the audio information is transmitted through the Lightning interface, save too much.

iPhoneiPhone 6s_ifixit

The internal structure of the 6S iPhone headphone jack is from: ifixit

In fact, precisely because of the restrictions on the mobile phone space, 6/6s iPhone can not be equipped with Plus on the optical anti shake camera. Apple employees tell love van son (micro signal: iFanr), optical image stabilization camera module is almost twice as large.

Cut off the 3.5mm headphone port, although iPhone 7 did not become more thin, but apple is able to optimize the integration of internal components. 4.7 inch iPhone 7 for example, lost 3.5mm headset jack, in exchange for a two times volume of the stereo speakers, a substantial improvement in the weak optical imaging optical anti shake camera.


For example, the increase of the speaker, it is located in the receiver, directly to the mobile phone to the volume doubled.

This trend has actually become a reality in the field of video data transmission, HDMI, DisplayPort two standard has been completely replaced before the use of analog signals VGA interface. At the same time, in the latest planning of the two standards, but also without exception, to provide power supply, network, audio and other types of data transmission support on the basis of existing cables. This is also because the pure digital transmission standard is the key to different application scenarios, it lies in the definition of the interface and data coding and decoding.


IPhone 7 comes with the Lightning 3.5mm converter.

IPhone 7/7 Plus is equipped with a Lightning plug EarPods headset, and comes with a Lightning 3.5mm converter. However, compared to EarPods 3.5mm, this EarPods Lightning sound is not significantly improved.

In dental problems, iPhone iPhone and iPod 7 in history.

AirPods is a benchmark for Bluetooth headset.


Lightning headphones are not the only audio program, apple is more respected wireless way, this is the Bluetooth headset AirPods. This not like the cable EarPods headset, you can solve the problem of listening to music while charging.


Thanks to the built-in W1 chip and various types of sensors, some intelligent properties AirPods indeed has a wearable device: when you remove a headset, infrared sensors will monitor the built-in to stop the music; and the acceleration sensor is sensitive to light touch, two headset, you can activate Siri; voice calls. Speech can vibration acceleration sensor and the direction of the voice recognition, noise reduction.


These operations naturally make you feel like a Bluetooth headset.

However, AirPods currently only through the activation of Siri to answer the phone, play the next song, adjust the volume of the operation, if you can customize the touch action directly control, will be more convenient.

Limited headset volume limit, AirPods battery can only maintain 5 hours of audio playback, apple designed a box, which can be used to incorporate AirPods, can also be to charge the headset, make life can be prolonged to 24 hours. This box is smaller than the EarPods box, but it is still a lot.

From Jawbone ERA to Bose QC series, I had to use a variety of Bluetooth headset in paired connection pofeizhouzhe. First on the headset to find the button to turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode, and then search, connect, and some personalized settings you have to the next app.


As for the sound quality, it is no different from the wired EarPods. But the price of 1288 yuan, as a music player.

Interactive connectivity, stable matching, elegant Intelligence experience, love fan children (micro signal: iFanr AirPods) that is a benchmark of the Bluetooth headset.

Purchase advice: if you are still using iPhone 5, you can consider a change


In the past few days using iPhone 7 Plus, in addition to the Home key unique feel, I do not think it has too many changes and iPhone 6S Plus, in most cases, similar to the shape, the same grip makes me think that I still use the old mobile phone.

If you use 6S Plus iPhone, the phone camera is not too demanding, do not need to upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus.


If you are still using a more old phone than iPhone 7, iPhone 6 will give you the feeling of use will be a comprehensive leap forward.

As iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus between the tangle, in addition to endurance and size considerations, you need to consider a focus is whether you have a need for zoom.

In color, love van son (micro signal: iFanr) more recommended new black and bright black version, more subtle antenna design, more sophisticated new technology, at least make it look more like a new phone.


Since its birth in 2007, iPhone has now entered its tenth year.

From 3G 3G with a substantial increase in speed, from iPhone 4 design, resolution and the overall progress of taking pictures, and then to the metal forming a iPhone 5, evolution to the big screen iPhone 6. Every two years iPhone will be an appearance of a year improvement, technological upgrading, and the main function of a selling point, and these functions or with no predecessors, or striking.


Picture from:YouTube

IPhone 7 did not bring a significant change in the shape, and also did not come up with an explosive innovation points, each of which is based on existing features or existing technology improvements.

But iPhone 7 aspects are doing better, it may not be able to stimulate your desire to change.

According to market research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners iPhone, the user's replacement frequency is becoming longer, the majority of users have to wait until at least two years will consider replacing mobile phone.


The United States carriers to cancel a two-year contract policy indeed slowed down the frequency of replacement, but the bigger problem is that mobile technology breakthrough is the bottleneck.

One of the bottlenecks in the performance of the new technology is slowing down. Extrafocal virtual function is one of the biggest selling point iPhone 7 Plus, but it could not be released a new machine, apple in a rare hardware conference issued a temporary cannot use function.

However, the second generation of Apple Watch has been pregnant for 18 months, although Apple hopes the wrist device can do more independent, but always match on the performance of the cell press.


In the more elderly and portable computer industry, the latest Air MacBook still keep it 8 years ago, the appearance of the listing. And MacBook Pro Retina this design, but also unwittingly continued for 4 years.


On this point, iPhone 7 done.


Li Geng, Liang Menglin, Mai Weiqi also contributed to this article

Evaluation video:Http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTcyNDA5MzMwMA==.html

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