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Web App Google "revenge"

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GoogleGoogle 的 Web App “复仇记”

English text:Google And Others Are How Plotting The Revenge Of The Web App

Editor's note: there was a period of time, with the HTML5 hype to the climax, and the development of higher difficulty compared to the native web, mobile app is considered to be the future of mobile applications. But with the native app in the speed and functionality to enrich the degree of easy to win, moving web gradually depressed down. But recently, with the evolution of technology and the frustrating experience of the app store, Google is nowWith the improved Progressive Web App comeback, trying to launch a revenge on the native app.

For Google developer Russell Alex, the development of APP web is not just a job, or his personal beliefs.

People who are confident in app Russell are not only web. Over the past 10 years, there has been a technical faction to put forward a point of view, web can provide the same experience as app. Jobs original for iPhone software is also so look, Google is the introduction of the concept of OS Chrome inside it, the latter as a computing platform at the beginning of the web browser with the fact that it is almost. App Web represents a positive view of the world, that is, users can not be restricted by the application store wall garden, and developers do not have to 6, 7 platforms to re develop their own software.

GoogleGoogle 的 Web App “复仇记”

If you often visit the website that supports Web Apps Progressive, it will ask you to add a main screen button, and it will look more like a app when you load it.

Developers have begun to feel frustrated with the application store model, and in the absence of middlemen can put their things presented to consumers, open web low friction but may make them benefit. At the same time, the new web technology makes app as fast and full function.

What's in App Web?

GoogleGoogle 的 Web App “复仇记”


Local storage data is only the first step in the process. If a user visits the same site constantly, it may be a step further and asks if you are willing to receive push notifications. May also put an icon to your main screen, just like the original app. Click on the icon, the Chrome browser may not appear. By this time, basically you use is app rather than the site.

The pursuit of better app web is not just academic. Russell said that in the real world Web App Progressive also has its own advantages, they do not need to prove their value to the user in advance. When we visit Yelp or some random news sources, the meeting has come across some annoying message boxes, urging us to install their native app instead of loading the mobile web site. Most of us will ignore this, because we don't want to just download a app that doesn't even know what it is. Web App Progressive at least have the opportunity to first meet the tastes of this group of people.

Google Chrome platform team product manager Alex Komoroske cited an example, explains Progressive Web of App in the real world is what: for example, an airline in the mobile phone you just check what little fly, you do not want to install their app, but still want to receive flight delay or notice change gate.

Why is App Web important?

But some technical authority for web, it's too late, they quoted the survey data show that most of our time (according to the Forrester number is 85%) spent a small amount of app. But Four Jason Grigsby web, the Cloud design agency, said the numbers are misleading because it does not explain how the frequency of independent websites is accessible (even if it is a brief visit).

They are installing these big app, we need to access other app reasons.

A report released last year, ComScore disclosed on the other side of the story: the top 1000 websites by mode is 2.5 times of the top 1000 app. This shows that Web App Progressive has a huge opportunity.

Google himself through somecase study

GoogleGoogle 的 Web App “复仇记”


Return to reason

Although Web App Progressive outlook is considerable, but this concept is still relatively new, there are still many problems to be solved.

Part of the problem is relatively small, with the time shift should be improved. Web App Progressive can not interact with Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphones or smart locks, such as Pay Android security payments can only be supported in the Chrome version of beta Google browser. And once app web become more immersive, obscured the browser chrome itself, resulting in URL invisible, thus making the site lost the best channels to share.

But Web App Progressive is also facing some of the more difficult problems. For example, they have a responsive design that can flex freely on laptops and desktop computers, but how do they behave on the devices that are not sure. Although Microsoft has said it will put Web App ProgressiveIncluded in theStore Windows, and runs the app in Microsoft's Edge browser, but Komoroske's Google admits that there must be a lot of problems to be solved.

Streaming app

There is also a problem, that is, Apple will not accept the concept of Web App Progressive. Although Apple's Safari browser support section allows app web better performance of the framework, tools and techniques, but does not support worker service (used for local storage site elements) or push notifications.

But in Max's Lynch Ionic, the answer may not be important.

In any case, Russell is willing to work with other companies such as Microsoft, Opera, and Mozilla to meet these challenges. The result will be a more advanced web, the web should be able to run anywhere, no matter what kind of browser or operating system.

So there seems to be a glimmer of hope for 10 years of optimism on Web and the open platform. Why is that?

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