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Zhang Xuhao latest internal speech: Hungry yet how to see friends (he) Suppliers (bing)?

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Editor's Note: This article from the micro-channel public number & ldquo; hungry Mody & rdquo; (ID: iloveleme).

& Ldquo; What hungry registered company name each time a one-off, because we are innovative, since the name is very strange. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; the US delegation to follow up strategy to operate through striking. This is its DNA, not ours. We certainly have to continue to innovate. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; + What does the Internet? We are + food, focus is not on the Internet, in the food. This is the 3 & middot; 15 biggest change happened after my values. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; I used to imagine that Steve Jobs to create a company, and later he died, two years I lost my mentor, I feel very confused, so hungry, it also developed a little bit slow. Now I feel really hungry, it is more like Amazon, Bezos is now my mentor. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; hungry it is now selling rice, the future may also become as giants like Amazon. Takeout and more profitable than the book. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; I was never the biggest media say what I learned is that everyone seems to feel hungry, it is so smooth, in fact, I have to reflect and lessons learned. I think the biggest lesson is not clear that the whole society is something constant, leading to now has been chasing opponents. & Rdquo;

In recent months, led by the CEO Zhang Xuhao, what executives went hungry, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Fuzhou, Shanghai and other nine cities, preach corporate culture. So lineup and scale, both in the company or industry, are considered rare.

August 25 points in 43 minutes lecture hall of Shanghai, Zhang Xuhao concentrated entrepreneurial most complete eight years of experience, the most profound reflection. This video was originally to keep internal archive use, but now we are willing to share it, so that more friends know what hungry to understand the company's origins, genes, culture and mission. We believe that understanding is the best precondition to understand.

Video and text longer than that, but the speaker full sincerity, real, you might be worth a look.


The following excerpt from Zhang Xuhao internal culture when speaking tour Shanghai Station's speech:

Today, I was speaking about, hungry it past development of our early heart, the logic of things, now DNA, and also share with you some of our future vision, mission and vision, and we need to do next into such a thing to use which method to do it, is very important ways.

Hungry yet live up to now, because every opportunity to seize the technology wave

If from the point of view of history, it is a long, hungry young company. Long ah refers to its history quite long, although we are young, but we are in fact in 2008 to start a business, and now has gone through about 8 years, this can not be considered to be very short in the Internet field, with BAT compared to a little is short point, but entrepreneurial companies, in fact, not less.

We went through the whole wave of technology in several major node, for example, was first telephone ordering, ordering to the back of the PC, and later moving end ordering, now start VR (virtual reality), AR (Augmented Reality), AI such things. So, in fact, we have experienced a wave of many Internet technologies. In fact, I think every wave are pushing forward the development of the industry, although many of us here little friends, the year when we start very hard, but I think every time we truly significant business growth in the non-linear when, in fact, they are behind the wave of technology in promoting, invisible to push us up. Many times I feel that a successful company, 6 points, 7 points is to rely on the general trend, we have to look for the trend of the flow, and 3 points of it, in fact, we rely on the efforts of everyone. We can do may be to rely on the continuous efforts to continue to hard work, it is possible to wait until the arrival of the last of the general trend.


▲ hungry Mody CEO Zhang Xuhao speaking tour in the corporate culture

We met a few times in the past technological change, the wave of technology, hungry to live it now precisely because we seize every opportunity this technology wave, and we comply with it in the product technology, services and business models this trend, we are able to live up to now.

What hungry spirit of innovation from the company named began

When we first set up in 2008, when we were students start a company, we are in fact a few people have not thought about what to do, including myself, may not have thought must be entrepreneurial. Our earliest start time, I feel my own level is not enough, courage is not big enough, but our hostel is really really talented group of people, because this group of talented people, we decided it wanted a geek company .

We are not able to do something is not the same thing? In the Chinese context, are often the elders say is right, Mom and Dad said is right, the teacher said is right, it may be our own to do something wrong. So we are so talented people how wrong can it? We are not their own to do something, to be recognized by the market, to prove their worth? Then we choose entrepreneurship.

I remember our first company's name, it is quite creative. We talk about innovation, leave alone a lot of great innovation, I talk about the company to take the name of innovation. General industrial and commercial registration, people need to give 7,8 name, let people choose, and then bounce back and re-think. Hungry yet registered company name each time a one-off, because we are innovative, since the name is very strange. Our first name is four founder's name, Kangfu Wen-ho, a lawyer look, Oh ye of a multinational enterprise. We then register a company, La Zhasi, the name louder, Sanskrit name, go look through it. But we are now very few people Innovation team, recently signed a lot of branches, many names to bomb bomb to go back, finally Industry and Commerce Bureau to give you a recommendation, you go look at a few names in the election. That we now grassroots innovation capability is relatively poor.


▲ hungry domain ele.me it also makes it easy to remember

Therefore, we hope that through this cultural speaking tour to remind you that we go back to the beginning of the heart. I believe that everyone has childhood, everyone has a dream, everyone wants to do something, we go back to the beginning of the heart, some very intimate work.

What hungry entrepreneurs like the game Daguai, a large number of competing products now go away

There are two types of people in the world is nothing, one day is doing a linear development, his growth will always be linear; there are a group of people, is not linear doing things every day. We've been looking forward to some of the non-linear breakthrough talent, these people are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial companies who are like these people, so will be thinking every day in the pursuit, are developing some of the explosive growth of things, so the company will become a great company.

Talked about our past, our innovative, hackers, Wang Yuan said, we joined one of the earliest cases, is also important. We were very fire of National Chiao Tung University BBS, Wang Yuan in the BBS to send everyone in the station believed the whole station, which never had in the history of the BBS. He wrote a code to all National Chiao Tung University BBS human hair within a station promotion letter hungry Mody site, suddenly hungry Mody order explosion. In fact, this is the hacker spirit, has been helping the hungry it go forward.


▲ hungry, it organized a national university student hacker Marathon, encourage young people to carry forward the spirit of the hacker

We recall the past, I think it actually hungry like playing games Daguai like before there are many competitors, then all the way to walk, and now we can finally positively compete with BAT. Although some people have now come over to our camp came inside, there are some possible rival with us, and our previous large number of competing products now away from us, began to tear court, from his comrades into enemies. Along the way, although I think our business model is similar with many competitors, but I believe the future of our DNA with views of things, in fact, are very different.

To do great things, there is a small entry point

In the past we really want to start to build a Silicon Valley giants like company. Because we watched a movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", talking about Steve Jobs and Bill & middot; Gates, two people fight to call, the PC eventually spread to the whole world. That which impressed me very deeply a plot, is Steve Jobs went to Xerox saw a mouse, to interact in such a way that he felt very far-sighted, think this is the way the future of human-computer interaction. To popularize the use of computers to mass market, there must be a good user experience, a good human-computer interaction, that we put these things take over. I feel like the ultimate behind this great thing, in fact, is a small entry point.

We are on the fourth floor reception also wrote this sentence: to do great things, there is a small entry point.


At that time we want to start, can be the starting point in the end is what place? I Kangjia professional and energy-saving building, with energy-related, we are in the field of building energy conservation is not a business opportunity? We in real estate is not a business opportunity? And then we talk about different places of the project, talk to the back of the stomach hungry. Hungry, I found it just seems to be a need. It is not possible to start from this point of view? So, the next day we started the online ordering of business, buy a lot of car battery.

Faced with subsidies, hungry and with what technology with business model innovation to kill opponents

The earliest delivery we personally do to help businesses solve distribution problems. At that time I remember a company called the Little leaves Alone, I went to check a registered capital of 1 million, has put all around Shanghai universities are basically covered. Tens of thousands of dollars and we still rely on cash out, school tuition in pressure down, compete with others PK. At that time we also have a very intense activity subsidies, ordering each to send iced tea. With our order up, ice tea, poached send out, they are out to own real money, and this is also very scary. Then we feel tremendous pressure, the other continue to use this way of subsidies to fight with us, how do we do?

Then how do we deal with it? This is a classic case that we use innovative technology with innovative business models, once knocked out his opponent. We were a lot of pressure, I remember I told Lao Gao to communicate together, then Lao Gao is a hot area of ​​our business Jiaotong platform, my monthly pumping 8% of the commission, I will print out the order form, the number of daily turnover, hot dishes and then print it out for you to analyze. In the last analysis to tell you, this needs to pay a 8% commission. So it was tired, more than 50 businesses on the internet every month to collect the money and ran, and then communicate with the boss. But in this repetitive work which, I told Lao Gao established a deep friendship.

I continue to communicate, continue to have an idea, a lot of consumer demand we have to understand. Eventually, some day, we are in a room inside feet and feet, transparent body meridians thought: is not what we do for a restaurant NAPOS system can solve order efficiency? Well, all of a sudden we started this idea. In the past been used to deliver SMS phone orders, we are an Internet company, we need to use technology to solve problems offline, but NAPOS is a good point. Then we develop NAPOS, developed three or four months.

This thing is technically no problem, the key is how to achieve it through the product? How to print experience well? There are several programs I remember the days when there is a need to print pop, one of which is not pop, how the browser can not pop, how we can do better? In fact it was like a lot of programs, and finally get a user experience very good program, slightly press the mouse, the order is automatically printed out, but also through the system administration menu and comments. Anyway, that is a prototype now NAPOS system.

The second is the first price is 8% commission, we feel does not seem sustainable. We found that early users accustomed to the development of the industry do not develop, businesses do not develop the habit, you advance through the form, in fact, is the opposite with the merchant. Many businesses have found that a single fly, hop single such problems, then we are not able to perform in an innovative pricing model?

I remember reading some cases, foreign-speaking was to develop a model called SaaS, the annual cost. We think that this model is not able to use our platform up? We later launched a SaaS account, to pay 4820 yuan a year, and is paid for; pay semiannually 2750 yuan, 1630 yuan for three months pay. I remember clearly the price. Then we put this thing into a SaaS service. NAPOS coupled with our technical service, and it would set off the whole business. Businesses feel that our pricing is fixed fee, extra orders are their own, and then we have technology and convenient mouse click can be automatically printed out, so all orders are automatically transferred to our platform. We all of a sudden from behind market share, three months later, six months later, shot put competitors in this market. He did not spend the extra money, but also received a lot of advance payment.

So I say we start a lot of genes, are the original ecology, no commercial analysis, there is no strategic analysis, also thought to whom, DNA and intuition behind this business, it may be our future way of doing things. We now look back, was very focused on user needs and experience, and hope that through technology, products, business model innovation, our predecessors could not have done, and no one industry which used way to solve the user can profoundly demand, in order to achieve our growth.

US Mission to follow up strategy, striking, which is its DNA, it's not hungry

Our vision is very interesting summary: We must go to create the world's leading life through innovation and technology platform. This is our future way of doing things, if you have no innovation, no innovation and technology on business model innovation, organizational innovation, various forms of innovation are not, I believe you can not meet the hungry what the future development of the talent demand. Innovation is something our bones.

Today we see what the US group Ye Hao, in fact, the policy of the US group we see very clearly that more follow-up strategy is to follow up from various industries, from it done before the school network ah, this is the depth replication. But I do not evaluate this strategy is good or bad, I think there are times when this strategy is actually fine, to make it through the operation, to striking.


▲ Zhang Xuhao On the US Mission

Follow-up strategy, like a bicycle race before breaking wind, hiding in the second because the first may take a roundabout ah, second after the way the force by the operator to make up. I think it is a very clever strategy, but it is its DNA, not our DNA. Our DNA, certainly is to continue to innovate.

Do the logistics platform, also we found a little pain points and then cut into

We do NAPOS system at the earliest time to the back began to do the logistics platform. Try also the diversity of our logistics, the first to do hummingbirds, not seeing the logistics business needs, but the discovery in logistics and distribution, there is a small demand is a sore point. We found that delivery staff dialed the process is cumbersome, he wants to hold a single takeaway, to dial a phone number to dial, and sometimes even ride electric vehicles, very safe. Later, I also saw a team of business students, a product can be made to come into line, then click and the phone will automatically dial out. I was inspired, I feel able to our side. This can reduce a lot of phone calls in the distribution process, allowing the distribution efficiency. Jane is such a demand for simple single point of pain, we do hummingbirds, improve distribution efficiency, with the delivery staff is also very happy.

Next time, we want to build a logistics network, a model and ecology. It can be said, in fact, we are doing the first logistics platform above, also we found a little pain points and then cut into, to make this product.


▲ last year, it set up a hungry open logistics platform

Now our logistics system diversity, there are logistics crowdsourcing, there are logistics agent, import and logistics, as well as investment partners, logistics systems must be established. We are not a platform other up, even more diversity is a logistics platform. But we in terms of scheduling, there are still some backward areas, should be strengthened. I believe that our future logistics network could become a very wonderful thing. But I believe that we still have to do it through innovative ideas, today may be in distribution, high labor costs, if there is a new way of the future, like a robot, unmanned, and so, we may have to layout, to to design. Finally, in fact, it is to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. So logistics is our entry point by small, innovative products step by step up the band.

I 315 is the greatest feeling, values ​​have changed

This year, we are 3 & middot; 15 designated brand, 3 & middot; 15 For me the biggest feeling is that my values ​​have changed. Like I said before, we are the first to build a like Silicon Valley companies like Google, it is more concerned about online innovation, product, user experience with interactive online and offline for a lot of things are not particularly care. So what our industry? Our great leaders, we call Internet +. + What is the Internet? We are now + food, in fact, the focus is not on the Internet, possibly in the food above. This is the biggest change in my values ​​occurred.


▲ Zhang Xuhao On Internet +

I think that food safety is a top priority. I think today is not that simple a license issue certificates may be some more problems surface, license good, full restaurant, Western restaurant, not necessarily part of the production, distribution links very safe very reliable. For an Internet company like ours, how through technical means to help the whole community to enhance food safety? I think many of our product manager, our Leader (leadership) in the top products from the perspective to think about the future. Because the user's food security is assured, Takeout quality improvement, and is the best user experience.

Today, we may not be able to make any contribution to the blue sky, but all of us for food security, especially in China's food safety problems, make its own contribution. Eventually we developed 10 years later, with the help of Chinese food safety upgrade to a more secure environment, when, in fact, for your children and grandchildren, your offspring made a very important thing. This is significant, is the conscience works.

Now, we also use technology to live exposed to the case of the kitchen, but also through what future technology or what mechanisms, business models, allowing good money drives out bad money, the formation of a better ecological? This is what we think the entire product development need to focus on things to consider. Simple online experience may not meet the needs of current development, we want to think, to do anything for the food safety.

What restaurant hungry future release plans, to prove safety of production processes, technical aspects of innovation

This year, we plan to release the next restaurant. We may not have been to the conference, in fact, say that they are not coming to the restaurant to cook and sell food, more is to build a level of production, quality, technology with the KFC McDonald's quite a shared kitchen, thereby introducing more partners in, let him sell products nationwide and even worldwide.

Very often Chinese catering sales is not isolated, but also do sell product but also a lot of trouble. Today, China's largest restaurant chain, McDonald's 7,000 KFC stores, McDonald's 2,000 stores, a lot of other Chinese brands still hovering in the 1,000 stores and even hundreds of stores extent, restricted the development. Hungry to see what is the chance of food safety, want to help the future of many small restaurants, there is no level of family-run shop along the street, improve their production processes.


▲ This year, it released a hungry future plans restaurant

What used to be hungry in the trading process, and distribution areas, so innovative, but then we will be innovation in production processes, process areas, thereby improving the overall quality. Over the past 711 Family Mart convenience store, grocery store help all Chinese, mom and pop upgrade, now become standardized convenience store, I believe the future can also help Chinese restaurant next lot of upgrading street shops, KFC McDonald formed with international line the level of infrastructure to match, in order to ensure food security in the root. This is our future ambitions of the restaurant, but not the simple sense, to sell some of our own food. We want to help more of these businesses to improve the quality, to sell his products to the country.

So in fact, our entire management team constantly in technology products, business model innovation up, we found the problem in the industrial chain inside, in front of that is the opportunity to identify problems, to solve the problem by finding problems, to build our own platform with ecology. It can be said, DNA and our overall development path behind, according to the decision, may be followed by other platforms are not the same.

The user first, business second, third hungry Mody

This is what I choose to share with you how the future we want to go in the end. In fact, in the past that our business, more is affected by Steve Jobs, I think he's doing product simple, very simple (simple). This user experience deeply infected me, and we also want to build one such company.

I think a lot of companies should have their own culture, there was a time I was very focused on engineering culture, although I am not an engineer, but think this is very interesting culture, is an upgrade of China business. More cultural past is the boss, the boss wanted to do something to do something, the Chinese market is infinite, as long as you go Kaijiangtuotu, do not continue to expand, will one day succeed. Then society is the social demand, this model is possible, but I believe the future China will become the developed countries from developing countries, demand era has passed, the next CEO should go for the sake of users, all of our engineers , product manager for the boss is not working, more to solve customer problems. I used to think the world's best engineers to work, because he passed a few lines of code to the user to solve the problem directly. Entrepreneurship was when I also hope to create such a company, all the user base.


▲ hungry Mody cultural ideas

This is why we said earlier, in which our values, the most central place which is based on customer-centric. That our customer center, what we stand for, what is it? Is the user first, business second, third trading platform hungry yet. We recognize that a little bit, basically very clear. But the difficulty is in where? The difficulty is when or where both the interests of all three of these three conflict inside of you how to solve? The interests of users of the platform with conflict, and how do you solve it? It is very difficult.

I can share with you a case. Hungry it did a month points are valid, then I think our engineers starting point is good, because we are hungry, what points are not valid, and is a great long-term accumulated a burden, many airlines and the hotel is set points are valid, consumers accept that this is a normal process. Our engineers feel the need to safeguard the interests of the company, also set expiration date, but can lead to user dissatisfaction.

In this case, and I think a very important point is that we do not put the user first. In this case, a good solution is what? The interests of users with how to balance the interests of the platform? I think a very important point in fact is that our products operations which did not find a deeper question: Why do people have no valid complaint, and we will complaint? The key is our membership system is a problem. Points Mall we may not have long to redeem a good thing, or very far away from the consumer, it is possible to draw out of the things is that we do not like, do not lead to consumer consumption credit habits. In this context it added validity after leading them to a lot of points when it will be cleared.

Therefore, in this case, we should not only think of engineers set the validity period, the more loyalty points in order to how the system made more valuable and thus plus an expiration date. This is our daily among product design, the rule above is the need to think, in fact, is more difficult.

Bezos is my mentor, hungry for it a greater chance than the Amazon

I speak in front of Apple in the past we attach great importance to user-centric, product design is a lot easier to hope, to appear in a graceful manner, and later Steve Jobs died, I might have lost two years of life mentor, I feel very confused, so hungry, it also developed a little bit slow. Each of us have to find mentors in life, with the best mentor must learn a little something. Later, I discovered that in fact we have a difference with Apple, because Apple is a manufacturer of consumer products company, we are not actually produce the product, we are more services and retail channels.

In fact, we like with Amazon, Bezos is now my mentor. Like in the area? Development path of the Amazon, a former bookseller, and now has become a global, all categories of retail companies; hungry it is now selling rice, the future may also become a global, all categories of retail companies. And I believe our lunch gross profit margin higher than the book, we can say that a greater chance that.

The second is the Amazon spent a lot of time on the logistics, the logistics to solve his own problems, and hungry, it now has a huge distribution network, every 10 minutes you can see our blue rider on the road in the future we can undertake more products, more services, so as to form a platform for real-time on-site, and can be grafted more brands, users achieve a better life can be at your fingertips. So I think these two are very similar.

Thirdly, I believe Jingdong compared with Amazon, it is more emphasis on innovation and technology, product innovation, we find ourselves hungry it also attaches great importance to the DNA of innovation and technology in the DNA, it is also our example. Our future more like Amazon to learn, step by step how to become a great company, but also do a lot of innovation in technology, a lot of subversion, so as to provide value to society as a whole.

Reflection biggest lesson: What did not want to clear the entire society is unchanged

Recently circle of friends there, so I think there is a word Thinking depth Bezos very deep indeed: Many of us are busy every day, have to adapt to changes in society, but everyone may not be concerned about the next 10 years is the same whats the matter. Are you doing this product, do demand that this development might need some demand come and go, but it has a lot essence is the same. Instead, we essentially do not spend a lot of time to think, the problem is I feel I venture since the biggest problem.

I was never the biggest media exposure say what I learned is that everyone seems to feel hungry so smooth it along the way, I actually have a reflection and lessons learned. I think the biggest reflection is that we have developed over the past eight years, but the early start time did not want to clear the next eight years the same society as a whole is what led gang was now chasing the opponent. If I had wanted to clear up, we have been in the core competitiveness constantly enhance the continuous development, today there is probably no competition what happened.


▲ Zhang Xuhao On Reflection

This is what I really reflect on, in every step of such a thing, so now if we summarize the next 10 years, in the end what is the same? I believe that our consumers need is the next 10 years in order to lower prices, faster, safer food and to get the product, which is the future of the same, then how to improve it? We are going to break down such a formula, how do food safer? Supply chain platform vegetables to how to do? The future of our cold chain logistics is not to do, what the source of pork and mutton were up control? It is not able to provide a more reliable product? Distribution is not to be made more efficient? Our scheduling system how can do faster? We supply with demand how can do more matches? This is a problem.

Bold assumptions, future market manager's job will be completed AI

In fact, today I feel hungry it's two biggest point is supplied with the logistics supply chain, supply is our platform SKU. In fact, why do I want to open the next restaurant, another reason is that in the past our platform is a distributed network, connecting only three kilometers surrounding the restaurant, this restaurant here to sell things, like give us Kintetsu city square comrades services must be here to open a shop for it, otherwise he can not sell. But when I was in every community are built next restaurant, built in the country ten thousand future restaurant, he would like to sell things, as long as this product is put up, you can hire a chef to come to solve the problem.

I later discovered that I was coming every open a restaurant, you can give a platform to increase 150-200 SKU, if I build ten thousand, will be able to build 1.5 million SKU, and this SKU is independence. Because the other platforms do not have such unique, can not provide such services with the products, supply is very important. And I think in our product design above, the past is done NAPOS, marketing manager, but we should not think clearly takes a lot of time to this efficiency, we lead today with newcomers BD BD efficiency in fact are similar, there are others may be done before the control group, the efficiency is higher than we are now. This is our greatest tragedy.

The future, I is not no bold assumptions marketing manager, and marketing manager is to do other more personalized service, and our relationship with the business between nothing more than serving the country, to engage in marketing, is not artificial intelligence, the robot automatically just like on a good business? You are a new business, how to engage in an activity with you, how much you pay and then I'll give you the amount of gains by big data are considered good, you do not need to give the market planning manager. Then the robot is also fast response speed, service quality high, and there is no gray area, is not the trend of the future? These technology with products, we are not going to develop research? This is worth considering.

How to form our core competitiveness in the future the same thing, which is the middle of us here today, Ye Hao, high-rise, all want to think about things with research. Join forces on these things, after the formation of a breakthrough, the entire company's core competitiveness will continue to improve. So I think Bezos and Amazon should be a very important model for our future learning.

Shanghai has been a great company is not because people are too comfortable Shanghai

What still hungry to be considered innovative, but many times I find it difficult for innovation. There is an article that innovators dilemma, I know innovators is not easy, the real innovators to continue efforts. I see our team in the past three years, the fastest growing of the three years, the team to a lot of people, some people have told us are thinking the same, but some people really are not the same. We may now have sound footing, our efforts have not BAT more. We see that momentum Ali, their thriving spirit is very shocking. As innovators need to work more, people who have tried so hard to copy, and you are not innovators efforts that are not playing right thing? If we want a high degree of recognition of innovation and technology to lead the industry as a whole, then each of us to go through that pain with suffering.


▲ CEO Zhang Xuhao said, it should at least be hungry in Shanghai to become a benchmark for enterprise

Why Shanghai has been not a great company? In fact, in the past a lot, but then there is nothing great company, in fact, what does this mean? Shanghai people too comfortable. This is our cultural background to break through. Every one of us is not easy, we aim to create a family, at least in Shanghai must first become a benchmark of enterprises, to become the most important thing a talent concentrated, we're going to use innovation and technology to form such a chain, forming such ecosystem, I think this is a very short-term our goal.

Hungry What employees need to have the spirit Black Mamba

This time we have chosen as our spokesperson Bryant, not only because I like to play basketball, but more importantly is Kobe with our culture, DNA like, I believe he can become one of our example. It was like in the area? The first fact is that Kobe Bryant rookie players into the NBA, he has not played NCAA, is a high school player directly into the NBA, we have not worked with college students directly start very much alike. Many people say that business students do not fly, you have no experience no background no money, why can succeed? I told him that such a player like Kobe Bryant, he will eventually become a great player, if we continue to strive constantly to struggle, it may become a great company, a great entrepreneur.

Second, Bryant then said NBA talent is not the highest, higher than his more people, Tracy McGrady, Kevin & middot; Garnett, there are many, including when he first entered the NBA Eddie & middot; Jones bench Eddie & middot; in fact, the year Jones limelight more strength than he was, but how can he step by step way, to get five championship rings? In fact, more is to rely on audience ten years, continue to train hard, loneliness stick. Then give him a summary called Black Mamba spirit, that you have to get the NBA championship, all the NBA players are hoping to get an NBA championship in life, why he can get? His desire to win is stronger than all of his efforts off than everyone hard, so he can get. We want to be a great company, they must act, it is very important.

NBA Inside Interestingly, Kobe Bryant led the US team in the Olympics, many players are actually very relaxed, the Olympics should be the strength of the US list of small hills, allowing them to train, say good eight o'clock in the course of training, a lot of players are very happy to come one after another, but the most shocking is that Bryant has been training at the stadium two hours. He was already so great players, and still continue to train hard, I hope to go beyond challenge.


▲ July 12, Bryant and Wong Cho Lam composition hungry Mody double spokesperson

We are far more than talent to time, we are trying is not enough, now hungry, it still has space, we take action, in fact, rely on the efforts of each individual. If consciousness everyone recognized, can form a consensus, I think this is the easiest.

Today I also said in the past a lot of things, they are also some of my mentor, finally, I hope we work together, hungry yet to realize their value, to provide users with a better service for the next 10 years the same the core values ​​of building blocks.

We work together, so hungry it become a great company. Our efforts to make the future more on Chinese dining environment and food safety level, catering for the Chinese environmental contribution we, I think that is very meaningful, are proud of!

Thank you!

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